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Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009 FSM Community News Page 1

Volume 13, Issue 2 December 2009

Message from the President: avenues of spiritual learning and expression for people in our
community. I delighted as two of Shalom’s retreat leaders
Keeping the Dream worked with Marc Gafni and his Dharma material to help everyone
ground it in their own experience by integrating creatively
Alive and Vibrant designed Shalom processes… I’ve been at a number of retreats
By Ken Frank and festival events and know the miraculous energy of the
Mountain is still alive… The energy out in our communities is
I did it! When the call came, I said yes to be President of FSM. thriving… I’ve discovered that none of the current owners has
Even as recently as early last summer I would have bet against it. It any desire or interest in taking any money out of Shalom
has felt like a time for the newer and younger Shalomers to take the Mountain, yet each took on a huge personal financial obligation to
FSM work on. My own roles with Shalom have for a long while keep it going. Tuition assistance needs are running beyond what
been editing and producing this community newsletter for FSM, FSM can currently provide. Retreats at current attendance
cooking at retreats and gatherings, and generally supporting numbers and income plus Faithful Friends contributions do not
Shalom men and couples on the journey. Still, when the cover all the costs.
Nominating Committee contacted me I thought long and hard and I
realized that I do have a unique contribution to make during this Shalom will never die… it is out in the world and in our hearts
time filled with so much change and challenge. I’ve held a dream and our very beings… but Shalom Mountain, our Mother House,
for a long time- that Shalom Mountain and all its blessings will is struggling… She needs our help.
continue and be here for my children’s children’s children.
As Friends of Shalom, FSM is the vehicle for financial
Within our Shalom community there’s been an undercurrent of contribution. To this end we’ve created Faithful Friends for
uncertainty. The new owners of Shalom Mountain are not retreat current needs and Forever Friends Legacy Society to grow an
leaders as were the prior owners, nor do they live at Shalom endowment that becomes large enough to allow retreat tuition to
Mountain. Instead of two familiar primary retreat leaders, there’s a become more reasonable and enable everyone who is drawn to
team of less familiar gifted leaders. The anticipated collaborative Shalom to attend retreats and trainings. Become a Faithful
leadership between the owners, staff and retreat leaders has run a Friend. Put FSM in your estate plan. Create your own way of
very bumpy learning curve. The residential staff has changed. At providing support to Shalom. Make a contribution today;
the same time, the economy has been very challenging for become a fund raiser for FSM; use as your
everyone. The costs associated with operating a retreat center are internet search engine with FSM as the charity; use
not going down. I’ve talked to folks who used to attend several for purchases on the internet to benefit FSM.
retreats each year and now feel they can only afford one. I’ve
spoken with a few who feel they cannot easily afford the cost of I am committed with FSM to working with the owners and
even one retreat. leadership to find successful ways through the challenges of this
time. Shalom is a place for dreams. What are your dreams? The
For me to have an impact, I needed to experience and learn as dream of Shalom encompasses all our dreams. Dreams are what
much as possible. I’ve begun to attend meetings of the Leadership nurture us and empower Shalom and ourselves to come alive with
Council where I have seen incredible talent, experience and the energy to grow and carry us forward and upward. Dreams
commitment to the vision and work of Shalom... I didn’t fully keep the light of Shalom shining brightly. I’ve heard the call. I’ve
understand the energy around the Wisdom School and then I begun to think of myself as a lightkeeper. Are you a
attended and saw how it provides some new, exciting, and unique lightkeeper? 


FSM Community News Page 2 Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009

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New FSM Board Members
Contact Your FSM Board & Committee Members Two new members have joined the FSM Board of Directors, Tom Goddard and
at OR Carrie Jameson.
Faye Bottone
Barbara Brown Carrie Jameson, who lives in Chicago, was an intern at
Dean Calloway Shalom Mountain for the first half of 2009. Working with Pat
Jolynne Flores Parisi, she was responsible for creating the
Ken Frank community website and the
Tom Goddard listserve for our
Craig Hopkins Shalom Community. Carrie is now Director of Fund
Carrie Jameson
Nance McGee
Development for FSM. She wrote an article about her
Bonnie Moore internship in the last issue (V13.1) of FSM Community News.
Kim Mossbrook
Victoria Myer Tom Goddard lives in Maryland near Washington, DC and has
Shawn Ramer been the Features Editor of the FSM Community News newsletter
Terry Shirreffs for several years. Tom is now a Director and Secretary of FSM.
Judy Weiss
Tom wrote a feature article on Mindfulness in the last issue of
FSM Community News. 
Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009 FSM Community News Page 3

