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In South Africa:

2. MBA (2009)
Moscow State Uniersit! of En"ineerin"
Earth moving machinery, tractors, trucks, Caterpillar machines, mining equipment, Steam turbines, Boilers,
Systems under pressure, Pressure vessels, Gas turbines, Industrial turbo compressors, underground mining
machinery, mining process equipment, agriculture process equipment, conveyors, electric and hydraulics drives,
ore mills, air blowers and gas compressors stations, liting equipment, structural steel, material handling
equipment, mineral process equipment such as crushers, screens, leaching tanks, civil structure, electrical
drives, electrical rotating machines, press tooling or manuacture, rotating equipment or petrochemical and !il "
Gas industry#
"#$2""7 "#$2""9 M#A % M&'()*+' ,)-*)) ./ 01'./)'' A,2./.'(*&(.3/4
$ITS Uniersit! Gra%uate% in &''() A #USINESS ENG*IS+ COMMUNICATION, Minin" E/ui-0ent Mana"e0ent course 1! USA in Euro-ean
Continenta. trainin" center in &''2,
DATE O3 #IRT+: &4 SEPTEM#ER 4565
NATIONA*ITIES: South African Citi7en
$or8 -er0its: Russian 3e%eration) U8raine) CIS countries,
Business Communication Ability:
Key Skills Summary
$# %ining and %ineral Processing Plant Pro&ects management
'# EPC% International Pro&ects %anagement
(# %ining and Construction Equipment maintenance and repair management#
)# Petrochemical plant equipment maintenance and repair management#
*# Capital Equipment ater sales strategic operations management
+# Business analysing, evaluation capacity and plant development#
,# -esign and development o new capital equipment or %ining and Energy Industries
.# -esign and development tooling and i/tures or new equipment manuacture
0# %anuacturing process development and control#
$1# Program and pro&ect management#
$$# Cost estimation and pro&ects control management
$'# Corporate inance
$(# Procurement and vendor management
$)# 2ender and bid management
$*# 2echnical design and documentation
$+# Plant control and saety systems
$,# 3uality assurance systems IS!"'11*#
Industry Exposure & Experience
%ining 4 %ineral Processing and quarrying, %anuacturing, 5utomotive, Steel industry, Construction, !il
6 Gas, Energy, International pro&ect e/posure
Computer Skills
%icrosot !ice '11, 7%S word, %S e/cel, %S Power Point, %S Publisher, %S picture manager8 9 advanced
%icrosot Pro&ect '11( 9 advanced
5utoC5- '11. 9 advanced
C5-:E; '111 9 advanced
5utodesk Inventor '11. " advanced
S5P 9 advanced
Impac E!c"#$ a%&a!c$%
CATER'ILLAR &a#(")* a%&a!c$%
CATIA intermediate
S!<I- =!>:S 9 intermediate
5CCP5C: 9 intermediate
<C%% 9 <ie Components %aintenance %anagement sotware
E0-.o!0ent +istor!
'( 9 &'4& : Present
Ti"er Recourses *i0ite%) ;ohannes1ur" South Africa < DRC) Con"o
De-ut! Pro=ects Director : EPC Contactor
%ining P%C Services such as -evelop Client scope o work or each pro&ect to achieve the speciied
deliverables# >eview cost and schedule control estimates and pro&ect key control documentation# Bundling work
packages and handing them to 5ustralian Pro&ect -irector# Interace deinition, interace management, liaison
with contractor?s pro&ect managers and engineers, maintain and control pro&ect variance logs, pro&ect audit
reports, managing close"out o audit action items, early highlight and resolution o pro&ect issues# -evelop tender
documents or pro&ects packages, design reviews with contractors engineering team and managing Engineering
and Procurement stage o pro&ects, which consists o a turnkey pro&ects or the ollowing Copper %ining Process
units and acilities@
" SA 4 E= Copper Plant
" $'1 kB 4 $$ kB Substation and overhead lines
" 2emporary Construction Cacilities
" Daul >oads and Service >oads inrastructure
" Site Services and Etilities
" Power Supply and -istribution inrastructure
" %ining camp construction pro&ect
" Deap leach 6 agglomerations and stacking
" Crushing and tank leach 6 CC- packages
" Cuel Storage and -istribution inrastructure
" -iluent Storage and -istribution inrastructure
" Building Construction and Services
" $$ kB inrastructure
" Compressors Station and compressed air inrastructure
" =ater 2reatment plant and water supply inrastructure
" Security encing inrastructure
'49'29&'4' : '49'49&'4&
Ma8hu1u .o"istics >Tra%in" as 3rei"ht D!na0ics? Su1 Sahara Africa) ;ohannes1ur"
South Africa,
%akhubu <ogistics is an established Cuel 2ransporter with sites in all Sub Sahara 5rican Countries uel
transport services to most o the leading oil companies like BP, 2otal, Engen, Chevron, Shell, Sasol and others# +
>egional -epots and * >egional =orkshops#
Per0anent Position: Nationa. Technica. < Re"iona. O-erations Mana"er
Main! consiste% of) 1ut not .i0ite% to:
Inter-rets o-erationa. re/uire0ents an% inte"rates with 0u.ti@technica. %isci-.inesA 1ase on financia.
