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as a part of course curriculum of
Su$mitte% To& ' Su$mitte% B(&'
Er) Natas*a "a+preet ,aur-./0
Pra$1ot ,aur-230
Department of information technology
Muktsar Road, Bathinda-!"", #un$a% &INDIA'
It is my privilege and delectableness to acknowledge with the deepest sense of
gratitude, the keen personal interest and invaluable guidance goes to my guide Miss Natasha,
for his support, encouragement and help me at every stage of project, while I did face any
problem regarding my project of RE! E"##E$% #his work simply would not have
reached up to such e&tent without his cognitive and rational guidance and guidelines%
'inally, I am indebted to all who so ever have contributed in this project%
7) !+tro%uctio+ of pro1ect)
. "et*o%olo8( use% i+ pro1ect
2) S+aps*ots of pro1ect
9) Result
:) Bi$lio8rap*(
#his project is based on RE! E"##E (E!" where you )uy and "ell *roperty, you +an
also ,ive -our *roperty on Rent% #he web site has been designed to take in buyer, seller and
property information% 'or a buyer of real estate, this data will need to be then available to a
buyer who will have the ability to search a sortable list of results% 'or a seller, they will have
the ability to input a property, change its status, etc%
Bu(i+8 S(stem. nyone who is interested in buying the property can look for the favourable
property and can contact the seller directly through the email or contact details provided by
the seller% If not so the buyer can fill in the form provided at the bottom of the property
details% #his form will store the interested buyer/s details like contact no, email id, address
etc% this information will be safely stored with the admin i%e% the site managers% If any
response from the seller is confirmed it will be informed to the buyer by one of our customer
mangers in time%
Selli+8 S(stem. In this seller can fill the related details of the property in the form provided
by clicking on sell% #he details are securely saved with the admin% #his information thus
stored will be visible to any buyer looking for property matching these details%
Re+t S(stem. #his system is also similar to buying system in which a particular person can
look for the property he is looking for% #he list matching the re0uirements of the person will
be made available% 1e can choose from a no of properties% #his person can then click on the
property he is interested in and can contact the leaser directly through the contact no provided
or through the email%
Propert( List. #here is also a list of all kind of property for those who want to see the
property details%
Post Re<uireme+t. -ou can also post the re0uirements for a particular kind of property in the
link provided at contact us page% #he thus opened is for the person to fill all the basic
re0uirements of the kind of property he is looking for% 2ur customer managers will be more
than happy to help you look out for the property of your dreams
Steps to Ru+ Real Estate Pro1ect)
3% Install any one of #hese "erver%
o 4amp
o 55amp
6% +reate a (atabase of Name project$
7% Import the "0l file of Name project%8ip$ in the project folder%
9% *ut the 'older of *roject in "erver (irectory%
:% ,o to !ocalhost and Run this *roject%
#his RE! E"##E project aims to simplify the process of buying, selling and renting the
properties across the countries% #he idea is to reach the masses through a simplified process
where the users are given access to a range of property deals without getting themselves
registered% #he customers will be entertained according to their specifications by the
customer managers of the company% #he users can look for all kinds of properties within their
cities as well as the other cities% #he property details also include an image of the property
available to rent or buy on the web site%
#he small city property dealers engaged in widespread property dealings can have their own
websites online where the customers will not only be from their respective towns but also
from big cities% #he dealers as well as the customers need not roam places to search for the
desired property% Every kind of property is only a click away%
Processor 3%: ,18, *entium I;, M( "am% 7<<<=
RA" 6:> M) ?minimum@
:36 ,) ?Recommended@
Har% 6is, 6ri@e 3< ,) ?minimum@
A< ,) ?Recommended@
Operati+8 S(stem 4indows 5*, Microsoft %NE# *latform "(B ver%
Pro8rammi+8 la+8ua8e *1*C1yperte&t *reCprocessor
6ocume+tatio+ Microsoft 4ord%
!+terface ;isual *rogramming and
,raphics Dser Interface
#o start with *1* we first have to go through the basics of 1#M! N( +"" for better
understanding the language% "tarting with 1#M! we will learn the basic tags and their
various functions along with their attributes% +"" provides us with the styling tags helpful in
greatly reducing the coding tasks% It works with classes and ids used for various parts of the
web pages and helps in designing the pages more efficiently% *1* basics help us learn the
basics of running a website online and all the other kinds of storage purposes online%
1#M! ?1yperte&t MarkCup !anguage@ is used to create document on the 4orld 4ide 4eb% It
is simply a collection of certain key words called E#ags/ that are helpful in writing the
document to be displayed using a browser on Internet% 1#M! also provides tags to make the
document look attractive using graphics, font si8e and colors% Dser can make a link to the
other document or the different section of the same document by creating 1yperte&t !inks
also known as 1yperlinks%
+reating a 1#M! document.
#he essential tags that are re0uired to create a 1#M! document are.
1#M! #ag F1#M!G.
#he F1#M!G tag encloses all other 1#M! tags and associated te&t
within your document% It is an optional tag% -ou can create an 1#M!
document that omits these tags, and your browser can still read it and
display it% )ut it is always a good form to include the start and stop
-our #itle and (ocument
1E( #ag F1E(G.
1E( tag comes after the 1#M! start tag% It contains #I#!E tag
to give the document a title that displays on the browsers title bar
at the top%
-our title goes hereFH#I#!EGFH1E(G

