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Christ Did Put Authority

and RULE in His Church!

Lip-Stick is oii1y a tiritior question that spot-lights the BIG POINT
-uzithority a d KULE it2 the Church. It i s N O U ~ ilital that uie uizdersttirid which questiom are for personal decisio tz, ai2d which use uot;
aud the relatiotz t o presertbzg lJNlTY.
by Herbert W'. Armstrong

IS. ,tlld h f i l l
for brethren tci dwell together in u n i t y " ( Ps,ilm 1 il. Mofh t t transl;irioii--m~ iiiother's f;ivorite
cl1;tpter. )
I17/~j shotild i t be 1 0 J.(/I.ct o find i i n i t y
.imong church members?


W H Y H u n d r e d s of Sect:, S
Hiit \vli:it's

the connection! Just \vhar

do with the m;ike-up question!
A d e d !
I.ook LI [IIC L I I L I K L ~ I Coi
~ rliis world.
Iiepe.itedIy tcirn .isunder in dispute, cli
vided into hundreds of denominations!
Haven't y o u ever \vondcrcd wbj they
'ire so divided-horc.
all this sectarian
division citiiie ;tboiit! Few redize the
true renson.
The answer is simple: None but God's
true Chirrch follows G ~ I ) ' sWAY of
d o e s the preservation o f unity have

Y e s , even one of LIS today, failing t o

tinderstand what God reveals, might express it about as follows:
"Here's the way 1 see it: No i i i i i n or
board of ministers has any right to tell
me, as an individual member, what I
miist or intist not do. We e d i stand
; h n e before God. 1 think the w a y to
prescrve unity is simply t c follow the
bnsic coinmand to love your neighbor
,IS yoiirself. If we have LOVE, each may
do what is right in his own eyes, and
d1 rhc other inembers will have toler;ii~ce.I chink the only firin fouiidation
for fellowship is LOVE toward those
who believe and act differently-even
cliffcrcncly than the iiiinisters believe.
"1 don't want," this attitude continues,
"any ministers telling M E that what I
believe or think is wrong. I have just
;IS iuuch right to my views ;is they have
to theirs. They have no right to rob m e

prcscnzing t h a t blessed h:irincmy. Thc

o f free moral agency. W h e n m y wife

wor Id's ch iirches hnve followed the ways

that have .reemcrl I . ; ~ / J / t o the nattiral
mind. And these s;iiiie w:iys will seem
I-ight t o J o N . today, unless you heed
\vllat (;(Id reveals!

c;in come to church with lip-stick on, and

I can work on the holy-days as I please,
; i d keep Penremsr o n Sunday if that
semis right to me, o r observe Passover
(in the 13th instead of the 14rh, and en-

co~inter n o t critical disapproval, bur

the Church recognizes m ]
right to my honest views-when
ministers show LOVE toward us as free
individuals with minds of our own nnd
rights of oiir own, then xve will really
IiNJOY coining to church, and then we
shall have peace ;ind UNITY, for real
/ o i , c J will dways let c;ich of 11s do as
we please, and always will rise above
This naturnl, carnal attitude might ,isk
"lsn't this doctrine of Church governiiieiit dangerous? Isn't m y religion a
prii,'ite matter, just between me and
G d ? SIiotilcI I I O L each individiinl decide for r',i??zself such issues as the right
or wrong o f make-up, o r how t o figure
thc corrcct day for Pentecost. or whechci
divorce and remarriage is a sin, according to the n.ay he, individually, sees i t ?
I f I have t o let the Church, thru its
ministers, rule me, doesn't that rob me
of free moral agency?"

What's WRONG W i t h This?

These opinions express the m i t u r d



division, and

cover, in direct specific terms. the right

otlicr membei- is supposecl t o Ixive toier-

or wrong of every possible :ict. Jesus

Christ came to M A G N I F Y the Law, according to its SPIRIT---the privcipler i n volved. T h e lcttcr says merely "Thou shalt
not coinmir adultery." Some man harboring a lust for sensuous female figures
might argue, in the m u m e r of sonic
who desire lip-stick today:
"I think it's all right for me t o harhor
lustful thought.s after these women, as
long as I don't coininit any direct UCI
of adultery. The Law doesn't say it's
wrong to just LOOK upon her to lust
after her, as long as I keep my distance."
But Jesus M A G N I F I E D this law. According to its SPIKir-the
the Law, He said that such a inan has
committed adultery with such a woman
already in his heart.
Now in the same manner, the letter
o f the Law does not say directly and
specifically that cigarette smoking, using
make-up, gambling, or many other such
things are sinful acts. But the SP:RITOF
T H E LAW-the
principles i t sets forth,
and Bible examples, when properly applied, do reveal the right o r wrong of
every such question.
But all individuals do not properly
understand or apply the Scriptural principles and exaiiiplcs in rhe same way.
The individual is NOT left free t o
decide for himself WHAT is sin-but

'iiice for Iiis helirf :rnd w a y of conduct.

free m o r a l agency nllows him t o decide

This m i t u d e resents h:i\,ing Cod's Ininisiers show the people their sins. a11d
\vants them t o preach tlir soft :ind
smootli tiiings.

WHETHER t o sin!

brought disaster.
Look at a.hat has happened! Listen
to the lesson of EXPERIENCE!
The Church actually began in the
days of Moses ( Acts 7 : 38 ) . God placed
His GOVERNMENT in that Church of the
Old Testament, even as He did in the
New. It was the goi,errznLe?Ltof GOD, not
of man. R u t God administered i t thru
human instruments of HISchoosing.
W h a t happened? The people then,
like some today. refused to recognize
that it was GOD'Sgovernment. They regarded it as the dictatorship of MENtheir hunian leaders. First, God chose
Moses and ruled thru him. But you'll
read of "this Moses whoin they refused,
saying, 'Who made thee a R U L E R and
a judge?' The same did GODsend to be
RULER." ( Acts 7 : 35 ) .
In the time of rhe Judges, i t is wrirren of the congregation of Israel: "Every
man did that which was right in hii
o m z eJ'cJ..'' (Judges 17: 6 ) . But GODhad
commanded, jiisr ;is He who is the SAME
today commands today: "Ye shall NOT
do after a11 the things rh;ir ye do here
this day, ei e q ~ i i a nw b ~ ~ t s o e c eisr righi
in his O W I Z elel." ( D e u t . 1 2 : 8 ) .
Y e s , rliose who do not want GOD'S
G O V E R N M E N T c h i His ministers of HIS
choosing, but want to do whatever is
right in their own eyes today, actually
\ v m t t o D I S O BE Y the direct command o f
GOD! Let them read these Scriptures, and
then try t o iiizsii'ey GODin the final judgment!
Well later. God chose Samuel. GOL)
ruled Israel thru Samuel. But the people
only looked upon it as the hiitnan rule
o f Samuel, and they rejected him. "And
the Etern;il s,iid t o Smiuel . . . they have
not rejected thee, but they have rejected
ME, thnt I should not reign over them."
( I S x n . 8 : 7 ) . Final!y all Israel W;IS p:inished in capiivity and slavery!
And this sysrcni of disobeying the
I I I R E C T C O M M A N I ) : " Y e shall NOT do
. . . every ni;in \\,lintsoever is right in his
own eyes," has split and re-split the
churches of this w o r l d .tirzce Christ.

; i t t i t l l < l c . .imt

re:lsoning of

mind. l h e s e opinions

the human

'questions deI c ITL'

/ / T II w ~ r based
011 the BIBLE.
First of ;ill. r I i o yoir might not h.ive
rliought of it in this light, this is the
identicnl concept held by those who
;irgtie tliiit i t mikes no difference z~~hich
i l C / j \ve observe 21s the Sabbath. Froiii
y o u r own rciisoning, qxirt froin the
Biblical revelation, y o t i wotild never be
;ibk to see \vhether it makes any difference which DAY is observed-or
i i n y is observed.
"Oh. but tiiiit's different," some will
s ~ y ."The Bible commands 11s to keep
the seventh day, b:it I can't see where it
condemns lipstick."
But thousands say: "I can't see where
the Bible commands me t o keep the Sabbath." Millions think the Bible s.iys the
I J W is done ;iw;iy.
What's \VRON(; wirh this concept olitlined above! k t ' s suniniiirize the whole
reasoning. I t simmers down to the idea
t h a t e d i individual must be free to decide for himsrlf \vliar is riglit, o r what
is wrong, f o r him. I t all revolves nroLlnd
;I false ide;i of w h a t c.onstitutes f r

that e'icli member o f God's Church, in

oi-der not t o be robbed o f free nioral
;igeii<.y,m u s t be free t o decidc f o r himi ~ / f wI1:it

ConStitLltes SlN--and


\';'hat Free Moral Agent), Means

Hiit /[,hiit IS

frc~ctiiorc~l ~

i ~ q c any~ ~ i ~

\\ .1y:

Free morcil agency niex1s God has

decreed t h a t the individtial is free t o
decide for Iiinisclf ~c~l~c/,!wr.
he will obey

decides w ~ L / / t o obey!
Surely w e all know^ tli;it sill is the
tr,insgression of c;oi)'s IAW! That L n w
[ I A I . l>:i\v-;i
gre;it fundament;il I a ~ vo f /Jriiil-ip/c,r for riglit living.
I t iiiust be obeyed "not of the letter
~ O N I - Y ] b u t of tlie Spirit." To bre;tk
the SPIRIT o f the 12aw,tho perhiips not
transgressing the strict letter, is still
tr.insgressing the I;IW-IT
'rhc literal Irrrcr. of the 1 . a ~does not
C h i ) AI.ONII

I t is GOD'Sprerogative t o tell m i i i
sin is. And when we coiiie to
these vague, disputable questions of I X F I N I N G God's in respect to sin, it
is GOD'S prerogative, not that of t h e into set the definition. And
~ ~ ,
F set up the niachinin HIS
by which HE HIMSEI.F
all such decisions for us! A fundamental
mz.~r i m 7 of the Church is t o "feed the
Hock"-to imtrnct and perfect the nienibers. This I will explain fully, :i little
later in this article.

Caused DIVIS:OI'\I
This very WAY-the
ide;t quoted in
the beginning of this article-the
that seemed right to inen-the
way of
every one doing what seemed right in
his own eyes, and trying t o have love
and tolerance for others in the same

<iI\vLiy3C A I ' S E D

1; i\micn i n t l x "CJhristian" Church

During the tirst 300 years after Christ.

entirely apart from the true ChiircIi,
more than fifty different professing
"Christian" sects appenred. Tho Christ.


we shall sec


little I:lter, placeci His

(;OVERNMENT ;ind centr:il ;iuthority in

His Chllrch, there was no such nuthority

in these sects rhry / ~ . i ~t hdi s idea of
having I.OVI: for those with whom
tiley disngreed. But the I ) I V I N F Loi,e 01
same Spirit r h n t guides all
brethren in GODS WAY, into AI-I. lRLllH
-was not the kind of love they had.
Their iitiman love only i/ii,ji/cd them
j , , LWOV!
It proved no foundation for
unity. I t broiiglit repeated I)I\ISION.
Then Consrantine, Romnn Emperor.
tIie prophetic Beast of that day, m d e
Christianity ( falsely so-called ) :in offici.11 religion o f his governinent. H e
:\bolished the sectarinnistn-forced
united Catholic Church under his dicta~
the Church.
torship, put iron I < I ~ I . Iinto
From this the papacy developed. Other
sects Xvere exterminated by soldiers and
governiiient police. Millions of martyrd o m s followed. T h e true Chiirch of COII
was forced t o Hee t o the wilderness t o
The Church evolved the primacy of
Peter doctrine. Ihe p riri ciplc o f ;iii t liorirative government in the Church was
Lods-but / L J C I J . .i1.iteric of using it \\as
S;itans. It w a s not GODSgmernnienr,
but th;it of iiien swiyed by Saran.
This primacy of Peter doctrine on
which the p;ip;icy is built represents
Christ :is h;iving said t o Peter, in effect:
Peter, I hnve t o leave the c;irth. 1 wont
be the H e x I of tlie Church nny longer.
Ini making YOGI, Peter, the Head o f the
Church, in my stead. Im tiirning all the
authority over t o yoii, d those wliom
men shall elect ;IS yoiir siicccssors. Im
bowing o u t . 1011 arc t a k i i i g over-taking my place, ruling in my stead.
The Roman C:itholic (birch does not
call Christ the present living Head of
their Church. That title they give t o their
pope. So theirs is NOT the government
o f GOD, tlirii CHRIST as living HEADo f
the Chiircli, ruling /hrN ministers of
H I S choosing. On the contrary, i t is ;I
c o u n rcrfeit H I I MA N soverniiient swziyed
by S;ltan.
Until the time of h t i i e r , this counter


goveriinient, however, ilicl

p r e i ozt r / i i / i / o r i ! The Roman Church

continued inany centuries undivided. But
the spstem of ippIJin!: tlw pri+l(-;pl<o f
Church government w a s all wrong. It
r ii I ed by t he w i 11 of ma 11, S;itan - i nsl-7ired.

I r preserved unity by physical


the instrument of Satan. Tlierefore its fruits were EvII.!

I t was

. stand fast in O N E SPIRIT,w i t t i

MINI), striving together for the
faith of the Gospel. ( Phil. 1 : 2 7 ) .


Fulfil yc m y joy,

W h y Protertants Divided
The Protestant movement failed t o
wrrcct w h a t was wrong. L 1 ) ~ c a t ithe
Catholic government was a counterfeit
mi.r-rule, they abolished the rule, instead
o f yielding themselves to the divine government of GOD. They reasoned that
every man ought t o do w h a t was right
in hi.^

o i i n qt.r.

And what resulted? John and Charles

Wesley came along and disagreed with
Luther on certain points o f doctrine.
There was no C E N T R A L A U T H O R I T Y in
the Protestnnt Church as GODSinstriiment to define the true l3lB1.E doctrines.
The Wesleys were strong leaders. Hundreds, then thoiis;inds, followed them
like sheep, and ;I new denomination
Different ideas arose as t o whether
there shoLild be some kind of limited
church government. Some wanted a l i n ired government by the elders and ministers-the
presbytery. Others wanted
by the whole
congregation. So, in addition to the
1.u theran Church following the li Lillian
12uther,and the Methodists following the
Wesleys, the world soon liad tlie Presbyterian and Congregational churches.
Tliey went the way that seeinecl right
in their own eyes. But, devout though
they were, they had no firm basis for
UNITY. Thcy split iind ie-split, and today
we have hmzc/red.r of Protestant denominations!
The ideas held by a sinall fcw in the
Church today, enunciated a t the beginning o f this article, have been put to
the t e s t of experience and Tlh4E. And
tiicy have proved the very CAUSE of
division and confusion. They have noc
unified the Chtirch members in T R U T H
-but ilir,idetl them in ERROR!
But What IS l i n i q . ?

Lets let GOD tell us what H e means



Pauls final WOICI LU die Corinthians

was this: Finally, brethren, farewell. Be

perfect, be o f good comfort, be of (JW

IiJi?acl, liic i i z pc~~cc.
Being o f ONE M I N D
is the WAY to peace. and unity. ( 11 Cor.



he Iikc-

iiziizdt.d, having the m n e love, being .j

one ciccorcl, of ow viiml. ( Phil. 2 : 2

Notice how being AGREED and of O N E

M I N D is continually connected with true
I-OVE in Gods Word! It says nothing
:ihoiit showing love by disagreement.
God FORBIDS yell t o do according to
what is right in your own eyes!
Can two \valk together, except they
be agreed? ( Amos 3: 3 ) .

Let this M I N D be in you, which WIS

in Christ Jesus. ( Phil. 2: 5 ) . Is
Christs mind divided?


Two men in the Church iit Philippi

were in disagreement over sonic point.
In his letter t o the church there, Paul
gave them a command. He dicj NOT sxy,
each o f yori go ahead believing what
is right in your own eyes, and have
tolerance toward the other. H c rather
commanded that they he of t h r .rIlwzcj
~rtindI N THE LORD. (Phil. 4 :2 ) . Notice
carefully, not merely of the same mind!
N o t the same mind in error. Bur I N T H E

One person who did not know past

history correctly said that years ago,
when I was working as ;I minister with
the Sardis Church ( Rev. 3: 1-6) which
God says is now dead ( spirittially),
and I did not agree with a few points
of doctrine and practice laid down by
the ministers, that I did not accept their
dictuins. But the Sardis Chtirch already
was spiritiially dead, and the time for
the Philadelphia Church had come.
What this person does not know is
that o n one occasion the leader of the
ministers of that Church admitted to
me that the Church posirion on a doctrine in question was wrong, and thzit I
was right-but,
he said, the Cliiirch
wotild not dare correct its error.
O n another occasion he admitted to
me, in writing ( I have the letter), that
God had revealed to ine a great T R ~ I T H
;ibotit our narional identity as the H O L I S ~
of Israel. But neither lie nor his Cliiirch
w d d LLLccpi (Itis TRU I H , e i e ~ thoNgh
h e pviiatel) agreed ir iiL[.s TRUTH!O n
another occasion this minister ;Isked me
t o deliberately R E ~ J E C T truth a n c l lighr
fro117 the Bible, and t o preach what he


c-oiitiiii/c 012

p ~ g Je j

Page .i



Heart to Heart Talk

with the Editor

'1. s t t o l l 1.1)

be explained



o f the duties o f thc oCticc- in which

God has placed me has delayed

more t h a n ;I year the writing o f the two
kirticles a p p i r i n g i n this iiuiiiber.
1 hnve sincerely fclt, after hnving read
these articles set in type, after the writing o f r h c m hnd gotten "cold," tI1at t h e
trtitti will surely be made completely
plain, i i n d will be wholly accepted by
members of <;ad's C l i u r c l i .
But 1 feel I should explain briefly th;it
rhese articles were written with one
foundational ;issumption confidently t:iken for gr;intecl. Dear Brethren i n Christ,
1 h:l\,C IllOSt ; i S S t ~ r e d l pASSI'MED that the
ioni'l-c' o f our belief and priictice is GOD.
a i d tliiit C ; o d speaks t o 11s tlirtl His
WOIU),the Holy Bible.
Do yo11 realize the one basic r/iifcjr.c / I ( - ( bet\veen (;o:l's true Church, and
;ill others-the
clifference bctween i t :ind
/ L J ~ ri,rir/d.) T h a t difference is simply
the difference i n tlie so[li<(:~<
of o u r religion.
Religion is ;i systcm of faith and dc\,orion to ;I Supcrior Authority-the
bclief ; i n d practice required
that Supet-ior Authority. All professing Christian
tlcnominations claim to believe in God,
: i n c l i n C:lirist. I3tit. :ictiially, is GOD the

r o i / r ~ ~ofe their belief :ind practice:

To them, God is iinreal--as if He

were far off. At birth they knew nothing
about God Whatever knowlcdge has
come into their minds, n:ittira!ly, has of
necessity come thru the fivc channels
of the five senses. But they have never
. i ~ ' e l znor heurcl God, nor toriched Him.
They have l i e d uhout Him, and thar
from those ;irotind them. Their only
so~irces are physical, not spiritunl. S )
God s e e m tinred.
But the world arotind them seeins
I<~A~.-because they JCL' the people and
the things of the world; they
t o u r h them; they taste and smell the
things in the world. And bt.catise the
very N A T I I R E in iuan causes them t o
ri'uclzt t o be well thought of by othelpeople-to
appear "acceptable" in the
eyes of others-in
order t o avoid the
Lincornfortable experience of feeling I N FERIOR, people by nat~ireaccept the beliefs and practices of the world about
They don't realize it. They have heard
uhont God. Their world ;ibout them
professes to believe in God. The cht~rches
o f [lie world even claim to believe and
follow the Bible-by
interpreting their
own ineaning into it. They seein t o bal i t v c that God speaks t o i i i i i i i tlirii his
comcience, ;ind then carelessly iiss~inie
this squares with the Bible. But wliethcr
they realize i t o r not, thc actual SOL1RCt.:
of the beliefs and practices of nearly
all people is SOCIETY-THIS
And, realize it o r not, this i s the \zery
essence of WOKLDLINESS!
Brethren, you and I were b:)rn in such
:I w o r l d It has been all about LIS. Wc
have bcen influenced by it far more
than we suppose. And, withliz. is haman
nature, which wants t o /7elo~z~:-wants t o
to b: ii,ell tlioii,yh o j
by the world--acceptable
to the u o r l c i
--and which by nature ( 1 t e d I the criticism o f society around u s , o r that inferior feeling of not being ;icceptahlr
or well thought of. This is V A N I T Y ,
springing from an inherent inferiority
complex born in every one of 11s.
This is part of the SELF th:it we niiist

Herherc \V. Arni\trong analyzes toda>-'s new., w i t h t h e prophccic,. o f


o i ~ i ~ r rtic!