From the Stewards:

Shalom Mountain Update

By Victoria Myer & Terry Shirreffs

My heart longs to sit with each of you and share all the joy and pain while also engaging in their personal and spiritual journey in residential
that has been a part of my journey at Shalom Mountain this last year. I community.
feel deeply inside of me both the joy and struggle it has been to stay Our new Residential Steward Volunteer Steward Program (RSVP) has
true to the mystery of the divine unfolding here at Shalom and in begun and provides a valuable vehicle for you to give back to the
myself. I am excited for what is emerging more and more each day and Mountain with your gifts and services. This could range from a day of
committed to bringing forth that which takes us forward. We have retreat preparation to an extended stay that provides a needed service.
heard many wonderful stories from those who have attended retreats Contact Betty Ann or Judy at the Mountain if you are interested.
this past year and how lives have been blessed by this amazing work
and community. There is great gratitude for the competent and In October, we launched the Wisdom school with The Path of the
committed leaders of the Shalom work and the retreat center is being Evolutionary Lover weekend with Marc Gafni along with Nance McGee
tended and prepared for the community. We continue to need your and Jeff Hilliard. It was a spiritually rich and rewarding time delving
participation and support to increase attendance toward the into the five levels of Pleasure with profound dharma teaching and
sustainability of the Mountain. embodied practices of chanting, sacred story and experiential process.
Marc brings to us a new set of concepts and tools to assist in the
We are extremely happy to have four outstanding residents who have spiritual evolution and unfolding of our beloved community. In one of
heard their call and said yes to sharing their gifts on the Mountain at Marc’s teachings he speaks of sangha: the assembly of all beings
this time. Judy Hall and Betty Ann Rutledge, our residential staff, are possessing some high degree of realization. A sangha is a community
coordinating the retreat center and the new Residential Steward who comes together in common practices and purpose with a collective
Volunteer Program (RSVP). Judy is the Founder of Idaho’s Bounty intention of being the next manifestation of Buddha nature.
Coop, Grant writer and Fundraiser. She will focus on food, gardens,
sustainability and residential community life on the Mountain. Betty Shalom is a hope structure as it says on the wall of the meditation
Ann, who comes with 19 years experience as a manager of Volunteers room. These last few years have come about from a deep listening to
and Programs, will focus on registration, member liaison, house the calling of faithful stewardship in each of us. To allow time for us to
management and hospitality. be in the open space of possibilities yet unnamed. If we knew all the
answers there would be no need for faith, trust or room for divine
Kathryn Zimmerman, a Retired Xerox executive and financial advisor, is guidance to emerge in us and for us. So although difficult at times, we
a residential volunteer at Shalom Mountain for the next several months. all have been faithful to “Trust the Process” enabling us see and
She is preparing operating manuals, developing financial reports for become what is trying to emerge, manifest or be birthed through and
leadership, evaluating and consulting on current systems, and working by us toward the evolution of our work at Shalom and Shalom’s service
with us to establish financial budgeting and forecasting. Niilo to the world.
Makkonen III is a residential volunteer caretaker providing maintenance
of the grounds and facilities with a heart full of love for this special Please join us and find your part in the unfolding of the story of
place. Along with us, this team will be working together to ensure that Shalom. With deep gratitude for all of your love and support for
the retreat center is prepared and inviting for retreats and participants Shalom. May we all pray that she may continue to be a healing
visionary force in the world. 

