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Remedy of weak (debilitated) Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node)

Read Remedy!!! in the bottom and good article on Soul Purpose in Life (Rahu (North Node) and Ketu
(South Node))
Rahu is obsession and is north node of the moon and Ketu is south node of moon. Rahu and Ketu are the
eternal demons which exist in us, these are the negative force in our mind which syntheses and purify
the mind. Rahu is very powerful, it brings past-life desires in this present life. They are the soul lesson in
every lifetime as they are not a physical planet they are the shadow planets. They operates on the
subconscious level. They are karmic planet. A person need to work on those area of life where Rahu and
ketu axis fall in the Birth Chart. Rahu is the immature child with in us he want everything which he like.
He is our deepest subconscious material desire. Rahu is obsession over the things that we need to learn
a soul lesson in this life, so that eventually we are free of them, but usually through many painful
mistakes and subconscious imagined fears, hypnotic attachments. Ketu is the inner parents who knows
everything. Ketu is our past life experience which we already know. This is why Ketu brings doubt and
sharp criticism to the areas of life where he sitting in the birth chart. He is eternally unsatisfied, he only
observe what is missing.
Both Nodes are the illusion of what we don't know and what we know. It is the push and pull of Rahu
obsession and Ketu doubt teaches us the lesson of life so that we can liberate from this world and be
one/merge with the universe.
When axis of Rahu and Ketu when fall in Scorpio and Taurus, the nodes are considered debilitated. This
is the Axis of "Security and Insecurity".
Why Rahu considered weak in scorpio? because here is matching of their qualities. Rahu and scorpio
sign present the same qualities they both denote, obsession over things, restlessness,insecurity, Deep
rooted attachment,fear for unknown things, immaturity, addiction,emotional excitement,revengeful,
passionate, impulsive, transformation through unpleasant experience.rahu get magnified when it comes
in Scorpio sign. Rahu in Scorpio, that restlessness and immaturity leads to a lot of emotional pain as
Scorpio is already emotionally painful and fearful of losing.
The same thing happen with Ketu. Ketu and Taurus sign represents the same thing they denote security,
stubborn, resistant to change, clingy, attached material,service oriented, hard work, and creative. here
ketu energy in taurus become magnified it become more attached , clingy,stubborn and so on. here
ketu become very strong in conclusions resistant to change.
When the nodes are reversed, with Rahu in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio, Rahu in Taurus becomes stable,
less restless and painful. Ketu in Scorpio becomes much more willing to dig deeply into about things we
are certain of, based on our past experiences.As Rahu and Ketu act on the inner self, During time period
of Rahu and Ketu the person suffer psychologically a lot. They suffer emotionally due to suppressed
desires, the pain of loneliness, abandonment, or rejection unnecessary worldly desires. the person just
in situation of what is right and what is wrong. At the end Rahu and Ketu period there is total change of
personality due to churning of emotions they force to transform. Because of going through tough time
mentally they suffer mental stress and health problems.

More about Weak moon:
If sun is electricity to a television then moon is the signal. What good is the T.V. and
electricity if the signal is not there to show you the picture? Remember, life only
occurred on this planet when moon and sun were at the exact distance to create a total
eclipse on earth. Three are lot of theories that moon might have been bought here from
another intelligent alien beings since moon is now thought to be hollow with hydraulics
installed inside, but these are just theories and speculation like in the science books,
that moon was created from a collision. The fact is moon is affecting everything on
planet earth, from weather, ocean tides and our minds.

In astrology moon controls the mind and m

oon rules the mind. Do not mistake intelligence vs. mind. Intelligence is controlled by
Mercury, while moon controls how we think. When wanting to find out about how
someone thinks, the best and easiest thing to do is find out their moon sign. The moon
sign house and sign placement will give 85% of their thinking patter, personality and
attitude towards life. Although degrees of the moon, ascendant also do matter, the
moon sign still holds a major makeup of a persons personality. Moon is excelled in 2
degree Taurus, and debilitated in 10 degree Scorpio. This may not be as accurate
anymore as it used to be in the ancient times. Weak moon doesnt mean a weak mind; it
just means a different type of wavelength. Moon in Scorpio person is known to be
scared of lot of things, and has the fear of unknown, or may love the deep dark secrets
of the world, however, since moon is water, and mind, it can be influenced and turned
into a different shape even if its excelled. If moon is weak in the horoscope, then you
must also look at the aspects on the moon, meaning, which planet or any is looking at
the moon, which planet is sitting in the same house as the moon or which planets are in
2nd or 12th house from the moon. All these factors will change and mold how a person
thinks. If a weak moon is being aspected by Saturn or Rahu, then yes, its a very badly
damaged moon which can create chaotic thoughts in the person, makes them crazy and
sometimes even murders and killers like Casey Anthony. If moon is hemmed between
Saturn and Mars in the same house, then it can make a person bi-polar or give them
suicidal thoughts. When studying the moon in ones chart, you can not just look at its
house, sign and degree placements; you must study all the factors I described above.

If a weak moon is stilling in a bad house, but, it is being asepcted by Jupiter sitting in
good house, in its excelled or strong position, it will take away over 75% of all bad
effects of the moon, perhaps even more, depending up on the degrees of Jupiter. It can
also be visa-versa, if a excelled moon is being aspected by Saturn or Rahu, then it will
take away majority of the good qualities of the moon.

Moon also represent the mother, or a motherly figure, and when badly placed, it creates
tension and problem between the native and their mother.

More about weak sun

Sun is power, generator and creator of all things in life, including astrology. Without the
suns power there would be no Rahu or Ketu, there would be no Ramdev or Obama.
Sun not only is a generator of all life, but also the significator of powering ones soul, for
that is why its considered the soul of a person in astrology. If the soul doesnt have
power to be activated, it will not encourage the individual to do something good in their
lives against all odds. When we see a rich and famous person, we want to be like them,
and we wonder how they got to that point. We only see the front, but we never see
behind the scenes, and all the hours and hard work those famous rich people put in to
get to the top. When sun is weak or deliberated in the horoscope, the individual will
want to achieve things but with a shortcut, and everything they do they will fail at it
because they do not understand the dynamics behind success: that success happens
by taking a long hard road to the top than jumping on a helicopter and getting to the top.

When sun is in low degree of Libra, or situated in an evil house, it takes away the
persons drive and motivation to achieve success in life. This person give there all, but,
they will never reap the results of their seed as others do until after midlife. Yes, a weak
sun doesnt mean youre screwed for life; a weak sun gets stronger after the age of 35.
It doesnt matter if the sun is in Kander or not, if its delibeated then its stuck on its track
till the age of 35. If a person has an excelled sun in Aries, the person would achieve a
lot with their hard work; nevertheless, they will achieve success on time. Other planets
do play some part, but if all the planets are well placed in the horoscope with a badly
placed sun and the individual is still suffering, then it can only be one thing, Rahu is
sitting in sign of Leo ruled by the sun, which puts an eclipse on sun and takes away its
power. If all the planets are well placed including the sun and the individual is still not
achieving success, then again look at the placement of Rahu or Ketu again. Although I
have always said Saturn is much more powerful than Sun, however, a strong Saturn
with a weak sun in the horoscope will again give huge success but only after the age of
32 onwards. Sun is the electricity of a television. What good is a T.V. if there is no

Sun also represent our father or father figure in life, and when sun is badly placed, it
creates problems between the native's father, or there would be a very bad relations
between them. The heart, too, is represented by sun, and usually people with defective
sun in the horoscope have high cholesterol or heart attack possibility.