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Recent Projects:
Spring has seemed to finally arrived after what seems to have
been one of the longest winters in quite some time.
>> P
 hilip Ciampa
Promotional Coupons Meet Our Newest Member

>> P
 hilip Ciampa We are very pleased to announce that we have a new member
Promenade Show on Team Vario! Christopher Murray has joined us as our new
Director of Web Development. Christopher, a former Director of
>> A
 TS Tradeshow
Booth Design Technology at, has a B.S. degree in Information
Technology and brings 14 years of knowledge and expertise in
>> B
 luefin Technology the following areas:
Tradeshow Ad
>> Information Management
>> W
 histler House Museum
(Taxonomies and Infrastructure)
of Art Logo
>> C ontent Management Systems (CMS)
>> G
 onzalez Plumbing and >> D ocument Management Systems (DMS)
Heating Business Cards >> Intranets/Extranets
>> C
 helmsford Massage >> O pen-source Integration
Brochure Design >> L AMP Development

Christopher brings with him superior customer service skills and

Web: attention to detail on each project. He is also very experienced
with implementing CMS based sites (Content Management
>> P
 hilip Ciampa
Website Updates Systems) so that clients will have control over their own site and
>> C
 helmsford Primary Care
Christopher is currently working on familiarizing himself with current
projects and client sites that Vario Creative has created in the past
several years. We are transitioning over information from our past
colleague to Christopher so we will be able to move forward on
future projects.

Contact Information:
Christopher Murray, Director of Web Development
(508) 294-6732

Check out our blog at

Customer Spotlight: Chelmsford Primary Care
On the Calendar

What Is Vario Creative recently completed a new web site for Chelmsford

Primary Care ( The site was
designed to have a simple and easy to navigate look and

feel so that visitors would have access to the practice’s

How is your marketing calendar The existing logo, color palette and building signage provided us
coming along? When is your with the starting point that we needed to design a site that was
next mailer hitting your both visually appealing as well as informational to all visitors. Vario
customer list? Is your advertising Creative provided the client with several rounds of designs to
budget all set for the year? Do choose from and the final selection was a combination of those
you know exactly what you’ll be designs that were presented.
spending your marketing money
on this year? How about trade Vario Creative also redesigned Chelmsford Primary Care’s online
shows? Is there a plan in place forms in a PDF format so that patients are able to download and
for what events you’ll be taking fill out the information prior to their visit to the office. The goal here
part in this year and next? was to cut down on both patient waiting time as well as front desk
personnel work load.
Having a marketing calendar is
one of the best ways to
manage your marketing dollars.
Not only will it help you plan out
your year, but it will provide you
with the ability to focus on your
budget and what your com-
pany is planning on spending
this year.

Typically, it’s a good idea to

get a marketing plan in place
for the year ahead but it’s never
2 Meeti
ng Hous
Chelm e Road
Tel. (97 sford, MA
8) 256-5
522 • 01824
Fax (97
8) 256-5

too late if you’ve never done


Person Regist
al Info
rmatio ration
one. It will keep you focused, Last Na n
me: __
 Male __ _ First
Na me: __
organized and on track with Addres

City: __
_ Initia
l: ____
__ ______ ______ Status:
spending so that very few
______ ______ ___
Home __ ______ ____ ______
Phone ___ St ______
Number ate: __ _____
Work Ph :( ______
) ____-_ _____
one Nu ______ Zip: __

surprises come up!

mber: ( ___ ______
Date of ) ____-_ _
Birth: __ ______
____/__ ___
____ So
Physici cial Se
an Info curity Nu
rmatio mber: __
Who is n ______
your Pr _____
imary Ca

Check out the Vario Creative  Dr. W re Prov

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 Dr. Da
Employ hod

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Overall, the project provided the
format ddy
Employe ion
r: ____
Addres ______
blog) for more creative tips
s:_____ ______

client with a fresh, clean and __ __ ______

City: __ ______ __ ______
______ ______ ______
______ ______ ______
______ ______ _
______ ______
and tricks on how to get your branded look to their online
How did
______ you choose ou
______ __________ r office for yo
_ State
: ______
_ Zip:
______ __ ur ___
______ __________ medical care
business noticed by clients and ______ __
______ __________ __________

presence and coordination with

______ __ __
______ __________ _________
______ __
complet ______ ________
Chelm ______
potential customers.
sford Pr e this for ____
imary m within
Care, 2 days

their existing marketing materials.

2 Meeti and ret
ng Hous e urn to:
sford MA