The Shalom Mountain Community has a LISTSERVE using Yahoo Groups. To join , do ONE of the following:
Visit the home page @ and click the Join This Group button.
OR Go directly to your Join Page:
OR Send email to our group subscribe address:
FSM Community News Page 4 Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009

Giving Instead of Receiving

By Jolynne Flores

Shalom Mountain is such a special place to so many people - all of us included. The magic and healing of the Mountain is available to
us, in part, due to the help and support that comes to it in many different forms. There are many souls who yearn to shine brighter
through the beautiful work we do at Shalom Mountain. They have the will, but often lack the resources.
During this season of giving, our friends, family, colleagues and others in our circle might be wondering, “Gee, what gift can I get
for…?” Why not consider saying to them, “Hey, instead of presents this year, I’d really like you to give to Friends of Shalom Mountain.”
If you haven’t already shared the story of Shalom with folks, it’s a great time to tell them about the wonderful work of Shalom Mountain.
Through the beauty of the Shalom process, we know that this is a gift that keeps on giving. The recipient of the scholarship receives the
gift of attending a program at Shalom and then they pass it on through the love they share with those around them.
So, how can someone do this? Simple! They can write a check to “Friends of Shalom Mountain” and mail it to PO Box 804,
Somerville, NJ 08876; or they can make a secure donation online immediately at:
Giving instead of receiving need not be limited to a substitute for a Thanksgiving fund or Christmas gift. Recently, as new Shalom
resident Betty Ann Rutledge left her job at Bereaved Families of Ontario-Toronto to come to Shalom Mountain, she asked that in lieu of
a going away gift, that her friends and coworkers give to FSM. Over $400 was donated to FSM through the generosity of Betty Ann’s
open heart.
Betty Ann said to her Toronto friends, “I don’t need another book or bottle of bath salts. I don’t need anything. I’m rich beyond my
imagination. I need to know that this place that I’m pouring my heart and soul into is going to survive. Help me to help Shalom
continue. If you’re so moved, please give to Friends of Shalom Mountain. I have experienced firsthand the gift of being birthed back to
life by the Shalom process and I want that gift to be available to others who are grieving.” Betty Ann intends to say that for Christmas
and her birthday as well…
Shalom Mountain, through the generous donations made to FSM, is able to offer scholarship funds to Shalomers-in-financial-need to
attend a core program offered on the Mountain. The reality is there’s never enough scholarship money to offer support to all
the people who need it . For many individuals, the scholarship support is barely enough for them to attend one retreat a year, though
they desperately want to attend more.
Although most Shalom Retreats over the last two years have not been full, there are many folks who want to attend if only there was more
scholarship money available. Let your gift give. Give to you. Give to the scholarship recipient. Give to Shalom Mountain.
Friends of Shalom Mountain is the non-profit, 501(c)(3) foundation that exists to financially support the work of Shalom Mountain and
donations are fully tax-deductible in the U.S. 

Contribute NOW to Friends of Shalom Mountain Foundation


Every time you shop online using, you can designate FSM
to receive a percentage, thereby supporting the work of Shalom Mountain.
Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009 FSM Community News Page 5

Answering the Call:

Introducing Shalom’s New RSVP
(Residential Stewardship Volunteer Program)
By Betty Ann Rutledge

