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OBJECTIVE: Create a detailed epic hero from an ancient civilization (Indus, Sumer, China, Egypt) and a series of
obstacles for him/her to overcome, then craft an original short story that tells his/her tale. The final story will
be approximately 6 to 10 pages and will require details that show an appropriate setting of time and place.

ASSIGNMENT #1 Due Friday, September 30
Character Outline Epic hero (25 pts)
Appearance - What does your hero look like? Provide a detailed description of him/her that includes height,
weight, build, hair and eye color and any distinguishing characteristics. Do not use offensive, stereotypical
generalizations of people from this region.
Character Exposition Where is your character from? What are the characters traits? What flaws does the
character possess? What are the characters supernatural abilities or qualities?
Motivation What does the hero want or need? Why does he or she need it?
Divine Intervention The hero is either watched over by a god/goddess and/or is the child of one mortal and
one god/goddess. This must be a known god/goddess from the civilization.
Lesson Learned The hero undergoes a series of trials on his/her journey that cause a dynamic change in
his/her personality.

ASSIGNMENT #2 Due Friday, September 30
Character Outline Heros Antagonist (25 pts)
Appearance What does your heros enemy look like? Size, build, and distinguishing characteristics should be
explained. Remember that the antagonist does not need to be human. The antagonist can be a god or
goddess or an imaginary creature.
Character Exposition Why does the antagonist oppose the protagonist? Do they have a history? What are
the antagonists supernatural abilities?

ASSIGNMENT #3 Due Monday, October 3
Detailed Story Outline (25 pts)
Write an outline of the story. Your story must include the following elements:
Story begins in medias res, in the middle of things
The hero has character flaws that lead to a journey or quest
The quest has a purpose
The hero possesses supernatural abilities or qualities
The hero must be challenged by mythical beings or forces of nature (e.g. hurricane, tidal wave,
The hero must overcome at least one mortal enemy
The hero must travel to or enter a supernatural world (Time travel or travel to other planets is not
The hero may travel with others, but must face the ultimate task alone
After the quest is successfully accomplished, the hero returns home and becomes a leader

ASSIGNMENT #4 Due ______________________
Final Draft- 100 Pts

EXTRA CREDIT Due ________________
Illustrate your story with a cover and illustrations throughout. Create as many illustrations as you would like,
but extra credit will be given up to a 10 percent bonus.