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Nov 10 2014

Mayor Gregors Secret Union Deal and The Way Forward

On October 14th 2014 Councillors Geoff Meggs, Raymond Louie and two Park Board
commissioners were sent as envoys by Mayor Gregor Robertson to city of Vancouver outside
workers, local union office 1004. A union member boldly made a recording of the transaction
between several politicians representing the Vision party of vancouver. It shows the clear
acceptance of $102,000 for personal favours with our money. It breaks public trust in
government and indicates how the Mayor could also be operating with developers.
Politicians exchanging vote support and money in any way, to influence new or existing
contracts - for, against or to abstain, is not only wrong, but it is an unacceptable insult to our
collective intelligence. One can check the criminal code of Canada 121-125 for confirmation
that such activity is highly questionable, contrary to the personal views of some.

Many Union workers that I have spoken to on the streets for over a year also support the fight
for openness and honesty at city hall and feel betrayed by the Mayor. Vision has run the city
so badly that they are reducing services and Union jobs. We must stop granting what appears
to be granting of ongoing unallowed benefits and city owned assets to supporters of the
Mayor. It is time for Mayor Robertson to finally explain what happened at 1004 rather
than run away from it.

The Way Forward
In order to end lawsuits against the city, Vancouver needs a modestly staffed
1) anti corruption/integrity office,
2) lobbyist registry,
3) low fixed donation limits and an
4) ombudsman.
These are basic security features called for by Transparency International. We need to cut our
communications office staff from 33 to 3. We must increase our development fee revenue
from the largest developers which will enable us to increase our annual revenue by 30%.
Then we can begin to pay off our $700+ million debt and improve all services. It is time to
end Robertsons slow bankruptcy of Vancouver.

We must insist on Canadas best hospitals, best public school system, best equipped fire
services & policing service according to expert determination and community wishes. We
must fight for the weakest in society as well as the middle class. We must provide better
amenities, better funded community centres and more pools. We must improve our
transportation system, we must build more rental and low cost housing funded by the new
wealth from waves of luxury towers the largest builders are screaming for. Lets move forward
together for the people that live and work here. It is time to say Yes we can!

Save your city. Vote mixed slate Nov 15, 2014.

Thank You and Good Luck Vancouver
Glen Chernen - 2014 Vancouver Council candidate
Leader of Vancouver Cedar Party

Issues Uncovered by Glen Chernen In The Past Year.
5 East 8th Avenue, $1 million option sold for 1 dollar to Mayors campaign supporter.
Details were hidden from voting council members. Approved unanimously.
Aquatic Centre demolition plan priority of Mayors office. Not approved yet.
1390 Granville Street discreetly offered for sale including secret plans for untendered
contract of construction for a new multi million dollar aquatic centre to winning bidder.
(Identity of winning bidder is not public) Sale subject to council approval.
CD-1 development land given away at Oakridge to a major campaign supporter of the
Mayor for nearly nothing. It was done without valuing the debt and without discussion
or disclosure of the real asset loss, which is estimated at $75 million. Approved but
could be overturned.
The largest value residential development project ( by Westbank) in Canada was
approved without a current market value appraisal performed by the city to aid in
negotiations. If the City of Vancouver did one then they hid it and made misleading
declarations to several investigators including the OIPC and RCMP. Over $100 million
more should be obtained if properly calculated. Should & could be overturned still.
That the city manager has stated Vancouver will likely subsidize construction of a
private underground heating distribution system owned by Mayor Robertsons

campaign supporter (Westbank), underneath Broadway if the Broadway subway is

approved. Robertson supports subsidizing this heating system of his supporter.
A city manager (Jerry Dobrovolny) assisted in the promotion of the Oakridge towers
redevelopment by being a keynote speaker at a catered open bar party hosted by
Westbank Projects and Ivanhoe Cambridge Malls 6 weeks prior to approval by
the unbiased Vision Council and Mayor. Event held at Yaletown restaurant.

Glen assisted others in
Uncovering 1400 block Howe Street sale (city owned land) without competitive public
bidding to developer (Westbank). Sale price undisclosed. Unanimously approved by
all parties.
Uncovering the City of Vancouver Lawyers making a unilateral election sign rule
change allowing all other parties to put signs on city owned land in the last week of
the election after the Mayor had been found contravening the regulations since the
beginning of the election. Glen Chernen refused to contravene the rules and called
CoV out on their unilateral decision. The City of Vancouver then changed their legal
opinion and public statement within 60 minutes.
Assisting in numerous ongoing issues concerning the stability and balance
sheet of Vancouver which will deeply impact on your future taxes and quality of
More to come.