Most of my life, I have been blessed with ears that are tuned to hearing a loving, spiritual community, volunteers will not only be able to practice the
call to service. Though the church and I parted ways many years ago, I do Principles and Skills of Loving which have guided Shalom for 30 years, they
credit my Catholic upbringing with instilling a deep sense of commitment to will be co-creating a model for a grounded, loving, spiritual community
community, connection, responsibility and a desire to serve (along with the that is actively participating in the healing of self, humanity and our planet.
requisite guilt, but that’s for another article). The death of my mother to
cancer and my best friend to AIDS in 1991 called me to greater Many of you will have read about, spoken with or had the pleasure to meet
consciousness about the fragility of life and my desire to spend the limited our first three RSVPers. There’s Judy (Shalom’s first RSVPer before there
time I had on this big, blue marble we call Earth doing something that was even a name for it!) who has been living and serving at the Mountain
would make my heart and soul sing. I discovered my soul print in working since April. Next is Niilo, who arrived in August and then Kathryn, who
with the dying and the grieving – it was such a gift to journey with people began her volunteer residency in September. These amazing and
while they were, in my experience, their most authentic selves. Later, I committed beings are making an impact on the Mountain in their own
would also find great joy and fulfillment in facilitating others’ desire to unique ways along with several volunteers who have come for a day, a
answer their own personal call to service. weekend or a couple of weeks to assist in tending the temple, the land and
the community.
That’s why this summer I was excited by the invitation to the volunteer
brainstorming weekend at Shalom. As a professional volunteer manager, We are a team of passionate and committed people who understand that
who was “coincidentally” on a temporary layoff, I had the skills and the how we live matters and that what we do on the Mountain will reverberate,
time to give to this worthwhile effort. And as someone who deeply cares making a contribution and a difference to the world, both human and
for this Mountain and has found the process, principles and skills of loving natural. We know this work is not easy – but that it is vital.
profoundly life-altering, I was honored to be able to serve our community There are a range of volunteer opportunities – from a working a day in the
during an important time of transition. garden or participating in work weekends, to living in residence for one to
I was fortunate to be part of the initial RSVP Committee - Terry Shirreffs, six months. Each volunteer role provides an opportunity for you to
Judy Hall, Niilo “Johnnie Mack” Makkonen, Kathryn Zimmerman and Dean contribute to the well-being and sustainability of the Shalom community.
Calloway - people who experienced a similar calling to the new vision for The benefits of volunteering range from personal and spiritual growth and
Shalom Mountain. Together we developed the foundation of a volunteer satisfaction to increased access to the programs offered here. The
management program including a Mission Statement and Guiding Volunteer Engagement Process has been designed to ensure that there is a
Principles (a copy of which is available on the Shalom Mountain website). good fit between what you are looking for in a volunteer opportunity and
With support and input from Victoria Meyer, Shawn Ramer and the what Shalom has to offer. It is essential that both Shalom’s needs and your
Leadership Council, we are continuing to build on the long history of needs are met in a mutually beneficial exchange of service and love.
volunteerism in our beloved community and create new opportunities for I have continued to heed my personal call. As my temporary layoff has
service to this sacred Mountain that we all love so much. recently become permanent, I have decided to join the RSVP team
The Mission of RSVP is “ to cultivate and promote a community-based currently living and serving at the Mountain so that I can contribute more
model of mutual support and volunteer service that assists in the day-to- directly to its – and my own – ongoing evolution. It is with deep humility
day operations of Shalom Mountain and contributes to its continued and gratitude that I am saying “yes” to this next unfolding of my soul’s
