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I figured it out..... All is not what I had thought.

It turns out that my machine does not support Vt-x; It never has. My confusion was that my XP VM
would not start complaining about a lack of Vt-x support.
I could not build a Windows 7 x86_64 machine, only a 32 bit.
I had thought that the XP was 64 bit and would not start leading me to believe II had lost Vt-x capability. I
was wrong, it is (was, actually, I finished my migration to Windows 7) a 32 bit machine.
Apparently, newer versions of VirtualBox have a VM configuration option called LongMode (I am not
certain as to the capitalization, I am not in front of my machine). In the older versions of the XML file that
defined the XP Virtual Machine, there had been no LongMode tag. The Windows 7 VM, created by the
latest incarnation of VirtualBox, had the tag and set it to false.
It would seem that, missing that tag, the latest version of VirtualBox defaults to enabling LongMode
which, in turn, requires Vt-x. That is why the XP VM blew up.
There did not seem to be a GUI hook in the Oracle VM management tool to disable LongMode. Hand
editing the XML file that defined my XP VM and adding a tag disabling long mode to the CPU section of
the file did the trick. The latest version of VirtualBox would again run my 32 bit XP VM without barfing
due to lack of Vt-x.

I started having the same problem on my notebook that does not support Vt-x.
as ewaller said the line to add in the <CPU> section of the xml is
<LongMode enabled="false"/>
and worked like a charm.
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Thanks for the hint !!!

This is a quick way to change the value.
vboxmanage list vms
This will list all your vm's. To do the change run:
vboxmanage modifyvm <name or uuid of vm> --longmode off
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Thank you adorableGNU,

those two lines saved my day!

Re: Error after upgrade:VT-x is not available. (VERR_VMX_NO_

by Perryg 30. Nov 2013, 20:07

I believe this type of problem was added when they tightened/changed the way VT-x is used. You
should see long mode off in the settings ( VBoxManage showvminfo vmname )
You can test this by doing the following:

VBoxManage modifyvm <vmname> --longmode off

And see if it will boot. Remember the guest needs to be off for this to work.
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Re: Error after upgrade:VT-x is not available. (VERR_VMX_NO_

by yellowduck 30. Nov 2013, 23:22

Thank you perryg, setting longmode off did the trick.

These VMs were setup many years ago on a 32 bit computer. I guess it's just old stuff catching up with
new software and somewhere something was forgotten.