)2(- #ag F)2(-G
#he )2(- tag contains all the te&t and graphics of the document with all the 1#M!
tags that are used for control and formatting of the page%
-our (ocument goes here

ttributes used with F)2(-G
),+2!2R. used to set the background color for the document%
F)2(- ),+2!2RIJyellowJG
-our document te&t goes here%
#E5#. used to set the color of the te&t of the document
F)2(- #E5#IJredJG
(ocument te&t changed to red color
)+B,R2DN(. It is used to point to an image file ?with an e&tension %gif, %jpeg@
that will be used as the background of the document% #he image file will be tiled
across the document%
F)2(- )+B,R2DN(IJfilename%gifJG
-our document te&t goes here
+ontainer and Empty #ags
ll 1#M! tags are enclosed in angle brackets EF/ and EG/ i%e% 2pening
#ag. F1#M!G and closing tag. FH1#M!G same as opening tag e&cept a
H?slash@ mark% #ags are not caseCsensitive i%e% there is no difference in
small and capital letters in tags%
#here are two types of tags.
1. +ontainer #ags. #ags which have both the opening and closing i%e%
F#,G and FH#,G are called container tags% #hey hold the te&t and other
1#M! tags in between the tags% #he F1#M!G, F1E(G, F#I#!EG and
F)2(-G tags are all container tags%

F#,G this is a container tag% It holds both the te&t and
1#M! tag FH#,G
2. Empty #ags. #ags, which have only opening and no ending, are called empty
tags% #he F1RG, which is used to draw 1ori8ontal, rule across the width of the
document, and line break F)RG tags are empty tags%
"E+#I2N 1E(IN,. F13G%%%%%%%%%%%%%F1>G
1#M! has si& header tags F13G, F16G%%%%%%%%%%%F1>G used to specify
section headings% #e&t with header tags is displayed in larger and bolder fonts than
the normal body te&t by a web browser% Every header leaves a blank line above and
below it when displayed in browser%
1eading #ag use in html
Dsing paragraph tag. F*G
#his tag F*G indicates a paragraph, used to separate two paragraphs with a blank
F*G 4elcome to the world of 1#M! FH*G
F*G 'irst paragraph%
#e&t of 'irst paragraph goes here FH*G

2utput. 4elcome to the world of 1#M!

'irst paragraph% #e&t of 'irst paragraph goes here
1ere, two paragraphs are separated with a line% )ut web browser ignores the
line breaks in the second paragraph that can be controlled by putting F)RG
Dsing !ine )reak #ag. F)RG
#he empty tag F)RG is used, where the te&t needs to start from a new line and
not continue on the same line% #o get every sentence on a new line, it is
necessary to use a line break%
National Institute of 2pen "chooling F)RG
)C73), Bailash +olony F)RG
New (elhiC33<<9A
National Institute of 2pen "chooling
)C73), Bailash +olony
New (elhiC33<<9A
Dsing 1ori8ontal Rule #ag. F1RG
n empty tag F1RG basically used to draw lines and hori8ontal rules% It can be
used to separate two sections of te&t%
-our hori8ontal rule goes here% F1RG
#he rest of the te&t goes here%

