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Summer School Move on With English and Maths

Summer School 2008 Do you want . . .

Move on With English and Maths

There is a limited number of places available on each course, so please call 01582 477776 early to book your place and avoid disappointment.
To know your level in English or Maths?
An opportunity to improve your reading, spelling, use of number?
Young Artist Workshop - Mixed Media Young Artist Workshop - 3D Design
- £30.00 - £30.00 To get a nationally recognised qualification in English or Maths
This is a fun opportunity to 21 and 22 July 2008, This 3D workshop introduces you 21 and 22 July 2008, at Levels 1 or 2? (Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE grades A-C.)
discover and explore your creative 1000 - 1500 to model making in a variety of 1000 - 1500
talents whilst working with a media including card, mod-rock,
professional artist. You will be
introduced to a variety of media
latex and clay. Working with
professional artists, you will have
Come to one of our English and Maths
and techniques including drawing, the opportunity to explore your workshops and get a National qualification in Adult Literacy
painting and printmaking. creative potential. We provide the
materials; you will just need your and Numeracy at Levels 1 and 2.

See page 66 for details

Web Design Using Dreamweaver - £10.00 PC Maintenance - £15.00

This course will allow the students 23 July 2008, 1000 - 1500, This course will give students the 24 July 2008, 1000 - 1500, For more information call Linda on ext 281 or Gwen on ext 359.
to design, build and upload a for 12 to 19 year olds basic knowledge of how to build a for 12 to 19 year olds

website to a server for viewing over computer, do basic maintenance
the Internet. The site will be and simple diagnostic testing.
implemented using Dreamweaver.

An Introduction to the Access Diploma

Summer School

Art and Design End of Year Show - FA Level 1 Coaching Certificate

Workshop - FREE - £105.00 Access Diploma will be assessed. This is to ensure that • Humanities and Social Sciences are offered at least three times per
Access courses have been prospective learners are working at • Psychology week and optional modules offered
Come and discover what our 21 and 23 June 2008, Learn how to deliver safe, fun and 25 June 2008, 1800-1900 specifically designed for learners approximately Level 2 (GCSE level) at • Law twice per week. Part-time learners
students get up to. Workshops will 1000 - 1200 effective coaching sessions. You 30 June and 1 July 2008, aged 19 and over, who would like to the start of the learners’ course. • Business Studies and Marketing have the opportunity to attend during
be based on your response to the will cover all theory and practical 0900-1800 study a Higher Education course. Successful completion of an Access • Computing. the day, the evening (Monday and
exhibition. We provide the aspects to enable you to do so. 2 July 2008, 0930-1630 They are ideal for adults who have course means that you can apply to Tuesday only) or a combination of
materials, you provide the (All four sessions must be attended 4 July 2008, 0900-1800 not studied for a long time but wish study at university. Access courses are To successfully complete all pathways both.

Entry requirements
imagination. to gain the certificate.) for aged 16+ to return to education. Access available at our main Dunstable except for Nursing, Midwifery and
courses give learners the skills as College campus. The awarding body Medically Allied Professions, you will
well as the qualifications they need is Open College Network Oxford need to achieve 60 credits, of which • You must be at least 19 years of
to take their studies further. The Thames Chiltern (OCNOTC). 45 must be at Level 3 (A level age or over

Essential information
courses are designed to enhance standard). Please check with the • Level 2 literacy skills
CELTA - Certificate in English ESOL - English for Speakers of Other confidence and personal university of your choice concerning • Level 1 numeracy skills.
Languages Entry 1 - Level 1 - £195.00
Language Teaching to Adults development and to enable learners Access Diplomas are arranged in the number of credits they require for
to work independently at Higher a modular system which gives you the a particular course, as some may

Education level. flexibility to build up your own require more than the minimum The fee for the Access course per
CELTA is an internationally This is a four week full-time For full course details see page 64. Mon - Fri, 0900 - 1400 for
programme to suit your individual number stated here. annum is:
recognised teacher training programme. This is a four week full-time the month of July, starting

An Access course can be completed needs. Full-Time £165.00
qualification in teaching English programme. on 7th July 2008.
in one year as a full-time student; Part-Time per annum £480.00
as a foreign language to adults. Mon - Fri, 0900 - 1700 for however, you can take the part-time The College offers eight pathways: As the Access programme is modular, Discounted fee £165
Students who successfully the month of July, starting option and complete the programme • Nursing, Midwifery and Medically you will be responsible for creating
complete the course are able to on 7th July 2008. over two years. No formal Allied Professions (Radiography, your own timetable. This will be done
seek work teaching English to qualifications are required to take an Physiotherapy, Occupational during induction. Most classes are
non-native speakers within the UK Access course, although after initial Therapy, Audiology etc) held between 0930 and 1515.
or abroad.
This course takes place at Main
enquiry learners are invited to a group • Teacher Education (leading to ITT

Campus, Kingsway, Dunstable.

interview/information session during Education Degree) The courses comprise core and
which basic English and Maths levels • Social Work optional modules. All core modules

A nine hour course starting late Please contact Lyndsey

July 2008. Brown for further details
01582 477776.

All the courses on this page take place at Main Campus, Kingsway, Dunstable.

6 0845 3552525 0845 3552525 7