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1. 15 percent reservation in allotment of State Route Permits.
2. Interest subsidy on loan from Banks, by UP Sainik.
3. Priority in allotment of Fair Price Shops to War Widows personnel disabled in action and other
4. Stipend of Rs. 250/- p.m. to ex-Servicemen trainees in it is (Pre-cum-post Release Training).
5. Re-imbursement of the amount incurred on medical treatment in civil hospitals, by the UP
Sainik Punarvas Nidhi.
6. Payment of Rs. 1000/- p.m. to ex-Servicemen of World War II and widows.
7. Cash grant, annuity and money in lieu of land to Gallantry Award Winners.
8. Maintenance grant of Rs. 600/- p.m. to disabled ex-Servicemen undergoing training in QMTI,
9. A lump sum amount of Rs. 20,000/- to the ex-Servicemen and their widows and disabled ex-
Servicemen, under Indira Awas Yojna (7
10. War Jagir Allowance of Rs. 100/- p.a. for 5 years to the parents of those individuals, enrolled
in the Armed Forces during National Emergency.
11. Children of Defence Personnel who are awarded PVC, MVC, VrC are given exemption from
tuition fee, cost of uniform and hostel fees at the stipulated rates.
12. 1 percent seats reservation in Medical colleges, 2 percent in Engineering College, 5 percent in
Polytechnic and 8 percent in ITIs. There is no domiciliary restriction for admission in professional
13. Educational aid (stipend) from UP Sainik Punarvas Nidhi at rates varying from Rs. 400/- to Rs.
2,800/- p.a. for different level of education.
14. 3 percent reservation in allotment of house plots and shops to the serving personnel, ex-
Servicemen and dependents of those killed in action, built by UP Awas-Vikas Parishad and the
Vikash Pradhikaran, of the state
15. Sainik Rest Houses in the state.
16. Rent Control Act and Land Tenancy Act have been amended to facilitate ex-Servicemen in
resumption of houses/land.
17. Free legal aid for settlement of disputes.
18. A number of War Memorial hostels have been set up at various Regimental Centres.
19. Priority in allotment of Gram Sabha land by the Land management Committee to service
Personnel killed (1
Priority), disabled in war (2
Priority) and landless ex-Servicemen (6
20. Priority in allotment of Defence land up to 5 acres on lease for 5 years by Cantt Board to those
ex-Servicemen who do not hold more than 2.5 acres of land.
21. Financial assistance to ex-Servicemen in distress.
22. Formation of ex-Servicemen Welfare corporation Ltd w.e.f. 1989.
23. Priority in employment of two dependents.
24. Special Financial assistance of Rs. 15,000/- to families of Service personnel killed and Rs.
10,000/- to those disabled in OP Pawan and Op Meghdoot.
25. Housing grant of Rs. 10,000/- (lump sum amount)
26. Daughters marriage grant of Rs. 10,000/- by UP Sainik Punarvas Nidhi.
27. Ex-gratia grant of Rs. 10 Lac to martyrs of Op Vijay.
28. Rs. 5,000/- p.m. as pension to widows of Kargil martyrs/job for one dependent.
29. Full exemption from tuition fee, hostel charges, cost of books/stationery and uniform (in Govt
and Regimental Schools)
30. First priority in allotment of land to war widows.