nee%s in or%er to ensure! of financia. resources to 0eet 1usiness o1=ecties,
Res-onsi1.e for) a--roes an% 0onitors the uti.i7ation of a..ocate% fun%s to ena1.e the attain0ent of
Technica. %e-art0enta. o1=ecties,
3or0u.ates an% %ee.o-s the Co0-an! technica. < 0aintenance strate"ic ta8in" co"ni7ance of
re.eant .e"is.ation to ensure a.i"n0ent with cor-orate strate"! 1!:
F reviewing and renewing strategic plans and philosophies with !perations E/ecutiveG
F monitoring and evaluating implementation o technical strategyG
F initiating strategic and impact analysisG
F establishing, reviewing and measuring benchmarks or Engineering 6 Hational Cleet maintenance
perormance against industry best practiceG
F enorcing and maintaining legal compliance o technical 6 leet maintenance unctionsG
F developing strategic guidelines or company policy and procedures, such as leet preventative maintenance,
SDE>3 complianceG
F setting appropriate ob&ectives or 2echnical department to meet the Company visionG
Manages the utiliation and a!ailability o" assets and resources by:
F controlling the acquisition and disposal o capital assets including the ormulation o directives or the asset
F developing and ensuring implementation o an 5sset %anagement Improvement Plan in line with the
organiIational 5sset %anagement strategyG
#ro$ects management:
Pro&ects initiation, planning and e/ecution direct, taking cogniIance o generally accepted pro&ects
methodologies inter aliaG identiying and conceptualiIing medium4long term pro&ects requirementsG ensuring that
all pro&ects are managed in accordance with the system acquisition principlesG sponsoring and supporting o all
pro&ects throughout the ull cycle#
Plans and coordinates the medium4long term strategy or the 2echnical -epartment and Engineering unctions
F monitoring and evaluating the implementation o Service <evel Contracts 7S<Cs8G
F establishing, reviewing and measuring benchmarks or service perormanceG
F ormulating and reviewing department policies and systems in order to meet the organiIational technical and
leet maintenance ob&ectivesG
F evaluating the appropriateness o the e/isting technical, SDE>3 and pro&ect management systems or
possible improvements and implementing changes as requiredG
F ensuring sustainable supply o utilities, spare parts, P% services to the regional operations depot leet in the
medium to long termG
F setting broad departmental :PIs and measurement o perormanceG
F developing, reviewing and maintaining engineering and technical standardsG
Res-onsi1.e for an% 0ana"es the oera.. %e-art0enta. safet!) an% eniron0enta. -ro"ra0 in .ine
with the o-erationa. strate"! an% o1=ecties,
I%entif!in" 1usiness ris8 an% 0ana"es i0-.e0entation thereof an% a%herence to .e"a. an% cor-orate
"oernance -rinci-.es9re/uire0ents,
New fra0ewor8 -roi%in" for a--.ications of 8now.e%"e an% 0ana"e0ent an% ensure
effectie 8now.e%"e ca-ture) eBchan"e an% a%a-tation,
New fra0ewor8 -roi%in" for i%entification an% i0-.e0entation creatie) innoatie i%eas an%
-rocesses) an% ensure continuous 1usiness i0-roe0ent,
Directs %e-art0enta. an% en"ineerin" su1or%inates to achiee in%ii%ua. an% tea0 o1=ecties 1!C
Ensure the ri"ht co0-etence an% effectieness of technica. 0an-ower >ca-acit! 1ui.%in"? throu"h
%ee.o-in") trainin" recruitin" an% -.acin" technicians) truc8 %riersA artisans an% re"iona. wor8sho-s
Mana"e su1or%inatesD 8e! effectieness areas 1! settin") 0onitorin" an% reiewin" -erfor0ance an%
ta8in" re0e%ia. action as necessar!,
Esta1.ishes an% 0aintains effectie re.ationshi-s with a.. 8e! sta8eho.%ers an% -artners to ensure
achiee0ent of 1usiness o1=ecties,
Sub"Sahara 5rica Cuel leet maintenance and repair management 7)11 uel vehicles8
,1 technicians, * >egional =orkshop Supervisors, $ >egional !perations %anager, ' >egional
%aintenance Co"coordinators, * technical administrators, $ business analyIer and (* >egional Deavy
oil 9 uel tankers drivers " operators#
Reason for .eain": Co0-an! un%er .i/ui%ation
'49'59&''5 : '49'&9&'4'
+u01o.%t $e%a" Inc, USA @ EB-at Contractor
K+D +u01o.%t En"ineerin" G01+) Moscow office) Russian 3e%eration
Contract Position: +ea% of En"ineerin") EA an% Technica. Serices De-art0ent
F New Pro=ects un%er eBecution -hase:
$# Hovotroetsk Cement Plant
'# Sengeley Cement Plant
(# Pervomaysk Cement Plant
)# :rasnoyarsk Cement Plant
EBistin" O-erations:
Cement Plant %aintenance, >epair and overhaul 7%>!8 management o all mechanical equipment in
the >ussian region#
Main! consiste% of) 1ut not .i0ite% to:
%anaging team o * multi 9 discipline engineers and , 3C inspectors allocated in '* machine