It is the

.iel/ withiii us w h i c h is human
nature, ;ind the ii,orli/ i i r o ~ n dus, which
is, in a larger sense, Satan the devilfor the world i s under his sw:iy!
If the true SOIiRCE of ~ O L I I 'religion
is GOD, as He reveals truth ;ind right
ways thrii Hi< R I R T F-if
HE is the object
of your devotion and worship-then
h o u you will find His rruth o n the
subjects of facial make-up and chtirch
government nia:!e clear and plain in
these articles. and yoti will accept HIS
TRCWH with j o y and rejoicing. But if
the SOLTRCE of a h a t yo11 be!ieve and
practice is the world :iroiind yoti, then
y o u will not accept this Bible truth
which runs counter to the hereditary
NA'I'ITRE of fearing the opinions, customs and dictates of the world-of
wanting t o conform to and be well
thought of by the world. If this powerf u l piill of the w o r l d and of htiman
nature proves stronger than the truth
of God, then this world and its Satan
is, in actual fact. the SOURCE of your
SERVE A N D WORSHIP, while deceiving
yoirrself in the deliision t h n t yo11 be1ii.x.r
in and worship the true God.
W h a t is written in this issue of 7 / 3 c
Good N e i u m a y be the fateful test of
e t e r n i t y f ( J 1 ~ wiiie we have loved as our
God niacl~. 11s :ill frec nioral agents.
God alonc lays d o \ v n thc L A W defiiiiiis
whcit is sin-but
He decrees t l u t each
of LIS iiiList decide for ourselves whethert o sin. And so. CHOOSE Y E T I I I S DAY
W H O M YOV v1'1t.1. SERVE!As Elijah
said, "How long halt ye between two
opinions? If The ETEKNAI. be God, f o l .
l o w Him-but if the world and its CLIStonis ;ind opinions, then follow the
\vorld." Hut, a s ( h d c ( . i m t n a n d e d ,
"CHOOSE LIFE"' And. of course, all of
our brethren will! May ( h i richly bless
y o u :ill!

s!iall inherit tlie Kingdom of God and sit with

Christ on His throne. God's Word shows
11s that we have two things to overcome





dial, e v e r y night,
8 : % ) P.hl. Central Strl. time.
O t h e r btations at usual time.

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Did God Himsrlf set any such central

His C l i t d i ? We shall
lee. Yoti shall read i t iiz ~ o i i ro w u Bible.'
Not my ideas-but C,OI)'<WORI$

.ind ministers i n his politic11 control decreed.

The one big Jisagreeiiieiit tli;it finally
red thetn t o t a l l y f r o m being any
loiiger Cod's living C:hurcIi, ;ind started
tlie "I-'liil~~~ielplii~~"
Clitirch. w:ts the i i i a t t e r of (;ocl's holy <l:iys. T1ic.y rt'jr(-tc4 this
T I < [ I ~ I I +I. rem;iincd firm in being "of
the s,iiiie mind I N T H I ; I.oI<D,"- not
.ip;irt froni the Lord. I st;itc this to set
rhe record straight.
GOD had chosen ine and set iiie in
His Ch~irch:is His Minister. C k
using nie ;IS His iiistrumciit in d
i ng the PIi i I:idelpli i a" (1 ti ti rch. God has
set H I S ministers to lend the people in
tell the people their SINS,
\vhich they cannot do tinless they are
i n s p i r c' d ;i 11d e 111p()\P er ed of God's Spirit
ro be ;ible, undcr His gtiid;ince, to DE~ I H R h l 1 N l i\vli;it is sin, ;ind what is trtirli.
This c , w of iiiiiie has no connection
with I q members rejecting TRIVH dcfincd by GOD thrii His Ministers.
The true Chiircli will "bc of the SAhlI:
M I N I ) one to\v;ird .inother," 1f.J T H E I.ORI>
His I I ( [ ' I I I , 'is inspiled by His

Spirit. ( K o m .I,: 16).

What is (;OI)'S W A Y '1'0 I NI'I'Y?
I1 you, brethren, b y tlie
n a ~ i i eof our I ~ 1 r c 1Jesus Christ, thi/i ~c
'ill i p c d / h i , 1 ~ 1 1 1 1/ h~ j u , y . , i n d t h x t there
he N O I ) I V I S I ~ N S ;imoiig yoti" [speaking
(ij/jcrc7//things. Ii;iving c1is;igrceinent on
these points, M E A N S dii'i.\ioij!-not
iiiiity] ; "but tlint ye be perfecrly joined
together I N 'l'llli SAhtI: M I N I ) and in the
m i i e ju~lgment." ( 1 C o r . I : 10 )
Thcrc i t is!
'Ihc <:hurcli is t o be perfectly joined
I h t HOW/?in the S A h l l i h4INI)"-",ilI
spc;iking the
s;iiiie thing." I 3 u t i t iiiiist bc the I < I G H T
thillg. c I l l ~ i~t I i l l l S t he tile hllN1) 0 1 :
C l % I<
No\v. I .isk y o t i . brethren, HOW' c;in
this be possible, when differciit minds
x e things in different \v;iys. l ' N I ~ l ? S S


[HAS P R O V I I ) l ~ l ) A



1 1%OR I'I'Y, Dl I< E C I ' I .Y I NS P II l E I) A N 1) 1 ~ 1 1 )

0 1 (:HRIST. \WHICH (:AN I l I ( ~ H 1 ~ IA~PYP L Y

I-'RINCIPI.I~S 0 1 :

I)O I 11311: I ' 1.

I 1 3

1 N STAN C l S


G0I)'S L A W


\V 1%1.:I l I? M 1N 1)s

S P I I l I T I ' A I ~ I ~ YCANNOT

(;I.I:AI<I.l' A ( ; l < l l : ?

Christ PREVENTS Division

What i.1 the true Churcli o f God? It
is that collective body of conquered,

Spirit-begotten children of God, in and

t h r u which God, by His Spirit, carries
( i n His mission on earth which H e
itril-tcd in and t l m tlic individual himinn
body of Jesus. It has ;I WORK TO DO. It
is the Inost important work on earth.
T h e Church is God's instrument-His
He uses t o
spiritual organism-whicli
accomplish His purpose o n e;irth for
this tiine.
Tlie Church-this BODYO F CHRISTis composed of many I i L m ; i i i members,
but i t is O N E BOIW, "fitly joined together
nnd compacted." Christ is the living
HEAI) of His C:htlrch, and in Spirit He
is t N the Church. He guides it. He governs it! The Chlirch is His organization
members His staff. H e cannot
allon, disagreement and divisions.
A house divided against itself cannot
s a n d . Therefore C l i ~ist, of necessiry, had
t o provide A WAY of preventing dis;tgreeinent and divisions. U?z/e.r.r Christ
set tip machinery within His Cli~irclia central ALITHORIIY thru which HE,
rhe living H E A D of the Church, may settle all differences and reveal all T i w T H ,
these disagreements which are bolind to
arise would become a thw'it to the stability of the Church and the very continu:ince o f GOD'SWORK!
(:hrist did set t i p just such ;in atithority!

Reinember, every member s t m s o u t

babe in Christ." Some have grown
to varying degrees of spiritual maturity
imt yet attained by others. Remember,
t o o , God's W o r d does not nlways give
xi explicit :ind direct teaching o n every
point. Some pss;iges are vague, hard to
be understood-as
Peter wrote t h a t
m m y o f Paul's writings :ire. The un-

J S "a

learned and unstable often wrest these

their own destruction ( I1 Pet. '7: 1 6 ) .
Y e t bear in mind, with e.niph~i.ri.r,it is
GOD'SLAW, in His Word. that defines
S I N . N o t even the Apostle Paul was
;i.blc to know, of his own mind o r reason,
part from the Law, hvhat was right or
wrong f o r hinr. Man is nor allowed t o


decide, f o r hiinself, I I h'ct is sin. GOD

decides that--and reveals i t by His Law.
I h t , 21s stated above, God's L A W is a


I.A\S' OF SPIRI'IlrAl, F R I N -

It intist be defined. nnd ob

irrcorcling t o it.! SPI R I T. Its I ~ I I I N C I P I . E S
must he applied rightly, guided by the
Holy Spirit, to many points not literally
and specificnlly covered by its letter!


But, again, all mei-nbcrs o f tlic (:litircIi

do not have ability right/? to apply the

P R I N C I P L E S of the IALV, ;iidecl by Biblical examples, in o r d e r to define \&,hat is
or is not SIN in relation t o some of t!iesr
occasional isolnted qiiestions.
Tlie very fact of clisqr
members deliionstrates this fact. And i t
is whew there is such disagree1nentwhen questions are left undefine[l by
CHRIST'S authority and threaten division
the very machinery
in the B(dy-tliat
Christ set within His Chnrch for drfining such questions niiist be put into
When there is such disagreemrnr
m o n g niembers--as we have already
seen in the Church in the question of
which day is the Passover-the
14th nr
the 15th Abib; \vtiich d a y is I'entecost
or Sunday; is the use of
make-up a sin; THEN if individuals are
left to decide for themselves, each h:ls
decided, for himself, W H A T is or is not
SIN! But o d GOD
can decide and reveal t o 11s W H A T is sin! Therefore it is
when such occasions arise th;it we must
resort to T H E WAY Christ Himself established by which HE defines what is o r is
not sin in this matter. The individtial
iiiernber is left a free moral itgent to decide WHETHER t o accept it and OREY. or
to reject GOD'SLAW, as Christ by H I S
WAY in the Church defines it, ;ind t o
H u t every ineinber otlgllt to TREMBI.~:
before such a decision. For "if we S I N
after God has revealed the
knowledge, '~tliere reinaineth no more
sacrifice for sin, but a certain fearf~il
looking for of judgment :ind fiery indignation, which shall DIIVOIIR the a d versaries." Such a one :iutomatically puts
himself o u t of God's Church and God's

January. 1957

divide the Church. T h e question a t issue

First, thcn. in I Ciirint1ii;iits 12, w e
the plain instruction about the
was wliether it was right o r wrong to do
gifts God has put within His
certain th i ngs-w ha t kind of cond ti c t
4 , there arc divcrsitics of
was required-whether
it was sin-just
purposes and funclike this cosmetic question. The headC
Verse 5 : there arc
quarters church at Jerusalein R l K E D on
the question. Their ruling was not their
What is an "administration?" It is
were led in it by the Holy
Spirit. I t was then n o lougev a y z ~ e ~ t i o ? ~ ! the office of performing a function, operarinn, service. It is the GOVERNING,
It was thereafter B O U N D I N HEAVEN!
01 E X E C I T T I N G function. We have our
It became the LAW OF GOD. It was so
Administration building on the college
accepted by the Church at Antioch. Had
the offices of the
any individual member there disagreed
manage, govern.
-had any said, "I don't want any minW h e n we speak of the Administration
isters at Jerusalem telling me that what
at Washington, D.C., we refer to the
I believe or think is wrong. I have just
function of the President. And wh;it is
as much right to my views as they have
that administrative function? The E N t o theirs! that inernber would have been
FORCING of the LAWS of the governresisting the DECISION OF GOD, bozrird
already made-uot the makiiz Heazwz. and would have been piit
actual ,qoL,e'l"/zg.'
out o f the Church.
Yes, it may be true t h a t the indivic1:ial
So, then, there are A D M I N I S T R A T I O N S
member h;is just as much right to H S
executive, ndministrative, goz'erw
V I E W S as the niinisters have to theirs.
irig functions I N GOD'S CHURCH!
But when such a decision is renderect,
Verse 6: There are diversities of operi t is NOT the personal views or ideas of
ations. That is, of activities being carried
the ministers-it
is the revealed DEon. Now for the executing of thes:
rictivities. these varioLis oper:irions. nilCHURCH!It becomes, then, :t specific,
Uo yoti re;ilize, bretlireri, it I S /,
ministrations, which become the W O K K
definite "THUS SA I TH T H E LORD."
w h o ;ire IILf).lt d i t d t ? c c d , SPI1IIT~IAI.I.Y.
and ACTIVITY of God's ChLIrch, God
tli;it ;ire spiritually OI.L)EK t h a n the
gives ro one the gift of wisdom, to
The one BIG POINT in j'oitr /;je--that
others? They i i u y be younger i n physical
another knowledge, t o others, faith, to
which determines y o u r E T E R N I ~ ~-is~ Y
yenrs. Birr, spiritually spcxking, they are
others gifts of healing, etc. Does this
the matter of TO TA L S l i B M I S S l O N 70
have anything t o do with ruling, o r
the I:I.L)EIIS in the Church, because they
THE AUTHORITY OF G o d W h a t is it
; I I C h p i r i r u d l y C)I.III:R.
And it is rhese.
government? Does one need m.riLom, to
that cuts inan off from God? I: is R E
n o t o n l y older in spirittlal knowledge,
be ;I wise and just ruler! Does one need
REI.I.ION against God's ALTHORITY!
h i t in ;ibilities f o r the work of the
knowledge o r faith t o govern, to judge,
ministry, w h o ~ i i C l i r i s t Iias CHOSEN as
t o niake decisions? Mosr nssuredly !ie
in H i s Church?
His ministers! This is W H Y God calls
IIlcI11 the l ~ l . l ) l ~ l I s !
Notice verse 18: It is GOD, not man
But, if there be any left who s d l as!.:
A n d i r is THESE, w l i o f o r m the c ~ ~ ~ t i l i the
l question, D I D God put actud goz'errio r the vote of incinbers, who sets memL ! / / / h ) ~o ri /the
~ , instruineiit witbiiz the
bers in various functions and offices, iii
~ t i c n t ,and RUI.E, in His Cliiircli?--ilid
Cliiircli, thru whom CHRISTHIMSELF H e actually invest His ministers with
it h6i.i pleir.iei/ HIM.All do not have the
may KliVliAI. the ti-lie definiiioii o f H I S
s;inie office, operation, or administration.
Lintho~~tj'.'o r does God rule His chilLA\\'. and S I T I I ~ I :siicli disputes o r difl i t i t \ v h t ofiices has God set in His
dren o d j , individually and personally.
fcreiites of opinion
thru the Bible A LO N E, just as each in"And GOD hatli set some in the
dividual sees it for liiinself!-!iere
A Hwdqii;irrers (:liLircli
first APOSTI.ES, secondarily
the answer!
p r o p b e t i . thir,lly tc,'~hcr.r ( including
C;oi\ h;is ;ilu.;iys h x i ;I headqiixrters
Whar about this thing o f C H I I I I L H
pastors), after t h a t n i i r d e s , then gifts
~ ~ I i t i r ~ II i i. Lipostolic d:iys i t was ;it
GOVERNMENT! Did GOD p u t i t there?
of healing, h:Ips, G O \ J E l < N M E N l ~ S , diJertisalcni. A l l the other churches and
Does GODcorninand 11s to be submissive
versities of tongues."
menibers scmered ;ibrond looked t o the
to it? Five or six articles hnve bzen pubSo God did set G O V E l I N M E N l S i i i His
.?p:'"rlcs 'Wll eldct > ; I t JeI~llb;tlenl, who
lished in T h e GOODN E W S proving that
Church. W e will demonstrate that
v. ere led ; i n d JirccteJ by ( h i s t , to settle
God did put government in His Church
abundantly by other texts later.
c . \ c I - ~such cioubtful point.
-that God rulcs us collectively, in and
But, ;ire ,/I/ zipostles! No. Are d1
thru t!ie ChLircIi, as well as individually.
Y o u ;ii-e f a i i i i l i u , ( i f c o i i i - h e , with the
teachers? No! Have all the gifts of healLet's make this P L A I N , once and f o r
Jisptite th;it ;irose in the ditirch ;it Anall! It is indeed P L A I N in Y O U R BIBLE! ing? NO! Do all sit in office of governriocli. Tli;it dis;igreenieiit threatened to

Christ set t i p in His Chiirc-11, hy xtzliicli

H E defines for us-by His absolute AU' l ~ H O l ~ l ' l ~ ~ - ~ v i~s i or
~ i t is not S I N in the
c;ise of qiiestions n o t specifically covered
hv the letter of the IAw?
To tinderstand, we need t o know
\YHY C;oJ h;is called ;ind chosen EIJEKS
which He has set in His Church. All
niinisters, of w h m v e r rank, are elders.
An apostle is xi elder. A pastor is an
elder. An cvnngelist is ;in elder. Some
eldcrs have higher r m k than others.
Rcmeniber. litininn minds, inaterial
carnal until conversion, are not
made spiririially perfect ;it once. It is
;I m;itter o f GROWTH. I n this process o f
spiritunl growth, some minds develop
in s p i r i t i d h i l i t i e s and knowledge
more rapidly than others. Some ~ipply
themselves more diligently-study harder-spend inore time in prayer and study
.tnJ meditation. Some have ;I higher
degree of n;itiiral ability. greater depth.
;ind God adds spiritual gifts according
to o a r own n;itural :tbility ( Mat. 2 5 : 1 5 ) .
Some have continued this process of
developiiieiit over a
longer span of peiirs t1i;in others.


