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strong foundation energised growth

Stock Code – BSE : 500303 NSE : ABIRLANUVO Reuters : ABRL.BO / ABRL.NS / IRYN.LU Bloomberg : ABNL IN / NABNL IN / IRIG LX
The Aditya Birla Group

Among the largest and the most reputed business houses in India
Flagship Companies: Idea Cellular, Grasim, Hindalco, Aditya Birla Nuvo and UltraTech
A USD 28 billion Corporation operating in 25 countries across 5 continents
About 50% of revenues generated from overseas operations
Anchored by ~ 1,25,000 employees belonging to 25 nationalities
Trusted by over 1.5 million shareholders

Global positioning In India

VSF World’s largest producer Leadership Aluminium, Cement, Carbon Black,
Position Branded Apparels, Copper, VSF,
Aluminium World’s largest aluminium rolling unit (in terms of VFY, Chlor-alkali, Insulators

Carbon Black 4th largest producer in the world

Top 5 Telecom (in terms of subscribers base)
Life Insurance (in terms of Weighted New
Insulators 4th largest producer in the world Received Premium - WNRP)
Asset Management (in terms of average AUM)
BPO (in terms of revenue size)
Cement 11th largest producer in the world

Our Values – Integrity, Commitment, Passion, Seamlessness, Speed 2

Aditya Birla Nuvo : Vision and Strategy

To become a premium conglomerate with market

Vision leadership across businesses delivering superior
value to shareholders on sustained basis

To increase the share of “Growth” businesses in the

Strategy consolidated revenues by deploying surplus cash from
“Value” businesses to nurture the “Growth” businesses

Aditya Birla Nuvo : A Growth Story

Consolidated Revenue Mix

s En
e erg Value businesses
ess ise 28%
sin dg (Rs. 38 billion)
th ro
w Financial Services wt
r o h Growth businesses
G Telecom IT-ITES Garments 72%
(Rs. 98 billion)
Carbon Black


Rs. 136 billion in FY’08-09

CAGR 41%
Value 33%
businesses (Rs. 6 billion)
(Rs. 12 billion)

Value Businesses : Strong Foundation

Rs. 18 billion in FY’02-03

Transformation from a manufacturing company to a premium conglomerate 4

Successful history of transformation & rejuvenation of businesses

Promoters infused
De merger of Rs. 341.3 Cr. on
Cement unit / Life Insurance JV with conversion of 17
Surplus cash Sun Life, Canada lacs warrants and
returned to Carbon Black Increased stake Rs. 377.4 Cr. as
shareholders Brownfield from 4.3% to 10% application
subsidiary merged
through buyback Acquired PSI Data expansion by 40K 20.74% in 2005; money on 1.88
with Nuvo w.e.f.
of equity shares Systems, an IT MT to 160K MT further to 35.74% Cr. warrants in
April 1, 2007
services company in 2006 Mar’08

1999 2000 2001 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008/09

Merger of Indo Raised Rs. 7.8 Acquired 76%

Gulf Fertilisers billion through stake in Apollo
and Birla Global rights issue Sindhoori, a retail
Foray into the broking company
with Company
BPO sector Carbon Black Acquired balance
through the Indian Rayon Acquired Minacs, Brownfield stake in Birla Sun
Acquisition of acquisition of rechristened as a leading expansion by Life Distribution
Madura Garments Transworks “Aditya Birla Canadian BPO 60K MT to Entered Private
Nuvo” 230K MT Equity biz.

Entry into new age businesses with high growth-potential 5

Aditya Birla Nuvo : Premium Conglomerate by design

Growth Businesses Value Businesses

Telecom BPO IT Services Financial Carbon

Garments Rayon Insulators Fertilisers Textiles
(27.02%) (88.28%) (76.89%) Services Black
Life Insurance
Apparel (100%) Represent Subsidiaries
Retail (100%) Asset Management
Represent Joint Ventures
(50%) *

Distribution (100%)
* JV with Sunlife Financial, Canada
Exports (100%) Retail broking (76%)
Note : Percentage figures indicated above represent
NBFC Nuvo’s shareholding in its subsidiaries /JV’s
Insurance Advisory
Private Equity

De-risking with optimum blend of value & growth businesses 6

Growth Wheel
Financial Rayon 4%
Services 2% Carbon Black
8% Consolidated
FY 2008-09
Life Insurance
Rs. 136 billion
Fertilisers 9% (~ USD 3 billion)

Textiles 4%

Insulators 3%

Garm ents 8%

IT & ITeS 13%

Telecom 21%
Note : 1 USD = Rs. 45 7
Aditya Birla Nuvo : House of power brands

A leading player in the financial services space

A leading player in the premium branded apparel sector

Value businesses generating stable cash flows

Financial snapshot

Standalone Particulars
Unit of Consolidated
FY'07-08 FY'08-09 FY'07-08 FY'08-09

3,953 4,786 Rs. Cr. 11,861 13,643

988 1,064 USD Mn 2,965 3,032

243 137 Rs. Cr. 151 (431)

Net Profit
61 31 USD Mn 38 (96)

7.8% 5.5% ROACE (%) (Annualised) % 5.9% 0.6%

0.7:1 1.1:1 Total Debt / Equity ratio (x) x 1.6:1 1.5:1

155,028 155,497 Nuvo's Shareholders Nos.

13,253 4,220 Rs. Cr.

Market Capitalisation (Nuvo)
3,313 938 USD Mn
Average rate : 1 USD = Rs. 40 (FY’07-08) & Rs. 45 (FY’08-09) 1 billion = 100 Crores

Proposed infusion of Rs. 1,000 Cr. through preferential allotment of 1.85 Cr. warrants
to the Promoters will strengthen financial position 9
Telecom : Indian industry overview

Indian Cellular Industry : Pan India Market Share

(in terms of subscribers)
As on 31st Mar’09

(incl. Spice) BSNL Vodafone
Aditya Birla Nuvo holds 27.02% share
11.0% 13.3% 17.6%
Aditya Birla Group holds 49.13% share
Source : TRAI

Tele-density in India at ~ 37% as on 31st Mar’09 (Source : TRAI)

2nd largest population after China; tele-density far lower than about 45% in China & over 80% in US
Indian cellular industry : Fastest growing cellular market in the world
Wireless subscribers at 391.76 million in Mar’09 grew at a CAGR of 66% in past 3 years
2nd largest wireless subscribers base in the world after China
Expected to reach 737 million subscribers by 2012 (Source : Gartner)
Idea Cellular : Moving towards Pan India presence

Idea is 5th largest in India with 11% (incl. spice) all India share Idea - Market Share trend (%)
43.02 million subscribers as on March 31, 2009
18.6% 19.5%
Ranks 2nd with 19.5% share in combined subscribers base of 8 17.5% 18.0%
established operating circles (Airtel ranks 1st with 19.8% share)

Holding licenses and spectrum for all 22 circles with operations

in 16 circles covering over 150K towns and villages
Spice is rebranded as ‘Idea’ in Punjab and Karnataka circles 9.2%
8.4% 8.9%
Rolled out in Mumbai and Bihar & Jharkhand in FY09, Orissa in Apr’09 Source : TRAI

