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Assignment 1.

1 Summary and Personal Responds

Assignment 1.1: Summary and Personal Response
Facing poverty with a rich girls habit By Suki Kim
Lashanti Brown
Professor Maria Allegra, MS
ENG. 115- English Composition
July 10, 2012
Assignment 1.1: Summary and Personal Response- Draft Version
1. Identify the source (writer and title of essay) and state his or her most
important point in your own words.
The writer name is Suki Kim. Her title comes from her own life trials. This
essay comes from her book that she wrote titled, Interpreter. She lets the
reader knows that she was born with the silver spoon in her mouth. Her
father had lost everything in bankruptcy and in her country that is a crime a
person can be put into jail. So her family had come to Queens, New York.
They didnt have a penny to their names. She had to learn how to transfer
from a little rich girl to a poor little girl. This essay also shows us how she
dealt with the changes and how others saw her and what she calls the 1.5
generation. Ms. Kim also lets us the reader knows that it was hard to
transfer to a new lifestyle especially in the 1980s as a teenager.
2. Summarize the other main points and their supporting details in separate
One of the other main points in this essay to me was her first English words
in junior high were F.O.B., short for fresh off the boat. She didnt
understand why other kids called her that because she had flown Korean
Air to Kennedy Airport.

The second main point is one of the where she had to face fact that took
more for her to understand was that she is now Asia, A term that was
mentioned only in her social studies class.
3. Discuss the (1) writers purpose, (2) genre, (3) audience, and (4) tone
Her purpose was to let her audience know how she felt about her leaving
the lifestyle she grow up to having and to go right into poverty in a new
place. She wanted to inform us how it felt to be Asian that doesnt speak
any English in the 1980s. How she had to deal with others around her and
at the same time still live day by day to be stronger. I cant say I know
where her genres are.. Her audiences that I believe she was trying to
reach out were to someone who may have or is dealing with something.
Ms. Kim wanted to tell her story. Her target was to teenage girls and to
young adults. Even to someone who just needs to understand that
everyone has a back ground or a story. You never know who is who or
where someone comes from just by looking at them. That everyone does
go thru change. The tone of this essay was of a woman who had grown up
and told her story thru her memories of her teen years in Queens, New
York in 1980s. How she transformed from a rich girl to a poor one.
4. Describe your emotional response to the essay.
My emotional response to the essay was a mixer of feelings going out to
her and her family but mostly her. Ms. Kim was a teenager at the time her
lifestyle had changed. Thirteen is the beginning her life where she discover
who she is or forming her identity to herself and to her peers. Her way of
life was taking a way in blink of an eye. She didnt get a chance to switch
over to her new life with transition she was thrown. What teenager you
know like for their life to switch over like that? I know none. My life has
changed like that when I was sixteen. My life still has never been that
same. Just like her I cried many nights because I was mostly scared of
what was happen to me. So my emotional respond was connected to hers
at that time of her life.
5. Use quotations, paraphrases, and summary correctly.

The New York Times/ New York /Region

-Facing Poverty With a Rich Girls Habits By Suki Kim
Published: November 21, 2004 from her novel titled The Interpreter.
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Girls Habits..