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Re: Operational procedure for portable cargo pump.
Dear Masters
One of our vessels had experienced burst damage of fexible hydraulic
hoselo! pressure hose" by mis#handling during test of portable cargo pump.
Also other vessels had experienced similar troubles during testing or
operating of portable cargo pump in the past. $n order to prevent such trouble%
!e provided and attached the procedure for portable cargo pump !hich
please &indly 'nd and educate cre! accordingly.
(lease ac&no!ledge receipt.
)est *egards
Mr. +. Arima
,eneral Manager
-nix .ine
Distribution to/ All -nix managing vessels% 0M1% 0MA% 2re! manning
companies% 0M#)usan.
RE: Operational procedure for portable cargo pump
2ompany 2ircular#0342003"
1. General
0here are many &inds 5 types of portable cargo pumps such as 6ramo%
+osa&a% 5 0ai&o. Also the structural design and procedure are not the same
and so you are re7uired to read instruction boo& carefully !hich supplied by
As &ey points for operation of portable cargo pump%
8" 2hec& the designed speci'cation prior to use
2" 249 should attend and chec& the condition at the time of connection of
fexible hydraulic hose and running pump.
3" $t should be monitored and supervised by responsible o:cer throughout
the test and operation
3" )efore connection hose hydraulic hose and cargo hose" to portable cargo
pump% it should chec& inside of portable cargo pump if there are any
foreign materials or loosen bolt 5 nuts.
;" )efore connection of fexible hydraulic hosespressure hose and return
hose" to delivery line and return line% it should be chec&ed and con'rmed
!hich one is delivery line and return line in order avoid burst damage of
return hose
<" 2onnect return hose 'rst and then pressure hose in order to avoid
pressuri=ation in return hose
>" After connection fexible hydraulic hoses% it should be opened return line
valve 'rst in order to avoid burst damage of fexible hydraulic hose.
?" During operating portable cargo pump% it should be monitored pressure
1/ 1
@" Ahen vessel stops pumping% close high pressure valve a" 'rst and then
disconnect pressure hose. After that% close return valve b" and then
disconnect return hose.
2. Operational procedure & precaution
8. 0estrefer to 6ig#8 "
8" (ortable cargo pump has to be !ell maintained al!ays 5 tested
periodically for immediate use in case of emergency
2" (repare drum can !ith !ater 5 put portable cargo pump as 'gure
3" 2on'rm valves of a"% b"% c" closed% and fully open delivery valved"
3" 2onnect return hose to return lineb" on dec& 'rst and open the
;" 2onnect pressure hose to delivery linea"% and open the valvea"
<" 2ontrol the pressure of pump by control leverc"
>" 2ontrol the fo! 7uantity of !ater by delivery valved" 5 chec&
pressure gauge at cargo line not to exceed max > bar
?" Bupply !ater into drum can by ,B or 6ire hose
2. After completion test
8" 2lose high pressure valvea" 'rst and then disconnect high pressure
2" 2lose control leverc"
3" 2lose return valveb" and then disconnect return hose
3. Bto!ing
8" 2argo hose to be disconnected from portable cargo pump
2" +eep portable cargo pump !ith fexible hydraulic hose. DonCt
disconnect the hose.
3" 6lexible hydraulic hose to be &ept in good condition. DonCt ma&e &in&%
coil% 5 sharp bend
3" (ortable cargo pump to be covered by canvas not to be contaminated
!ith foreign materials.
3. Operation of portable cargo pump
8" )efore using the pump% to be tested there is any lea&age and con'rm
the cleanness of cargo pump
2" 2onnect cargo hose of enough length reachable to cargo tan& bottom
3" *egarding operation 5 connection of fexible hydraulic hose% refer to
test of portable cargo pump
3" 2argo hose 5 fexible hydraulic hose to be tied up by clean rope made
by chemical resistant material
;" DonCt drop the pump to tan& bottom at a time. 0o drop step by step
according to cargo level
<" During operation% cargo should be chec&ed there is any oily material on
surface of cargo
>" 0he pump has to be handled by enough manpo!er not to be free fall
2/ 2
(a) Valve & adaptor of high pressure line (from delivery line)
(b) Valve & adaptor of low pressure line (to return line)
(c) Hyd !ressure controller with pressure gauge (control lever)
(d) "elivery valve of water (control of delivery pressure of water by the
#upply of water by
$# or %&
"'() *+,
*argo hose
!ressure gauge of
-lind flange
!ressure hose
Hydraulic double hose (pressure hose . return hose)
'eturn line (/ow pressure)
"elivery line (High pressure)