Mar'07 Sep'07 Mar'08 Mar'09

Key Enabler : Achieving pan India presence by Dec’09
Targeting pan India operations with planned launch of services in Pan India 8 established operating circles

remaining 6 circles by the end of calendar year 2009

Idea derived net cash inflow of over Rs. 45 billion out of spice deal to fund its growth plans
Acquired 40.8% stake in Spice at Rs. 77.30 per share for Rs. 27.2 billion incl. non-compete fee of Rs. 5.4 billion
Idea made preferential allotment of 464.73 million equity shares to Telecom Malaysia (TMI) in Aug’08 at
Rs. 156.96 per share collecting about Rs. 73 billion; post allotment Nuvo’s stake in Idea reduced to 27.02%
Open offer for additional 20% stake in Spice communication at Rs. 77.30 per share completed in Oct’08
Spice will be merged with Idea. Swap ratio will be 49 shares of Idea for every 100 shares of Spice

Providence infused Rs 21 billion in Aditya Birla Telecom Ltd. (ABTL) in Dec’08

ABTL, a subsidiary of Idea, has license for Bihar & Jharkhand & holds 16% stake in Indus Towers 11
Idea Cellular : Growing at a pace higher than industry
TMI and Providence deal strengthened financial position of Idea Revenues (Rs. Cr.)
Net debt to equity (net of cash surplus of Rs. 5,131.6 Cr.) is 0.27 as at 31st Mar’09 6,720 10,125

Cash inflows will be used for financing capex plans and 3G spectrum auction
Spice’s ILD license & TMI’s presence in 10 Asian countries will be leveraged
IRU for Indus Towers, a JV with Bharti & Vodafone for tower sharing signed 2,262

Effective from 1st Jan’09, JV will pillar speedy roll out in Idea’s new circles

FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09

Subscribers base (Million)
PAT (Rs. Cr.)
391.76 901

18.67 261.09 502

14.01 209.07
98.78 165.11 Industry Idea 212
10.36 76
7.37 Source : TRAI
FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09
Mar'06 Sep'06 Mar'07 Sep'07 Mar'08 Mar'09
Financials at Page 49 12
Aditya Birla Nuvo Financial Services : Structure & Vision

To be a leader and role model in
financial services sector with a broad based and integrated business
Asset Management

Wealth Management

Insurance advisory
Financial Company
Life Insurance

Retail Broking
Distribution &


Private Equity
Leveraging synergies to be more competitive and cost effective
Financial Services Sector in India

Faster growing economy

Indian economy grew by 9% in terms of GDP in past
three years (Source : CMIE)
Despite global slowdown, managed to grow by 6.5% in
FY2008-09 (Source : CMIE)

Large population & young demographics

Fast growing aspirations
High rate of savings
Geographical Dispersion of Financial Services Products (2006)
Financial simpleton
Safety over returns
Seeking reassurance from a Trusted face

Lower penetration
55% of savings lying in bank deposits
Household penetration in
Mutual Funds ~ 5%,
Life Insurance ~ 15%
Huge opportunity in tier 2 & 3 cities

The Indian Financial Services sector has yet to tap India’s true potential 14 14
Aditya Birla Nuvo Financial Services : Road Map


Growing faster People bound by Leveraging on Best employer

than the market a Vision synergies Trusted Brand
Scaling up Product within Aditya Risk &
distribution innovation Birla Financial Compliance
reach across Speed to market Services Talent
markets and Consistent and Group Retention
ACTION PLAN channels within Aditya
Improving investment Birla Group
productivity performance Sun Life
across the Customer Financial
channels engagement Outsourcing &
model Decentralisation
Capital efficient Technology

Built momentum in Life Insurance and Asset Management businesses

Put together a winning team & set scalable processes
STATUS Setting goals for Distribution & Wealth management and NBFC & Insurance advisory
Acquired 76% stake in Apollo Sindhoori, a retail broking company
Entered Private Equity business 15
Life Insurance : Indian industry overview

Indian Life Insurance Industry : Market Share amongst

private players (in terms of WNRP)

ICICI Prudential
Others 20.7% SBI Life
19.5% 15.0%

Max New York Bajaj Allianz

74:26 JV with Sunlife, Canada 5.2% 13.1%
HDFC Standard Source: IRDA
Birla Sunlife Reliance Life
9.0% 9.8%

Lower life insurance penetration in India (4.1% of GDP against World average of 7.5%)
Penetration in India expected to rise to ~ 6.6% of growing GDP in 2012

Indian Life Insurance Industry : New business premium size expected to grow to Rs. 2,000 billion
by 2012 from current Rs. 900 billion
Number of lives covered expected to rise to ~ 300 million by 2012 from current 150 million
Marketing efforts from private players is increasing market size through mass education
Market share of private players in weighted new received premium rose to 48% in FY09 from 33% in FY07
Birla Sun Life Insurance : Focus To Achieve Leadership

Key Aspiration To be amongst top 3 private players

Key Enablers : Distribution Centres

Pioneered Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) & bancassurance 600
Tie-ups: 6 banks & over 400 corporate agents
Continued thrust on strengthening distribution reach across channels 137
Branch network and Direct Sales Force grew multifold during last three years
to reach 600 branches and 166K agents respectively
Mar'06 Mar'07 Mar'08 Mar'09
Further branch expansion to be aligned with industry growth outlook

Product portfolio strengthened in last year through launch of 10

products in individual life segment and 2 products in group business
Direct Selling Agents (‘000)
In the current year, further launched pension plan-Freedom 58, Platinum
Plus-II, Traditional Life plan & Health Plan 166
Strengthening management team and putting in place robust IT 100
platform to support growth 57
Focus on superior and consistent fund performance 18

More than 85% of equity as well as debt AUM is invested in fundamentally

Mar'06 Mar'07 Mar'08 Mar'09
strong large caps & highest rated instruments respectively as on 31st Mar’09
Birla Sun Life Insurance : Regaining Market Share
13.7% BSLI –Market Share trend (%)
8.2% 8.5% 9.0%
8.1% 8.2%
4.2% 4.2% 4.3% 4.3%
3.0% 2.5% 2.9%
Source : IRDA Amongst Private Players Overall

2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 YTD Jun'08 YTD Sep'08 YTD Dec'08 YTD Mar'09

In FY09, BSLI ranked 5th with 9% share (in terms of WNRP) amongst private Revenues (Rs. Cr.)
players up from 6.6% in FY’07-08 3,710 3,744
Weighted New Received Premium (WNRP) of BSLI grew YoY by 44% while
private life insurers grew by 6% and industry de-grew by 3%
Achieved 2nd best growth rate amongst top 7 private players 1,930
For the month of Mar’09 per se, BSLI garnered 11.2% market share amongst 1,559
private players 938
Revenues at Rs. 3743.6 Cr. in FY09 grew at a CAGR of 41% in last 4 years
AUM at Rs. 9,168.4 Cr. as on 31st Mar’09 more than doubled in last 2 years
Strong support from promoters : Aditya Birla Nuvo & Sun Life Financial FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09