financial viability and spiritual well-being .” calling. What I know is that it takes a lot of work, patience and quiet to
tune out the static and hear the voices of the angels that guide me. I would
The RSVP is a natural manifestation of the Principles and Skills of Loving, it love to hear from any of you who may currently be adjusting the frequency
is good will in action and it is a loving response to need. Both Shalom on the radio of your own life. Who knows what music we can all create
Mountain and our planet are going through times of significant change and together? 
cultural transformation. By offering to live and serve here in an intentionally
FSM Community News Page 6 Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009

The reintroduction provided by our intern-leaders, in addition to

comforting the newcomers, really helped me to focus on the work
Love is a Gift at hand and to open myself up to POSSIBILITY.
By Eric S. Moeller Another big learning came for me when a long-time Shalom leader
took to the mat. I remembered a lot of promotion going on
That four-word principle of loving compelled me to register for during the time of transition. I read many emails, articles and
the Intern Retreat this year. My sole motivation for attending was flyers inviting me to support new leaders and to attend retreats led
to celebrate Alex York as he completed his internship – or so I by folks I didn't know. I remember my belligerent alter-ego
believed. What I came to discover by the end of the retreat was rearing his head when I read those and he would say, “You want
that I was being motivated by something much larger than support me to support the new leaders?! When was the last time I saw a
for my brother. leader on the mat being led by anyone? NEVER! F*** that!
Damn hypocrites!” To put it a little more diplomatically, it would
After eight years as a Shalomer, the bloom was clearly off the rose have been more effective and credible for me if the seasoned
for me. The newness of the Mountain had long since faded and leadership had led by example. The perception I had was that the
the euphoria that often comes with each drive up Cattail Road leaders wanted to appear more enlightened or more aware – that
became elusive. The many mat-trips, trainings, work-weekends they were above needing a mat-trip. My personal philosophy of,
and gatherings had left me bored. I was at a crossroads and I “Don’t ask me to do something that you yourself are unwilling to
decided that the Intern Retreat was to be my swan song. But, as do,” kicked in and I dug in my heels… until the intern retreat.
usual on the Mountain, something magical happened. When I witnessed someone from the entrenched leadership go
into the dark places during their mat-trip, to be vulnerable and
There were many firsts for me at the retreat. It was my first time exposed, I experienced the strongest sense of oneness that I have
at a retreat during the warmer months – what to pack? It was my ever had on the Mountain. There was no division between leader
first truly multicultural retreat – any other time I’d been to the and retreatant. The hierarchy at Shalom dissolved, if just for that
Mountain ninety-nine percent of the folks looked like me. It was time, and I finally knew what it was to be part of, rather than apart
the first time I would witness a Shalom Leader on the mat. And,
from, the Shalom Community. 
most terrifyingly, it was my first co-ed retreat.
What I realized immediately was that I had played it safe at Shalom
for years – only attending Men’s events and only being led on the
mat by one of two leaders. What I realized later was that the very
same “safety” was also feeding my boredom. This retreat was
truly a stretch for me but my affection for my friend was a stronger
force than my fear of the unknown so I trusted the process.
When the retreat began, there was an immediate sense of
something being new and fresh. As our leaders spoke, I recalled
my very first retreat and each subsequent one and discovered part
of what had been missing. Alex and Carrie laid out in detail what
was going to happen… soup to nuts. They explained the theory
behind the process as well as what could be called the more
“clinical” aspects of a mat-trip. And it was good. In contrast, the
one retreat I had regularly attended had developed a core group
that showed up year after year, and the leadership sort of fell into
a pattern of skipping some of the introductory tutorials.
Sometimes we don’t know something is missing until it is right in
front of us.
Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009 FSM Community News Page 7