manuacturing plant across >ussian Cederation and in Europe#
Control o Equipment packages logistics management to construction site on time
Cement Plant equipment breakdowns assessment, scope o %>! work generation, and report to !E%
in Europe, ES5#
Control delivery o service and quality o repair works in the regional cement plant by !E%s#
Engineering and commercial ad&udication o all engineering and commercial presentations rom vendors
on all cement plant equipment %>! works across >ussia#
Control o ollowing quality procedure in accordance with approved 35P rom head oice and sign o
inal release to logistics companies rom all equipment manuacturing plant in the >ussian territory#
<iaison with allocated pro&ect managers rom head oice on all engineering, 3543C, equipment
warranty, equipment %>! and logistics issues in >ussian territory#
<ocal industrialiIation o cement plant equipment pro&ects management#
Reason for .eain": Pro=ect co0-.ete% < returne% 1ac8 ho0e to South Africa,

'494'9&''G : 469'29&''5
E%#C Engineering & #ro$ects Company &#'() South A"rica * Contractor
The AVENG Grou-
Diision: Minera. Processin" < In%ustria.
Contract Position: *ea% Mechanica. En"ineer
Pro=ects: *an"er +einrich Uraniu0 Na0i1ia >6'' 0i..ion Euro?
Ser!ice and duty:
>isk assessment or mechanical engineering deliverables
>eview mechanical engineering packages and report or rectiications to originator
%ultidiscipline inter phases checking and review ater discipline engineers corrections
G5 drawings review and report or change note to be generated
%echanical Engineering E/ecution plan creating and review previous one or revisions
%echanical design criteria creating and review previous one or revisions
Standard mechanical equipment speciication creating, review and revision previous one
Initiating I-C or all mechanical documentations related to a pro&ect
Construction site assessment in mechanical engineering areas
Identiication, highlighting and recommendation to a Pro&ect and Engineering managers or the risk areas
to be reviewed#
Creating list o drawings or Engineering manager required or basic engineering documentation#
Basic engineering documentation review and initiate I-C and revisions
Initiate meetings between design oice supervisors and discipline engineers
Control o mechanical engineering deliverables or the pro&ect
5d&udication vendor?s technical and commercial proposals and report to a Pro&ect manager#
Creating >C3s and requests or technical proposals and G5 drawings rom vendors and communication
on key mechanical engineering issues with vendors#
>eview detail engineering =BS and reports or additional documentation i required
>eview and initiate changes to =BS or mechanical equipment deliverables in accordance with vendors
Planned alternative action to archive delivery o mechanical engineering services in accordance with
pro&ect plan#
>eview saety issues or mechanical equipment manuacturing and risk o installation during erecting
phase on construction site#
Reason for .eain": Pro=ect co0-.ete%
'49'49&''G : '494'9&''G
'E./0A 1 #yromet South A"rica 1 2ussia * Contractor
'E./0A 3roup
Contract Position: Senior #ro$ects Engineer & Study #ro$ects Manager "or CIS 2egion and
2ussian 4ederation
&2eport to the 3roup #ro$ects 5irector)
Pro&ect@ >evamping Hickel Smelter or Horilsk Hickel Polar -ivision in >ussia
7Balue@ )11 million Euros8
Custo0er: NORI*SK NICKE* >NN?) MEC+E*
Ser!ice and duty:
%ining smelters and metallurgical plant assessments in CIS countries
In accordance with customer requirements lead technical proposals creation review and translations#
<ead presentations to the Customers in >ussia#
Create Pro&ect Plan#
In accordance with pro&ect contract schedule create and control planning activity =BS, Gantt chart etc#
Pro&ect budget cost veriication and implementation control plan#
2ogether with 35 manager create 35 Plan#
Pro&ect implementation risk assessment review
Control and review design and development o basic engineering or the pro&ect#
Control o compliance all pro&ect?s engineering documentations with >ussian Cederation norms and
standards such as G!S2 and SHIP#
<ead engineering review meetings with the Customers#
Pro&ect detail engineering timing control and attending regular engineering review meetings#
%anaging construction technical documentation presentation and approval by Customers
Reason for .eain": Pro=ect co0-.ete%
'49'(9 &''2 : '49'49 &''G
839 M././- M&6./)*9, S31(6 A7*.&, 836&//)':1*-
C3/(*&( ;3'.(.3/: P*3,1( E/-./))* $ C3/(./131' M./)*' $ < P*3=)( M&/&-)* (D)* c"!#". (!