Infused Rs. 603 Cr. in FY07-08 to fund growth of the business New business Renewals & other income

Further capital infused Rs. 725 Cr. during FY08-09 P 50 18

Mutual Fund : Indian industry overview
Indian Mutual Fund Industry : Market Share
(in terms of average AUM)
As on 31st Mar’09

Others Reliance
36.6% 16.4%

Source : AMFI
50:50 JV with Sunlife, Canada ICICI
Birla Sunlife UTI
9.5% 9.9%
Indian Mutual Fund Industry : Today
Assets Under Management – Average AUM : Rs. 4,933 billion as on 31st March 2009
Present customer penetration : 1.9% and AUM / House hold financial savings: 3.8%
Every 1% increase in AUM penetration will lead to an increase of Rs. 400 billion in AUM size

Expected face of Indian Mutual Fund Industry in 2011

AUM : Institutional ~ Rs. 4,500+ billion (CAGR 27%); Retail ~ Rs. 5,900+ billion (CAGR 41%)
Revenues : Institutional ~ Rs. 9+ billion (CAGR 28%); Retail ~ Rs. 36+ billion (CAGR 39%)
Geographical penetration to increase substantially
Contribution of top 15 cities to reduce from current 80-85% to around 50%
Source: Internal Research and few sectoral reports 19
Birla Sun Life Asset Management : Mutual Fund House of the Year

Key Aspiration To be amongst top 3 players

Branches (Nos.) Financial
Created history by winning “Mutual Fund House of the Year” award by Advisors (‘000)
CNBC TV18-Crisil, for the second year in a row
115 29
Awarded “India Onshore Fund house” by Asia Investor in 2009 78 18
Runner up in “Best Mutual Fund House” Category by “Outlook Money NDTV
32 8
Profit Awards 2008
Ranks 5th in India with 9.5% share in Mar’09 up from 6.8% in Mar’08
Mar'07 Mar'08 Mar'09 Mar'07 Mar'08 Mar'09
Average domestic AUM as on 31st March 2009 at Rs. 47,096 Cr.
Achieved 31% growth in average AUM during the financial year while industry Average AUM (Incl. offshore & PMS)
de-grew by 7%; highest growth rate amongst top 5 players (Rs. Cr.)

Avg. PMS AUM grew from Rs. 16 Cr. in Mar’08 to Rs. 287 Cr. in Mar’09 % 48,649
Avg. offshore AUM (all equity) stood at Rs. 1,265 Cr. as on 31st Mar’09 G R 287
CA 38,411 5,872
Scaled up multi-channel non-polarised network to support growth 16
Distribution network trebled since Mar’07 to reach 115 branches & over 29K 23,779 42,489
15,997 23
financial advisors in Mar’09 7,047
66 28,381
Offering over 90 Mutual Fund schemes including 2 offshore funds 5,859 16,709
Key Enablers : Consistent investment performance, building offshore
Mar'06 Mar'07 Mar'08 Mar'09
proposition, CRM, PMS and alternate channels
Debt & Liquid Equity PMS

Domestic avg. AUM crossed Rs. 50,000 Crores mark in April 2009 P 51 20
Birla Sun Life Distribution

To be amongst top 5 players in the wealth management space

Nuvo acquired remaining 50.01% stake in BSDL for Rs. 7.6 Cr. in March 2009
BSDL became wholly owned subsidiary of Nuvo w.e.f. 31st March 2009

Lines of business
Private Client Group – Wealth management advisory services to HNIs
Channel Partners - Sub-broker model to distribute mutual funds
Institutional – Investment advisory services to Corporates
Insurance – Direct Sales force based life insurance selling

Over 2,50,000 customers country-wide

Nationwide presence with 44 branches and over 4,500 channel partners
Key Enablers
Expanding presence across spectrum of financial products
Market and customer segmentation

P 52 21
Apollo Sindhoori
Nuvo acquired 76% stake in Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investments Ltd. (ASCIL), a retail broking
company, in Feb-Mar’09 for Rs. 251.6 Cr.
ASCIL became subsidiary of Nuvo w.e.f. 6th March 2009

A leading player with over 14 years of experience in the retail broking business in India

Lines of business
Trading facility in Equity segment and Derivative segment on NSE & BSE.

Trading facility in commodity segment, including bullion, oils, gaur seed etc. through a subsidiary

Depository Participant [DP] services of NSDL and CDSL at major locations

Online bidding for IPOs

Distribution of Mutual Funds

Strong distribution network of over 240 own and 840 franchisee branches across over 150 cities

A large 175,000 customers base

Key Enablers
Deriving synergies through cross selling

Capitalising on distribution reach P 52 22

Birla Global Finance

Key To be among top 5 NBFCs in India by profitability


Lines of business
Loan against Securities
IPO financing Birla Global Finance Company Limited
Corporate Finance
General Insurance advisory (BIASL)

Highest rating of A1+ assigned by ICRA for short term debt

NBFC business performed well during FY09 despite depressed
stock markets
Birla Insurance Advisory and
Key Enablers Broking Services Limited

Expanding presence across a range of asset products

Market and customer segmentation

P 52 23
Business Process Outsourcing : Industry overview

Aditya Birla Nuvo holds 88.3% share

Outsourcing of support services offers significant opportunities in the sector

Global offshore BPO market to reach USD 61 billion by FY12-13 from USD 26 billion in FY07-08E

Share in global BPO spend (incl. captive) currently at 6% is expected to grow to 9% by FY12-13

Indian BPO industry expected to grow at a CAGR of 22% to USD 29.7 billion by FY12-13

KPO segment is estimated grow at a CAGR of 32% to reach USD 5.3 billion by FY12-13

Aditya Birla Minacs : Global delivery solution provider

Transworks, a small BPO acquired in 2003 Revenues (Rs. Cr.)

Nurtured the business to grow multifold in 2 years
Acquired Minacs in August 2006, a leading Canadian BPO with annual
turnover of USD 250 million & re-branded as Aditya Birla Minacs 1,016
Ranked among Top-5 outsourcers in India in FY07-08 (Source : NASSCOM)
Amongst the top-100 global outsourcing service providers in 2008 108 163
(Source : International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, 2008)
FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09
Delivering solutions to 54 clients across 50 countries in 41 languages Asia pacific North America
through 27 centres in US, Canada, Europe, India & Philippines
Operating through 8,326 seats and 11,621 employees
Revenues Mix (FY’09)
Clientele includes 27 Fortune 500 clients
Business impacted by global slowdown, under utilisation of capacity Telecom Others
Hi-Tech 7%
and forex loss 3%
Special efforts initiated to improve profitability
Key Enablers BFSI
Controlling overheads besides optimising seats and sites utilisation Auto
Migration towards new low cost geographies
Continue to grow high value KPO segment P 53 25
Garments : Indian industry overview