In my session, I was rambling to fill the time, finish and go to work, when I,

I Never Knew
perhaps not so accidentally, fell upon the nub of spiritual and energetic pain
that has for so many years led me to believe ‘I do not deserve to exist.’ The
beginning of a pain body from an unbearable abandonment that over the years
By Barbara Brown has taken me to despair, self-abnegation, and manifested my inability to
commit in a relationship. It is the piece of me that has thrived on fear and
ambiguity, sought it out, chosen it, created it, and kept me in it - for its
familiarity and high pitched intensity.
“I never knew I could feel this way.”
Thankfully, I no longer consciously believe ‘I do not deserve to exist,’ but here
“I never knew this wound could heal.”
lay the remains, or rather the origins, deep at my center. Still painful. Still
“I never knew there was this much powerful. Touching this core wound, being witness to it, having a witness to
beauty inside of me.” me was indescribable. Leaving that session, I did not know what would change
“I never knew I was loved.” in me or how, but I came home and promptly called in sick to work, got in bed
with chocolate, my journal, Perrier, and the near-finished earmarked book,
profoundly tired of the hell of ambivalence.
These are Shalom words. They echo through the corridors and slide into the Only a few weeks back I decided 'the part of me that thrives on fear and
kitchen drawers, sneaking out unexpectedly during late night conversations over insecurity must go. unequivocally.' I wrote it on a scrap of paper and put in on
cookies, or creaking out of the old couch springs as someone falls into it, my dresser. I read it in the morning when I'm dressing. Most days it surprises
exhausted post-mat trip. me, even though I put it there. It's like I've forgotten that I wrote those words
and put them in plain view. I think, somehow, it's working, because, unbidden,
I have recently uttered these words myself, and although they didn’t come directly
in the midst of gobbling the last of Eat, Pray, Love an utterly new and unknown
out of a Shalom experience, my story belongs here – amongst seekers and
sensation in my heart arrived. Calm. Warm. Sure. With this gentle presence
healers, mystics and wanderers - in this beloved community, a place that
came these words, 'I commit 100% to God'. A heart commitment.
profoundly knows the mystery and awe of discovery.
Let me tell you what happened.
For someone who loves words, it was amazing to see that the words did not
I have been on a slow internal journey of late. The kind where you think – is make the commitment, but rather, they voiced what my heart had just done. I
anything happening inside anymore? And why isn’t change showing up in my made this commitment, or it came to me, because I realized that without
world? I’d made my intentions utterly clear to the universe about next steps and doubt, I trust God's constancy.
what I wanted manifest. It just didn’t (well, doesn’t) seem to be happening,
And you know what? The commitment felt easy. No agony, no tearing asunder
despite my aching need for it. Waiting is not my strong suit. The powerlessness of
of my psyche, no force of will. For this lifetime, commitment-phobe, it`s a
it infuriates me – that I can’t just up and do what I want when I want to. Or that I
have to rely on another who, I assume, most likely will fail me. But this time, the
waiting has brought something utterly, deliciously divine. For many years I have kept my spiritual journey private, choosing to tell only a
select few about my experience and understanding of the universal power or
Last week I went to my therapy session wondering why am I going? and perhaps I
source. This is the most precious part of me and I have been afraid to share my
should just end until things are heating up inside me . I have been exploring my
heart in case of ridicule, scorn, jealousy, twisted grabbing greed, or other
lifelong ambivalence in intimate relationship and the cost it is extracting, a cost I
dangers. I needed to keep my most precious self safe so as not to lose it.
am less and less enamoured with having to pay. But I haven`t seen much in the
Abandonment and violation taught me well. But with this surety of
way of personal results for all my effort.
commitment, that perceived vulnerability has changed. All these things exist in
I have also been reading Eat, Pray, Love (Elizabeth Gilbert), a book I wasn’t at all the world and may well come my way, but the risk doesn`t feel so great. Which
interested in. It seemed such a mainstream spiritual craze – everyone and their is why, after 43 years of hiding, I want to tell you loudly and boldly, 'I am
dog were reading it on the subway - that I’ve been purposefully avoiding it. Until God`s'.
my sister, whom I love and trust, gave it to me with a meaningful look and a
I am still waiting on those hoped-for external life changes, but truth be told, I
serious tone saying, “I really want you to read this book. Happy birthday!” I had
have a sneaking suspicion that they, and God, have been waiting for me. I can
to. I now have so many pages earmarked it’s embarrassing, dark blue ink lines
be a slow learner sometimes. '100% heart commitment to you, God.' 'Same-
underlining quotes I go back and read before I fall asleep. I’ve been gobbling it up
same ' I hear in reply. 
like a starved child, finding an invitation into myself again.
FSM Community News Page 8 Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009