)!%$#/#")!% m(!(!/ "p$#a("!a. mac0(!$*)1
Ser!ice and duty:
11 Ma!a/$ a2$# ma#3$ "p$#a("! 2"# c"!(!)")* m(!$#*4 mac0(!$* (! S)5 Sa0a#a c")!#($*1
+1 D$*(/! a!% %$&$."pm$! "2 $* 2ac(.(6 2"# $*(!/ 7"6 Sc#)55$#* "! c"!(!)")* m(!$#*4
,1R8D '#"9$c ma!a/$ a!% /$!$#a$ #$c"mm$!%a("!* 2"# 7"6 D$*(/! "22(c$ (! USA 2"# #$-
%$*(/! !$: *c#)55$# *6*$m* "! c"!(!)")* m(!$#* mac0(!$*; :0(c0 :(.. c"mp.6 :(0 SA 0$a.0 a!%
*a2$6 #$/).a("!* 2"# )!%$#/#")!% c"a. m(!(!/1
C1'(32)*: A/->3 C3&> %D1'( 3/(*3> ;*3=)( ./ 1/,)*-*31/, 2././-4
'494'9&''( : '49'(9&''2
6E##E7I. I.'E2.A'I/.A7&3mb8) 1 6E##E7I. 9kraine Mining E:uipment 1 EB-at Contractor
Contract Position: Countr! Pro%uct Su--ort Mana"er
>Re-ort to Genera. Director of U8raine?
Pro&ect@ %5>C 7%aintenance and >epair Contracts8 development 6 implementation or Caterpillar
leet operating in %I225< S2EE< new mining operation in Ekraine
7Equipment pro&ect value@ appro/imately '11 million Euros8
Custo0er: MITTA* STEE* G*O#A* >U,K,?
Ser!ice and duty:
Caterpillar product;s support:
$# 2echnical advising and engineering support o Jeppelin Service managers and engineers with %>!
7%aintenance, >epair, and !verhaul8 or the ull range o Caterpillar models#
'# %ining sites assessment in the country in order to advice mining customers o implementation up to
date mining engineering technology and advice optimum leet or dierent mining operations#
(# Calculation productivity and quantity o required Caterpillar machines or the operating leet in
accordance with mining customers applications#
)# !ptimiIation o mining processes in order to reduce maintenance, repair 6 overhaul 7%>!8 cost on
mining leet through implementation preventative maintenance strategy in dierent mining
applications in Ekrainian %ines#
Caterpillar MA2C &Maintenance And 2epair Contracts) implementation & de!elopment:
$# Supply and provide training or all Caterpillar >egional and %ining Cleet Service managers on
Caterpillar sotware such as Caterpillar Builder and Caterpillar Calculator#
'# Create Calculate, Submit and Control %5>Cs in the region using Caterpillar sotware and Caterpillar
Corporate =EB SIS# 5ttending Caterpillar seminars or Continental Product support managers and
mining technical directors in Caterpillar Continental head oice or mining engineering undamentals
strategy implementation in all mines or assigned geographical region#
(# Initiate and <ead 3uarry 6 %ining Equipment %anagement Seminars in Continental Caterpillar oice
or country %ining Equipment Service managers and engineers#
)# Calculating orecast or the planned components e/change, planned and implementation
preventative maintenance strategy or the individual and all range o mining operating equipment in
the regional mines#
*# Calculations and presentation o cost, leet utiliIation vs# leet availability, pro&ected revenue or the
Caterpillar operating machines in the Ekrainian mining region#
+# 2echnical and engineering consultancy or Caterpillar regional and mining leet service managers or
trouble shooting on Caterpillar machines#
#ro$ects management:
Initiate, planning and e/ecution o pro&ects, taking cogniIance o generally accepted pro&ect methodologies inter
aliaG identiying and conceptualiIing medium4long term pro&ect requirementsG ensuring that all pro&ects are
managed in accordance with the system acquisition principlesG sponsoring and supporting the pro&ect throughout
the ull cycle
Man-ower ca-acit! un%er 0! 0ana"e0ent: & Re"iona. Serice Mana"ers) ( 3ie.% Serice En"ineers) 6
technicians) 4' artisans) F warehouse su-erisors) 4 0aintenance -.anner : a%0inistrator,
Reason for .eain": Return 1ac8 ho0e to South Africa for M#A Stu%!,
3I27/CK B2AKES S-A- &#ty) 7td-< =ohannesburg< South A"rica
%TR? G*31;4 %L)&,./- ./ &1(323:.>) :*&@) ()6/3>3-94
Per0anent Position: Chief Mechanica. En"ineer < Pro=ects En"ineerin" Mana"er,
>Re-ort to C,E,O?