F1RG accepts following attributes.
"IKE. (etermines the thickness of the hori8ontal rule% #he value is given as a
pi&el value%

E&ample. F1R "IKEIJ7JG
4I(#1. "pecifies an e&act width of 1R in pi&els, or a relative width as
percentage of the document width%
E&ample. F1R 4I(#1IJ:<LJG, hori8ontal rule a width a :< percent of the
page width%
!I,N. "et the alignment of the rule to !E'#, RI,1# and +EN#ER% It is
applicable if it is not e0ual to width of the page%
N2"1(E. If a solid bar is re0uired, this attribute is usedM it specifies that
the hori8ontal rule should not be shaded at all%
+2!2R. "et the color of the 1ori8ontal rule%

E&ample. F1R +2!2RIJ)!DEJG
E&ample of F1RG with its attribute.
D"IN, !I"# IN 4E) *,E.
1#M! "upports several ways of arranging items in lists% #he most commonly
used are.
O 2rdered !ist ?Numbered !ist@
O Dnordered !ist ?)ulleted !ist@

2rdered !ist F2!G.
2rdered list also called as Numbered list, is used to present a numbered list of item
in the order of importance or the item ?paragraph@ is marked with a number% n
ordered list must begin with the F2!G followed by an F!IG list item tag%
42RBIN, 4I#1 !INB". FG N+12R
4eb pages are linked to one another through 1yperte&t !inks% "ection of te&t or
image in the 1#M! document can be linked to an e&ternal document or to a
specific place within the same document% #he te&t or image that provides such
linkage is known as 1yperte&t or 1otspot% 1#M! provides FG nchor #ag to
create links% #he format of using anchor tag is as follows.
F 1RE' IJDR!JG Make Me #he !ink FHG
42RBIN, 4I#1 #)!E".F#)!EG
#ables let you work in a systematic way in web pages%
bo& of the tableFH#(G
F#(G 6
bo& of the tableFH#(G

