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Grid- the information is split off into 4 columns, this

evenly separates the information on the page and
organises it in a manner which would be easier for the
target audience to read.
Use of Images- other images have been used on the
second page, denotations of green bottles and empty
plastic cups which carry connotations of alcohol, drinking
and partying which are stereotypically mentioned in rap
songs- the sort of style used by Dizzee Rascal, there is also
an image of tapes and a tape player reinforce the genre of
a music magazine.
House Style- The colour
scheme matches the front
cover and contents page,
black(text), red(Dizzees jacket)
and white (some of the white
space), this provides a
consistent style which will help
the audience recognise the
article as one being made by
NME. The graffiti in the
background coincides with the
graffiti used in the main cover
image on the front cover.
The Main Heading- The main
heading is the largest piece of
text on the single page, the
words are spaced close
together to create a
crammed, close effect similar
to the busy space use used
previously in the magazine,
the text is black coinciding
with the colour scheme. The
main heading is in sans serif
font, making the typography
appears more smooth and
bold to catch the attention of
readers, the use of sans serif
font also presents a modern
image similar to the modern
music Dizzee Rascal
produces, it also contrasts
the use of serif font for the
main body of text. Serif font
may have been used for the
main body of text to
reinforce the idea that the
text is providing information
and is fact as serif font
appears more professional.
The Main Image- A single photo of
Dizzee Rascal, the topic of the
article, the photo takes up the
entire first page. The scale of the
image used may be to enforce the
idea that he is important and a part
of a main feature of the magazine
appealing to his fanbase, Dizzees
clothing matches the colour
scheme of NME which may further
highlight the idea that this article is
exclusive to NME and may attract a
niche market of his fans to the
magazine, increasing brand
popularity. In contrast to the image
used on the Front cover, there is no
direct address to the audience in
the image, Dizzee Rascal is glancing
to the side, this may cause the
audience to question where he is
looking and why- encouraging them
to continue reading the magazine.
Subheading- In sans serif font similar to the main heading
to signify to the readers that it is a heading, not bold like
the main heading to show that it isnt as important,
provides a brief introduction to the article overall
introducing Dizzee Rascal.
Quotes and Mode of Address- Quotations have been used to emphasise
what Dizzee Rascal has said, this will particularly attract the attention of his
fans, the language is consistent with the rest of the magazine and remains
informal shown by the use of the colloquial language, i.e. Riches, this
maintains a causal tone to the article and makes the reader fee as though
they are being spoken to in a familiar way