Pro&ect@ -esign and development ull set o tooling or new product development such as dram brake
components manuacture such as brake shoe or new models development, ad&usters, levers, back
plates, dust shields and other automotive components#
Custo0er: TOJOTA ;a-an) NISSAN ;a-an) TR$ G.o1a.
>Va.ue a--roBi0ate.! 4'' 0i..ion Euros?
Ser!ice and duty:
D$*(/! a!% %$&$."pm$! 2).. *$ "2 "".(!/ 2"# new product development such as dram brake
components manuacture such as brake shoe or new models development, ad&usters, levers, back
plates, dust shields and other automotive components#
Hew design concepts introducing and development industrial tooling or the localiIation pro&ects#
Pro&ects costing and control#
2esting and tryouts o new tooling#
Correction and producing the samples o new product or approval by !E% 7!riginal equipment
<iaison with tooling manuacturing companies as well as tool steel suppliers and heat treatment control#
Planning and 3543C on new developed tooling#
Pro&ect %anagement#
Pro=ect 0an-ower ca-acit! un%er 0! 0ana"e0ent: 4' too.0a8ers) 4 fore0an)
4 technician) 4 %rafts0an) & CNC 0achine setters) & Press Sho- Pro%uction Su-erisors,
An% (@su1 contract co0-anies with aera"e of 4'' e0-.o!ees,
Reason for .eain": Oerseas eB-at contract for Continenta. Inc,
'49'49&''& @ '494'9&''I
#AR*O$OR*D@EEUIPMENT) ;ohannes1ur") South Africa) > Inc, Africa?
POSITION: Pro=ects En"ineer @ +ea% of 3.eet Maintenance P.annin" %e-art0ent,
Re-orte% to the CSA Minin" O-erations Director,
Ser!ice and duty:
C)*"m$# S)pp"# A/#$$m$!* #$&($: a!% A!a.6*$* 2"# a.. m(!(!/ *($* (! S")0$#! A2#(ca1
LCC (L(2$ C6c.$ C"*(!/) #$&($:; a!a.6*$* 2"# $ac0 ca$#p(..a# )!( "p$#a(!/ (! S")0 A2#(ca a!% S)5-Sa0a#a
I! "#%$# " #$&($:; a!a.6>$ a!% #$p"# "&$# c"* ma(!$!a!c$ (! a.. +5 m(!(!/ *($* (! S")0 A2#(ca;
B"*:a!a a!% Nam(5(a I 0a&$ 5$$! #a(!$% " :"#3 "! CATER'ILLAR CALCULAT?R; MCS (Ma(!$!a!c$
C"!#". S6*$m); a!% SAP$RA1
A!a.6*$* 2(!a!c(a. %aa )*(!/ .a$* MS E@CEL; c"##$c("!* a!% #$p"#* /$!$#a("!1 S)5m((!/ #$p"#* " 0$
2(!a!c(a. ma!a/$m$!1