Januar), 1 9 5 7

No. Goil h i s SET . ~ o m ej ? , Hi.(

ChiIrCfJ fo g 0 i 8 c ~ r . ~ And
when you resist
that government, YOU I)isO1jEY GOD,and
t h a t disobedience is S I N . thr penalty of
which is I l I K N A I ~l ) l ~ A T ~ l - / f ~ i . r of .idI.afio?r!
We find these ndiiiinistrnti\,e ofices
d s o in Ephesians 4. Let's notice it curement?

There is only O N E BOI)Y-~iue true
it. And ia that one
Chiircli, "H~-Gor&-g:tve
some, u t ) o . ~ rles: and some, /m~pbcit.i; and some,
e ' ; ;ind sonic' . p ~ r t r.r,
o and
I L " i C / l es.r; *.-w H Y !
What is the function o f these offices:
". . . f o r the pcrfec-ring of the sciiiat.r,"
is mentioned first. How can tlie saints
be perfected, if ench .
sctire points differently, each goes off
ii different way, controversy and division
sepnrates them and destroys unity :ind
cooperntion ;ind I,OVF! <hiJ'OLI see tlic
need o f [7Nl'IY-of
discipline? Well.
r e d on!
. . 1 0 1 . r h 11,oi-k f)jrhc mitristq,"
is next mentioned ;IS the function of
these offices. The first commission in the
work o f the ministry is t o proclaiiii the
Gospel to the world ;is ;I wirness. That's
;I gigitntic txsk. In tod;iy's world, with
the mass-coiiimiinicntion f;icilities God
has made ;iv;iilnble, i t is actti~illy B I G
13I.SINISS, and i t c;tnnot be efficiently
u p r r a t r c l w i t l i o ~ i corg;iniz;irion. And rhat,
in turn, ;itirom:itic;illy calls for A I I T H O R i.rY-one ;it the t o p responsible for toplevel decisions ;incl policies, others iindei
him ;is hexis o f depnrtments, others
cnder them i n other supervisory oper;itions. And nll this requires government
;ind discipline. Otherwise we ~ v o t i k ihave
confusion. utter failure.
Also p i r t o f the ministry i s feeding
the flock. This involves local church coiigreg:itions. Here, ;ilso, rherc iiiiist be
organizntion a n d discipline, o r we have
confusion. All t h i s is niade P I . A I N by
ninny other Scriptures we sh:ill come to
. . . f o r the cilIf~.iii~q
of t h / I O ( / J .j
Chr.;.\t," is the next function rncntioned.
HOW c:iii apostles, evangc-lists, pistors.
and preaching elders crlifl,. or im/ri/L.t,
the congregntions, i f we ;ire all divided
on which date the Chtirc.h should meet
for Pentecost, o r whether lip-stick is a
sin. o r \vhether physic;il circumcision i s



required? If we arc all dividcd, onc

conies t o have one faith, another a d i f -

ferent faith, and finally we have hundreds o f sects :ind denominations. But
WHY did God set these OFFICERS in His
. T I L L wo ~ l Ll - O ~ B
iz the CJNJTY
of the faith, mid of the knoiulerlge of
the Son of God, unto a perfect man."
Also read Roin. 10: 13-1 7.
Yes, there it is--got,er-anwizt is in the
(:hurch to bring A L L in the Church into
I I N l T Y , not into confusion and division.
The knowledge
of the Son of God i s CHRIST'Sknowledge.
Back in Antioch some thought it was
CHRIST'S knowledge that all ninles shotilcl
be circuiiicised-others
believed that
was NOT Christ's true knowledge. The
Headquarters Church a t Jerusalem .ietlied it, HOW? By taking away free moral
xgency from those a t Antioch? No! By
defining, as led by GOD'S SPIRIT,
what was Christ's true knowledge. This
brought the Church into the IJNITY of
that knowledge, and saved division. This
GOVERNMENT in the Chiirch did not
U X I F I E D it!
split tip the Church-it

But Do These Officers

Bear RULE?

But one hard to convince m a y still

say, " Y e s , but 1 don't believe those o f ficers were put in the Church LU RULE!
I want to see that very word 'RIJLE' Z ~ Z
t h e Bible. in connection with these officers."
All right-you
shall see ir! Read it
i n your own Bible!
Open your Bible to 1 Tiinurliy 3.
Notice tlie qualifications for the office
of elder, or bishop, as it is here called.
Tlie terms elder and bishop arc synonyiiioiis and interchangeably used in the
New Testament. Remember, d l these
o f k i a l s God set in His Church are
LI.I)ERS. Peter was an elder. Evangelists.
are elders, or bishops.
An elder, o r bishop, then, must be
( verse 4 i : "one that R U L E T H well his
own house, having his children iii JNbjei-tiou with $111 grnvity, f o r if a man
know not how to RULE his own house,
how shall he take care of the Chiirch of
God?" That's PLAIN! H e m u s t he able
t o RULE!

God makes even plainer what He

by siyiiig, in I Tim. 3: 17: "Let

the elders that R I T L E well be counred
worthy of double honor, especiully the?
ILmho labor ZFZ the WORD L U L ~ DOCTRINE."
That is, those who K U L E in questions of
the WOK-questions
about what the
Bible says-iind
determining or defining the true M E A N I N G
of God's Word-defining DOCTRINE.
Notice Romans 12. In the Ch~irch
are inany members, but it i s O N E BODY
(verse 4 ) . W e are one Body in Christ
( verse S ) . We have various spiritual
-gift.r (verse 6 ) . I.ike I Cor. 1 2 and Eph.
4,here is instruction regarding the (id~i~i.rzZ.rtr.utiomin the church^ Now,
( verse 8 ) : "he thut RLiLETH, ii,ill? diligmce." In plainest language this says
God has sc't some to R L ~ I . E in the Chtirch.
and they should RI;LE with dzlzgeizce!
N o w look ;It I Thes. 5:12-33: "And
we beseech you, brethren, t o know rhem
which labor among you, iiizil iire o ~ r
j o u if? the Lord {bear RULE), and esteein them very highly in love. for their
work's sake. And be ut peace among
yourselves." All o f God's true @der/
children will do that-the
rebellious will
not. T h a t is ibc w q t o P E A C E among
ourselves. It is GOD'S WAY!

Paul Shows RULE in Church

The Epistles o f Pnul form ;I large part

of the New Testament. They are C O T i e c t i w . They have to do w i t h problems
that arose in the Church, which Paul
settled ir,itb iocthorit], They are iidmiui.rt v a t i w letters. In them Paul shows plainly the (uthor-itJ vested in him as God's
;ipostle. These letters o f Paul show God's
Church GOVEKNMENT l?z itrtiou!
Notice this Bible c o ? ) ~ m ~ i i z i"I
l : beseech you, brethren, ( y e know tlic house
o f Steptianas, that it is the first fruits
[first converts) of Achaia, and that they
have [devoted] theinselves t o the nzini.Itq of the s;iiiits), that
Jibbrait ) o u r .ie/i,es nnto .I~ch." ( I Cor. 16: 15-16).
Members at Corinth were commanded
t o SUBMIT to the atirhuriry vested in
these ministers.
Here's the Bible command to Israelites in tlic Church: "Rrmcinbcl- ttieiii
that have the RI:LE over YOU, who h ; ~ ~ e
spoken unto you the word of God, whose
fnith follow." ( Heb. 1 3 : 7 ) .
Then again. "OBEY them that have
the H[;I.E over ~'011, and .ii/h?)/itj o t / / . -


ie/i.cI : for they witch for your sotils, as

they must give account' of their RULE!
(Heb. l.3:17).
I n writing t o the Clilirch at (:orinth,
Pat11showed his :iuthority in I Cor. 4 : 18L 1 : "Now sonic itre ptiffed up, as thollgh
I wotild not coiiie u n t o y o t ~ .But I will
come shortly, i f tlie I.ord will, and will
I;tio\\., not the speech of them that are
puffed tip, but the power. For the Kingh i 1 of God is n o t in word, btlt in
p v e r . IVhirt ii'ill 1 ei shlrll I C O V I C . I . I I Z ~ O
1 O N ii,ith < I roil, or in love, and in ttle
spirit of meekness?
<:ontintiing, 1 Ckr. > : I - ? , 13: "It is
coininonly reported that there is fornicxioti among you, and sucti fornication
:IS i s not so much ;IS nained among the
Gentiles, that one s h o ~ i l dhave his father's
wife. A n d ye are puffed tip, and have

edification, :ind n o r f o r y o u r destruction,

I sliotild not be ashamed. . . . But we will
not boast of things without our nieasure,
but according to the ineasiire of the
R U L E which God hath distributed to us,
a measure to reach even Lint<)you.'
Rule of CHKlST-not
of Ministers!

Brethren, that ought to settle it!

Submission to authority is the b:isic
theme of the Bible. You will find it when
God first talked t o man and instructed
him, in Genesis 2 . Yoti will find i t all
tliru Genesis and all the books of Moses.
You find it 21s the central thread woven
all thru the historic books o f the Old
Testament. You find it in Psalms, Proverbs and all the poetic books. You find
it in all tlie prophets. You find it the
dominant key-note in all that Jesus
liot r d i e r motirned. that he that hath
done this deed might be takell away
taught and preached in the four Gospel
[ I o i i i ;iIl?ongyou. For 1, verily, as absent
books. You find it the basic tenet of the
in body, but present in spirit, have
Apostle Paul's inspired writings. Yoii
judged already, as tIiotlgI1 I were present,
find i t in James, Peter, John, Jude. You
coiiccrning him that hatti so done this
find it woven all thru the Book of Revedeed . . . Tlicrefore p t away from
lation, even unto the last chapter in dl
yourselves r h t wicked person."
the Bible.
1 i ~ c I e , hi-ettiren, is C;od's 11lII.E in
Voluntary stibmissiou t o the rule of
action, t h r u His chosen apostle! Is Jesus
GOD, cotipled wirh F A I T H in Jestis
( h i s t 'I'HIi S A M E toi/ii],.i Does Christ
Christ as Savioiir-that
is the W H O L E
11111.f.. in 1 Ii:, Church, tlirti H i s apostles
duty o f this present life, working out the
nnd ministers iu tbi, . T ~ N L ' ?1c"1t212er. PURPOSE o f life, and attaining to o u r
'1'0I)AY.' H e does! He's tlie SAbfi: today!
true goal, being born into the Kingdom
o f God!
Now Luctliren, 1 1 . we ;ire members of
the trtre Church of God, that s;1111e
As yo//, even as an, are
same R I I I . E by CHRIST called to dedicate yourself to the ChrisatitIiority-th:it
thr// His Clio:,eii ministers, is in His
tian life, Cod has provided a tir8o-fold
Church today. If any do not wish to
Christian duty in order to develop you
subrnit to GOI)'Sitiii-ii, ;IS God Hitilself
and prepare y o i i for T h e KINGDOM01;
tias clioscn t o ncltlliiiister It-THRL'
GOD.First of all God lays on each of us
<:H 11ISr-tbri/
H i.i-iipo.rtlc LC~ZCI
his part in the W o r k of Go-the
they Iiave i i o t surrendered to
sion of the Chttrch Secondly, you must,
GOD: i d His iiiithority over theln-they
even apart from our collective mission,
l:,ivc iiot rcpentcd-they
I~;ivenot even
r)z~crcomethe world and the self within
m d e the very / .rtc'p tow:ird cotlveryou, gmu' in knowledge and grace by
sioii, .mci they cert,iinly are NOT melnC O I l L i l l l l ~ l l I S Bible study, prayer, and exhers of the I3ody of Christ!
perience, and endure in this way unto
the end.
I I (:or. I i: 10: "I \vrite this . . . t h t
l l ~ I ! W i / I L O l l l C I / / / q/ l O L hLt1'C t o be I C Rut the very tirst d u t y of life becomes.
i ~ ' 1 ' 1 ;i/
! I ? ) i / i c (11t b AliTHORlTY
for each of us, our united work together.
I h c Lotif h i <qii,c'ir J I I C . "
ii'ith C' in THE WORK 01: Goi)-the
St:ird1rd tr:inslatiocl. Moffntt, LIIC Nuinission o f t h e Church.
merics trmshtion, ;ind others, me the
In this all-important work, the living

tvord A ~ " i ' 1 i o i u n ' .)

11 <:Or, 1 0 : 8 :

January, 1 9 5 7


''FOI. t l l < J t I , g I 1

ShOll~d somewhnt more o f our AIITHOR1.1 1.. v,,Iiich the I.ord h;ith given us for

CHRIST,as High Priest and HEADof tlie

Church, is actually I N His Church.
Christ dirc,ct.s the work. The Church is
His Body-His instrument-His o r g a n -

z:itinn. He is its HEAD!

Now how cotild the head of 11 l q e

business organization run that business
and accomplisli its ohjec-rive w i t h i i t
RLTE? How coiild the President of the
United States run the government of the
nation if depnrtment heads, or lesser employes in the federal government were
;illowed to form policies contrary to
those set in the government from the
God IS not the ;itittior of confusion.
In His Body there must be [TNln-absolute :iccord-teamwork-ail1
And so God has phced GOVERNMENT
in His Church. It is the government of
GOD. It is government from the top
down. God the Father is at the top.
Christ does nothing of Himself-but
acts 21s the Father commands Hiin. And
Christ, in turn R U L E S His Church. H e
rules it, first, thru His own chosen
apostles, then next under them in rank
thru evangelists, then pastors, then other
But i t is the rille of CHRIST-not of
men. We ministers m u s t submit to
Christ's rule, die same as other members.
God's ministers are conscious, above
dl things, of their srtbjectioiz to Christ's
R I l L E over them. No m i n may be ordained into God's ininistry unless he litis
shown and deinonstrated his surrender to
GOD,and to C;od's R U I X over his life
and his actions. No man is ever placed
in position to G I V E orders which must
have conie from above, until after lie has
demonstrated he is willing t o take orders.

HOW die Churcli RULES un

Disputed Questions
Now h o w does God's Church, today,
:icttially arrive ;it ii decision and make i t
a ruling, binding on the whole Cliiircli;rnd BOLINL)I N H E A V E N ?
When there U'LS :I dispute in the
Church ;it Antiocii in the days of the
original apostles, the question was settled
thru God's Headquarters Church at J e r w
sdern. B u t those apostles and elders were
mere i i z i t i u J i i e i i t r of CHRls'l~. Read it
ngain, in the 15th chapter of Acts. Peter.
given top rank over other apostles by
Christ, acttidly ivas the instrument used
to indicate the decision.
Notice HOW this decision came. Verse
( c-outiiwe o a piige 22 )

WHAT The Church Ruled

on Make-up and WHY!

lhe seril grLestioii that had to be deterniifzed by Gods W o r d : 1s

its iise SIN? Here is the mzsuqer . . . iclith surprise Scr;Pfi/res you

b), Herbert W. Armstrong

tiis matter of the right ot wrong (16

using innlie-up was becoming controversial. Some members had intense convictions one \v:iy, others just ;is
decided beliefs the other \vay. Many were
not sure. They were waiting for the
(:htirch to define the answer :IS a plain


.sii/h tbc, lord.

A n d so this m;ike-up question b d to
hr iettlcd! 70 permit it t o rc>tiui?i ;I

source of uncertainty, argirmenr, generating strife ;ind division-


i n Gods Church could not be allowed.

His ministers to dccide what is right

for us, o r for y o u !
GODH I M S E L I : lays d o n n the law! Sin
is the transgression o f C;OI)S law. n o t
our ideas or convictions. The Apostle
Paul was not permitted t o decide 119htit
v;as right or wrong for ,!?i?i].
He pl:iinly
says, in holy Scripture, thar had he done
merely those things which be ihouy!jt
were right, he would have yielded to lust.
H e plainly wrote: I had not known sin,
but hjf the L n w : for I had not known
lust, except the Law had said, Thou s!ialt
iiot c(JVet. And thas Law is the Spiritual Ten Coinmandiiients!
Brethren, is there any TRUTH more
clear to us in Gods true Church than
the truth that ~ i i zi.r the trnmgr-esrion of
GODSLAW? Thats what sin i.r! Not
the transgression of our ideas, our convictions, our beliefs, our consciences!
God permits no man c o decide for
himself WHAT is sin. God doe.s allow
each individual t o decide WHETHER he
will obey, or zchether he will commit sin.
But, some might exclaim, I never
thought of any connection between lipstick and the T e n Commandments! Surely the Ten Commandments do not say
mything about painting the lips or the
Perhaps yoti have ;I surprise coming.
Just read on, and yoti shall see that Gods i s d/-iizc/z/siz~e.
It covers the W H O L E
I K J I Y o f man. It covers, i n principle,
thirzg that can be sin!
So what we needed to find out, in
order to know whether the use of lipstick and make-up is wrong, was just as
simple as that! The only question was
wlirilicr ir transgresses GODSLAW! Is
its tist SIN! If it is, then it is plain
enough t o all t h a t every member iim.rt

WHY the Ruling Had t o Be M a d e

What, then, \v:is the real qwstion invOlVed!
The question w;is simply this: 1s
the iise of lipstick m c l other facial
make-up A S I N ?
Is i t ;I S I N ? sonic miSlit ejaculate in
surprise. Why, I never rhoiight of such
;I universnl ciistoni ;is being n S I N !
Perhaps most have never tlioiiglit of
ir in this light. Yet thnt w a s the real
qtiestion, and the ministers (it Jesyis
Christ are required t o k/zow what is sin.
Gods ministers are commanded by
God to show the people their S I N S , to
tcnch them :ilso in the right i ~ q . rof
nt division in the
C 11ti rc 11. W e in i n is ters had to k / I o I I -we
had t o be SRI;, :~ndto be of one i i i i i i c l
speiking the s;iiiie thing.

W h o DECIIIIS W h a t Is S i n ?
The very hrst thing we ;ill need t o
g e t settled oncc f o r




niiiicls is






(;od docs not ; d ~ o w

lay meinbers to decide what is right

\vrong f o r Ion. nor does He d k i w

Whoever continucs in sin,
wilfully, Lifter receiving the knowledge
o f the truth is dofiifkei/t o etei.?2d DEATH!
It is not enough to say, as one meinbcr
wrote m e : I am willing t o obey God i n
all things which I THINK. are His will.
We m i i s t obey what CODS A Y S is His
\\ill, and cease doing what Go11 SAYS
is sin.


