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As an employee of Leeds City Council youll be right in thinking that
over the last three years, your job has got harder as there are fewer
of us left to do the work. You will most probably nd therefore that
the services that you provide to the people of Leeds are
over-stretched as the budget provision and resources for them have
decreased year on year whilst your workload hasnt. The pressure to
deliver our over-stretched services will most likely have a
demoralizing eect on the workforce. Not only that but we have
seen our Council Tax go up by almost 2% and many of us are having
to pay signicant rent increases too whilst the value of our pay has
been cut by some 18% since 2010 due to pay freezes and 1 year of
a measly 1% pay increase, yet we excellently supported the Local
Government national pay strike on July 10th for a 1 an hour pay
claim on all grades, but scandalously, our national leadership
postponed our October 14th strike day in favour of consulting us on
a proposal put forward by the Local Government Association that
is worse than the formal oer by the employer in March! You must
be fed up and angry.

Since 2010 the Labour led council has accepted 200million pounds worth
of cuts as part of the Tory-led Con-Dem Austerity programme rather than
making a stand to oppose them. Up to 2,000 jobs have gone in the last three
years predominantly through the Early Leavers initiative and we have seen an
endless amount of restructures that have seen some front-line services close.
But the impact of the accepted 81m (if not more) over the next two nancial
years up to 2016 will see a marked decrease in size of the Council, which could
see as many as between 1,400 and 1,600 posts go and more front-line services
disappear as well as a deterioration of your terms and conditions, which, if
accepted, will never be seen again. These changes are to implemented from
November 7th and include:
l Pay Protection is to be removed but some concessions for those on
existing pay protections based on the ballot outcome.
lThe Managing Workforce Change Policy will be withdrawn and replaced by
a Managing Sta reductions Policy where selection for redundancy will be
through a selection criteria; the 4 month supernumerary period will be
removed; all sta will just receive a 3 month notice period and redundancy
pay will be based on actual weekly pay rather than the statutory limit. The
Council will still be obliged to oering alternative employment and small
concessions will be based on the length of service in extending the
redundancy period up to 5 months pending the result of the ballot.
l Other proposals include exible working arrangements, reductions of
allowances for HMRC mileage rates for Casual Car Users and Essential Car
Users; and there will no longer be any free or subsidised city centre city
centre car parking rates, and the monthly charge per permit will reect the
market rate.
These proposals to changes in our terms and conditions are quite insidious as
what the employer is saying is if you dont accept the proposal representing
6m worth of cuts, these changes will be even worse representing 9m but
cannot rule out compulsory redundancies or anything else equally as dreadful
in the future as the austerity programme to drive down the conditions of the
working class is without end whilst the rich get richer.
As members of the 4 trade unions, Unison, GMB, Unite and UCATT we must
reject these proposals. We are weary with the situation we nd ourselves in
but Co-ordinated industrial action is the best way to defend our terms and
conditions and defend our jobs and services at the same time.
We must also reject the insulting national pay proposal to get strike action
back on the agenda. To strike on pay is about defending our jobs and services
as well. As you will know only too well, many of our services are under threat
and the families who need our services the most will suer if we do not make
a stand. The ght for better pay is the same ght to defend our terms and
conditions and jobs and services. This is the ght of our lives.