M(!(!/ F.$$ U(.(>a("! &*1 A&a(.a5(.(6 a)%( a.. MARC m(!(!/ *($* (! S")0 A2#(ca; B"*:a!a 8 Nam(5(a1
C#$a(!/ 5)%/$* 2"# mac0(!$* 2"# a.. M(!(!/ 2.$$ (! S")0 A2#(ca (! acc"#%a!c$ :(0 MARC (Ma(!$!a!c$ a!%
#$pa(# c"!#ac*)1
ABS (:"#3 5#a3$ %":! *#)c)#$) c#$a(!/ 2"# a.. p#"9$c* (! S")0$#! A2#(ca a* p$# Ca$#p(..a# mac0(!$* 2am(.61
B)%/$; c"* a!% #$&$!)$ a!a.6*$* a!% &a#(a!c$* #$p"#* /$!$#a("! 2"# a.. *($* (! S")0$#! A2#(ca1
'#"9$c("! a**)mp("!* #$/a#%(!/ *$#&(c$ (!$#&a.*; c"*; %)#a("! a!% .a5"# 0")#* 0a C)*"m$# S)pp"#
A/#$$m$!* A!a.6*$* )*$* " p#"9$c 2))#$ c"*; %)#a("! a!% .a5"# 0")#*1
C"mp"!$!* c0a!/$ ") Ma!a/$m$! a!a.6*$* p#"9$c("!* a!% #$p"#*1
?&$#%)$ c"mp"!$!* 0(/0.(/0; c"##$c("! a!% #$p"#*1
F"#$ca* p#$pa#$ a!% *)5m((!/ " 0$ #$/("!a. m(!(!/ p#"9$c* 8 m(!(!/ "p$#a("!* ma!a/$#*1
M$c0a!(ca. A&a(.a5(.(6 &*1 U(.(>a("!; F)$. C"!*)mp("! &*1 Ac)a. "p$#a(!/ pa6."a%*1 B)%/$ C"*
&*1 Ac)a. a!a.6*$* a!% #$p"#* 2#"m a.. m(!(!/ *($* (! S")0 A2#(ca; B"*:a!a 8 Nam(5(a1
D$$#m(!a("! "2 R$*(%)a. Va.)$ (! C"mp"!$!* 2"# $ac0 mac0(!$ a 0$ $!% "2 MARC c"!#ac*1
C"!#ac* Ca*0 2.": a!% C"!#ac* I!&$*m$! A!a.6*(* a!% #$p"#*1
Ma(!$!a!c$ 8 #$pa(# :"#3 "#%$#* a!% 5(..(!/ %":!."a%* 2#"m SA'CR,; #$&($: a!% c"##$c 0$m; 0a!
)p ."a% " ANALYDER *"2:a#$ a!% a)%( 2(!a!c(a. a!% mac0(!$ p$#2"#ma!c$ %aa $&$#6 m"!0 2#"m
a.. m(!$* (! S")0 A2#(ca; B"*:a!a 8 Nam(5(a1
R$&($: a!% 0(/0.(/0 *)mma#6 "2 ac)a. c"* a!% 5(..(!/ &a#(a!c$* 2"# $ac0 mac0(!$ 2"# a.. "p$#a(!/
*($* (! S")0 A2#(ca; B"*:a!a; Nam(5(a a* :$.. a* p#"9$c$% c"* &a#(a!c$* a!% #$p"# " 0$
ma!a/$m$!1 C#$a$ !$: a!% )p%a$ ".% MARC c"!#ac* (! SA'CR,1
D);&*(2)/( 2&/&-./- 3/'.'(), 37: C 2&./()/&/) ;>&//)*', 1" 2././- '.() ;>&//)*',
&/, # SAP 32;1()* 3;)*&(3*'.
Custo0ers: De #eers South Africa) Na0i1ia an% De1swana in #otswana
Reason for .eain": #etter career -ros-ects with -ro0otion to senior 0ana"e0ent .ee.,

'49'49&''' : '49'49&''&
AIRGAS COMPRESSORS South Africa) ;ohannes1ur"
Per0anent Position: De-ut! Genera. Director for Pro%uction < Petroche0ica. P.ant E/ui-0ent
Insta..ation Pro=ects Mana"er
;oint enture with Kru-- En"ineerin" G01+ >T!ssen AG?