Lip-Stick Not Mentioned BJ N a m e

The English word lip-stick is not
used anywhere in any English translacion or version of the Bibic. Nx do we
find the modern words make-up or
cosmetics. Most members have helieved that the right or wrong of using
make-up is not directly or specifically
mentioned in the Scriptures.
Act~ially, Gods Word d o e r reveal
diwctlj, and specifically whether rhis
nlteration of the appearance of the face
i s sin! This will come as quite a surprise
t(i nearly every ineniber. For not even
the ministers realized this until, as instruments in the hands of CHRIST,we
began making special study and researc:]
into t h i s question. T h e reason is that it
is not clenrly translnted, in otir English
vcrsions, into the words t h a t we use
But when we came before CHRIST,
the living Head of the Church, beseeching H i m in prayer to reveal H I SLAW as
it applies t~ this point and t o settle the
question even ;is H e sertled the Antioch
circumcision question thru His Headquarters Cliurch at Jerusalem ( Acts 15 ) ,
then the truth was plainly revealed.
HOW is it possible that painting the
lips, cheeks, or eyes could be either forbidden o r approved by Gods LAW? Its
time we realize that the Spiritt~alLaw

Zhe GO011 NEWS

c.ovrr< o i < r 1 ,rr-/

o f right or wrong.

Gods IAW is a great inexorable overI ~ i wof SPIRITLIAI. PRINCIPLES! It is

not merely ten 1iter:iI :inti specific cornm;inds. I t must be obeyed ;iccording to
dl the scope of its S P I R I T , as well as its
1iter;il letter.


T h e Principle of t h e Law

All the spiritual IAW may be summed

up in one word-Lovs. Love is a spiritual principle. As the principle of the law
is applied, i t enlarges into the tuso great
toward G o d and LOVE toward h u m i n wighbov. Love toward God,
in rurn, is enlarged into the first four of
the Ten Coinmandments. And Love toward neighbor is enlarged into the last
six of the Ten Commandments.
B u t J ~ S L I Sshowed us, in His earthly
ministry, how H e magnifies tlie law
further, according t o tlie application of
irs prztii-iple. To merely look upon a
lustfully is t o violate the spirit
of the law against ndultery. To merely
httc, a brother breaks the law against
N o w when i t comes t o this lip-stick
i ! o t i i i i i i i y iii tile CliLircli were
su ffic icn t l y advanced and i n at lire spirit tially t o know how t o d p p l y the S P l R l T
o r the P R I N C I I ~ L Eof Gods Law to this
act of changing facial appearance by
p;iinting o r cosmetics.
Yet the m m e r h:id to be decided. It
threatened division in the Church. T h e
ministers must be able to KNOW whether such a given act is sin, that we may
s l ~ o wGods people their sins. Christ has
set u p ;I procedure in His Church by
which HE defines and reveals, for the
whole Church. what is sin according to

C H R I S T Acted, a n d Ruled

must be no sin because o f ignorance o f

the Law. It must be a Church made LIP

o f completely yielded begotten children
o f GOD. It must be Cods instrument f o r
finishing His work o n earth.
Almost the entire N e w Testiunent is
devoted t o T H E W A Y God handles a n d
settles all such questions and disputes
which may start to arise in His Body.
God has set up HIS WAYto settle disputed questions, maintain peace and
harmony, and preserve unity in love and
in TRUTH. Thus we may be U N I T E Din
the TRUTH-^^ speaking the same thing
-of one mind-the
v&d of CHRIST!
And so in this case JESUS CHRIST
ACTED! H e revealed the truth. H e defined His Law as it applies to the niattcr
of lip-stick and make-up.
It is NO LONGER A QUESTION!Jesu.s ha.s spokeiz! By His process H e
has defined and settled the matter and
revealed HIS R U L I N G thru His Headquarters Church. It is now a plain
THUS SAITH T H E LORD. I t is bouiad
if? Heaven!
T h e only question, now, is whether.
each inember will OBEY GODS LAW,
tllus i l o w c l 611ccl
.uic\ i-cic J c d t . ~Hi5

A Surprix Scripture
And so we come directly to a definite
and positive declaration of Scripture.
W e shall then show how this direct
teaching reflects the principle of Gods
spiritual LAW.
T h e Church is founded upon the
prophets, as well as the apostles, with
Jesus Christ the chief corner-Stone (Eph.
2 : 2 0 ) . One of those foundation prophets is Isaiah. His message is for us today.
H e begins by saying: HEAR,0 heavens, and give ear, 0 earth, for T H E
ETERNALHATH SPOKEN! ( Isa. 1 : 2 ) .
H e is speaking of our people, even today
--ISRAEL! An ox knows his owner, but
Israel does not seem to know or obey
their GOD! W e are a sinful nation-we
have forsaken the Eternal. (Verses 3 and
4 ) . God pleads with us: Come now,
and let us reason together, saith the
Eternal; though your sins be as scarlet,
they shall be white as snow . . . I F ye
be willing and obedient. Here is the
prviiiist. uf remission of sins thru Chrisr.
This refers to NEW Testament IsraelTODAY!

Jesus Christ RIII.ES His Church from

Iieaven. ;is o u r High Priest, or HEAD.
set up this m;ichincry within the Church,
.it rhe very beginning ( Acts 15 ) , whereby H e defines, thru those spiritually the
EI~I)I:RSin His Headquarters Church, the
right application of HISLAW t o any such
givcii quesrion.
Gods Church is ii HOLY Church. It
must be presented t o Christ a g1orioir.r
Church, without spot


wiiiiklr spirit-

ually. I n i t there must be no antagonisms, controversies or divisions. There

In the 2nd chapter Gods Word to us

thru Isaiah comes to the la.rt &JJ ( verse

2 ) . These first 4 verses refer to the
millennium. Then the message returns

to our present time, just prior to the

coming of Christ. T h e House of Jacobour people-are
replenished from tlie
beliefs and customs. One of
these, we shall see later, is facial makeup! (verse 6 ) . Oiir land also is fill1 of
silver and gold, neither is there any end
of our treasures (v.7 ) . Yes, we are the
wealthiesc nation that ever existed. 7hzr
I C N S NOT t r u e of mcient Lsrael.
But our Innd is also full of IWLSworshipping the things our own hands
have manufactured and made! ( Verse
8 ) . It is the very pre.seiat. when the DAY
O F THE LORD is near ( verse 1 2 ) . God
is soon going to abolish our idols, our
pride and vanity, our sins (verses 1718).
It continues into chapter 3.
Children will begin t o boss parents
and rule over them (verse 4 ) . That is
happening right now! Children are their
oppressors, and WOMEN wear the
pants (verse 1 2 ) . They cause us to
S I N ,iiiid lead ;IS in WRONG PATHS.
N o w verse 16: Moreover the ETERN A L saith, because the daughters of Zion
( U S . ;ind Britain) are haughty, and
walk with stretched forth necks and
zia?zton e1,e.r . , . therefore the ETERNAL
will smite with a scab the crown of the
head of the daughters of Zion, . . and
dire p~inishmentsfor SIN follow.
Now what are wuiztoiz eyes? As this
is translated into the English language
y o ~ idont catch the real meaning inspired by God into the original Hebrew
words at all!
Actually, when the meaning of the
inspired Hebrcii, is examined, there is
no one word in the English language to
convey the intended meaning. And
rather than use ;i whole sentence or two
to express the inspired meaning, the
translators have chosen this one word
The Englisi word they did ~ise,
wanton, is defined by Webster as w chaste. Icwd, licentiozis. i m m o r d , etc.
This expresses the spirit and character
back of the act described, but not the
method by which such lewdness and
licentiousness is manifested. It s e e m to
be about as near as the translators coiild

Page 11

January, I 0 5 7

lea^ die eiilphasis was then on the eyes,

tho they also used some paint, frequently, on the cheeks and the lips. Some 40
years ago the emphasis

Here you see a picture of a painted limestone bust of the Egyptian

Queen Nefertari, the wife of Akhnaton, who was the father-in-law
of King Tut-Ank-Amon. The paint on this bust, preserved for nearly
3,000 years, shows the manner in which Egyptian women of note
adorned themselves with cosmetics-plucked and redrawn eyebrows,
shadowed eyes and painted lips. While visiting Egypt in 1956, M r . and
Mrs. Armstrong obtained the original full-color photograph.

get in rendering the Hebrew.

But lets understand the full and complete meaning of the Hebrew word. One
thing the Coininentaries do b
rive LIS accurately is the technical meaning of
Hebrew :ind Creek words.
Clarke Makes It Clear
First, notice the renJering o f the
Adam Clirke Cornmentary.
Verse 16. And wmztoiz ejcc--And

falsely setting off their eyes with puiizt.

Hebrew, falsefying their eyes.
Ah, NOW we begin to see tlie r e d
intended inspired meaning!
custom of using
PAINT to color and to changc thc looks
of the face, to make it appear prettier,
originated in harlotry, as I will prove
later. It was always used to seduce and
lure men into LUST. In Bible times
women painted their eyes, primarily-at




cheeks, tho some painted the eyes and

the lips t o a lesser degree. Today the emphasis is on the lips, tho t o some extent
women still paint, in lesser degree, the
cheeks, and many the eyes.
T!ie principle-the
same, whether the painting emphasis is
on the eyes, the cheeks, or the lips.
WHATi t is, is just the same. WHERE
it is placed may vary, with varying fads
of the times. But it is all the Same thing,
so f a r :I$ the principle o f SIN is concerned.
Clarke further explains that this Hebrew word i s c-losrly associated with the
noun sikla which the rabbis used for
.rtibizm, the mineral which was coninionly used in coloring the r y e < . r h r
Chaldee paraphrase explains it: stibio
linitis oculis, with eyes dressed with
stibium. This fashion seems to have prevailed very generally among the Eastern
people in ancient times; and they retain
the very same to this day.
Actually, we saw a great deal of this
on our recent visit to the Middle East.
From the Critical and Experimental
16. and wanton eyes-Hebrew
( merb~-yuyueroth,from .rhuquar. to deceive.) deceiving with their eyes. . . .
Lowth, after the Chaldaic, falsely setting
oft the eyes with paint. Womens eyelids in the East are often colored with
stibium, or powder of lead.
These critical explanations make it
plain that painting the face has, since
ancient days, been intended to falsify the
appearance of the face-to
Women today may not like to admit it,
but there can be no purpose in applying
lip-stick or any kind of paint except to
chunge the appearance of the faceand that very act means to FALSIFY the
DECEIVE those who see them
as to what their real appearance actually
is! T h e very USE of lip-stick or makeLIP,even tho a woman denies the motivc in hcr heart, is to ~ b a n g edie facial
this, in turn, is to
falsify, and to deceive-which
is not
righteous or godly, but sinful.
N o w from Langes Commentary:
The order of thought is as follows:


Page I 2

be htinibled (ver. 16. 17 ) . O n ver. 16
sqq--The prophet here restlines the
chre:ici which Iind been dropped or brokcn ;it the close of ver. 12, and recurs t o
the undue predominance o f female influence, hilt p;irticul:irly to the prevelent
excess o f feni;ile luxury, not only as S I N ~ t 1 in
1 ~itself but ;is ;i chief cause of the
violence and social disorder previously
mentioned, and therefore t o be PIJNI S H I D by
Jise:ise, widowhood, and
shamefu 1 exposure.
And so there, properly translated, is
.I P I . A I N S c i u P n r i w showing that the
act of painting the face, (whether eyes,
cheeks, or lips ) is falsifying, intended
to DI.:CI.:IVE, a n expression of V A N I T Y
which is the very basis o f all sin, and
therefore it bzconies, with a plain THUS
This, ;ind the Scriptures that shall i n mediately follow, show thnt this almost
universal custom, sriniu1:md and kept
:dive in the interest of multi-million
dollar profits by the big cosmetic nianufnctiirers, is condemned by God Almigllty ;is being ;I S I N !
How, and W H Y i t is ;I sin-How
violates the SPIRIT OF T H E LAW-wi11
be explained later in this article.

The luxuriotts p r i & o f



W h e r e M a k e - u p Originated
y o t i know wherc the use of makeoiigiiiaccd?
Actually the first p;iitited huzzy
was Seniir;iniis, the original mother of
harlots, htini,in aLlthor nnd founder of
the worlds religions and of aboniinations o f the n.orld.
N;itionnlly, i t ciinie o u t o f ancicnt
Egypt. Nearly everytl;ing evil and sinf u l canie o u t of Egypt. Egypt is used ;is
the very T Y P R o f sin in the Scriptures.
W h e n we were in Egypt this past
Spring we saw many of the statues and
idols of ancient Egypt. T w o things were
most proniinent in the st;itLies of their
ancient queens nnd tlie goddesses: the
painting on their faces, which changed
their natural appearance, and the thinvieled gowns which exposed nudity underncnth. They had changed themselves
from a modest and virtt1oLIs appearance
into one o f sensuality.
Changing facial appearance by painting the face originated in liarlotry. It
was used originally oizl?, as a device of



Iiailors c o attract men in a manner de-

signed t o break the 7th Cotnmnndinent.

Its modern, popular and almost universd iise today oiigiiiucrd wirh the
harlots of Paris. From there i t rravelled
to the old red-light districts of San Francisco, Denver, New Orlcans, Chicago,
New York and other American cities.
Then it was used by the street-walker
prostitiites to attract and seduce men.
My wife remembers an incident tliat
occurred when she was a little girl nine
years old. H e r father ran a sinall town
general store. In the store she found two
sinall packages of face-powder, one white.
the other red. She began to apply soiiie
of the colored powder to her face. Her
mother saw her, and qtiickly took tlic
powder away from her.
No, no! Loma, said her mother.
You mustnt ever put that on your face.
Only the bud women L I S that!
My mother remembers that she ~ised
to apply a little powder on her cheeks
b u t doesnt seem to remember at what
time this custom started. But she does
distinctly remember that her mother
r.cver once applied powder. paint, o r any
kind of cosmetic whatsoever t o her face.
S!ie was a very virtuous and religious
woman, and in her time only the bul
women put paint or powder on their
faces. My own mother, now past 90 ycars
of age, very emphatically deckires that
no lipstick ever touched her lips-a
in which she takes great satisfaction.
The Encyclopedia Britannica says: 11
is quite probable tliat cosmetics had their
origin in the East, but it is necessary to
turn to Egypt for the earliest records of
these substances and thcir application.
In the British Museum we found c o n plete and elaborate make-Lip kits, beautifully carved unguent boxes in alabastcr,
ivory, or carved wood, dated, according
to inscriptions, back to 3500 B.C. There
were tiny ivory and wooden sticks and
eye-lash brushes, combs, mirrors. Also
inaterials for dyeiiag the fiizgev i z d r !
Even that custom canie out of EGYPT!
According to the Britannica, tlie practice of facial subterfuge and deception by
painting and make-up reached it zenith
in the time of Cleopatra. The Britannica
also states that the early inhabitants of
Britain imported toilet articles from the
Ea.rt. In the passages from Isaiah cited
above, chapter 2 and verse 6 says God is

forsaking and punishing the House of

Jacob because they be replenished from
the East! Yes, thats lvhere they got
che make-up idea and materials!
Paint on the face in America was hrst
used by the Indians, ;is WARPAINT. W e
regarded i t its ;i lieathen, savage ctistoni!
Yet our women have taken up the ctisc o i n , copying from the harlots of Paris.
The practice certainly did not originare
from GOD,but from harlotry and hearhenism. I n 1770 the State of Pcnnsylvania passed :I law that a marriage could
be nullified if the wife had, in courtship.
deceived and misled her prospective
husband by 1i:iving changed her appearance with make-up!
I t Is B I G Business
The cosmetic industry h:is become one
of Americas greatest induscries. By the
post-war year of 1919 it had risen t o
;I volume of 82 million dollars. By 1923
it had mounted to S147,000,000. But by
1955, the cosriietic industry spent in advertising t o tempt the women into buying cosmetics O N E MII.LION ruoIe dollars
than their entire sales v o l ~ i n i ehad been
in 1925. Nw including soap, but just
face-changiizg cosmetics, the industry
spent for advertising S 148,675,000! And
iiccording to the March 2 8 N P Z LYork
Times. American women in 1955 spent,
t o c h m g e the appearance of their faces
( including perfumes), $1,192,200,000!!
Thats one BILl.ION, one hundred ninetytwo MII.I.ION. two liiindred thousand
Perhaps most women do not realize,
or wont admit, the extent of their
V A N I T Y in ~ w i r i r i gto make theinselves
prettier than they really are, bz/t t h e
rosnzetic maiii/ miid their s h r e z d
cidiertisiizg it1 L- 11 k mi I [ !, The average
American business cannot profitably
spend inore than 1.5 of 1 ct LIP to a
maximum of 4 C ; of sales volume in ad\ ertising. But apparently the cosmetic
industry, due to female vanity, is able
to spend 121.3C{, and make it pay!
W h e n i m l e CXIEEU cashes in on female
VANITY,tlie result is fabulous profits for
shrewd commercial interests!
Bible Examples
Jesus said we must Lizme bj every
W o r d of God. Gods Holy W o r d teaches
LIS with all mthorit] HOW TO LIVE! We


January, 1 0 5 7

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1iiic1 t I i i s reaclring i n dirccr c.omm,inds,

ndmonitions, ;ind i n recorded living ex;1 I l l ples.

God s.iys: Now ,111 these things h,ippened unto them (Old Test;iment ex;is better
periences ) for examples-or.
cxprcsscd in thc Revised Standard Version: i.i i i rl,iiriziiI,y. but they were written down for o / / r instruction, upon
\-:hoin the end o f the age has (.oine.
( I Cor. 10: 1 1 ) .
God gives examples in the Bibe of
\vomen who were righteous, meek, h i i n ble and obedient, and H e also gives ex:imples o f wonien who were prostitutcs
were seductive and satanic inHuences on others.








is nieatioiied in yo//? Bible,

zhoc-king) Ye.;, hiit T R I T E Painr-


ing the face is never once mentioned

in connection with ;i virtiious wonian!
H o w does God label Y O C ~ ! Every w o n an should ;isk herself tlwt question.
Ptrhaps I have .seen the oldest historic
record of putting make-up on the face,
on otir recent visit t o ancient Egypt. God
tises Egypt ;is ;I T Y P E o f sin, especially
i n rhe lesson o f Israels deliverance from
Egyptian bondage. Most of the pagan
a n d sinful practices t h t befoul our western civilization today came o u t of Egypt.
I n Egypt we saw many st;itties and
p i i n t ings o f nncien t Egypt i x i wonien.
;rnd o f their goddesses. Always their
faces were painted.
Bat p e r h p s the oldest i i ~ i t t c wrecords
are found in the Bible.
First is the case o f the Gentile datightir of ;i Zidonian King, Jezebel. King
AI1r.b of Israel ninrried her. God condeninecl this evil wonian to a horrible
death because of her great WHOREDOMS.
Jezebel applicd the art of make-up t o
tier fnce t o make herself .rex-ualljattrartire in order t o deceive iind seduce men.
God uses this vile woman as a type of
the great false c h r c h ( Rev. 2 : 2 0 ) , who
nlso is I:ibeled in your Bible as a whore!
Jusr as this original Jezebel painted her
face t o seduce nien, so does this great
collective wonian deck herself out seductively, and attempt to chirizge he/.
tippcwrmce from her actual E V I L look, by
deceiving the world into believing that
she looks virtiioiis :ind pure and holy.