Madura Garments Brands

Life Style Brands

The ultimate status symbol Premium formal wear Friday Dressing

Popular Brands

The Honest Shirt Fun, Fashion and Family

Indian ready made garments (RMG) industry expected to reach ~ Rs. 2.4 trillion in 2012
from ~ Rs. 1.3 trillion in 2007 growing at a CAGR of 12.7%
Domestic RMG market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13% to reach ~ Rs. 1.6 trillion in 2012
Organised apparel retailing is expected to grow faster at a CAGR of 24-28% over next 5 years
Share of organised apparel retailing is expected to reach ~ 30-40% in 2012 from current ~ 20%
Entry of international players will intensify the competition
Madura Garments : Leadership built by strong brands
Individual Focus through four Strategic Business Units (SBUs) Revenues (Rs. Cr.)
Life Style Brands – Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly 1115
Mens Exclusive Life Style Retail Stores – The Collective
Peter England and Peter England People Retail Stores 621
Contract Exports – Madura Garments Export Limited 473

Branded Garments
Revenues almost doubled in last 3 years to Rs. 906 Cr. in FY09
Successful migration from shirt to lifestyle proposition FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09
Branded Garments Contract Exports
Brand leadership : Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly & Peter
England; Strategic distributorship tie-up with leading brand Esprit
Retail Penetration
Launched sub-brands to serve various customer segments Square Feet EBOs
(‘000) (Nos.)
Key Enabler : Enlarged presence in apparel retailing space
Nuvo grew controlled retail space rapidly from almost nil in 2001 to 7.02 340
Lacs sq. ft. across 340 Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs) as on 31st Mar’09
309 168
Scaled up retail channel led to 33% YoY growth during FY09 amidst
lower footfalls and higher discounting
Higher lease rentals due to retail space expansion and high
Mar'07 Mar'09 Mar'07 Mar'09
discounting lowered profitability during FY09 P 55 27
Madura Garments : Launched two new formats

Large format apparel retailing : Pursuing high end apparel retailing through two new formats
Launched “Peter England people”- A mass family brand
5 stores of an average size of 12-15K sq. ft. launched in 2008

Launched “THE COLLECTIVE” - An international shopping experience

One store spanned across 17.5K sq ft opened in Bangalore offering mens lifestyle wardrobe collection
Offers Madura garments’ fashion brands as well as international brands under one roof

Contract Exports
One of the largest branded garments exporters in India
Manufacturing Capacity expanded in Aug’07 to 15.4 million pieces
Scaling full service provider segment in US, UK and India
Key Enablers
Improving capacity utilisation
Reducing dependence on USD business – Expanding European and domestic business

P 55 28
Carbon Black : Industry overview

Usage of Carbon Black

Printing Ink and

other specialty
Belts & hoses
25% 65%

A key ingredient in Tyre processing

Tyre sector accounts for about 65% of Carbon Black demand

Global Carbon Black industry has a production capacity of 10.7 million MT

Global demand for Carbon Black to reach ~ 11 million MT in 2010 growing at a CAGR of 3.6%

Indian Carbon Black industry has a production capacity of 0.62 million MT

Domestic Carbon black demand estimated to grow at ~ 6.6% p.a. from 2007-08 to 2012-13
Hi-Tech Carbon

Aditya Birla Group is 4th largest producer globally (Capacity : 750K MTPA) Revenues (Rs. Cr.)

Operating in 4 countries : Thailand, Egypt, India & China 1096

Achieving synergies through marketing under brand “Birla Carbon” & central 739

procurement of feed stock (CBFS) 467


Nuvo is 2nd largest domestic player with about 36% market share

Lowest cost producer in India and has coastal location at one plant
FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09
Value contribution from energy sales

Capacity doubled from 110K MTPA in 2002 to 230K MTPA in 2007 PBDIT (Rs. Cr.)
Out of this, 60K MTPA capacity was added in July’07 132

Environmental clearance received & project activities initiated in 92

Western India for Greenfield expansion by 75K MT 50

Growth achieved in revenues in FY09 while sharp volatility in crude oil

prices impacted profitability across the industry FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09

P 56 30
Indo Gulf Fertilisers : Total agri-solution provider

Acute deficit of urea in India – Approximately 25% of the demand is imported Revenues (Rs. Cr.)

Demand expected to grow by ~ 6-7% p.a. to reach 35.4 million MT in FY2012 1250

Industry moving towards non-regulated agri-products

785 787
Demand for non-regulated agri-inputs like seeds, pesticides, nutrients etc 676
expected to grow at 5-7% p.a.

Indo Gulf Fertilisers has 4.8% (approx.) domestic market share

Strong brand “ Birla Shaktiman” is preferred choice of farmers

FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09
Also offering value adding variety – Neem coated “Krishi Dev”

Repositioning itself as a “Total agri-solution provider” PBDIT (Rs. Cr.)

Scaling agri-inputs & outputs trading business

Performance in FY08 impacted due to shutdown for 136 130 130

about 2 months for annual maintenance & subsequent breakdown

Posted significant growth in FY09 supported by higher volumes and

receipt of higher subsidies for higher capacity utilisation
FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09

P 57 31
Aditya Birla Insulators

Insulators are used in power generation, Transmission and distribution Revenues (Rs. Cr.)
(T&D) and by Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) 399 425

Global T&D market expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% by 2010;

247 241
expected growth in India higher at ~ 20%+ p.a. (Source : Enam research)
Areva, ABB, Siemens control 45% of global market
Aditya Birla Insulators is largest domestic producer & 4th largest globally
Capacity – 38,800 TPA at two plants
Further capacity expansion by 10,000 TPA in Apr’09 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09

is under trial run PBDIT (Rs. Cr.)

Forayed in composite insulators through installation of pilot plan in Mar’09 123

Power Grid corporation of India and State Electricity Boards (SEBs),

ABB, Areva, Siemens etc. are amongst major customers
In FY09, revenues at Rs. 424.8 Cr. and PBDIT at Rs. 122.8 Cr. 44

Operating margin at 28.9% and ROACE at 43% 6

FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09

P 58 32
Indian Rayon : VFY and Chlor-alkali
2nd largest producer and largest exporter of VFY in India with 38% Rs. Cr.
market share 537
441 476
Integrated facilities
352 386
Capacity : VFY - 16,400 TPA; Caustic soda - 250TPD
Cost effective 34.5 MW captive power plant
120 124 123
Domestic VFY market has limited growth prospects 88 90

Growth is driven by quality exports to extract premium

FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09
Became largest Indian VFY exporter for consecutive fourth year with
Revenues PBDIT
about 50% share in VFY exports from India in FY09 P 59

Rs. Cr.
Jayashree Textiles : Niche play 625 600
459 528
Domestic market leader in Linen segment
Branding & promoting linen fabric under “Linen Club”
Spinning & weaving capacities 15,084 spindles & 106 looms
One of the largest player in Wool segment in India 33 57 67 68 54
Worsted yarn capacity at 25,548 spindles
FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09
Wool combing capacity at 7 card machines
Revenues PBDIT
P 60 33
Business Outlook and Strategy

Strategy Going Forward : Growth Businesses

Telecom : Achieving Pan India presence

Speedy roll out in remaining six circles and increasing presence in existing circles
Accelerating profitability on rollout capex incurred in new circles & expansion capex in existing ones
Improving quality of services in Punjab & Karnataka circles as per Idea standards
Deriving full benefits from Tower Joint Venture, international long distance (ILD) license held by
Spice and TMI’s presence in ten Asian countries

