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Conditions for a strong Mahapurusha Yoga (MPY)

Now after watching several sites and reading several articles, I have
come to a few conclusions as conditions for a strong MPY. I have few
doubts also. Please check whether these are correct or not.
a.) Planet giving MPY should be in a Kendra from Lagna as well as
Moon (Mantreshwars Phaladeepika) in its exaltation, mooltrikona or
own sign.
b.) Planet should be close to the exaltation degree or in the
mooltrikona degree for strength.
c.) Strength of yoga increases if its a Yogakaraka Planet.
d.) Planet should be placed in a similar fashion as in a.) in the Bhava
Chalit Chart (This is an assumption of mine and I dont know much
about the Bhava Chalit Chart).
e.) Planet should not be placed in Rashi or Bhava Sandhi. (Confused
about Saturn as its Mooltrikona degree starts from 0 to 20 dg Aq)
f.) Planet should be exalted or in own sign in Navamsha and the
Navamsha lord should be in a Kendra preferably in own sign or
exalted sign in both Rasi & Navamsha if possible.
g.) Being Vargottama increases strength.
h.) Being Retrograde increases strength. (I have doubts on this)
i.) Planet should preferably not be placed in 6th, 8th or 12th Navamsha
unless in own sign, exaltation or vargottama position or a natural
malefic (Hence Mars & Saturn) and if placed so the Navamsha lord of
the planet must be in good dignity. (Solely my assumption)

j.) Planet must have relation with the Lagna or Lagna Lord by aspect
or conjunction to fructify. (My assumption)
k.) Planet should not have any malefic aspect.
l.) Planet should gain Dig-Bala preferably and must have good
Shadbala and other kinds of strengths.
m.) Other planets must not be placed in their Marana Sthana (Jataka
Parijata Sh: 34 to 36)
n.) Sun & Moon should not be bereft of strength. (Kalyan Vermas
Saravali Sh: 37|28)
o.) Planet should take part in other auspicious yogas preferably and
the relevant das/bhukti must be running.
An interesting but untested concept of Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga
Bhanga, I came across was that of an article in Saptarishi Astrology
site by Subramanium Shastry of India. Expanding the meaning of a
shloka given in Chandra Kala Nadi Devakeralam (Vol -2, Part 1, Page 5
Verse 26) about the cancellation of Malavya Yoga, he applied it to all
the 5 MPYs.
It said that when the lord of the sign of exaltation of the Yoga giving
planet is aspected or conjoined by the planet in whose sign this lord
is debilitated in, then the effects of MPY gets cancelled.
In the shloka I mention above it says that the effect of Malavya Yoga
gets cancelled if Jupiter (the lord of sign where Venus is exalted) gets
conjoined or aspected by Saturn (the lord of sign where Jupiter gets
debilitated) but not the other way around.

Applying this similar concept to other MPY we get the following

table:Planet (A)Yoga

Lord of
Exaltation of A

Lord of
Debilitation of
B (C)

Malavya Yoga
Mars Ruchaka
Bhadra Yoga
Jupiter Hamsa
Saturn Sasa

Jupiter (Pi)

Saturn (Cp)

Saturn (Cp)

Mars (Ar)

Mercury (Vi)

Jupiter (Pi)

Moon (Cn)

Mars (Sc)

Venus (Li)

Mercury (Vi)

(B+C) or C
aspects B
Sa + Ju or Sa
aspects Ju
Ma + Sa or Ma
aspects Sa
Me + Ju or Ju
aspects Me
Mo + Ma or Ma
Ve + Me or Me
aspecting Ve
not possible in
D1 Chart)

This is an untested concept but a very good one. This was true in
cases of a few horoscopes I managed to study secretly. About being
used in the divisional charts I found out that it was true to some
extent but it failed most notably in the case of Shri Aurobindo
Ghoshs D-9, D-10 & D-24 charts among others.
I dont have many resources to conduct a kind of research into this
matter but I hope you find this concept useful.