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Beatrice Balado Salazar

July 20, 1997

San Isidro, Tayabas, Quezon
Civil Status: Single
Nationality: Filipino
Gender: Female
Mobile Phone: 09483952959
A former freelance researcher and Writer at Fab Media with demonstrate
expertise in software, editing, and a speaker in some seminars in journalism.

Educational Attainment:

Received a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

at System Technology Institute (STI)


Received a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication at

Southern Luzon State University.


High School graduate at Luis Palad National High School


Elementary Graduate at Tayabas East Central School-I


Scholar of Serbisyong Suarez Scholarship program

A Member of Association of Communication Students at Southern
Luzon State University.
8th placer on congressional writing contest
Seminars attended with a theme of : Tinta ang Sandata ,
Looking Beyond the Content Boses, Salita, Mikropono
MOVEQUEZON: Building Resilient Communities Through SocialMedia


Computer Literate

Softwares: Photoshop, Indesign , Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Fluent in English

Southern Luzon State University

College of Arts in Sciences
Lucban, Quezon

October 12, 2014

To whom it may concern,

Good day! Last Monday October 6, 2014 I was late at my 1st

subject English02 due of having a dysmenorrheal that I really cant handle.
Through this, I sincerely want to apologize for my absence. Dysmenorrheal is a
pain that every girls experiencing every month and with this I am looking forward
on your kindness. I wish you would let me to take a quiz that I missed and
accept my excuse.

I hope for your kindness.

Respectfully yours,

Beatrice B. Salazar

Beatrice B. Salazar
College Student
San Isidro, Tayabas, Quezon
October 12, 2016
Veronica N. Sanchez
General Manager, Green Fashion Fab Inc.
10 Apricot Green Highway, Manila City

Dear Madam,

I am a college student that really adores your products, youre so great in

designing those fabulous dresses, shirts and the rest were amazing. I really like
the red tube dress that really shows the curve of a slim lady. It is my dream to
have a closet with full of different kinds of clothes. I also dream to have a
convenient store for sewing materials. I do have plans in franchising your
products soon when I graduate. I already asked my parents about my plans
and they agreed as I showed them your products. They even offer me a
financial support for a start. So, I have this strange feeling to finally meet you and
to get a confirmation from you.
I wish you could help me with my plans to get my dreams come true. I
also hope you could inspire me with your greatness. Thank you.
Sincerely yours,

Beatrice B. Salazar

Beatrice B. Salazar
College Student
San Isidro, Tayabas, Quezon
October 12, 2016
Bernice N. Sarmiento
Human Resource Manager
Green Fab Radio Station Inc.
99 Apricot Green Highway, Manila City

Dear Madam,
Good day, I am gratefully happy because there is an available position
in the Green Fab Radio Station where I really planning to apply at when I graduated.
Since, I am a fresh Graduate from Southern Luzon State University, I assure you to give
my fresh knowledge in my assigned job. My personal skills and knowledge which I
learned would be my pleasure to share in the company.
The following are some of the workshops that I attended when I was at
my college times.
Tinta ang Sandata with Stanley Gajete a News Writer and Researcher at
ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs and Alvin Hizon an Editor at Newslink Media and a
Resource Speaker of Journalism at DepEd.
Looking Beyond the Content with Mr. Lem Lorca a Freelance
Director/Writer/Producer in the Film and Television Industry.
MOVEQUEZON: Building Resilient Communities Through Social Media
featuring RAPPLER Inc. with Maria Ressa, Patricia Evangelista and David Bryan Collado
Lozado and special participation of Mr. Eros Atalia.
salita, Mikropono featuring Asias King of talk Mr. Boy Abunda.
This group of known person inspires each of students to be strong enough
in all the work that may have. My strong initiative and exceptional organizational skills
combined with my ability to work well under pressure allow me to play a crucial role in
the company. For your review with my curriculum vitae, I also welcome the
opportunity to discuss all the information of my skills and strength can best serve to the
company with you personally.
Sincerely yours,

Beatrice B. Salazar

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