-Wide World Photo

I s this what YOU want to look like? Notice the make-up-the redrawn
eyebrows-the painted lips and fingernails. WHY does this woman
wear make-up? You guessed it!-she was taken into custody as a prostitute for breach of the vice laws of California! I s this the kind of
woman you want to portray?

But notice the high-points of the

story as it is in the Bible.
In the thirty and eighth yc:ir of Asa
king o f J ~ i d a hbegan Ahab the son of
Omri to reign over Israel . . . And Ahnb
did evil in the sight of the Eternal abave
all that were before him. And it came t o
pass, iis if it hid been Lr light thiyzg f o r
hitlb to walk i ~ z the s i m of Jereboiwi,
thiit he tooh to wife Jezcbel the daughter of Ethbaal king o f the Zidonians
( k i n g of S i d o n ) , and went and served
Baal and worshipped hini. ( 1 Kings
16: 30-31 ) .
Later, Jorani, son of Ahab and Jezebel,
was reigning as king of Israel. W i t h the
king of Judah he went out against Jehu,
whom God had appointed to succeed
Joram as king.

And i t came to pass, when Joram

saw Jehu, that he said, Is it peace, Jehu?
And he ( J e h ~) i answered, Whut peace.
so long as the ii,borecloni.t of t h j mother
Jezebel and her witchcrnfts are so
inany? ( I 1 Ki. 9 : 2 2 ) .
As Jorani turned t o flce. Jehu slew
Is It a Light T h i n g ?

And when Jehu was come to Jezreel,

Jczebel heard of i t ; and .she paiizted her.
face, a d attired her head, and looked
out at the window. ( I 1 Ki. 9: 3 0 ) . She
was now making a desperate effort to
he kill her. She resorted
seduce J e h ~ i lest
t o all her wiles o f harlotry, and lewdness.
WHYdo women who profess t o be




(;<)OD women

resort t o this same trick

of deception t o attract inen today? WHY
have modern women, cis if it were LL light
/ h i u < y l o iii the sit1.r of Jezehel,
inade this ;in :ilmost univers;il custom toc!:~y! Will <;ons women, the L I G H T of
the world,-the
only light remaining
i n [his evil world-yield
themselves to
be i . 1 ~ 1 1worldly women around them?
From the very first historic records,
piiiii/iiig / b e frce has been an iqztegral
p ~ oft HARI.OTKY,
used t o attract and
seduce iiieii! I t was always part of the
C L / / I ~ ~ ~ I Cof
W ~ a harlot. That is ;I simple
stntemcnt of I A C T . I t cannot be denied.
The harlots of Paris use it. T h e whores
o f the old United St:ites red light districts d l used it. The street-walking
prostitutes all used it before the professing decent w o n m i copied after these
daughters o f Jczebel.
Some women may say that we dont
use it t o r seductive purposes o r as a
device of h;i$)try todiiy!, Of course not!
h i t , in like 'harmer Ive l i e d preachers
t r y t o )usrify the pagan practices of observing Christmas by arguing, But we
dont use i t for the purpose t h y didtor worsliipping Uaal. We have adopted
their in.rtom for the purpose of worshipping CHRIST.
But God Says: Tholl Sh>Ilt NOT enquire after their gods, saying, How did
these nations serve their gods? even so
will I do likewise. Thou shalt NUI do
so unto the Eternal thy God: for ezsery
to t h e Eterrzal, which H e
imteth, have they c\one iiiito their guds;
. . . Whiitsoever I command you, observe
to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor
diminish from it. (Deut. 1 2 : 30-32).








In the same manner, i t iiiay be diffi-

cult, a t first, for inany of you women in

Gods true Church to realize that makeup on the face is actually one of those
things that is A N ABOMINATION in the
sight ut God-that
its use IS a SIN-a
violation of GODSLAW, as 1 shall presently show! It may be difficult for one
who has always taken these worldly
customs for granted to realize that a
woman who looks NICE to the world
actually looks like a painted prostitute
iiz the sight of GOD!
T h e fact is, even we ministers at first
were hesitant to go all the way in rejecting this custom. In the summer and
early fall of 1955 we honestly felt that
there Iiiigtir be cerrain rimes and occasions when the light and moderate use
o f a little make-up might be permissable.


Facial make-up is one

of them! A woman may think she looks
nice i?z the ~ i g h of
t thc world with makeup. But how does she I m k in Gods

Abomination in Gods Sight
Its true, we have been born in such
world, and grown up taking such
things for granted as much as we take
any article of normal clothing for granted, accepting it ns a normal custoni with
never so much as a thought that there
could be anything sinful about it.

I grew lip, a n d s o Aid most of you,

taking SUNDAY for granted-and
Christmas, N e w Years revelry, Easter, and
inany other customs I supposed all gtmd
accepted and followed. I
couldnt see, at first, where all these
churches could be wrong. I grew u p accepting this world as GODSworld. It
came as a shock and a bewildering disillusioninent to finally realize that so
M A N Y of these generally-accepted CLIStoms are EVIL, and plain ABOMINATIONS
iiz the .right of GOD! It was difficult to
be weaned from them.
But NOW I can see these things as
throughThe eyes of GOD.W h e n the true
knowledge first came, the idea that pork,
oysters, sea-foods were nutritiously unclean seemed ridiculous. W e simply have
to come to the knowledge that there is
a way that seemeth R I G H T unto a man,
but the end thereof are the ways of

Do YOU H a v e False Fears?

I personally felt, for instance-and

other ministers then felt the same waythat if we were on shipboard where
passengers are expected to dress for
dinner, that a woman would attract attention to herself and appear freakish or
fanatical without make-up. But by the
time of our tour of lie Holy Land and
Europe this past spring and summer,
when we boarded the Qzleeit Mary for
Europe, Mrs. Armstrong had come to
realize that it was m t in any sense
necessary, but on the contrary would be

wrong. She was the first to see this

hut now we ministers knozv that this is

true. Not once did Mrs. Armstrong use
any lip-sric-k or make-up. She suffered
not the slightest embarrasnient. No one,
as far as we co~ildsee, so much as noticed
it. She looked no less radiant-and
looked REAL and G EN l 1 I N E , and WHO1.ESOME-and
not artificial.
And actually, when we looked around
to observe, we were surprised t o notice
that perhaps a third of the women in the
Queerti h l c i ~ l ,dining room, although in
evening dress, were not wearing lipstick! Our son Garner Ted and his wife
Shirley joined us in Europe in June.
Shirley had the same experience o n shipboard. T h e younger women suffer no
more embarrassment than their mothers!
Pasadena is one of the most cultural cities in America. Many wealthy
families, socially prominent, live here.
And, surprising though i t is, we have
noticed, at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium during a concert, that perhaps onethird or inore of these well-to-do women,
dressed in expensive clothes and mink
furs, do not wear make-up!
Many other women in the Church have
had the same experience-including niinisters wives. N o w that they are all weaned
from it, they have discovered that their
former FEARS of what people in the
world would think of them were without
foundation. Not one of them, so far as
I know, woiild now even thifzk of using
just 21 little, modestly, on certain
occasions. Gods yielded and converted
women, themselves, have come to see
that what is S I N F U L is never necessary.
in a l l y slighr amount.
But if women of the world zooidd
cause embarrassment, that would not
condone use of make-up in Gods sight!

Is Sinning Moderately O K ?
If this thing is sin, IT IS SrN-and God
does not condone sinning moderately.
There are some things which, in moderait is only the
tion, are NOT sin-where
excessice zlse that becomes sin-such as
wine. T h e very PURPOSE o f drinking a
little wine for thy stomachs sake, is
good, not evil. But, as will be brought
out later, the rerj. purpose of painting
a d chariging the appearance o f the face
is EVIL,and a little evil is still EVIL!
Perhaps God had a purpose in delay-


January, 1 9 5 7

i n s thc writing o f this articlc onc wholc

year. W e had never looked i n t o this subject of mike-up intensively and exhausti\zely u n t i l the stitiitiier o f 1955, and it
n God's ministers some little
time to compktely LrNlearn the attitude
toward t h i s universal worldly ciistoni we
had unconsciously absorbed. R u t study,
research, prayer, ;ind experience-being
?c,zl(i??gt o he correcrc~~l-have yielded
their fruit.
And so now it is time and the duty
of God's ministers to "cry aloud and
lift u p OIU coice.r, and
spare not"-to
show God's people their SINS! As G o d
reveals these things. GOD'S C H ~ J R C H
M l S T BE C L E A N E D U P ! Those who know
that T h e ETERNALis God must now get
over on GOD'Sside, and do those things
that are pleasing ifz Hi.r .sight, and those
who are HOSTILE and of this i i w l d may
continue on the world's side, and do
those things that are pleasing if/ tlw .rixht
of t h world.
This thing of painting the face is now
kibeled by Jesus Christ as a S I N ! It is
a transgression of GOI)'SLAW. as I shall
presently show.
W h e n you are ill-or
your children
re sick, and y o u cnll f o r the elders of
the Church t o anoint and ;isk God to
he.11, R E M E M B E R that God says: "What
rhings soever we ask, we receive of Hiin
because we keep His (:oininandments
,ind do those things that are p/cti.ring in
Hi.i .ti,qht! ( I John 3 : 2 2 ) . This is strong
talk, but the P L A G L I E SGod soon is going
t o pour on the rebellioiis arc going to
bc MirCH STRONGER-poured out ii8id-



of nLel.1-y.'

Israel's Harlotr!
As the harlot Jezebel was a type of
the great MOTHER o f harlots and A B O M I N A T I O N S of the earth, so both Israel and
Judah, the C L I L I R C of
H the Old Testament, played the whore, and synibolic ;iI 1y p i t it LYI t I? ciI' f ~ce.i
i ,' '
Listen t o T H E WORD
01: GOD!
"This word from the Eternal came
to nie:"-qtioting from Ezekiel 2 3 , Moffatt translation. 'Son of man. there were
n v o women , . . when they were young,
t!iep played the harlot in Egypt, where
nicn pressed their breasts r i n d handled
their virgin nipples. Their nnines were
Ohola, the elder, ;ind Oholibah, the
younger. They became my wives and


borc sons m d daughters




for thcir

names, Oholah is Samaria, Oholibah

'' 'But Ohola played the harlot, though
she was my wife . . . and befouled herself with the idols of every man on
whom she doted; she never ceased her
harlotry since in Egypt nien lay with
her as a girl and handled her virgin
nipples and had intercourse with her
freely. So I handed her over to her
lovers, to the Assyrians . . . They expoeA her nakrdnrss . . ;ind they slrw
her with the sword; so punishment was
inflicted on her, till she became a WARN,

" 'Her
sister Oholibah saw this, but
she went further in depravity, in her
lust and harlotry . . . I saw that she was
befouling herself . . . but she carried her
harlotry further; she saw nien pictured
upon walls, figures of Chaldeans drawn
in verrnillion . . . and when she saw
them she doted upon them . . . Therefore, Oholibah-here
is the Lord the
Eternal's sentence-I
will rouse your
lovers against you . . . I will inass them
all round you, the Babylonians, all the
Chaldeans . . . they shall attack you . . .
with a host of nations'" (type of the
punishment j'et to conie on MODERN
Israel for the SAME sins and abominations! ) '' '. . . and they shall sentence you;
I will vent my jealous fury upon you,
and let them deal with you fiercely. , . .
"'Since you forgot M E and flung ME
aside, then suffer for your sensual harlot
ways! ' 'Son of man,' said the Eternal,
'arraign Ohola and Oholibah, and show
them their detestable impieties. . . . They
did this to m e also; they polluted my
sanctuary and ilerecrated m y sabbath . . .
And this is how they behaved within my
tenip'e; they actually sent for men who
came froin abroad, sent messengers to
them! Am1 for them j ' o n bathed yourself, y o u FAINTED Y O I J R EYES, ~ O L put
on your ornaments, you sat on a handsome divan, with a table spread in front
of it . . . and sounds of revelry arose!'
(Ezek. 2 3 ) .
NOTICETHAI-! Here God pictures
Israel and J ~ i d d ias harlot women. They
have sent for rtiwz. In order to seduce
these nien, and lead them into adultery,
always been the main equipment of harlots! It is the very instrunient of harlotry.


thc ACT




shows plainly that this paint was applied

FOR THE PURPOSE of seduction.
Now complete this blistering rnessnge
from God t o modern women today!
'' 'This therefore is the Lord the ETEIINAL'S sentence: Bring a h o s t of folk
against them, and hand them over to b e
maltreated and robbed! Let them be
stoned and put to the sword . . . thut irll
10ome~7may TAKE W A R N I N G and u i v ; d
YOUR .ieizsuul tc.aj.r . . . and so learn
that I am the 1.ord the ETERNAL!'
How about i t ? Do you want to argue
that God doesn't mean You-or
this does NOT apply to using make-up
today! YOUR body is God's temple today, and if you defile it, God says H e will
destroy YOU!
IN EVERY CASE where make-up is
mentioned in the Bible, God labels the
ivonzuiz icho i6se.r it a WHORE!
Always, its use is an attempt to chaizge
the appearaizce of the face! It is an attempt to make the face uppear to be ( a
DECEPTION! ) more beautiful than it is.
Always in one way or another it is
VANITY!Today it is also an instinctive
human-nature pull to c m f o m .to the
ivayr of this ii,orlcl-perhaps
realizing that this is in direct disobedience of God's command: "Be NOT conformed t o this world, but be ye TRANSFORMED by t h e reneii'i?zg of your mind,
that ye may prove what is that good, and
acceptable, and perfect W I L L O F Con!"
(Rom. 1 2 : 2 ) .

Whoring Judah
In the 4th Chapter of Jeremiah, God
reveals the destruction to be poured out
on Judah, as a result of her whoredoms.
God cries out to these unfaithful Jews:
"0 Jerusalem, wash thine heart from
wickedness, that thou inayest be saved
. . . For my people is foolish, they have
not known me; they are sottish children,
and they have none understanding: they
are wise to do evil, but to do good they
have no knowledge.. . . For thus hath the
Eternal said, 'The whole land shall be
desolate . . . and when thou art spoiled,
what Wilt t h 0 l l do! ~rhollghthou clothest
thyself with criinson, though thou deckest thee with ornaments of gold, though
WITH PAINTING, in vain shalt thou make
thyself fair; thy lovers will despise thee,

The GO011 NEWS

they will seek t h y life' '' ( J e r . 4 : 14, 2 2 ,

2?. 3 0 j .
Here d i i l t r e s s J u d a h is pictured as
The EITRNAL'Swife. painting her face
t o sedtice lovers into adultery.
ISRAEI. A N I ) j l I I ) A t l !

Why, precisely the very thing that

c.itises woiiien to use lipstick and other
m:ikc-tip tod:iy! '/'he1 ri,iiiitci/ to he like
hc ot/wr iiirt io 11.1 i i r o n nil ti!)1,iii.l God said
to Isracl: "When . . . t h o t l shalt say, 'I
\vill set :I king over me, like ir.r irll the
i ~ ~ i t i t( h~ tu i~l l ' c i ~ h o ~ IlI rI C . . _ '''

(Deur. 17:1 4 ) .
Ag'iin. "When t h o u ;irt come into tlic
I.ind which the Eternal t h y God giveth
thee, thou sh,ilt not lemi t o do after the
A R O M I N A ' I ~ I O N Sof

those nations. . . . For

do those things ;ire A N A H O M I N A T I O N unto the !ikernal." ( Deut. 18:9,



\Y'I-IY Women \ V e x I t

I f otI1c.r nations around thcm had n o t

practiced these abomin:itions, the Israelr hnve wnnted to do
i*ihhwibi:, ii rile wonieii uf riie world
.iround yoii had never worn lipstick or

h l ' e




T H I N KT H A T O V E I ~ ! No person can
dlspllte that!
11: the women of the world 11
they frowned on it and considered
i t bad tnste, N O W O M A N I N OR OIJT 0 1
T H E ~ ~ H I ~ RWOl1l.D

I t is piit on the f;ice for one or both

o f n v o general reasons: 1 ) t o be like t h
11 Ol'/i/


Every w o m a n who h:is heen CONby the Eternal God-who

yielded to H I M - W ~ Chas repented and
is cOilverted-who
admit this,
Hack, now, to Isaiah 3.



ro T H I S WORLD, in direct

"Don't Fcel D r e se d Without It"

"As for m y people." s.iys God, "children ai-e their oppressors, and ii'ome?z
ii!le O I ' C ' ~ theni. 0 m y pciople, they which
lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy
I.HE W A Y of thy paths." (Verse 12 j .
Women, in otlier words, "wear thc
pants." Women have became Ixuiglity,
f u l l of V A N I T Y , trying to p'x themselves
;rbove men.
And how! "Because the daughters of
Zion :ire haughty, and walk with
stretched forth necks ( holding their
heads high as they walk-Moffatt) , and
.r (falsely setting off their
eyes with P A I N T ) " (Isa. ? : I ? , 16).
The Adam Clarke Commentary says,
further, on this verse: "Her eye-lashes,
which are long, and, according to the
custom of the East, dressed with stibiuni
( ;is xv: o h m r i d in ;he Holy S c r i p i r e s
o f the Hebrew women of old, Jev. 4:30:
Ezck. _3.?:40) . . . 'But none of these
Ixiies,' says Dr. Shaw, 'l'ravels, p. 294,
'rake theniselves to be completely dressed,
till they have tinged their hair and edges
of their eyelids with ulkabol, tlie powder
of lead ore . . .' Ezekiel chap. 21:40, uses
the same word in the form of a verb,
iaihalj ej?zqiR. 'thou didst dress thine
eyes with alkahol'; which tlie Septzicigiizt
render 'thoii didst dress thine eyes with
stibiiini', . . . cuiiiparc 11 Kings 9 : 50;
Jer. 4 :30."


