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Ankush Verma

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Jessop, Alicia. "The NBA's Extensive Digital Following Creates Unique Marketing
Opportunities For The Finals." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 06 June 2013. Web. 30 Apr. 2014
I. Introduction
1. With the growth of technology and the various forms of accessing content,
businesses have an opportunity to deliver their products in an innovative
way. The NBA is using social media and new forms of advertising to attract
their target market. In regards to this marketing move, the NBA has decided
to use concentrating marketing to focus their efforts on the group that they
believe represents a good part of their following. One way the NBA is
attempting to draw in their target market is by partnering with movies
studios to create co-promotional advertisements. For instance, they have
partnered with Universal, Sony, Disney, and Warner Bros. The NBA believes
that about 48 percent of their following resonates with individuals who are
under the age of 35. There for, by partnering with those movie studios, NBA
hopes to reach their followers as well, which are members of the target
2. Terms: Concentrated Marketing- marketing to a specific target market;
Social Media- allows users to connect with each other and with other
entities to voice their opinions; Co-Promotional Advertisements: when
two firms partner up to create one time-slot ad that is meant to draw in the
other firms following; Marketing Strategy: an overall way to select the
target market and then satisfy that target market by blending market risk
variables; Customer intimacy: Firms tailor products or services to match
the needs of the customers; Promotion mix: the specific promotional tools
a company uses to reach its company
3. The NBA is using a marketing strategy known as niche marketing to target
individuals under 35 (Chapter 7, 201-202). The way that they have achieved
this is by engaging in a join promotion mix with Movie studios (Chapter 14,
426-427). The viewers who watch the commercials are watching two
commercials in one time slot. The joint advertisement is used in the hopes
that each respective company will be able to reach the other companys
viewer. By pairing up with movie studios that make movies that are relevant
to individuals under 35, NBA is hoping to reach the studios audience as well
their own audience.
II. Environment

1. Competitive Environment: The NBA is not the only entertainment outlet

available to viewers. In fact, there are other sports, TV shows, and movies
that are aired during the NBA regular season, and during the Finals. NBA
recognizes the other forms of entertainment as indirect competition and a
threat to their sales (Chapter 18, 541-542). From the direct competition side,
there are no other companies or entities that produce basketball
entertainment at par with the NBA (Chapter 2, 45-46)
2. Political Legal: Political Legal does not apply to this article.
3. Economic: Economically, the NBA has not been affected. The product that
they offer is free to viewers, and with the general population being affected,
free is good.
4. Technology: Technology is the basis of the NBAs marketing strategy. With
millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter, the NBA is able to connect with
its viewers on a much more intimate level. In general, individuals who are
under 35 populate social media, so by having strong social media
connections, the NBA is able to relate to these individuals. They also use
sites like YouTube and their own website, to provide highlights from each
game. This allows the company to see how many viewers are interested bin
watching highlights, and it gives the viewers a chance to catch up on what
they missed. All through out the NBAs website, there are open forums and
articles that encourage the viewers to voice their opinion. This reaches out to
the demographic who is able to connect directly with the NBA.
5. Social Cultural: The NBA is a form of entertainment on television. There
for, ratings mean everything to the association. The main focus for the NBA
and for the social media endeavors is to find a way to draw in more viewers,
and give their current viewers a way to expand their interaction with the
association. By pairing up with well-known movie studios, the NBA has
targeted the viewers of big named movies. The partnership between the two
entities allows viewers of each respective forum to learn more about the
other. Also, by increasing the use of social media, and by allowing the
viewers to commentate on issues, the NBA has given the viewers a chance to
buy into the league.
III. Marketing Mix Variables
1. Target Market- The NBA has been along time so it is well known amongst
all age groups. However, the NBA has chosen individuals under the age of 35
as their target market because that demographic is more involved with social
media, and about 48% of their viewership currently resides in this

2. Product- The NBA has one product that it wants to market, and that is the
game itself. The product strategy here involves how they want the product
displayed. To market the game, the NBA has decided to display the highlights
of their games throughout social media, as a way to bring in more viewers. It
also paired up with movie studios to created partnered time slot ads.
3. Price- The price of the social media and to watch the games is absolutely
free. There is the opportunity to buy NBA league pass, which will allow you to
see every game that is on each night, but for the average viewer, that option
may be too much.
4. Promotion- The promotion of this campaign was large scale. The majority
of the social media undertaking was done through the Internet. The time-slot
partnerships were advertised on the Internet and on the television.
5. Distribution- The distribution strategy was to allow the viewers to interact
with the league at their own leisure. Because the league is aired on
television, the viewer had the option to either watch it on TV live, or watch
the highlights afterwards.