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Assignment Silence of the Lambs by Megan Mc Clean

Silence of the Lambs

Buffalo Bobs Dance Scene

In this shot we see a low angle MS, of serial killer,
Buffalo Bill holding a poodle, as he sits over the well
of which his victim lays. From the shot we as an
audience are captured as the victim, as we are
trapped under Buffalo Bills wicked ways. This is
horrifying as a viewer, due the fact that a serial killer
looks right on top of us, into the camera with no
remorse in his eyes.

In this picture, I have chosen two shots; the top one is a
low angle MS of Buffalo Bill as he lowers a bucket
moisturiser for the victim to rub lotion on herself; and
secondly the lower photo is a MS of the victim crying
out in help as she has captured Bills dog as hostage to
get out. These two shots together make the audience
sit on edge, as Bill is in power, when his poor victim is
trapped in a hole with no way out to escape Bills
gruesome, stomach churning ways. We as an audience
no there is no way out for the young girl that her fate
and life is now in the hands of sick minded, Buffalo Bill.

In this shot we see a CU of what seems to
be female lips at first sight. The horror of
this shot comes into action when the lips
begin to move and we hear a male voice
asking, would you like to fuck me,
because of this shocking line the audience
sit in horror, in panic and horror as Buffalo
Bill is asking for something so intimate in
such a forward and crude way.
Assignment Silence of the Lambs by Megan Mc Clean

In the main scene, we see Buffalo Bill dancing in the nude, attempting to impose as a woman. In the
first image we see a MCU of Buffalo Bill as he stares into the camera, staring into the eyes of the
veiwer. This shot is made to freighten the audience due to the fact that Bill has subtly asked the
audience a derogratory question, heightening the fear of whats to happen next, leaving the
audience on the edge of their seats. In the bottom images we see wide/MS of Bill imposing as a
female; from the images we can tell that a man that seems so noral on the outset as issues with the
genitals and gender of which he was born into. That the body and skin he is in isnt enough to fulfill
his happiness. This scene creates great fear to the audience as, firstly Bill doesnt take his eyes off his
veiwer and he does this in a way that sends an unwelcoming chill down your spine. The second issue
is that we as an audience begin to see the great lengths and issues that Bill would go through to be
completely transformed as a woman, to be whole or complete. I believe that Bill is a character we all
fear as he is a real life monster, fighting his own demons
Assignment Silence of the Lambs by Megan Mc Clean

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