Financial Services : Striking balance between growth and profitability

Life Insurance / Asset Management
Improving productivity and augmenting relationships across distribution channels
Building newer channels to achieve sustainable growth in future
Launching contemporary products to optimise product suite
Delivering consistent & superior returns to customers
Increasing share of high margin equity & PMS AUM along with expanding foot print in overseas
market and real estate arena in the Asset Management business
Deriving synergy across business verticals to achieve vision
Utilising the client base and distribution network of Apollo Sindhoori for cross selling
Delivering differentiated and superior but uniform customer experience 35
Strategy Going Forward : Growth Businesses

BPO : Achieving profitable growth

Improving seats utilisation and sites rationalisation to reduce overheads
Improving SLA and client retention
Off-shoring support functions and supporting new business from low cost locations
Thrust on growing high margin KPO segment
Leveraging Aditya Birla Group Ecosystem particularly in the Telecom and Insurance verticals

Garments : Improving profitability

Improving retail productivity with emphasis on product and merchandise grid for higher sell through
Controlling overheads and enhancing supply chain efficiency
New initiatives being re-modeled to curtail losses
Regaining profitability in the garments exports business by right sizing the business and cost

Strategy Going Forward : Value Businesses

Carbon Black
Regaining profitability by managing CBFS procurement costs
Aligning completion of Greenfield expansion by 75,000 MTPA with revival of demand

Improving profitability by higher capacity utilisation and by scaling up agri-product trading segment

Full utilisation of capacity expansion by 10,000 MTPA
Augmenting capacity further by 4,000 MTPA
Yield enhancement to improve margins

Improving yarn quality to derive premium in exports markets

Expanding presence in high margin retail segment under “Linen Club” brand

Reducing Debt burden
Financial Performance – FY08-09

Revenues : FY 2008-09
Rs. Cr.

Standalone Consolidated



FY08 FY09
FY08 FY09

Consolidated Revenues - Segmental
Rs. Cr.

Revenues Full Year

2008-09 2007-08

Telecom (Nuvo's share) @ 2,890.2 2,135.6 35%

Premium income 4,414.3 3,223.1 37%

Life Insurance Investment income / (loss)
on policyholders' funds
(670.7) 487.3

BPO 1,687.2 1,577.7 7%

Garments (Incl. apparel retail) 1,115.8 1,025.8 9%

Other Financial Services 249.6 197.5 26%
IT Services 95.4 101.1

Carbon Black 1,095.6 863.8 27%

Fertilisers 1,249.8 787.5 59%

Insulators 424.8 398.9 7%
Rayon 537.1 476.0
Textiles 573.2 600.3
Inter-unit Elimination (19.1) (13.4)

Consolidated Revenues 13,643.2 11,861.1 15%

Standalone Revenues 4,786.2 3,953.1 21%

@ Idea is consolidated at 31.78% till 12th Aug’08 and at 27.02% afterwards. Full financial numbers are as under:

Idea Cellular (Telecom) 10,125.2 6,720.0 51% 40

… Consolidated revenues grew by 15%
… continued

Consolidated net income from operations grew by 15% from Rs. 11,861.1 Cr. to Rs. 13,643.2 Cr.
Idea Cellular revenues grew by 51% driven by subscribers growth and launch of new circles
Nuvo’s share could grow only by 35% due to dilution of Nuvo stake in Idea from 31.78% to 27.02%
While Life Insurance business witnessed 37% growth in net premium income, loss on policyholders’
investments arrested revenues growth
Other financial services grew considerably in revenues despite depressed market conditions
World-wide slowdown impacted revenues growth in BPO and IT services businesses in the second half
In the Garments business, sales from expanded retail channel grew by 33% year on year while lower
walk-ins & prolonged discounting reduced overall growth to 9%
Revenues in the contract garments exports business were impacted due to reduced order flow
In the fertilisers business, sharp rise in natural gas and naphtha prices resulted in higher subsidies while
volumes grew by 23%
Rise in feedstock prices pushed realisation up in Carbon black business, while sales volumes de-grew
by 5%
Improved product mix in the Rayon and the Insulators businesses resulted in higher realisation
Revenues in the textiles business were impacted by slowdown

Standalone Financial
Rs. Cr.

Particulars Full Year

2008-09 2007-08

Net Sales 4,687.6 3,842.3

Other Operating Income 98.6 110.8

Net income from operations 4,786.2 3,953.1

Operating Profit (PBDIT) 585.7 633.9

Interest (Net) 257.4 179.0

Gross Profit (PBDT) 328.3 454.9

Depreciation/ Amortisation 166.0 141.1

Exceptional Gain / (Loss) - 0.7

Provision for Taxation (Net) 24.9 71.5

Net Profit 137.4 243.1

Interest costs grew from Rs. 179 Cr. to Rs. 257.4 Cr. due to higher debt level to fund :
Capex requirements in Garments, Rayon, Carbon Black and insulators businesses per se
Investments in Life Insurance and other financial services
Increased working capital requirement in Carbon black and Garments businesses per se 42
Standalone Operating Profit
Rs. Cr.

Full Year
2008-09 2007-08

Branded Garments 1.7 67.1

Carbon Black 49.7 152.6
Fertilisers 228.5 102.4
Insulators 122.8 136.3
Rayon 123.0 124.4
Textiles 54.2 67.9
Corporate / Others 5.9 (16.8)
PBDIT 585.7 633.9

… Standalone operating profit
… continued

Standalone operating profit de-grew from Rs. 633.9 Cr. to Rs. 585.7 Cr.
In the Garments business profitability was impacted due to high lease rentals and prolonged
The Carbon Black business was impacted due to unprecedented volatility in the feed stock prices
The Fertilizers business posted its highest ever profitability driven by higher capacity utilisation,
surplus ammonia sales and scaling of agri-products trading segment
The Rayon business maintained its profitability amidst higher sulphur and wood-pulp prices
prevailing for a large part of the year
The Insulators business was affected by higher input and fuel prices
The Textiles business was impacted due to lower volumes consequent to slowdown
Usage of high prices stock impacted wool industry due to sudden fall in commodity prices

Consolidated Net Profit
Rs. Cr.
Full Year
Net Profit
2008-09 2007-08

Telecom (Nuvo's share) @ 259.1 331.2

BPO & IT (127.9) (86.3)
Life Insurance (702.1) (445.3)
Asset Management (Nuvo's share 50%) @ 3.9 1.4
Other financial services 26.9 30.7
Contract Garments Manufacturing (83.8) (22.0)
Apparel Retail (128.7) (25.5)
Others (0.5) 0.4
Total JVs / Subs (753.1) (215.3)
Less: Contra / Minority Interest (185.1) (123.1)

Nuvo's Share in JVs/Subs (568.0) (92.3)

Nuvo Standalone 137.4 243.1

Nuvo Consolidated (430.5) 150.8
@ Idea is consolidated at 31.78% till 12th Aug’08 and at 27.02% afterwards. Full financial numbers are as under:

Idea Cellular (Telecom ) 900.9 1042.3

Birla Sun Life AMC (Asset Management) 7.9 2.8 45
… Consolidated Net Profit
… continued

Consolidated net loss at Rs. 430.5 Cr. against net profit of Rs. 150.8 Cr. last year.
In the telecom business, despite strong growth in revenues, bottom line was constrained due to
start up costs of new roll outs and share of losses in Spice and Indus tower
The BPO business was impacted by site closure costs and forex losses
In the Life Insurance business, the infrastructure created for growth led to new business strain
affecting the bottom-line
Other financial services posted satisfactory performance amidst sector challenges
The contract exports business suffered forex loss & lower capacity utilisation due to reduced order
Apparel retail subsidiaries incurred start up losses due to investment in infrastructure and brand

Consolidated Financial
Rs. Cr.