God's command; o r else 2 ''to look

nice," ;is women express it, which means,
simply, t o C f I A N G I ! the appe;lrance so as
t o i m k c thc f x c 111c'tiici-t l i x i i r ~iarur;illy
is-Wti!(:ki I S V A N I T YEither
is a violation of God's 1 . a ~ .and A S I N ! A c t ~ ~ a l l y ,
rhc only rccison '1 woman lvishes 10 coiiform to the world is VANITY--feiir.iug
whnt the \vorld will think, more than
fearing C;O1) <:AIIIN<; morc f o r thc
\vorld and what it thinks than for GOD
. i d a h ; i t looks right I N His SIGHT!
A wot11:in t n : ~ y try t o REASON and
AIK;L:E aroiind i t , but every woman
knows in her he;irt this is THE TRUTH.

"'Thus Saith the LORD"


And so critical examination of the

cxiginal languages shows that A L L these
Biblical passages, referring t o Jezebel;
to whoring Israel and Judah as Aholah
; i d Aholibah; and t o Judah, refer to the
siliiic iclciitical P A I N T I N G O F IHL: I A C E
that is cLcfi?zitell,, .I-pecificalll,, liter'dlj,
i - o ~ z d e ~ t r i ~ase da S I N in Isaiah 3 : 16-17.
T h ~ i s , when these Sctiptuirs iixc COIIsidered together, we have FOUR Script1we.s defiizitell, ciizrl p o j itiwlj c o t z d c t ~ r t ~ k g w z ~ k c ~ - o~i it pthe fircc!
This is :i plain "?'HIIS S A l l - H T H E


January, 1957

A d did y o u notice that thesz p q p n

women of the East, condemned by God,
do not feel completely dressed witlioLit
r h r i r tii2ketlp o n ? H n r r , n/m7) of o / / r
cii'u iiroclei 71 ii'omeiz h a w .relic1 the .iiitiie
thing? It's high time for GOD'Swomen
to REPENT, and with God's help \vezin
themselves from that kind of heathen
Other Scriptures, however. do indicate
God's approval of certain ornamentation
of dress, or even ear-rings, especially o n
w h x might be called ;I royal o r r e p 1
I n Ezekiel 16 God symbolizes Isracl as
His bride-His
queen. CODis K I N Gof
dl the unilwse. T h e Old Covenant is
I epresented as a marriage agreement. Of
Queen Israel, God says: "I clothed thee
~ilsowith broidered work, and shod thee
with sealskin, and I girded thee about
w i t h fine linen, and 1 covered thee with
silk. I decked thee also with ornaments,
m d I put bracelets upon thy hands, and
:I chain on t h y neck. I put a jewel on
ihy forehead, and earrings in thine ears.
and a beautiful crown upon thine head.
Thus wast thou decked with gold and
cil\,er . . . .inJ thoii wiist exceedingly
beautiful, and thou didst prosper into a
kingdom. And thy renown went forth
among the heathen for t h y beauty: for
it was perfect through m y comliness,
which I had put upon thee, saith the
Lurd Eternal." (Ezek. 16: 10-14)
Of course, this is figurative, not literal,
:ind represents qiialities of character, not
physical decoration. But it mentions approvingly just about everything except
falsefying the face with paint! NEVER
is this facial deceprion mentioned in connection with a virtuoas woman in the
Keep i n mind, however, t h a t this
figurative description is that of Cro.1'~
Q ~ J E Ei N
n royal and stately attire. This
is not t o be consti ~ i e d;is God's approval
o f o\,er-ornainentation under ordinary
c.ircumstances. God's teaching is niodesty

But when Israel and Jtidah played the

harlot and went after other "lovers" they
are iepresented, thwz, as painting the
face ;IS a device of harlotry t o seduce
"lovers" into adulterous relationship.

Virtuous W o m e n
But if God's Word labels these paint-

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Modern Slang Shows W H Y

cd w ~ . m c no f thc wi.>rlcl :IS A H C O M I N A WHORES. it also gives LIS
On the other hand, applying paint to
descriptions of righteous. humble nnd
the face chci?zge.r a i d fa1sifie.i the nppearv i r r i i o i i q womcn.
I I ? L L ~ , DECEIVES L I K J X w l l o see ii, iirrcl i.!
Gods I W I N C I I ~ I . I is
~ th;it I . C ~I,eurt)r
ALWAYS pictiired hi L . O I I U C C ~ ~ O ~w
I fth
conies from WITHIN! Remember, GOD
HAIILOTIIY in the Bihlc!
i . o o ~ sO N T H E HEART! Paint on the
Today woiiicn in public p1,iccs arc
face \vill N E V I ~ Rrecommend you t o God!
heard excusing themselves thus: I think
ldlSll!N! l.ikewisc, you wives, be subIll g o into the powder room and inimissive t o y o u r husbands . . . Let not
prove on Mother Nature. Mother Nayours bc the o i / / w l / r d xlorning with
ture, of course, in reality is GOD!
br;iiding of h i r . decor;ition of gold, ;ind
Or, n coninion expression among girls
\venring of robes, but let i t be the hidden
today: Lets fix our fnces! Or, W a i t
person ( I N W A K I ) A D O R N I N G ) of the
till I put on my face, and Ill be right
h ( u t with the imperishable jewel of ;I
there! Yes, they K N O W it means putting
gentle and quiet spirit, which iii Goil~. o n ;I FALSE face! Sometiines women use
i j g b t ( but not in the sight of the world )
the expression repaiv my face.
is very precious. So once tlie holy women
These slang expressions in common
who hoped in God used t o ;idom t h e n use show where rlieir mind< nre-:ind
selves and were submissive to their huswhat is the intent of the heart!
bands. ( I Peter .3: 1, 3-5 1 .
T h e very words make-up mean not
Ask yourself: Do y o u want t o look
m y real face, but my MADE-UP face.
nice ;/I / h c tight of GOD,or t i 1 / h c .ii,yh/
To M A K E is to re-CREATE. God says:
o f / h e If~flrld-wHl~:H?
W h o art thou that replie.rt qiii,
GOD? Shall the thing formed say to
Nevcr Paint O v e r [he Jewel
H i m that formed it, W H Y has thou
Now this Scripture in 1 Peter j is exmade me thus? (Rom. 9 : 2 0 ) . Yet
pressing :i P R I N C I P L E ,rather than specifthat is what women are replying
ic details. Actii;illy there a r r other ScripAGAINST GOD when they chiiiz,ye and
tures showing th:it i t is not wrong, under
fcil.iifj their faces!
proper conditions, for ;I woni;iii to wear
Do you know the definition o f the
orn;iments modestly 011 her. l-1othe.i. or
word cosmetics? It is from the Greek
even in her hair, o r even to we:ir ezrword ko.smos. which is the Greek word
however, should he modest.
representing THIS WOK1.D and its ways,
, or large, to ;ittr;ict undue
which God condemns!
;it tent ion.
Painting tlie face is condemned zind
The principle is t h a t the RIJAI. BI:.AIJLibeled S I N in the Bible. It is used O N L Y
TY I S I N T H E H I A R T .
and .1,!1/71e.r ON^
in V A N I T Y o r desire to be like the
/ ; Y / I / / /hc, I N S I D E ! If that is there-if
world, o r to conform t o the world, or
\voni;in is meek, modest. humble, then to
to look prettier to the world.
d hecomingly, and even with
NOWHEKEdid God tell men or
proper ;ind modest dccoratioii when the
women t o cover LIP, o r put paint on,
occ;ision \v;irr;ints it, m;iy be right and
their face.r-but H e does tell u s to put
proper in Gods sight. This merely piits
clothes on our boi1ie.i. Proper and mod;I becoming ; i d modest outw:ird
est ornamentation on the i/otlI?ii~,qthat
p1e;ising setting iiroiind the I I I ~ A IJIWEI..
covers the body is approved i n many
\vhich is ;I humble spirit ;und contrite
Scriptures, and can be done with huniilhwrt ;ind virtuous c1inr:icter.
iry of heart and purity o f mind. This
A jeweler cioes n o t paint over ;i cliiapplies alike to mens neckties and
w o u d , but he does enh;ince its pure
womens scarves, handkerchiefs, o r orna5 17;irk 1e \v it 11 ;I13p r ()pr i ;It e set t i ng !
mental decorations on dresses.
GODSP R I N C I P L E is that we iiiiist not
Bur if i t is done t o . I h o i ~oi/
~ the person
i i i ;I spirit of vanity, then tlie motive
p u t trust in outward appe;irmce, iis 013of he;irt is evil, ;ind the very suiie o u t posed to meekness of ii subdued mind
\ v i m 1 decor;itioii, which might be apthat is subject to God iu
proved \vhcn worn from chaste and
Objections Examined
righteous intentions. is piit to ;I S I N f u i
After the article appeared over ;L year
i-ioNs : i d

;igo o n l i p s t i c k , thrcc o r frrur letters

were received froin women who did fiat

yet fzillj m d e r . r / m d , voicing objections
t o the Church ruling, o r trying t o present
Scriptures approving lip-stick.
O n e woman felt she had found a
Scripture approving fxcial make-up, in
the Song of Solonion. She read chapter
.3, verse 6, and jumped to the conclw
sion that this pictured the Bridegroom
putting face-powder on his face.
N o w in tlie first place, what has been
ruled against by CHRISTthru His Church
is fitl.rif+zg the face, in a manner to
change tlie appearance as a deception, by
painting. Of course powder could be
plastered on so thick as to change the
appearance of the face, but unless s o
excessively used that it shows, there has
been no prohibition of a little powder.
used to dispel an oily or soapy shine on
the face.
But above all, here is an example of
the very REASON why Christ set p within His Church HISWAYof making clear
all disputed questions as to W H A T constitutes SIN. Here is a living example of
the utter lack of qualification of the indi;.,idiia! nie:nbc; K ) decide s;~-!: pcints
I quote froin the Lange Commentary:
The contents place it beyond doubt
that ch. 3:6-1 1 describes a bridal procession. It is 77ot the bridegroom.
Next, the Hebrew word for powders-powders
of the merchant-is
a b n r i ~ k ~ uwhich
means, according to
the Hebrew-English lexicon, ;ironxitic
powder, very fine powder, dust-like and
volatile. I t i.r iiot fiiCe-poii,iler itt dl! It
is a conibustible iizceme powder.
It is allegorically referring to the
Church coming up t o the Marriage with
Christ. Solomon, in this instance, was the
type of Christ. Typically it refers also to
ancient Israel coming up out of the wilderness t o the Old Testament marriage
that made Israel a nation.
The verse reads: Who is this that
cometh out o f the wilderness like pillars
o f smoke, perfumed with myrrh and
frankincense, with all powders of the
T h e Critical & Experimental C o n nientary says: The who i.r thz.s? in
Hebrew is feminine, and iiiust refer ro
the Bride riding in the Bridegroonii
palanquin. Pill1rr.i of .rnioke: from the

?he GO011 NEWS

Page 18

perfumes burned round His bride. 1iii:ige

from Israel , . . m;irching through the
desert with the pillar of sinoke by day
and fire by night, and the pillars of
smoke ascending from the altars of incense ;ind of atonement: so Jesus Christs
righteousness. ;itoncnient, nnd ever-livin,?
Froin tlic I m g e Commentary: Per]ioucd ii,ith t i q r r b i d T h e
bride coming to her wedding or inore
particu1;irly her sedan and her DRESS nre
tilled with refreshing perfunies (Prov.
2 7 : 9 , ( where ointments and perfumes
.ire :ipproved ) . The powders of the
merch;inr were the source of the perfumes and the smoke. 7hr pLrfuvie.r
011 the DRESS, ?lot tbc>fcrce!
h n g e explains further that She came
perfumed with m y r r h and frankincense,
bec;iuse myrrh was one of the principle
ingrcdients in her HOI-Y O I N T M E N T (EX.
3 0 . 1 2 ) , ;uicl iiicense w:\s offered constantly on the golden a1t;ir before t!ie
lei1 . . . nnd because frankincense is the
type o f prayer oBercd by Hini as our
priest nnd ofterecl t o Hiin as God. And
erfumed with all the powders
<>f rl:e !,:/.p;!::>,;:t




glories of the ancient ritual are spirittialized in the Gospel.

This p w d e r and perfume, then, is
connected with the holy ointment, which,
under severe penalty, the PEOPLE were
forhidden t o h a v e o r LISL. It was only for
special sacred and holy occasion and use.
IN N O M A N N E R does this Scripture
:ipprove falsifying the face with make-up
o r lipstick!
Perfume is not condenined in the
Hihle. but good taste decrees that i t
should be used icr.~ sparingly. A person
sxturnted with strong perfume simply
STINKS,and hec-omrs offensive to others.
The law of love to neighbor demands
that I F used, i t should be r e v j ~lightly
tised. M a n y woinen cheapen themselves
by vulg;irly violating this rule.
Next, this woniiin jumped willingly
t o the erroneous conclusion rhat she had
found lipstick approved in the Song of
Solonion 4 : I , I t reads: Behold, thoii art
fair, my love , . . thy lips ;ire like a thread
of sc;irlet, ;ind thy speech is comely. But
if y o u read the WHOLE context, it becomes most plain that the speaker is referring to the N A T ~ J I I A L perfection of
the bride-typical
of the Bride of

:is She shall be presented to H I M ,

:is shown in Eph. 5 : 2 5 - 2 7 : Christ also
loved the Church, and gave Himself for
it; that He might sanctify 2nd cleanse i t
LIKE A HARLOT) . . . that H e might
present it to Himself CI gloriour Cb?/rr-6,
iiot haiiug .rpot. o r wriiikle, o r any such
thing; but that it should be boll', aizrl
withoNt bleniish.
For example, this bride is spoken of
in verse 2 thus: Thy teeth are like a
flock of sheep that are even shorn, which
came u p froin the washing. It is referring to aatzird, and perfectly-f ovmed,
and eztiz teeth, NOT to artificial or a[tered teeth. It was custom in the days
this was written for tlie pagan nations
of the middle-east to file off and sharpm
their teeth in an effort to beautify them.
But this Bride is pictured as izatitral, not
Her lips were iutzrrcdly like a thread
of scarlet-?zot painted!
IF these Scriptures in Song of Solonion did mean what this sister erroneotisly assumed, then it would be in direct
contradict ion with the other Scriptures
I !a\?
s!rexly givw,.

Holding a Job
Another objection vuiced by two or
three women was expressed in the Same
letter, as follows:
I was very niucli upset by the Church
rule against make-up, since this puts me
in rather an embarrassing position. I am
holding a position . . . that places iiie
constantly before the public . . . It is as
necessary that I keep smart in appearance :IS i t is that I think smart.
Sonic i(o?ize?id y e afraid of lo.ri?zR their
Now, dear wonicn o f the Church, lets
just stop and tbiizk a mornent. Y e s , let.r
T H I N K SMART!H o w many M E N do YOU
S L I ~ ~ have
O S ~ come to m e with preciscly
the SAME OBJECTION about obeying
God o n another point-keeping
SAHBATH?Scores have come to m e saying they are SUHE they will lose their
jobs. Wouldnt it be ;ill OK with God
for thein to just w i n k tlicir eyes :it the
Sabbath coni~iiand,so they wouldnt lose
their jobs? W h a t do you women think?
Let me tell you their experience. I always say to such men: Do NOT ask y o u r
boss if he will let y o u off on Snturdays.

January, 1957
LC) liini and tell him that you
are sorry if y o u are forced t o inconvenience his operations, but you will not be
able t o work any more bccween Friday
sunset and Saturday sunset. Tell hini yo~i
would be glad to work Sundays, when it
is so difficult t o get men to work. But
BE FIRM, and just announce that you
W I L L NOT be able to work any inore on
the Sabbath. Tell him i t is your religion,
and that you feel he is a fair and honest
employer who would not want to interrion, or
fere with a mans persond relib
persecute hini for it.
I a l a ~ i y sreconiinend such inen to p i q
first, asking God to give them favor in
tlie eyes of their eniployers.
Scores of inen have felt absolutely
S U R E they would lose their jobs. But, in
actual experience, nine in ten do izot
lose their jobs. They simply F E A R E D they
would. And the other tenth find better.
Sure, God gives 11s TESTS of FAITH!
Perhaps some of you women are going
to have some TESTS OF FAITH! How
about it-can
y o u TRUST God to make
i t possible to OBEY Hini! 7hat.r p m ~
<J/ /he 6.oiLdi;iuti.i t ( J SALVATION!

Instcad g o



Rather than coniproniise with S I N ,

God sent His own SON to pay the f u l l
penalty for us!
Experience Proves I t !

I happen t o know the experiences of

a few women who have ceased to use
mike-up on jobs meeting the public.
O n e was a dentists assistant. It was
necessary that .rhe look smart! She
stopped wearing all make-up. T h e dentist did speak to her about it. She explained t o hiin w h y she had removed it.
H e didnt know how to answer, so he
asked his wife what to do.
Tell her to kccp her make-up Lit [he
office, and put it on after arrival mornings, zinc1 n d i it off before leaving in
the evening, saiJ the wife. Hcr church
people wont see it on her that way.
I cant do that, said this woman firmly. GODwould cert2iinly scc thc mnkctip on niy face, ;ind since I know it is
wrong, and displeasing to God, I shall
not wear it.

Her employer was silenced by that.

He never said any more about it.

Page 19

The G 0 0 1 ) NEWS

Ancirh! r winit<: i i i e t1i:it s h c w:is :I

re;idy-ro-we:ir s:ileslady in :I 1e;iding dep;irtment store. She, too, had t o "looh
.I mm.t." She. too, Iind t o meet the public.
She \yore no lip-stick-used no ni;ike-iip
of ; m y k i n d . H e r boss did not fire herbecause her salcs continued to be the
highest in the depirtnient, though all
the other salesladies wore plenty of
1 say t o yoll women: "GOD .rec.1 ?'ON.'
Bmish both fear :ind imke-up, and

I used t o wonder if Solomon r e d l y

was the wisest man who ever lived, after
:ill, when he said: "Vanity of vanities,
sairh t h r Prencher, v:iniry o f vanities;
A L L i.l- z~cr?zitj'." (Eccl. 1:2 ) , But when
1 came to understand the nature of
vanity. and the many ways in which it
expresses itself, I realized that Solomon
was right, and those words were inspired by GOD!