MORE NEW LIFE: Eileen Stack Moreno writes that

Mountain Do’s she is the proud new grandmother of Rafael
Antonio Moreno, born on October 19 to Tom and
By Faye Bottone Kari Moreno in London, England. “Our little angel
is healthy and happy and looks just like Tom as a
baby! We are truly blessed!”
NEW DELIGHT: After living
with a 15-year dream, Jolynne NEW EDITION: Paul Bennett wrote “My book, Loving Grief, was
Flores, of Alexandria, Virginia, released in a new edition this summer. Now
has finally started to learn how with national distribution-
to sail and is so very happy. bookstores and on-line, it
She plans to spend as many has been listed as the
days as she can on the “Best Inspirational Book”
Chesapeake Bay and Potomac for the fall of 2009 by
River with a boat and the wind. the Montserrat Review,
and received a glowing review in Perspective,
NEW BOOK: Bill Witt, a long time Shalomer from Iowa, notes that the magazine of the Association for
his book, Enchanted by Prairie was just published earlier this year Humanistic Psychology. A grief counselor in
by the University of Iowa Press (available from Its Chicago wrote, “Loving Grief is a sacred text,
64 photos were chosen from more than 25 a guide to the mysteries of grief.... Paul
years' photography of Iowa prairies. One Bennett has defined a space between the living and the dead where
reviewer noted that it "...deftly interweaves hearts can meet.” It makes a loving gift for anyone who has lost a
meditation and beloved being from their life.
celebration". Bill is a
l o n g t i m e NEW TBS LEADERSHIP: Carol Schoenleber
photojournalist and writes “It is with great pleasure that I fully turn
former state the reins over to the next generation of
representative in extraordinary leaders of The Body Sacred. TBS
Iowa. The Sierra Club named him an is a series of retreats which are held at Shalom
“American environmental hero” in Mountain and other locations where participants
1991. come to explore the Sacred/Sexual connection.
As I look back over the years of my involvement
NEW ART: Barbara Wrigley and Jolynne Flores with TBS, I see that my passion has been deeply
are the proud owners of an original Tasia connected with, and will continue to be deeply connected with the
Garkusha "stained glass" masterpiece on their amazing community that has been lovingly created and nurtured
south-facing stairwell window. Tasia traveled by since the retreat's inception in 1993. I believe that the orgasmic
train from NYC to energies of TBS are playing an integral part in transforming and
Alexandria, VA for a fun expanding the energies of the planet so that all sentient beings may
September weekend. flourish as we flow together into the future. Our integration of the
Shalom's love flowed right Sacred and the Sexual significantly strengthens with each TBS
through her skilled event. The TBS II Retreat this past summer, led by Cristian Graca
hands. Tasia had offered and Vyana Bergen, provided a shining example of this
her talent during last transformation.
Memorial Day's FSM
auction; Barb and Jolynne were the lucky winners- Shalom I profoundly thank The Body Sacred
Mountain too. family for the generous, unconditional
love they have heartfully shared with me and
NEW LIFE: Phyllis Searby writes “to wrapped me in over the years. I am so very
let you know about my daughter's grateful for their loving contributions to
new baby boy, born July 11th. my personal evolution and to the growth and
George Artemus Burdge IV, joined evolution of TBS. If you are interested in
his big sister Gina (13) and big finding out more about The Body Sacred,
brother Jake (9). Our family is all please check our website: Our new
doing well. Little George weighed in contact person is Roz Dischiavo who can be reached at
at 6 pounds 13 ounces and is getting”
bigger and cuter by the day. The
kids love him and he is adorable!”
Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009 FSM Community News Page 9
NEW MARRIAGE: Craig Hopkins GRADUATED: Annie Jackson writes, “Dwelling in possibility is
and Cynde Denson were married Thomas Joseph Small. The long journey of seeking his Masters
on October 18th in York Harbor, Degree in Social Work is finally
Maine, by the ocean. They were complete! He received his MSW
lovingly witnessed and joyfully on October 23rd, 2009 from
celebrated by many, many friends King's University College in
and family members. London Ontario with many
friends, colleagues and his
number 1 fan in attendance. [
NEW RECOGNITION: Mary Eggers wrote That would be me ;~]) ] He is
in September “I’ve had two paintings juried soooooo ready to move into the
into an exhibit entitled ‘Touch Me Here: world and share not only his
Emotional Encounters with Our Soul’ in skills, but also his open loving
Washington DC. Both were painted before heart. He has special interest in
I knew about the exhibit, from photos I took working with palliative and
on a trip to Bhutan earlier this year. The geriatric populations. At the
exhibit title so expresses that trip for moment, he is employed in an agency with a broader mandate and
me. Through January 15th the is enjoying that experience as well. He loves his work and his work
second painting, "Prayer Beads" will loves him. Great thanks to all who supported Tom and me on this
be on exhibit at the Sewall-Belmont 9-year roller coaster with special thanks to Shalom for guiding us
House & Museum. I also have works along the way. Thomas, I am very proud of you and love you
on exhibit at the Art League Gallery dearly. XOX Annie.”
and Alexandria City Hall both in Old
Town Alexandria.” Mary has also been juried in as a signature
artist member of the Baltimore SAD NEWS: On October 13, Eugene
Watercolor Society (BWS). BWS Jud, Jerry Jud’s “big brother” died at the
was founded in 1885 making it one age of 95 in Waco, Texas. Gene was a
of the oldest and most respected art great lover of life and of Shalom
associations in the country. You Mountain. He attended retreats in Waco
can see Mary’s work and on the Mountain. He was the
at Executive Director of Caritas, one of the
largest charitable foundations in Texas.
His loving generosity and optimistic
CELEBRATION: Joe and Margie Ferrao celebrated their 25th spirit will be missed. 
wedding anniversary on October 20th, 2009. They believe this
milestone would not have been achieved
without the great support of Shalom
Couples' retreats, their local couples' group, Contribute NOW to Friends of Shalom Mountain Foundation
and the love of family of friends that SECURELY On-Line at
surround them. "We are looking forward to
the next 25 years!"

NEW BODY OF ARTWORK: Yhanna Coffin told us “I have put my

latest body of work entitled "Prayer Cycle" on the internet at: This body
of work was done in response to the
death of the 17 year old son of a friend.
As I worked I
realized the
question I was
asking was,
are we held in
these difficult places and if we are, can it
hold if we allow the full measure of the
feelings to come through.”
FSM Community News Page 10 Volume 13, Issue 1 June

Montie’s Yankees won the World Series! To see his beautiful smile beam on their
In Memoriam victories would have been so fine; I believe his spirit helped them. “Even though
Montie was a Yankees fan, I still loved him.”(Jim Hession, Red Sox fan.) I’m sure

MONTIE BOWES Phillies fans would also.

