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Travel Management Services RFP

3 Service Specifications
3.1 Scope of Services
Suppliers must be capable of meeting or exceeding the following service level specifications:
Dedicated account manager and/or customer service team
24/7/365 telephone, online, and email capability for making reservations and updating itineraries
Real-time electronic travel alerts to cell phone, email
Unused ticket tracking
Airline tickets sent in e-ticket form
Ability to email agents to make reservations and update existing itineraries
Provide lowest airfare, car, and hotel rates consistent with our travel policies
Clearly identify our preferred vendors as such in the GDS
Provide us with discounted preferred rates based on volume commitments realized through other
Provide training session(s) for the online booking tool
Reporting requirements:
At a minimum, the following reports should be distributed on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis:
travel overview including fees paid to supplier, top travelers, air usage and total spend, hotel usage
and total spend, car usage and total spend, booking method, unused tickets, and lost savings.
3.2 Travel Spend
The following is a representation, to the best of our knowledge and data of annual spend.
Air - $xxx
Car - $xxx
Hotel - $xxx
Total - $xxx
4 Supplier Questions
4.1 General
4.1.1 How many total customers do you have? What are your total sales? How many corporate clients do you
4.1.2 Which Computer Reservation Systems/Global Distribution Systems are currently utilized by your agency?
4.1.3 List the reservation options your company provides and detail the differences between them.
4.1.4 How are new traveler profiles generated by your agency? Please describe the procedure.
4.1.5 How will your agency transition our existing traveler profiles (currently use xxx via xxx) and how long will
4.1.6 How does your agency support 24-hour coverage for reservations (i.e. local branch office, call center,
4.1.7 Please describe how your agency would respond to inquiries/requests made during normal business
4.1.8 What types of executive or VIP services does your agency provide? Also, how does your agency know if
4.1.9 How does you agency control non VIPs using VIP privileges?
4.1.10 Does your agency provide customer satisfaction surveys? If yes, how are they handled, and are we able
4.1.11 How does your agency ensure that they are proactive in monitoring and communicating to our company
4.1.12 How would your agency handle travel itinerary changes/refunds/exchanges? (provide procedure)
4.1.13 Does your agency utilize an Internet based system for travelers to access their itinerary? Or are
4.1.14 What reporting system does your agency use?

4.1.15 What reporting options are available from your agency (i.e. online, emailed, etc)? Please list the reports
that will be available at no extra charge to us. Is on-line, on-demand reporting available or are reports sent
4.1.16 How often is the data updated for reporting purposes?
4.1.17 Please describe in detail the training options your company can provide.
4.1.18 Does your agency have a corporate hotel program? Provide details.
4.1.19 Does your agency have relationships with any airlines? Provide details.
4.1.20 Does your agency have negotiated rates with any car rental companies? Provide details.
4.1.21 Does your agency have any relationships with chartering aircraft? Provide details.
4.1.22 Does your agency have a department that specializes in group/meeting travel?
4.1.23 Please describe what security systems are in place to protect travelers credit card information as well as
4.2 Customer Service
4.2.1 Please describe how you propose to service our account (where the office would be located, hours of
operation, account rep, number of dedicated team members that would be made available to support our
4.2.2 How do you plan to support our locations in different time zones?
4.2.3 For this account, will your agency be handling all of the reservations internally or will any piece be
4.2.4 Is reporting available that would show exceptions to our contracts or corporate travel policies?
4.2.5 For online booking, can your agency provide a custom webpage or will reservations be made via a
4.2.6 Can your agency upload our travel policies, preferred supplier lists and contracts to the online booking
4.2.7 Will your agency provide training sessions for the online booking tool? Please provide details and any
4.2.8 Does your agency check Internet sites and Low Cost Carriers in addition to the GDS when checking
4.2.9 Will your agency guarantee that the lowest price for airfare has been booked?
4.3 Safety & Environment
4.3.1 What would be your agencys process for notifying travelers and our corporate if there was an emergency
(something that impacts existing itineraries)?
4.3.2 Does your company provide tracking of traveler's carbon emission footprint?
4.4 Cost
4.4.1 What times constitute after-hours?"
4.4.2 Will your agency retain travel commission income or rebates received, and will these be passed to us?
5 Supplier Cost Breakdown
5.1 Airline Transaction Fee (Phone)
5.2 Airline Transaction Fee (Email Requisition Form)
5.3 Airline Transaction Fee (Online Booking Tool)
5.4 Airline Award Travel
5.5 Car/Ground transportation/Hotel Only Transaction Fee (Phone, Online Booking Tool, Email Requisition
5.6 Implementation Fee Online Booking
5.7 VIP Transaction Fee (Airline)
5.8 VIP Transaction Fee (Car/Hotel Only)
5.9 24 Hour Reservation Fee - after normal business hours
5.10 24 Hour Reservation Fee - during normal business hours
5.11 Change Ticket Fee
5.12 Refund of Ticket Fee
5.13 Internet Reporting System
5.14 GDS Fee