Particulars Full Year

2008-09 2007-08

Net Sales 14,200.4 11,249.6

Investment income / (loss) on policyholders' funds (670.7) 487.3

Other Operating Income 113.4 124.2

Net income from operations 13,643.2 11,861.1

PBDIT 772.5 1,101.3

Depreciation 695.9 524.9

PBIT 76.5 576.3

Net Interest 624.1 425.0

Profit Before Tax (547.6) 151.3

Exceptional Gain / (Loss) (2.2) 0.7

Provision for Taxation (Net) 75.3 125.9

Minority Interest (194.6) (124.6)

Net Profit after minority interest (430.5) 150.8 47

Business Financials

Telecom – Idea Cellular Ltd.
Rs. Cr.
Revenues jumped YoY by 51% to Rs. 10,125.2 Cr.
Particulars Full Year supported by growth in subscribers
Spice results since 16th Oct’08 have been consolidated at
2008-09 2007-08 41.09% as a Joint Venture

Net Profit lower at Rs. 900.9 Cr. vis-à-vis Rs. 1,042.3

Subscribers 13 Service areas 38.89 24.00
Cr. last year
(Nos. Million)
Punjab & Karnataka 4.13 Cash profit grew from Rs. 1,991.6 Cr. to Rs. 2,341 Cr.
despite start up losses in Mumbai & Bihar
Revenues 10,125.2 6,720.0
Share in losses of Spice and Indus towers lowered net
profit by Rs. 74.5 Cr.
PBDIT 3,049.6 2,375.7
Depreciation rose from Rs. 876.8 Cr to Rs. 1,403.9 Cr.
PBIT 1,645.7 1,498.8 due to new roll outs, Spice & Indus Consolidation and
capacity & quality enhancement efforts in existing circles,
PAT 900.9 1,042.3 benefit of which will accrue going forward

Net Worth 13,828.6 3,544.6 Financial position and leveraging capacity of Idea
strengthened through two strategically timed deals
Total Debt 8,916.5 6,515.4
Pan India presence will drive economies of scale and
Capital Employed 22,745.1 10,060.0 operational synergies

ROACE (Annualised) (%) 10.0 18.2

P 12

Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Ltd.
Rs. Cr.

Full Year
Particulars Achieved 44% YoY growth in new business premium
2008-09 2007-08 income at Rs. 2,823.9 Cr in FY09

Garnered market share amidst slowdown woes

First Year Premium
supported by expanded customer reach and launch of
Individual Business 2,480.8 1,741.0 contemporary products to suit market conditions
Traditional Life, Pension plan, Health Plan and Platinum
Group Business 343.2 224.0
Plus-II launched during the year
Total First Year Premium (Gross) 2,823.9 1,965.0 Net loss higher at Rs. 702.1 Cr. vis-à-vis Rs. 445.3 Cr.
Renewal Premium (Gross) 1,753.7 1,307.2 incurred last year
Net Premium Income Initial strain of growing size of new business premium
(Net of reinsurance and service tax) 4,414.3 3,223.1 coupled with expansion of distribution reach
Investment income / (loss) on
policyholders' funds (670.7) 487.3

Revenues 3,743.6 3,710.4

Net Profit/(Loss) (702.1) (445.3)

Share Capital 1,879.5 1,274.5

P 18
Assets under management 9,168.4 6,892.7
Birla Sun Life Asset Management Co. Ltd.
Rs. Cr.

Particulars During the year, revenues grew by

Average AUM
49% from Rs. 119.3 Cr. to Rs. 177.9 Cr.
2008-09 2007-08
Net profit increased from Rs. 2.8 Cr. to
Equity 4,607 7,525 Rs. 7.9 Cr.

Debt & Liquid 42,489 28,381

Domestic AUM 47,096 35,906

Off shore (All Equity) 1,265 2,489

PMS 287 16

Total AUM 48,649 38,411

Revenues 177.9 119.3

PAT 7.9 2.8

P 20

Other Financial Services
Rs. Cr.

Full Year Birla Global Finance (NBFC) posted excellent

Particulars performance despite depressed stock markets
2008-09 2007-08
Revenues grew by 24% to Rs. 120.3 Cr. and net profit
Birla Global Finance Company Limited rose by 31% to Rs. 29.6 Cr.

Revenues 120.3 97.0

Revenues of Birla Insurance Advisory grew from
PAT 29.6 22.7 Rs. 10.6 Cr. to Rs. 16.5 Cr. and net profit rose from
Capital Employed 210.9 200.3 Rs. 3.2 Cr. to Rs. 4.8 Cr.
Birla Sun Life Distribution Company Limited
Impacted by volatility and downturn in stock
Revenues 21.1 37.5
market, revenues of Birla Sun Life Distribution
PAT (9.1) 2.7
Company de-grew from Rs. 37.5 Cr. Rs. 21.1 Cr.
Capital Employed 13.9 13.9
Investment in people, process and technology related
Birla Insurance Advisory & Broking Services Limited infrastructure strained bottom-line
Revenue 16.5 10.6 Reported net loss of Rs. 9.1 Cr. vis-à-vis net profit of
PAT 4.8 3.2 Rs. 2.7 Cr. attained last year

Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investments Limited

Apollo Sindhoori reported revenues of Rs. 83.3 Cr.
Revenue 83.3 122.2 and net profit of Rs. 1.2 Cr.
PAT 1.2 22.0 Volumes in the retail broking business impacted by
sharp volatility in the capital markets P 21-23

BPO – Aditya Birla Minacs
Rs. Cr.

Focusing on efforts critical to improve profitability

Full Year
and mitigate impact of global slowdown
Three loss making sites in Canada closed by shifting
2008-09 2007-08 their operations to cost effective sites
Incurred cost of Rs. 27 Cr. for closure of sites
Operating Seats (Nos.) 8,326 9,089 which will reduce overheads going forward
Two new sites will be launched in India adding over
Employees (Nos.) 11,621 12,908
1,000 seats
Revenues 1687.2 1577.7 Revenues up by 7% to Rs. 1687.2 Cr. supported by
18% growth in Asia Pacific
North America CAD Mn 348.9 357.1
Revenues in North America impacted due to lower
Asia Pacific USD Mn 53.6 45.5 business from existing clients suffering slowdown

Business reported PBDIT (before one-time site

PBIT (61.0) (26.5)
closure costs) at Rs. 31.9 Cr.
- North America (48.7) (20.4) Savings in overheads made up for higher manpower
costs and forex loss
- Asia Pacific (12.3) (6.1)
Net loss increased from Rs 88.9 Cr. to Rs 121.1 Cr.
Net Profit/(Loss) (121.1) (88.9) due to unabsorbed interest and depreciation costs

P 25

IT Services – PSI Data Systems
Rs. Cr.