'I R I ' S T G O D ! "

Vanity is a sort of unrealized, undefined craving for the ADORATION of

other people-an
adoration that belongs
t o GOD.Vanity springs froin an inherent
fceling of iizferiority, perhaps unrealized,
and asserts itself in :I natural effort to
rise above that unpleasant inferior feeling by elevating the self above others, or
by :it least desiring to be "a.ell thought
of" by others.
This instinctive reaching o u t for
adoration violates the first coininandment, by making the SELF another god
is, prior to-higher
thanthe true GOD.
People do not, of course, stop to
analyze this feeling and tendency in
their natures. Yet VANI'LY is iiL o u r
natures. V A N I T Yis one of those things
the Christian must LKC!SH--IlilISt keep
SUBDIJED. If any man o r woiiian says.
"I ;ini not vain. I have no vanity," t h a t

T h e SPIKIT of the Law

Now let's iinc1erst;ind


the Scrip-

tures expoiinded in this article brand

the use of lipstick or other make-up

:is n SIN.
Sin I S the tr;insgression of tlie spiritual
LA\\'. How can t1i:it law, siiiiiiiied LIPin
the Ten (:oiiiiii;indiiieiits, cover
poi ii/l/e ice-t t h a t is sin:' T h e law does
not s:iy "lhou shalt not smoke." T h e
Ten (:o~ilm,lndmelits do not sny "Thou
slialr not be A drunknrd." They do not
s l y : "It is a S I N for ;I ni;iii t o become
an effeminate."
nut Y O ~ : Rn 1 ~ ~ 1 ~. ~J ~c. ssty:



&wived: neither . . . effeininatc, nor

. . . d r u n k a r d s . . , sh:ill inherit the
KingJon1 o f C ; o c l . " ( 1 C o r . (1: 9- I 0 ) .
These things do not violate the lettcv..
bur the S P I R I T o f the 1,:iw.
P.ILl1 S]""kS
o f G k I , " \ V I l O ;dso hath
m x i e us ;hie ministers of the new test;if Ici/or.. but of the .rpiyit;
iiiciit; iroi ( ~ thc
f o r tlie 1C:tter killcth, but the S P I R I T
giveth life." ( II Cor. $ : O ) .
Wh,it is the S I ~ I R I Iof' the I.,ia.! W h a t
is tlie S I ~ I R I T 0 1 GOD^ I t is, 6rqt o f all,
~ x ) \ , I < ! I.ovc is the fulfilling of the law.
All the law is fulfilled by one worclLO\'E!

Y e s , "ALL Is Vanity"

pe~soiij u b i c l o e m ' t k ~ i u wIiiinsrll



nature that was born i n him.

It is V A N I T Y that mikes people want
10I j m o N c - t u
Lt. ACCEPTFI) by ;I clique,
group, club. It is the basis o f "party
spirit," and of competition. One of the
fruits o f the FLESII ( violations o f God's
L a w ) , as translated by Moffatt, is pirrtl
spirit. This is the ingredient in Iiuman
tlie S I N F I J I . ingredient - that
m:ikes people want to hc like tlie people
of the world aroiind then-to
HE CONI'OIlM1?1) to this world.
God coniniands, "be NO'I' C < J U / ( J / / / L ~ [ /
t o this world: but be ye trLr11rfoI.1/Lei/ by
the reliewing o f your mind" t o the will
of GOD! (Rorn. 1 2 : 2 1 ,
\'ANITY in the male, i f tlie iii;in has

I.o\,e is sclfl.lissness. I.ove is giving.

~ n dsharing. Imve is t o w i r d God nnd
f r o m self. ' h i t is its
i i nd er I y i ng pr i nc i p Ie ( ) f I< IG H TI:<) I ISN ESS ,
Wh,it, then. is the underlying P R I N ( . I P I . I . of S I N ! I t is tlie opposite of true
lo\ c-

Sin is vi\Nl'l'y, first of all. The very

r o o t :ind core of h u m , i i i 1i;itiire is \'AN-


Vmity is SI:I,I:! V;inity expresses i t sc!f in mnny \v;iys, and i n different w;iys
in Jitferent people.
\'anity expresses itself in lust, in greed,
i n re sent me 11t hat red.

desire to appear iwpor t m t to other men.

1 knew ii iiitiltimillion;iire \vho always
managed to get the best o f ;I bargainor else lie didn't do business. A t first
I thought the dominating motiv;ition of


e x p r e s s e s itself often in the

his life ~ ' 3 GREED.

But I Ieurned that i t
was just plain V A N I T Y ! This man worked
and schenied to :ini:iss millions to impr6,i-r ot/?/,r.r-to
exhalt himsclf nbove
put hiniself in place of GOD.
Actually he was sick with inferiority. H e
devoted ;I lifetime to money-making, injuring others, in a vain effort t o escape
his inner sense of inferiority--an effort
t o "kid himself" o u t o f it. Poor man! He
was most unhappy!
Vanity in women may express itself in
many ways, but the most common is the
i w u t e c h i r e to be p r e t t j . One woiiiiin
who probably wotild deny that her use
of make-tip is an expression of this very
V A N I T Y said th:it she would rather be
pretty than to have "brains and intelligence.

WHY Women Lxe Make-Up

T h e very priizciple of SIN-the S P I R I T
o f sin-then,
IS V A N I T Y and its manifestations are self-desire, haughtiness,
party-spirit, wanting to he like the people of tlie world around us. wanting to
conform to the world and its custoins,
the desire to be admired, the desire to
attract the opposite sex, the desire t o
make others jealous, the fear of being
thought inferior or o u t of date or a nonconfurmist, and, o f course, greed, lust,
selfishness, envy, jealousy, and the
thousand-and-one ways i n which this
cxpresses itself.
Now wh'it is S I N ? The expression of
the innnte, natural S E L F , in any o r several
o f tliesc many ways I S S I N ! T l i ~vio1;ttion of the letter. of any of the Ten
Coniniandinents is merely the expression
of this natural S E L F in o n e o r morc of
these many ways.
LOVE is the principle of obedience to
the L A W . These manifold expressions of
V A N I T Y , or SELF, constitute the S P I K i l
of transgression, or S I N .
Remember, a T H I N G is not sin. Lipstick, of itself, is not sin. Money is not,
of itself, evil-but the 1oi.c' of i t (\vhich
is actually I.r's1.) is :i root o f all evil!
The m e of lipstick in expressing vanity
o r conformity t o the norld IS S I N !
Most \\'omen, u~lienasked W H Y they
use lipstick, will of course w t confess:
"I use it as ; i n expression of VANITY," or
"I use it to rxprrss ;in u r g e
he /;hi.
the world."
( PleLr.rc ~ ~ o r z i i i011
~ ~p/ cg ~e -3.3 )

Unconverted Church Members?

Sonietinies eiwz God's people izeed t o be A W A K E N E D t o their
1-errl spiritiul state! Here, in this reprinted urticle, is relieuled the
S H O C K I N G coizditioii

muiiy of

you are


by Roderick C. Meredith

A I N I I ' I AS
. i t m;ty be, mtich as we
hire to ;idinit it, God's ministers
have coiiie to realize that there
;ire many individtials physically m i o n g
God's people who ;ire spiritiially not 01
God's church. 'Ihcy ;ire progressing to\vard :I ccrt;iin destination-[lie
/&e of

'This coiil~ieasily include Y O L ~ !

Ikfore yoii were biiprized ;ind bcgiin
1)tiililiiig ;I Christian character, you
shollld h;l\T s;1r down t o c-o//?/tthe cost
Jesus said i n Luke 14:25-33. H e
s a i r l y o t i kvc1-e LO I{JVC G o d more than
i i i z ~ '~ / ~ ~ , + i / ~ ~ -youe \ ~ eo nw n wife--and
more tli;in j o / / r . O W I I /ifc d r o (verse
2 6 ) . Hc concludcd by snyiily,, " S o liker he be of yoii that fors:Iketh I i o t //ll thc/t /,c h / / t h rI1e c:illll<)t be






Hxve you re~dll forsnken ALL that

you hnve? Do you really consider that
y o u r life 1 1 0 longcr belongs to j'o/t, but
to (htt-to
do w i r h :is HL,wills?
There is no use "kidding" yourself.
Sonic. o f ~ I N I new converts-and
\ v h o hnvc been irr Criuou,q God's people
have IC A R N A L
for j c L / r i ' / / i d ~ / K still
i i i i n d ! It's time for c ~ r nGod's people
t o w ' i k - c , / / / I , Now let nie cxp1:iin.
I A e Corinthian Church

Among the strongest :ind niost correctiw epistles t h a t the apostle Pall1
\\'rote \vere his n v o letters t o the Corinthims. He ;icldressed them ;IS the
"<:hurch o f ( h d " ( 1 Cor. 1 : 2 ) , yet he
s;iid "there ;ire c.o/itc/itiom :inlong y o u ' '
( verse I I ) . Sonic \\'ere following one
i i ~ i o i iiiste;icl of (:tii<is.i'. Others \\,ere
f c ) I low i n,g o t h e r / i / c / / .
Ikcause thcy liked i ~ / c , / i ' I p:/ instead of (:hrist, becnuse they h;id :I spirir
of c o ~ z i c i i i i o io~r dir,iit/ii/ij/itaboiit inany
things, ;ind becnusc. they h;id not f i i l l ~ ,
S L ~ l < l < l ~ N l ) l t~ol ~(;or/
l ~ l ~ ;ind the guidance
of His Spirit, Paul could not write to
t l l C 1 l l ;Is he \vollld t o f u l l y converred,
spiritu;illy minded people. Instead, he

said, "And 1, brethren, could not speak

unto yon as unto spiritual. but as unto
c ~ i w d ,even as unto bdws in Chri.rt"
( I Cor. 3:I 1 .
And tliar is tlie C X C ~ C ~oiiilitioii
some of yoti who now read what I
Many o f y o u still look on things
from the point Of View Of a CARNAL
mind. You have seen niticli of the truth
as a correct argument, and you have
gone along with it and been baptized.
But when a particular truth is applied
ro j'on,, you often resist I t
;tnd stick to your o w n way.
As inany have indicated by their L I C tioti.i-wliidi
speak louder than words
-they want to go along with God and
His chiitch "up t o a point." And w / ~ i


t l l ~ tp i l i t (11;it

t l i e y ;LIT


willing to give up?

T h e answer is S E L F ! That big part of
they still think is prerry good, after
;ill, and that they never Iea-ned to hilt[,,
t o REPENT of, and to BIiRY in baptisni.
All this may b c rcvciilecl wlieii ;I siruation arises where the human .relf has
to be denied in order to obey God. Perhaps a couple has to split up in ordei~
to obey God's conimandment against
' i d i / / i w y . Maybe a man has to give up
h i s life-long job in order to fully keep
God's weekly iiizil L E ~ N sabbaths.
L ~ ~
It might be that someone in the
church has been given a n h o n o r o r position that yo// thought I.o"-your
have. O r perhaps you thick
God's in i n i w r r has "offended" you in
sollle way.
Suddenly, your " s p i r i t d " attitude
we find that yours was
only a .r//rfuc, conversion--at least .ro f.r
that you have surrendered to
God only ?/,&I t o i/ poilit. Th r Jn y o ~ iforget nboiit God's conditions of totiil .rmr w d c r . and y o ~ i began setting forth
conditions that God and His Church will
liave to meet in order to keep in J ' O I I V
good graces.

You will often begin t o mc.i/.re one of

God's ministers and perhaps compare
him unfavorably with another minister.
In your mind, and in your words, yoti
will rry t o create .iider. You will have
the s;inie ci/rua/, c o n t e n t h i s spirit that
some of the people a t Corinth had. You
m a y begin to jrtrlg~,o r /iCci/.re othersforget the
often God's minister--and
fact that God i.r 1o n r JIJDGE, that Chiiri
is the living H e d o f God's church, and
that God's ministers are responsible to
3 011, and that He ~ i d li i i k e
rmre of


Real Examples

These attitticks just described are just

sample of the kind of carmd ways that
some of mrl--pcrh:ips n r i t l i o r i t re;iIiziiig
M!en into. Unless these attit d e s are L . ~ ~ ~ ? ? ~ C ~ - - K E P E N of-they
will lcad to death in the lake of f i ~ ,
And we in God's ministry KNOW
rhat inany of you clear brethren whom
we /ow r e q i i m c / 3 are in such a spiritiiiil srate irr rhi.1 r c r j , ?~ioiiie?zt.
Our lob
is t o ~ I ' L W IyoLi-to
help you C H A N G E
before it's I O O licte.
Following :ire wnie examples o f the
c.~iru'// minded atrittide some of 3 (ii/
have. Read these carefully and apply
them t o 1 o//r.relf--not C ~ Jtlie oLIier fela


As Paul \vrote tlie people in God's

blc. church a r Corintli: "Exnniine
wliether 1 L' be in the faith;
prove ~ ' o i c i .o w n . r e / ~ ' ~ . rKnow
ye not
your own selves, how tliiit Jcstis Christ
is in you, except ye be reprob;ites?" (11
(:or. I 3 : 5. i
A very coninion fault in many brctliren, particularly those \rho are older and
have absorbed more of his wor1J.r religions, is that they tend t o keep their
O ~ M Z standard of right and wrong-and
view everything from that standpoint.
O f t e n t h e y r e n d to look down upon otliers i n the church who don't go by their
o\vn h / / i i ~ ~ /moral
code. They forget

Page 2 1

sin is rhc tr:insgrcwion o f <,(J(/'I

I <'eli/cr/ /iiii,-iiot
/ J / / W ~ / I / ide:is :ind i m q in ;I t io 11.


M:iny of y o u are going t o wonder if

people in Gorl'.r chcirch could ever be

The point t o remcwihrr i s th:it G o d ' s

Isn't it 1xc.iiise y o u h;ive never fully
true church is a spiritiid organism, not
!//rrci/(/ei.cdyour wi// t o Goci. Isn't i t
;I visible, fleshly body of people. It is
because yoii arc stubbornly hanging on
composed o f the begotten sons of God
t o part of yoiir olci s1<i.I:-perhaps
-those who are LEI) by the Spirit of
rdigio//.l p r t . tlie p a r t y o u s t i l l think i s
God ( Rom. 8 : I 4 ) .
prettl , y o ( i ( / . the part y o u never L - I . N ~ . ~ ~ ~ P L / B u t God's true sons, meeting together
;ind 13tl1<liil) witli ( h i s t in baptism!
t o carry out the mission of His church,
( Romans 6 :.?-O. )
have / d i ~ ,.rqhad ;lniong them some who
Do you renlizc t h a t one i n the a t t i were iiot fztllj, i-oizi'crteil--who
tude I have described i s setting himself
CA1INAI.-minded. And it seems that even
"1-7 :is the jcir/<yc of Jesiis Christ and
of those who were really converted,
condemning the pc,r.fcrt /ifo t h a t Christ
son1e woLlld always fall away.
As mentioned before, Paul addresses
Anyone in t h a t ;tttitudc is rcjcrtiiig
First Corinthians t o the "clitircli of God"
the perfect e . ~ ~ r t i / pthat
/ ~ Jesus set for 11s.
;it Corinth. Yet he imiiiediately shows
Perhaps \vithoiit realizing it. he is setthat some of the phj.ricd members of
ting himself u p ;IS wiser t h a n GOI) A I . the group were C A R N A L ( I Cor. j:1 ) .
Pni11 could also see the cmmd tencleiicy even in some of the elder.r a t
Compare with Christ
Ephesus, and he warned: "Also of p i i r
Too m;iny people forget tli;it Chriit
oziw .relws shall inen arise, speaking perset the o n l y pcrfcc-t ex;uiiplc, and th,ir
verse things, t o draw away disciples
we should compare o u r ideas with Hi!
after them" ( Acts 20: 30 ) .
teaching ; i d His ex;imple before we
condemn others. T h c t r u t h ,,f the t n n t
Tile Parable of the 'Ten \'irgin5
rer i s t l i x Jesus-it he were now living
I n tlie parable o f the ten virgins ( M a t .
in the flesh-woiild
be ;I , y w l i t dic'ip25 : 1- I3 ) , Jesus showed the F E A R F U L
,boi/it>t/(>n/t t i m:my so-cnllcd "C:hriscondition God's people will be in when
rims" today. for He n.ould n o t follow
He returns!
/heir ideas ;it ,111.
Notice that irll o f the virgins (ChrisJesus said th:it iii:in s l i o i ~ l ~I l I V F / I ]
tians) started out with oil in their lamps.
c 2 e l ) 11,ord of C ; r d ( 1.11ke 4 : . 1 j , YOll'Ci
But the i(' virgins took extra oil.
better find y o u r idc,is in the cle:ir teachThey took extr'r pains to continually reings ,ind examples of the 13ible before
ceive more of God's Spirit, syriibolized
y o i i try t o i m p o x them on otliers.
by the oil.
Some p ( ~ ) p I c . ii:ive grown bitter o r
But the unwise virgins didn't groii*
hC1\'egone off into s i n because they
sp i r i tiiall y . They were .t clf -.r'bti.i fie(/ and
looked t o / J / / J / / ' / I / cximples. i%ny times
rpiritcctrllj prvitd.
I h ~ v ehe,ird the r e m i r k , "Well, if o ~ i e complnceiit-perhaps
They weren't hni?geriiig and thirstiiig
Of [ l i e l l / ~ / / ~ l ~ C ' C:lIl
J ' l do thdf ( WhZlt f / ? L , )
tor righteousness. They rhought they
m,iy thivh i s ~ r o n )g, t h e n I cxn surely
noiild "get by all right."
do /hii" ( n.hnt ( , ' r i d s:iys i s S I N )
When they came t o enter into the
H.ive yoii ever Iienrd talk likr t h a t ?
iiiuringe supper, the Lord said: "I K N O W
I t iii;ittci-s n o t \vherher o r not the iiiinWHY!

isicr iniglit be setting ;I p l y L ~ l .example

in w e r y case. yo11 'ire t o o l i c , ~( ; o i ) . i n d t o
follow C'/irii/'I cx;implc. C:omp,~rcp o u r self w i t 1 1 l / i i / / .
God's People C:;ir!i:il ?

Lung tlic. rc:il 01- imnginecl f,lults of

others ;IS ,111 cxciise for J O / / / . S I N is ;I
pr;ictice t h a t will lexi t o y o u r l.oir'i/i,tili/iitioii. I t is the a t t i t u d e o f ;I C A I I N A I
in incl.

Y O l r NOT."



Each o n e of yo11 had better "exnniine"

yourself in the light of these facts. It
nintters not how long ~ O L I t/Jiizb you
have been converted-1bi.i
ii1e1m.r j oci!
Remember t h a t \ve are cominanded
in grace and knowledge ( I1
Peter j : I8 ) . Yoii intist continLially drink
in m o r e of God's Spirit to groii,-md
become .spirit/iiill? minded.
t o GROW

A .rpiritiial mind will be willing t o

iiilnLit error and chiiizge. It will ~ r o i "
into neii' tr/tth.
people loise God's
law, and "NOTHING shall offend them"
( Psalms 1 19: 165 j . They will not be
continually getting their "feelings" hurt
by God's minister o r by others, and they
will w i t lo1.e this prcreiit i m v l d l ~ . r p f e w ( James 4 :4 ) .
O n the other hand, the rrrrrzisl-minded
person is easily upset by anything and
everybody. He is not looking to Christ
-but t o iiieri'.i pertoizs. Naturally he
will find fault.
H e is always quick to "stumble" on
real or imagined stumbling-block,
becausc inste;ici of pi(
remained :I spiritual "babe" with a cr~riziil
in ind .
H e will accuse ;ind find fault especially with God's work and His niinisters-and
will try t o f i i i d hi.r ii'a)
mvmail the li2ii. of G o d m i l t h e g o w t w
iiiciit of God in the Ciiiirch.
I n his presrncc-. :I converted person
tisually senses that lie must be careful
to ;ivoid an "argiinient" or "hurt feelings." The carnal mind is stubborn. unyielding, selfish.