Pro&ect@ >evamping Poliin South 5rica ater e/plosion#7Balue appro/imately *1 million Euros
5I>G5S portion8Pro&ect@ Erection o Compressor house or 5nglo 9 platinum smelter
7Balue appro/imately *1 million Euros 5I>G5S portion8
Custo0er: Kru-- En"ineerin" G01+
Serice an% %ut!:
Dead o production and manuacture department or manuacture compressors and root blower units or
industrial pipelines and customer applications#
Process plant pro&ects equipment supplier or Polyin Plant, Petrochemical industry#
Control o process plant equipment installation and pro&ects managing or Polyin Plant 7S5S2ECD S#58#
Pro&ects 3543C documentations and e/pediting#
Create and control all pro&ects documentations on PC electronically as per IS! '11$ and S5S!< 35#
-esign and development equipment and components or local manuacturing#
%anuacturing drawings checking and approval#
Cost control and pro&ects cost estimating#
3uotations draw, tenders placing liaison with customers and contractors#
5udit and selecting components sub"suppliers or multi millions >and pro&ects#
Production planning# Pro&ects planning and scheduling manuacturing process and delivery time to
construction site#
Certiications o vessels under pressure together with authoriIed inspections and making
documentations on it or approval by S5S!< 35 and mining 7%I3S8 and customers engineering
departments# Gas systems audit and commissioning o systems under pressure#
H-2 2ests analyIing and approval or vessels under pressure#
Bessels under pressure design and development or production based on prototype rom Germany#
Pro&ect %anagement#
Pro%uction %e-art0ent 0an-ower ca-acit! un%er 0! 0ana"e0ent: 6 artisans) 4 fore0an) &
1oi.er0a8ers) 4 %rafts0an) 6 asse01.ers of new 0achines on .ine) & Serice en"ineers,
An% (@su1 contract co0-anies with aera"e of 6' e0-.o!ees,
Reason for .eain": #etter career -ros-ects with stu%! in USA,
TUR#OREP : DEMAG De *aa. Southern Africa) ;ohannes1ur") South Africa,
Mannes0ann Grou-
SIEMENS Power Generation Mechanica. Dries >SIEMENS AG? @ Contractor
Contract Position: Tur1o 0achiner! Senior Mechanica. En"ineer 9 Desi"n
Pro=ects: Gas 6 Steam 2urbines and -E%5G turbo " compressors power unit design,
erection and commissioning
Barious G5S 2urbines houses Global pro&ects 7value rom >$1 to >$11 million pro&ects8
Custo0er: Esco0) Ran% water 1oar%) An".o@Go.%) AMP*ATS) SASO*) PO*I3IN) NATRE3
Ser!ice and duty:
-iscus with customer !perational plant requirements and >e"design turbo"machinery and hi"speed
rotating components or manuacture and installation presently running machines in South 5rica and
Sub"Sahara countries#
-iscus with customer !perational plant requirements and >eview than revise drawings in accordance
with customer requirement#
Based on customer requirements, >everse engineering o gas 6 steam turbines components in order to
enhance operational perormance#
-iscuss with customer !perational plant requirements and %odular re"structuring turbo"compressors
and turbines#
Based on customer operational requirements -esign au/iliaries or e/isting turbo"machines such as@
-esign gearbo/es or manuacture and replacement#
-esign turbo 9 machinery Impellers and turbo 9 blades or manuacture and replacement#
Based on customer operational requirements, %odiication o components or re"placement and spare
parts manuacture such as@
-esign white metal bearings or high speed rotating equipment#
Steam traps re"design, test, and installation and start up such as 2hermostatic 7operated by changes in
luid temperature8 " 2he temperature o saturated steam is determined by its pressure#
5lso, %echanical 7operated by changes in luid density8 " 2his range o steam traps operates by sensing
the dierence in density between steam and condensate#
5nd 2hermodynamic 7operated by changes in luid dynamics8 " 2hermodynamic steam traps rely partly on
the ormation o lash steam rom condensate# 2his group includes KthermodynamicK, KdiscK, KimpulseK and
KlabyrinthK steam traps#
-iscuss with customer operational plant requirements and Create manuacturing, maintenance, repair 6
overhaul 7%>!8 process or repair o Gas and Steam turbines and design au/iliary equipment or power
generation plant#
Man-ower ca-acit! un%er 0! 0ana"e0ent: &' artisans) 4 fore0an) & 1oi.er0a8ers) 4 %rafts0an) G fie.%
Serice En"ineers, An% & @ su1 contract co0-anies with aera"e of 6' e0-.o!ees,
'4,'&,455F @ '4,'G,455(
E*CA En"ineerin" Southern Africa) Van%er1i=.-ar8) South Africa, @ Contractor
De-art0ent: Tur1ines < Tur1o@co0-ressors
Contract Position: Rotatin" E/ui-0ent 9 Desi"n
Pro&ects@ Gas 2urbines and -E%5G turbo " compressors power unit design, erection and
%>! o 2urbines, Compressors, Gearbo/es, Pumps, Cans, =hite %etal Bearings, Impellers, 2urbine Blades,
!n"Site Balancing, <aser 5lignment, Shop Balancing, !ver speed 2esting, <abyrinth Seal Strips, Generator
Services, Instrumentation 6 Control, Site =ork, ') hour Breakdown Service