IT services business reported revenues at Rs. 95.4 Cr.

Full Year
and net loss of Rs. 6.8 Cr.
Weak order flow and resulting forex loss impacted
2008-09 2007-08
revenues and profitability
PSI de-listed from the BSE w.e.f. April 6, 2009
Revenues 95.4 101.1
PSI will become back end IT solution provider for
BPO subsidiary Aditya Birla Minacs
PBIT (2.6) 6.5

PAT (6.8) 2.5

Capital Employed 19.4 31.6

Garments – Madura Garments
Rs. Cr.
Full Year
Branded Garments Branded Garments
2008-09 2007-08
Revenues up by 10% at Rs. 906.4 Cr. vis-à-vis
Shirts (A) 511.7 449.5
Rs. 825.7 Cr. attained last year
Trousers (B) 197.8 193.0
Growth was impeded by lower walk-ins and prolonged
Suits (C ) 90.7 80.3
discounting to meet competition
Others (D) 106.3 102.8
Revenues from retail channel rose by 33% supported
Revenues (A+B+C+D) 906.4 825.7 by expanded retail space
Operating Profit before adspend 50.6 115.5
Higher rentals on expanded retail space and
Advt. Expenses 48.9 48.4
discounting pressure impacted bottom-line
PBDIT 1.7 67.1

PBIT (48.5) 35.1

Apparel Retail (PEOPLE and COLLECTIVE)
Capital Employed 411.6 471.2 Revenues at Rs. 20.8 Cr. & net loss at Rs. 128.7 Cr.
Full Year including business building & brand promotion costs
Contract Exports
2008-09 2007-08

Sales Volume (Lacs Pcs) 65.9 66.7 Contract Manufacturing

Revenues 198.8 209.1 Revenues at Rs. 198.8 Cr. and net loss at
PBIT (68.6) (14.0)
Rs. 83.8 Cr.
Weak order flow / order cancellation led to
PAT (83.8) (22.0)
forex loss and lower capacity utilisation P 28
Capital Employed 164.3 187.8
Carbon Black – Hi tech Carbon
Rs. Cr.

Revenues at Rs. 1095.6 Cr. grew by 27% from

Full Year
Particulars Rs. 863.8 Cr. attained last year
2008-09 2007-08 High feedstock (CBFS) prices (linked to crude oil
prices) are reflected in higher realisation
Production (MT) 202,076 215,103
Sales volumes de-grew by 5% due to lower off
Capacity Utilization % 87.9 102.4 take from tyre customers, particularly in exports
Sales Volumes (MT) 203,827 214,617
Operating profit reduced from Rs. 152.6 Cr. to
Realisation (Rs./MT) 51,521 38,485
Rs. 49.7 Cr.
Revenues 1,095.6 863.8 Consumption of high priced CBFS & subsequent
steep fall in crude oil prices impacted
PBDIT 49.7 152.6
Lower sales volumes and consequent lower
OPM (%) 4.5 17.7 capacity utilisation also strained bottom-line

PBIT 24.7 130.3 Demand from tyre industry has improved in

Capital Employed 753.1 667.5 Q4FY09 compared to previous quarter
Capacity utilisation at Hi tech carbon has improved
ROACE (Annualised) (%) 3.5 22.6 from 67% in Q3FY09 to 79% in Q4FY09

P 30

Fertilisers – Indo Gulf Fertilisers
Rs. Cr.

Revenues grew by 59% from Rs. 787.5 Cr. to

Full Year
Particulars Rs. 1249.8 Cr. supported by 23% volume growth
2008-09 2007-08 Sharp rise in spot natural gas and naphtha prices
reflected in higher subsidies
Urea Production ('000 MT) 1,070 881 Revenues from agri-products marketing grew to
Rs. 114.5 Cr. vis-à-vis Rs. 65.1 Cr. last year
Urea Sales ('000 MT) 1,073 870
Operating profit more than doubled to Rs. 228.5 Cr.
Revenues 1,249.8 787.5
Higher volumes of urea and agri-products contributed
Urea 1,135.2 722.3 coupled with subsidy arrears
Fetched incentives for achieving higher than targeted
Agri-Inputs trading 114.5 65.1
production as fixed under new policy
PBDIT 228.5 102.4 Sale of carbon credits fetched Rs. 4.6 Cr. (vis-à-vis
Rs. 2.5 Cr. last year)
OPM (%) 18.3 13.0
Provided mark to market loss of Rs. 5.1 Cr. on
fertilisers bonds (vis-à-vis Rs. 3.2 Cr. last year)
PBIT 209.7 84.5

Capital Employed 586.6 531.3

ROACE (Annualised) (%) 37.5 18.1

P 31

Insulators – Aditya Birla Insulators
Rs. Cr.

Revenues grew from Rs. 398.9 Cr. to Rs. 424.8 Cr.

Full Year
supported by higher realisation
2008-09 2007-08 Improved product mix pushed realisation up
Operating profit decreased to Rs. 122.8 Cr. from
Production (MT) 32,904 32,921 Rs. 136.3 Cr. attained last year
Operating margins reduced to 28.9% due to rise in
Sales Volumes (MT) 32,561 32,304 fuel & input costs

Revenues 424.8 398.9

PBDIT 122.8 136.3

OPM (%) 28.9 34.2

PBIT 108.4 122.5

Capital Employed 264.3 240.0

ROACE (Annualised) (%) 43.0 57.5

P 32

Rayon – India Rayon

Full Year
Indian Rayon sustained its performance amidst
2008-09 2007-08 challenges of higher input / fuel costs
VFY Business revenues grew by 13% from Rs. 476 Cr.
Production (MT) 16,625 17,000 to Rs. 537.1 Cr.
Capacity Utilization (%) 101.4 103.7 VFY revenues up by 10% at Rs. 342.1 Cr.
Sales Volumes (MT) 16,792 17,923 Sales volumes at 16,792 MT lower by 6% due to
Realisation (Rs./Kg.) 203.7 173.3 focus on finer denier yarn
Revenues (Rs. Cr.) 342.1 310.6 VFY realisation rose by 18% due to improved
Chemical product mix and pass on of rise in input costs
ECU Realisation (Rs./MT.) 22,671 19,999 Chlor-alkali revenues rose by 18% to Rs. 195 Cr.
Revenues (Rs. Cr.) 195.0 165.4 primarily due to higher ECU realisation

Total Revenues 537.1 476.0

Operating profit marginally decreased from
PBDIT 123.0 124.4 Rs. 124.4 Cr. to Rs. 123 Cr.
OPM (%) 22.9 26.1
Higher VFY realisation compensated lower VFY
PBIT 89.8 91.5 volumes and high sulphur & wood-pulp prices
Capital Employed 436.9 453.7 Rise in coal and salt prices offset by higher ECU
ROACE (Annualised) (%) 20.2 20.2 realisation in the Chlor-alkali segment P 33

Textiles – Jaya Shree Textiles
Rs. Cr.