Paul a.rote: "The

q against God: for

c ' r i . / i ~ i /mind


it i s nor subject to

the I z i o~ f~ God. neither indeed can be. So

then they t h a t ;ire in the flesh ( ~ . i i ~ . i ? ~ i /
~ i i i v d e d1' c . ( i $ j t z o / please God" ( Rolii;l11s

H:7-8J .
And wh,it is the fate of such incli-

They h;id run o u t o f oi/-oLit

G'od'? Spirit! They h a c l n ' t been g ~ ~ i z ~ , i i ~ g
"For t o be ~ . ' I I . / / L / / / J i / / / m / e i /i s 1)EAI'H"
spiritually. They still had to be reg;irded
6 ).
:IS c:Al~NAI.-iiiiiided - as "babes in
May God help d l o f y o i i t o hone5rly
Christ" ( I Cor. 5: 1 ) .
"examine yourselves" and repeizt and
Y e s , there have ~ r / w q . r been the
,yrow \vliere God's \vord slio\vs yoii
t w o r1i.ititzc.t classes of people ,il,iLhiii the
ri.iiDlc church o f God. One

IS going into

t h e kingdom. T h e other is not.

c/o Y O l i

stand i n God's sight!


Make sure
Chu r (:I1 .


:ire re'r//1 in God's

The G O 0 0 NEWS

Page 2 2

Christ Did Put Authority

and RULE in His Church
6,the ;ipostles x i d elders a t Jer~isalem
canie together t o consider the matter.
Verse 7, there was first much disputing. This should be trmslated discussion. The Greek word, used nowhere
else in the Bible, is, defined
;IS i jojrit ~eekitig.
Ihcn Peru iose tip. Notice how Gu1)s
hand is s h o w n : GoI) inade choice
,iniong US . . . and Gon . . . bare them
witness, gi\ring them (Gentiles) the
Holy Spirir; . . . Now therefore, why
tempt ye tiui), t o put a yoke upon the
neck ( i f the disciples! Peter pointed
only t o / h e rimill of GOD!
Then Jnmes, pastor of the Headquarters (:hurcIi. mxle the decision ciffici:il
, ~ n dI ~ I N I ) I N (on
; earth, as Peter hnd made
plnin it \ w s in Iieaven. He said: Sinieon
( Peter ) h;ith declared how GOD did
visit the Gentiles . . . and t o this agree
the \vords of the prophets ( appe;il to
Chi)s W o r d ) . . . Wherefore m y sentence i s . . . tIiereupon stating the offic i ii 1 decision.
W h e n Gods ;ipostle and ministers
come together today to consider ;I matter
in question, the procedure is the same.
First there is the appeal t o God t o reveal
His will, :ind guide us th at the decision
will be HIS,not ours. Then there is the
discussion. This is an earnest .reeki?ag f o r
111 I ~ C fuc.i.i
bearing on the question.
Quite often, in our own minds, w e
feel t h a t the decision is going t o be just
tlic opposite o f what it finally ttiins o t i i
t o be, under Gods guichnce. W h e n w e
c;ime together t o learn and clecide
Lvliether to continue the policy of establishing grade and high schools, or
\vhether t o close tip the one then already
started ;it Glackw:itm-, during the first
h o u r o r two o f tlie discussion nearly all
of 11s believed the decision was going
t o be t o close L I P the 011e school 2i11d
r cstablish another. I h t after adjourning t o pray over it further and sleep
over it, we ciiiie together tlie next day
.tnd it W A S clearly revenled t o all that
C;od hiis given His Chtirch responsibility
t o feed the flock--and t h a t this includes
the children.
I n pi c.1-1 instance where Gods minis

January, 1 0 5 7

ha.! existcil j i - o m [he begi?ini?Lg. and as

that law applies t o the specific question,

that is the ruling. Thats WHY it is bound
in heaven! All that we are led to pronounce and rule in such an event is
what hu.r breu Gods Law on the point
f i o i i i Cre:irion.

ters in this Philadelphia erii of the

Chiirch have come together to make a
Is CHRIST Able to R u l e ?
ruling, our minds have been put in c o n plete accord. There is no voting. But if
The government in the Church is tlie
there were a secret ballot, i t would be
government of GOD, thru Christ, the
found that God has led us and made
living HEADof the Church. Gods min11s unaniniotisly of one mind. In no sense
isters ure yielded, stibmissivr to Goos
do I, as the senior ranking minister, imwill.
pose any decision of mine o n the other
W e ministers know that we serve a
ministers. In every instance the decision
dynamic, living, all-powerful supernatuhas been ;is niuch their definite convicral GOD! We fenr t o disobey, or t o fail
tion as mine.
to be submissive. W e h o w well what
There has never been ;I dissenting
would happen to LIS i f we should ever
voice -never a doubt i n a n y o f o u r
permit self-will to sway u s in any deciminds in regard to tlie final decision.
of this Church.
sion. CHKISTis the HEAD
This very fact is proof that i t is //w and it is CHRISTSresponsibility, m t
/taint/ of ChviJf. thru the H o l y Spirit. It
JOZY.~, to use His supernatural miracleis proof t h a t this is GODSChurch-that
working POWER,if necessary, t o see that
i t is led, not by the will of men, but
HIS decision is faithfully rendered.
R I I L E D zind directed hy Gon. Thc finnl
You dont need to play detective to
ruling is ~ z o to//r.i-IT IS GODS.
find out Hhether we ministers are honest.
Therefore the final ruling b:coiiies
impartial, wholly submissive to GODS
;I ciefinite, specific T I ~ I T SS A I T H THT:
I?, i!l
and gL;ic!.unce \viien lve conic toLORD. It becomes LAW! On these quesgether to render a decision. 7huts
tions, stich as the use of make-up, where
CHRISTSre,spomzbzlity, Do you think
the Bible is sufficiently vague and lackHe is capable o f handling it: We ~ ~ z o I ~ ~
ing in direct specific teaching that lay
H e is! Christ RIirm His Church. H e
members disagree, Gods Headquarters
R U L E S U.!.
Chtirch DEFINES the Liw of God, as it
HOW F A R Does Church Rule
covers this case by the very P i u N c i P i . E
of the Law-by
its SPIRIT, where i t had
not previously been covered by its letter.
Finally, if there still be any suspicious
Once so defined, i t becomes ;I definite.
of Christs ability t o rule, o r to control
specific THLiS SAITH T H E 1,ORD on the
His ministers rhru whom H e rules, such
:I one might ask: Well, where is this
thing of defining sin, or ruling on stich
Jesus Christ plainly said to His minisquestions, going to stop?
ters in His Headquarters Church: WhatT h e iinswer is that it is the function
soever thoti shalt bind on earth shall be
bound in hcavcn: iind whatsoever thou
of Crocis Headquarters Church to render
such a definition and ruling o t d j , when
shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in
those questions arise which actually beheaven. However, i t must be, and is,
;I ruling that comes actually j r o i t ~Christ,
gin to ~ h t e i i ~ tmo divide the Church.
When that happens, Gods ministers
the Head of the Church. CHRIST RIJLES
liave an obilgation to meet together and
It is never n matter of Gods ministers
appeal t o our Head, Christ, / o Jrttle the
i.i.iz/e according to HISwill, before it c n n
deciding whnt we, as humans, think is
right, and [hen imposing o w beliefs or
spread into actual open division.
Brethren, i t is becausc \re did not 3s
views on the other members. It is a
yet ourselves fully comprehend this
matter of GOD,tlirti Jestis Christ, lcaili?ig
thru His Holy Spirit those in the Church
working of GODSGOVERNMENT in His
that are the ELDERSto understand what
Clitircli. and because no such authority
is GODSLAW on the question. It is
was exercised i n the pnrent church at
Eugene, Oregon, that a division caine
always the LAW 01: GOD, n.r that Lnzu

.ibout which did split the Church there.

11 whoin we loved ;tnd Ii;d served
in love for y e u s turned bitterly against
us nnd left the Church. T H A T M U S I
11 t t A P P i ; N A G A I N . If some one
trouble-maker :ippears, bent on attracting :I following and dividing the Church
with s o n w wrong doctrine o r idea, we
shnll obey Gods Word in the exercise
of His government, and IILLIYRthd p e r J o u . and, :is h i 1 commnnded in I Cor.
5 : 15, put away from ourselves that
wicked person.
Does Gods R I I I . L < in His Church give
ministers authority t o intervene even in
:iffairs of the pcr.romr/ life o f members?
h e answer is, YES, but of course r.arel1,.
and o n l y in extreme c;ws where this is
necessary. P;iuI said, this we commanded y o u , thrit if ;tny w o ~ i l d not work,
neither should they ext. For we hear
that there are some which wiilk m i o n g
yoii disorderly, working not :it ;ill, but
;ire busybodies. ( 1 1 Thes. -3: 10-11 ) .
Tlut is ,I coiiiiii;incl t h a t the CIitirch is
to coiiiiiixnd such t o work, and if they
clo not. t o take from them dl aid given
by the Church t o help fcccl them.
<;ad's ininisrers :\w required t o use
wisclom ;ind judgment, and they :ire
never going ro interfcre in private lives
uinltrss licit. i b ;I ~ ~ I I ~xI i~s Fo n .

ly ministry, when many of His disciples

went back, and walked no more with
Him. Then Jesus turned to His chosen
twelve, and said: Will ye also go
awny, *
How about JoN. Will yoti withdraw
from Gods true Church, because God
does not allow you to decide WHAT to
the LAW comes from
GOD,even applications of i t from God
thru His CHIJRCH?
Or will you answer,
as did Peter:
Lord, to ii,honi shrtll i i e go? THOLI
hast the words of eternal life.
Yes, t o iohon~.then-or
C H U R C H - S ~ ~ you
~ ~ go? W h e r e, today, d o you find the words of Eternal
TRUE GOSPEL proc1;iimed in
POWER around the world-the
sick being healed, lives being changed and
nlade like God?
It does seem to those o f u s on the
INsiwi., enjoying the WAIIMIH of Gods
love, and the joys of His blessings, that
it must be a mighty dreary, cold, empty.
:!nd spiririially L U N ~ L Ylife o n the oiit-

no place to turii-no
ministers t o call as God commands when
you o r your children are sick-no
but the pagan hostile WOIII.I) t o find
W h a t is i t that c u t s men off from
God? It is REHELI.ION--and that alone!
Rebellion against GODSauthority! How
may such be rt.romiled to God--,~e~tored
to HIS fellowship and that of HIS
in CHRIST as S:iviour-by
praying as
David did in the S l s t Psalm-asking
God very humbly to have mercy and
renew LI right .spirit within
restore the Holy Spirit, and the
JOY of Gods salvation. Then shall such
a one be restored into the fellowship of
Christ--and of His CHIIRCH!
May God help every one of u s to
UNDERSTAND. and to H U M B L E ourselves
before God-to
remove all wanting our
own way-all
V A N I T Y and contrary
spirit!--and fill 11s with H I SLOVE, that
we may enjoy permanently that RAKE
blessing o f dwelling together in I T N I T Y !

WHAT the Church Ruled

on Make-up and WHY?

Whe:-e 1l:x Will You G o ?

If wc tninisrcrs .ire n o t C i o c t s O W I I
c h o s r n elders in His true Cliiirch, :uid
///id (r Hi.!Coittro/ in the ndministration
of His government i n the Church, then
h o w do we :iccoiiiit for the tremendous

No, iiiost women will say: I wear i r

look nice-or
t o avoid offense.
They SAY i t in words that sound harmless. H u t GOD KNOWS Y O l l R HEARTS
better than you do-and HE knows that
this work, nnd the overthe heart of women, as well as men, is
I N G S l;ivislieJ on us by
1)FCElTFIIl~ ahoi,e dl tbiiigr. and desperately wicked. And H e asks: W h o
One. iinhappily i i o longer in the
ciin know it! ( J e r . l 7 : O ) . Y e s , the
feilo\vship of Gods begotten children,
inner intents of the heart often dec
w y s : I agree with ;ill yoti teach, r x w p /
its owner.
in this ni.itter o f Church government,
T o WHOM does this woiiiaii wish to
. i n d tlic ruling o n lipstick. Well then.
look iiict.!--ro
Gon! No, for t o GuI)
do you know of some other (:liurch
. i h looks like ;i pai?itcrl, utificid PROS. all these TIIIIIHS. and is
fultilling the propliccy o f Mar. 2.4: 14
To W H O M do y o u wisli t o l o o k iiice?
c,irrying o u t the Commission o f Christ
Well, the aver;ige woiiian might
t o ;ill the uorl~l--preachii~~the I I < ~ ~ I < reply, to other people.
( osi>i:1.-\v\icre
tlie sick .irca hring
Y e s , but to w h t othcr pcoplc? To thc
ii1ir:iculoiisly l,L,iilL,il-be;irinS
all tliese
people of G o I t t I i e Church brethreiic
1.111 ITS of tlie true (:liiirch, ;ind which
No, because they are obedient t o Gocld s o xpprows o f p;iinted f;ices and opcrthey have stopped using i t they have
.:tes without m y governincnt?
the miid of and see yo11 ;is HI!
There \\.is ;i time. during Jesus ea-tlidoes!

You see, when we pin i t d o w n , the

woman w h o wears it to look nice is
trying to look nice to THE WORI-I)!She
is trying to c m f o r v i t o this ii,orlil-to be
L I K E the world-and
Gorl briini1.1 t h k ~i.1
i1 sIN!-Ronians
12 : 2.
Women do NOT 1i;ive to be like the
world in ways that triinsgress the spirit
of Gods L;Lw! They do NOT have to
wear lip-stick or other make-up, any
more than men have to break the Sabbath!
Worldiness is conforming t o the world
i n ways that transgress the letter or the
spirit of Gods La\\,. Wearing make-up
is \vt,ilclliiie~s--aiid T H E BIBIJ; brands
worldliness ;IS S I N !
Y e s , i r is either VANITY, or it is com
forming to the world! I t is

And Gods people



put away

their sins.
CHRIS? l i d


t o shed His prccious

His wonderful, perfect
7 1 i ~ i 7 2 1 of

?,o// I L I J V I C ~hZm e

I'axe 2.t

The GO011 NEWS

Those yirlAec1 t o t h e C H R I W w h ) p i J

Your Decision

1here is so much more that could be

s a i d on this subject that I cotild go o n
. i i i d on ; i n J fill 100 pages! But I think
[hii /.I c~iio/i,qhlEvery ~voiii:uiwho wants
t ii ;i t deceit f III ness : i d w ick ed ness removed from her heart is going to remove
t h r physic:il colored dirt from her fncc,
once ;ind for all!

sic11 a PRICE for this very cleansing

will need no inore. Those not so yielded
\vould not repent and let the precious
blood of Christ cleanse them, and their
faces, tliougli I write ten thousand pages!
God lays down the LAW. God tells LIS

J a n u a r y , 1957

sin. :1nd He tells L I S that this

w i n llse of facial Inake-up i.r SIN!
H u t God leaves i t to Y O L ~ t o decide
i i ' h r , / l i e i . t o ohey' You :Ire 3 free iiior:11
'igent. That decision is now YCIIIR R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y ! V("i;lt :ire 1 O N going t o
do with it!
\&'HAT is

COMING AGAIN the regular issue of The GOOD NEWS

rolls off the press!


E HAVE just closed one o f the

most fruitful years in the history of this work. W e have clear
historical records of the condition of
God's work, through human instruments,
going back as far as 400 years. */'here
har wz'e~
hceii, in all that time. a period
o f such blessing.
Brethren, God's work is growing like
the proverbial grain of must;ird seed!
pis: j.i.2;; 2!<;z: C L ! :;:
up seven new churches in the United
States and one in England. This is
time o f rejoicing!
I n addition t o the new churches, we
now have the largest student body at
Ambassador College that we have ever
students. W e have acquired
ndditional properties sufficient t o take
care of the much needed expansion for
years t o come. Each year we have an increase of qualified men and women
grx1u;t~irigi i r i d beiiig used iii this great
work of God's Church. Elders are being
ordained. ministers arc being ordained,
and cvang-Iistic campaigns ai-e going
forth with the true message of the Kingdoni of God to the major cities of
Amcrica and England.
God has called ;ind has had bxptized
i n t o His Clitircli ;in increase of new
incinbcrs this past year of over 15';.
All of these new members will now be
receiving the G 0 0 1 ) NEWS niag'm. n. e .
We l i ~ c l hoped thm o u r supply of
back issues of T h e GoOD NEWS magazine would be sufficient r o send each
new member at least :'
copies. But
(iur supply has been ex!i;Lwtcd nnd we
v;ere not able t o sc~,id b,ici\ copies to

T I .


more than two-thirds of the new m e n bers.

In our efforts t o get the P L A I N I R C n i
magazine out each month this past year
( incidentally, this was our first year to
publish The P L A I N TRUTH magazine
for every month without a combined
issue since this gospel publisliing work
began ) , and with the increased drain
o n Mr. Arnistrong's time we have lim+ , j :!Ic. , . . : ! - . I ; : .:I::::;
e, ~!-!>e(;()OD NEQ,S.

Now! Once again we are coming

into position where we can publish n
regular issue of The GOOD NEWS. Thls I S
the first o f an anticipated long series
of regular publications of this nizigazine
f o r the members o f His Church.
For those of yoti who have missed
o u t on the supply of back issues, take
comforr in die knowledge thxt 1 OI/ wi/i
receive this magazine from this time
forward. N o r have yoii lost out on the
buck issues eiiiirely. All o f rlie most
vital rind the m o s t iinporrmt articles,
t h t have been published in The GOOD
NEWS, ri ill he i e i i ~-itt~,/z
j o / I c i i / i l l 111eat.
new issues.
Remember your part in God's w o r k
consists o f constant prayer and support
in tithes and offerings. Remember to
pray t h a t God will make it possible for
The C i o o D NEWTS magazine to come off
the press regu1:irly. This is the only way
niany of you brethren have access to
the knowledge o f what God is revealing
for His Church in these last days.
They need your prayers. W e need
your prayers-God's
Ch~ircliis :I C l i ~ ~ r c h
dependent wholly on His-God'sanswers t o our prayers.