bo& of the table FH#(G
F#(G 9
bo& of the tableFH#(G
bo& of the table 6
bo& of the table
bo& of the table 9
bo& of the table
PHP !+tro%uctio+
*1* is a serverCside scripting language%
5*at is PHPB
*1* stands for P1*. Hyperte&t PreCprocessor
*1* is a serverCside scripting language, like "*
*1* scripts are e&ecuted on the server
*1* supports many databases ?My"P!, Informi&, 2racle, "ybase, "olid,
*ostgre"P!, ,eneric 2()+, etc%@
*1* is an open source software
*1* is free to download and use
5*at is "(S>LB
My"P! is a database server
My"P! is ideal for both small and large applications
My"P! supports standard "P!
My"P! compiles on a number of platforms
My"P! is free to download and use
5*ere to StartB
#o get access to a web server with *1* support, you can.
Install pache ?or II"@ on your own server, install *1*, and My"P!
2r find a web hosting plan with *1* and My"P! support
PHP !+stallatio+
4hat do you NeedQ
If your server supports *1* you donNt need to do anything% Rust create some %php files
in your web directory, and the server will parse them for you% )ecause it is free, most web
hosts offer *1* support% 1owever, if your server does not support *1*, you must install *1*%
(ownload *1*
(ownload My"P! (atabase
(ownload pache "erver
PHP S(+taC
#he *1* script is e&ecuted on the server, and the plain 1#M! result is sent back to the
Basic PHP S(+taC
*1* script always starts with DBp*p and ends with BE% *1* script can be placed
anywhere in the document% 2n servers with shorthandCsupport, you can start a *1* script
with FQ and end with QG% 'or ma&imum compatibility, we recommend that you use the
standard form ?FQphp@ rather than the shorthand form%
*1* file must have a %php e&tension% *1* file normally contains 1#M! tags, and some
*1* scripting code%
)elow, we have an e&ample of a simple *1* script that sends the te&t J1ello 4orldJ back to
the browser.
echo J1ello 4orldJM
Each code line in *1* must end with a semicolon% #he semicolon is a separator and is used to
distinguish one set of instructions from another% #here are two basic statements to output te&t
with *1*. ec*o and pri+t% In the e&ample above we have used the echo statement to output
the te&t J1ello 4orldJ%
PHP Forms a+% ;ser !+put
#he *1* ST,E# and ST*2"# variables are used to retrieve information from forms, like user
*1* 'orm 1andling
#he most important thing to notice when dealing with 1#M! forms and *1* is that any form
element in an 1#M! page will automaticall( be available to your *1* scripts%
#he e&ample below contains an 1#M! form with two input fields and a submit button.
Fform actionIJwelcome%phpJ methodIJpostJG
Name. Finput typeIJte&tJ nameIJfnameJ HG
ge. Finput typeIJte&tJ nameIJageJ HG
Finput typeIJsubmitJ HG
1* FGGET ;ariable
In *1*, the predefined ST,E# variable is used to collect values in a form with methodIJgetJ%
#he ST,E# ;ariable
#he predefined ST,E# variable is used to collect values in a form with methodIJgetJ
Information sent from a form with the ,E# method is visible to everyone ?it will be
displayed in the browserNs address bar@ and has limits on the amount of information to send%
Fform actionIJwelcome%phpJ methodIJgetJG
Name. Finput typeIJte&tJ nameIJfnameJ HG
ge. Finput typeIJte&tJ nameIJageJ HG
Finput typeIJsubmitJ HG
4hen the user clicks the J"ubmitJ button, the DR! sent to the server could look something
like this.
#he Jwelcome%phpJ file can now use the ST,E# variable to collect form data ?the names of
the form fields will automatically be the keys in the ST,E# array@.
4elcome FQphp echo ST,E#WJfnameJXM QG%Fbr HG
-ou are FQphp echo ST,E#WJageJXM QG years oldY
4hen to use methodIJgetJQ
4hen using methodIJgetJ in 1#M! forms, all variable names and values are displayed in
the DR!%
Note& #his method should not be used when sending passwords or other sensitive
1owever, because the variables are displayed in the DR!, it is possible to bookmark the
page% #his can be useful in some cases%
Note& #he get method is not suitable for very large variable values% It should not be used with
values e&ceeding 6<<< characters%
*1* FGPOST 'unction
In *1*, the predefined ST*2"# variable is used to collect values in a form with
#he ST*2"# ;ariable
#he predefined ST*2"# variable is used to collect values from a form sent with
Information sent from a form with the *2"# method is invisible to others and has no limits
on the amount of information to send%
Note& 1owever, there is an A Mb ma& si8e for the *2"# method, by default ?can be changed
by setting the postTma&Tsi8e in the php%ini file@%
Fform actionIJwelcome%phpJ methodIJpostJG
Name. Finput typeIJte&tJ nameIJfnameJ HG
ge. Finput typeIJte&tJ nameIJageJ HG
Finput typeIJsubmitJ HG
4hen the user clicks the J"ubmitJ button, the DR! will look like this.
7) #he basic layout of the website and it/s pages is decide%
.) 4ork is done on the background of the pages%
2) (esigning the various buttons or links is done%
9) #he pages are then linked to each other%
3% #he body, title and head parts are divided and designed%
6% #he forms are created which are used in the website%
7% #he tags used to design the are used in the html coding%
3% Each and every part of different web pages is given the attributes%
6% #hese attributes are coded in the forms of classes and ids%
7% #hese ids and classes are used then in html%
7) #he web site pages are each made working through the php scripts%
.) #hese scripts are individualistic in their functions%
2) #he forms which will be filled by the clients are stored in the database%
9) #his storing and fetching of all the data in the database is controlled by the
php scripts%
:) #he data in the database can be server database or the local database%
3% *rimary database is an original database on which all kind of updating
take place like insertion, deletion etc%
6% It can either be on the server process or on a client process according to
one/s own re0uirement%
7% #he system with the primary database is sometimes known as *rimary
(ata ,uard configuration contains one production database, also referred to as the primary
database that functions in the primary role% #his is the database that is accessed by most of
your applications%
2ne of the challenges of todayNs distributed business environments is the sharing of
information among a multitude of applications and databases% s the number of applications
grows, you end up with several databases, which may even be from different vendors%
"haring information in such a comple& and disparate environment can be demanding%