Full Year Domestic and exports demand hit by global

Particulars slowdown and liquidity crunch
2008-09 2007-08
Textiles industry witnessed substantial production cut
Linen Segment 183.0 169.7 across the value chain

Business revenues decreased from Rs. 600.3 Cr. to

Wool Segment 390.2 411.6
Rs. 573.2 Cr. due to lower fabric volumes
Continued operations
573.2 581.3 Operating profit lower at Rs. 54.2 Cr. vis-à-vis
(Linen and Wool)
Rs. 67.9 Cr. achieved in the previous year
Discontinued (Synthetic Yarn) - 19.1
Lower volumes coupled with high flax fiber prices
Revenues 573.2 600.3
Usage of high prices stock impacted wool industry due
PBDIT 54.2 67.9 to sudden fall in commodity prices

Last year profit includes gain on sale of fixed assets

PBIT 32.7 48.7
and gain from sale of carbon credit

Capital Employed 345.1 359.3 Recent imposition of anti dumping duty on Linen
Fabric will benefit domestic industry.
ROACE (Annualised) (%) 9.3 14.5
P 33


Shareholding Pattern – Aditya Birla Nuvo

Category As on 31st March 2009

No. of Shares % of No. of
Other held Shareholding Shareholders
Corporates Individuals Promoters
2.6% 14.2% 41.5%
Promoters 39,444,787 41.5 21
GDRs Mutual funds 4,414,293 4.6 88
3.4% Banks, FI's & Insurance Co's 11,303,869 11.9 114
FII's 19,487,623 20.5 147
NRI's/ OCB's
1.2% NRI's/ OCB's 1,168,909 1.2 5,789
GDRs 3,277,725 3.4 3
Banks, FI's &
Mutual funds Corporates & others 2,447,152 2.6 1,794
FII's 4.6%
Co's Individuals 13,464,932 14.2 147,541
20.5% 11.9%
Total 95,009,290 100 155,497

95.58% of shares are in dematerialised form
Face value of Rs. 10 per share

Well diversified shareholding pattern 62

Consolidated Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Snapshot
Rs. Cr.
Particulars March March
2009 2008 Full Year
Equity 95.0 95.0 Particulars
Preference Share Capital 25.5 50.0
2008-09 2007-08
Net Worth 5,894.4 4,032.9

Minority Interest 179.2 174.4

Total Debts 8,894.0 6,647.9 Net Turnover 13,643.2 11,861.1

Deferred Tax Liabilities 214.0 226.2
PBDIT 772.5 1,101.3
Capital Employed 15,181.6 11,081.3

Policyholders' funds 8,596.9 6,484.7

PBDIT Margin (%) 5.7 9.3
Total Liabilities 23,778.5 17,566.0

Goodwill on consolidation 3,422.6 2,571.0

Net Interest 624.1 425.0
Net Block 6,812.8 5,447.8

Net Working Capital 926.4 1,433.0 PBDT 148.3 676.2

Long Term Investments 218.9 93.0 Net Profit
Life Insurance Investments 9,168.4 6,892.7 (after Minority Interest) (430.5) 150.8
Cash & Cash Equivalents 3,229.5 1,128.4

ROCE (%) (Annualised) 0.5 5.3 Annualised EPS (Rs.) (45.7) 16.0
RONW (%) (Annualised) (7.3) 3.7
Annualised CEPS (Rs.) 26.8 76.3
Book Value (Rs.) 620.4 424.5
Total Debt Equity (x) 1.5:1 1.6:1
Standalone Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Snapshot
Rs. Cr.

March March
Full Year
2009 2008
Particulars 2008-09 2007-08
Equity 95.0 95.0

Net Worth 4,121.7 4,023.7

Net Turnover 4,786.2 3,953.1
Long Term Debt 2,651.2 1,841.2

Short Term Debt 1,848.0 902.2 PBDIT 585.7 633.9

Total Debts 4,499.2 2,743.4

Deferred Tax Liabilities 180.2 200.3 PBDIT Margin (%) 12.2 16.0
Capital Employed 8,801.1 6,967.5

Net Block 1,605.0 1,501.6

Net Interest 257.4 179.0

Net Working Capital 1,393.9 1,361.4

PBDT 328.3 454.9
Long Term Investments 4,982.4 3,909.3

Cash and Cash Equivalents 819.8 195.2 PAT 137.4 243.1

ROACE (%) (Annualised) 5.5 7.8

ROANW (%) (Annualised) 3.4 6.8 PAT Margin (%) 2.9 6.1
Book Value (Rs.) 433.8 423.5

Annualised EPS (Rs.) 14.5 26.1
Total Debt Equity (x) 1.1:1

Long Term Debt Equity (x) 0.6:1 0.5:1

Annualised CEPS (Rs.) 29.7 43.9
Market Capitalisation (Rs. Cr.) 4,220 13,253
Aditya Birla Nuvo: Management Team

Board of Directors Business Business

Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman Head/Director

Mrs. Rajashree Birla Dr. Bharat K Singh Insulators

Mr. H. J. Vaidya IT Services

Mr. B. L. Shah
Mr. P. Murari Fertilisers
Mr. B. R. Gupta
Mr. Pranab Barua Garments
Ms. Tarjani Vakil
Mr. S. C. Bhargava
Mr. K. K. Maheshwari Rayon
Mr. G. P. Gupta

Dr. Bharat K Singh, Managing Director Mr. Ajay Srinivasan Financial Services

Dr. Rakesh Jain, Joint Managing Director Dr. Rakesh Jain Carbon Black

Mr. K. K. Maheshwari, Whole Time Director Mr. Sanjeev Aga Telecom

Mr. Arun Maira Mr. Sushil Agarwal Chief Financial
Mr. Pranab Barua Officer

Business Websites
Aditya Birla Group

Aditya Birla Nuvo


Life Insurance, Asset Management

and Distribution
Other financial services,,

Garments , , , ,
IT Services

Carbon Black ,



Textiles 66
Aditya Birla Nuvo’s operations across India

Indo Gulf Fertilisers

Jaya Shree Textiles

Aditya Birla Insulators

Aditya Birla Minacs

o Jagdishpur
NUVO-Registered Office o Renukoot
Rayon Division
Veraval o o o
Aditya Birla Insulators o Halol

NUVO – Corporate office

Mumbai o
Birla Sun Life Insurance
o Pune Idea’s 16 operating circles
Idea Cellular – Corporate Office
Aditya Birla Minacs Life Insurance : 600 branches
Hi-Tech Carbon
Birla Sun Life Asset Management AMC : 115 branches
Other Financial Services Idea Cellular
Registered office o Distribution : 44 branches
o Gummidipoondi
Madura Garments Bangalore Birla Global Finance : 13 branches
o Chennai
Garments Contract Exports Retail broking : 1080 branches
Apparel Retail Subsidiaries Retail Broking
Madura garments : 340 EBOs
Registered office
PSI Data Systems
Aditya Birla Minacs 67
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