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In the business lineup there are many stakeholders that are attached with an organization.

Some of stakeholder can effect the organization very badly and they turn the dynamic
organization into the static organization. All organization whether they are corporate or
public they have their on stakeholders depending on their area of operation and
demographic conditions. For a successful organization it is necessary to analyze the area
of the stakeholder that can effect or effected by the organization policies.

Apple computers / Laptops

Apple computer is ranks among the world's top five branded PC producer and their
product range includes PC notebooks and Desktops, servers and storage systems,
monitors, peripheral devices, digital devices, i-pods and e-business solutions for business,
software, cables ,home electronics and networking equipments and the windows supplier
that is used for the home and the business purpose. Apple computer, the 3rd largest vendor
in the global IT market and leader in the notebook segment in the EMEA Region –
Europe, Middle East & Africa, Malaysia etc

Mapping Stakeholder relationships

Apple’s target Market:
Under the new IT system, product range will be classified under these distinct user
profiles, Home/Private Users, Professional and Small Business Solutions, Small and
Medium Companies.SBA (small Business associates)

Potential Customers
In this advanced IT Market where each PC venders is looking for secure and favorable
future, Apple is now in a far better position to develop the user required product range
that satisfies the specific needs of each target group, selecting the most suitable
performance, services and associated technologies to deliver solutions that respond
exactly to the user own needs. For this the apple computer always makes a survey
among their target customers to know their needs and wants before launching a new
product in the market. This approach shows that apple computer inc. always keen to
develop their products. Here we can say that the potential customers of the apple
computer are the businessman and the young user who belongs to the educational line up.

Is apple computer can affect the customers? If yes! Than How…..?

Apple computer can affect the customers in different ways.

When customer purchases the Apple made product they get free warranty claim that is
very effective to generate the customer satisfaction and trust on the organization. Quick
response on time and free accidental damages are other benefits which come with apple
products. Apple computer facilitate their customer customers by providing the free online
services, help lines i.e. via telephone, fax and e-mail.
It also provides Pick and Drop facility of laptops and LCD monitors.
It also provides facility of insurance for your laptop covering you against theft and.
Damages. Apple laptops are famous because of their thickness in width.

Latest product range

• iPhone 3G iPod shuffle From $49 iPod nano From


• iPod classic Just $249 iPod touch From $229 Apple TV From

• MacBook From $999 MacBook Air From $179

The above pictorial area the new range of the Apple computers that is a clear token that
the Apple inc. are have the ability to effect the customers as well as the future market

How apple could be affected by its Customers?

There are the chances that the apple computer inc. may be affected by the customer
reactions. Reasons that the stakeholder analysis show, are

• Memory failure
• Features that are installed in the computer/laptop
• Cost of the system that they are providing to the customers
• Availability of the product at the right time and place
• Design they are sending to the customers

Possible stakeholder coalitions:

If Apple computers did not take any sort of sufficient steps in providing the facilities to
the customers than it could be possible that the customer may shift its trend from Apple
to other brands that are engage in providing the same services.

Assessing the nature of each stakeholders interest:

• Affordable price:
This is a standard interest of the almost all the customers through out the globe
that the price should be economical. If Apple inc. looks at their target market in Asia then
they would find in this region the target customers are possibility not willing to spend
money in heavy amount.

• Good and Quality products:

To retain a good name and goodwill in the market it is need to send Good and
Quality products in the market in short time to satisfy the customer needs and wants

.4) Assessing the nature of each stakeholders powers:

Economic power:
Customers have economic power i.e. they can boycott any product. For
example when the prices are not at reach of the customers. I.e. they may be prefers any
other product on Apple inc.
5) Constructing a Matrix of stakeholder Moral
Carroll’s Matrix

Nature of focal company responsibilities (Apple inc.)

Legal Economic Ethical Voluntary

   

Explanation of Carroll’s matrix:

• Legal:
Apple computer have the legal responsibilities on its customer. E.g. it is found
that if Apple inc. claims that their particular laptop or i-pod carry this sort of features
but does not includes with those features than the customer can sue against the

This is a standard interest of the almost all the customers through out the globe
that the price should be economical .if apple inc. look at their target market at Asia than
the would find I this region the target customers are possibility not willing to spend
money in heavy amount for buying the apple products.

• Ethical:
If customer order the apple inc. for a MAC-laptop and apple did not shipped the
order to the customer in the given time period so it is an unethical act. Or the
customer call to the Apple help line and the Apple representative did not response
well so it is also consider an unethical action Apple computer

• Voluntary:
Voluntary responsibility is also present between the customers and organization
They can provide free software and free of cost repair to their loyal customers.

6) Developing Specific Strategies and Tactics and

Formation of Typology:
Following are some of the strategies

We can approach the customers either directly or indirectly but mostly Apple uses the
direct approach
Based on the previous steps the best strategy would be to do nothing with certain
stakeholders with respect to offensive or defensive

Finally, regarding whether to accommodate, negotiate, resist or wait and see with specific

Following is the typology which has two dimensions
i) Potential for threat
ii) Potential for cooperation

Stakeholder’s potential for threat to Organization

High Low

High 
Potential for cooperation with

Low 

Explanation of Typology:

Absolute perfection

if we are not providing the absolute perfection to our customers then the scale
cooperation of that is expected from the customer is goes down. And also organizational
level threat is increases.

7) Monitoring shifting coalitions:

Finally, the last step is to monitor the changes in stakes and stakeholders by time and

Following is the table of changes in no. of customers from 2006 to 2008. The reasons are
also given.

Year No. of Customers Reasons

2006 Decreased by 30% Increase in prices of

Products and the latest


2007 Came back to normal Prices come in the reach

i.e. increased by 20% of the normal user

Apple added 8,000 retail employees in fiscal 2008