Compressor Inter and 5ter Coolers with Cinned 2ubing, Shell 6 2ube Deat E/changers, 5ir Deaters, 2anks
abrication under license and to International Standards o -eaerators#
Barious G5S 6 Steam 2urbines houses Global pro&ects 7value rom >$1 to >$11 million pro&ects8
Custo0er: Esco0) Ran% water 1oar%) An".o@Go.%) AMP*ATS) SASO*) PO*I3IN) NATRE3
Ser!ice and duty:
-iscuss with customers !perational Plant requirements and design Power Generation 6 %ining rotating
equipment or reurbishment#
-iscuss with customers !perational Plant requirements re"design all type o damaged and used
industrial turbines and turbo"compressors or complete re"manuacture and re"installation#
Based on customers !perational Plant requirements design o Deat e/changers and systems under
%aking manuacturing drawings or turbo"machinery components such as@ impellers, shats, turbo"
blades, white metal bearings, couplings, balance pistons, D#P# seals, noIIles, all type o valves and
pumps, inter"stage diaphragms, installation rames and au/iliary equipment#
Based on International Standards draw up welding procedure and manuacturing drawings or re"
machining o Gearbo/es and Pumps 7<ine Boring8#
-iscuss with customers and draw up manuacturing process and manuacturing drawings or
%anuacture o Spares or Crushers, Gearbo/es, %ining Equipment and Conveyor Systems#
-iscuss with customers and draw up manuacturing process and manuacturing drawings or
manuacture o Complete 5ssemblies and %achinery or the !pen Cast %ining Industry#
Based on customer !perational Plant requirements modular re"structuring industrial turbo"compressors
and turbines#
%aintaining procedure created or repair turbo"casings and turbine rotors#
Man-ower ca-acit! un%er 0! 0ana"e0ent: 4' artisans) & fore0an) 6 1oi.er0a8ers) 4 %rafts0an) F fie.%
Serice En"ineers, An% & outsource% su1 contract co0-anies with aera"e of I' e0-.o!ees,
'&,'4,455& : '4,4&,455I
Saso. : Oi. < Gas) Petroche0ica. < ferti.i7er -.ant 0aintenance < rea0-in" @ Contractor
Contract Position: Pro=ects Contracts En"ineer,
Pro=ect: Sectional >evamping S5S!< "' South 5rica
7Balue appro/imately > $11 million8 Custo0er: SASO* < AECI
Ser!ice and duty:
-esign and build up automatic combustion machine or cleaning petrochemical plant by high"pressure
water technology, such as Deat e/changers and Bessels under pressure or S5S!< " '
-esign and build hydropower packs or special equipment or construction#
>e"design and reurbishment o all rotating equipment rom Petrochemical plant#
Equipment Commissioning and training operators#
%anagement o Engineering sub"contractors working within the plantG
" 2o keep abreast o and apply where appropriate new condition monitoring technologies, maintenance
improvement KtoolsK and processes#
" 2o support the development o Engineering sta by deining, and where necessary providing training in
activities that support maintenance improvement and coaching#
" 2o manage the perormance o all maintenance employees and contractors#
" 2o apply and communicate the Global4>egional %aintenance Improvement Strategy or the Site# 2his
includes proactively supporting individual unctions i#e# design, purchasing, maintenance, stores and
operations to ensure maintenance practices are adopted and implemented#
Pro&ect %anagement#
Man-ower ca-acit! un%er 0! 0ana"e0ent: 4' artisans) F fore0en) 4' 1oi.er0a8ers) 4 %rafts0an) 6'
construction wor8ers, An% 6 outsource% su1 contract co0-anies with aera"e of I' e0-.o!ees,
Immigration to 2SA South A"rica
'4,'5,45G& : '4,4',4554
Nationa. Roa%s Construction Institute, Kie) U8raine,
DEPARTMENT: Construction e/ui-0ent %esi"n < %ee.o-0ent for Nationa. roa%s construction
Per0anent Position: *ea% Mechanica. En"ineer,
Ser!ice and duty:
-esign, research and development equipment or building and maintenance national roads#
Process plant mechaniIation or roads building material manuacture in Eastern Europe, Car"East,
Central 5sia#
-esign, research and development machines and equipment or concrete re"moving and transportation
with re"surace and re"enorcing by high pressure water technology#
-esign, research and development DP noIIles, accessories or DP pumps, valves, guns, piping and
combustion equipment or concrete re"moving and re"enorcing by high pressure water technology#
-esign, research and development equipment to use water as a cutting tool or concrete removal, re"
enorcing, concrete bridges maintenance and steel industry#
-esign, research and development mechanical components or hydro dynamics improvements o
turbines working in hydro power stations as well as turbo"vanes structure or centriugal pumps in
research process o water power and property#
Pro&ect %anagement#
Pro=ects R < D an% -ro=ects eBecutions 0an-ower ca-acit! un%er 0! 0ana"e0ent: 46 site su-erisors)
4' wor8sho- fore0an) 4' technician) I 0echanica. en"ineers) & cii. en"ineers)
& stu%ents) 6' artisans an% aera"e of 4' asse01.ers on %ifferent sites countr!wi%e,