“Montie held strong views on almost everything, whether he knew about the
subject or not. He had such a loving nature, that it didn’t matter to me whether
I agreed or disagreed... I just listened and marveled at his passionate views... I
Montie Bowes– kind, quirky, generous, gregarious, think of the lesson he has taught me: to see myself and others, not as perfect
unique Shalom soul loved by those blessed to human beings, but as ones who struggle with their demons and relishes their
know him, passed in July; his ashes dance in the joys, and in the simplest of terms, someone to be loved and cherished.”(Sue
ocean. Know him or not, he’ll be missed in and by Douglas) “He taught me so much– from fun, to body, to the difficult times of
our community. My tribute honors dear Montie life.”(Cindy Palmer)
thru Shalom’s eyes and hearts…“His heart and
“It was the first retreat I had been on with Montie, although I'd known Montie
hands helped make Shalom home for many
for years from work weekends. It was such a treat to see the connection between
people.”(Dianne Weisselberg)
Montie and his daughter... to see his playful side... I will always remember
“Montie was a rascal who found a community of Montie’s van– full of everything and anything he might need on a weekend; his
rascals to be part of; a place where he could push his edges of conformity smile that lit up his whole face; and how much he loved to give to his
outside of society.”(Jerry Jud) community.”(Dianne Weisselberg) Montie's blue passenger plated van housed
“Every time I would greet Monte... for the last 25 years he would ask me if I flew the man and his tools, luggage, food for sharing; the back window’s ‘curtain,’ a
there in my plane. When I said yes he would always say the same thing: “your closet rod for perfectly hand pressed shirts to cleverly hide work van evidence!
arms must be really tired.”(Craig Hopkins) I tried to feel the love hearing: “Look “I talked him into modeling a sarong... He obliged me laughing and boy did he
what the cat dragged in!”, “You better sleep with one eye open!”, and “I’m look sensational!! All wore them most of the work weekend. Another time I
going to put a note in your folder.” Judy Weiss’ greeting was “Judy, Judy, Judy.” talked him into auctioning himself off in a tool belt and other hunky men joined
Perhaps you were greeted with: “They let anybody in here!” in the fun... dance for us in their tool belts... and little else.”(Barbara Bertone)
“My brother, Montie, was the most generous, thoughtful, kind and gentle soul. “It's hard for me to imagine Shalom without his smiling and generous presence.
I want to remember how much he loved the beach and the ocean, how much he He had every tool I ever needed and shared so freely with his helping advice on
loved his children and what a wonderful father he was. Montie was always the any project I was doing.”... “I know that his love for this place is in so many
best swimmer at the beach, winning all the blue ribbons and swim medals at parts of this place, that his heart will continue to add big love to this work and
swim meets. Montie loved swimming and worked as a lifeguard and saved up his this place.”(Bonnie Moore) “Every work weekend he would show up with lots of
money and bought a brand new baby blue MG sports car when he was 18. snack and because of him a group of us had a party at the end of the day when
Montie loved the Navy and sent me postcards from every port. He loved being everything was over...”(Geri Sestok)
out at sea. Montie loved the Yankees, collecting Yankee shirts, hats and “He was immensely skilled, care-full and patient in the way that he proceeded,
memorabilia. He loved Fire Island and his season pass to the beach. He loved often calling me to slow down and take a break... Joy and I... began receiving
sending cards to all his friends and family, always covered with stickers... stickers cards every Easter, Christmas and sometimes for our birthdays– consistently,
on everything– the more stickers, the better. over many years... Shalom was home to him when he wasn't lying out on the
Montie’s loving community was Shalom... where his spirit soared and where he shore. He belonged here. He still belongs.”(Lawrence)
truly felt himself. We first went to Shalom together in 1981. I called him the A small circle of Montie’s dear ones gathered at Connie and Thomas’ home to
Fisherman and he called me the Flower. He loved Shalom Mountain. Until celebrate his life– a party he would have loved– to mingle, tease and eat favored
recently, he almost never missed going to a work weekend or a New Year’s foods. After our ‘remembering’ in song and word, daughter Becky said “When
celebration. I know the Shalom community sustained him and loved him dearly each of us spoke of Montie it sounded like one voice.” “Yes,” I replied, “like
for nearly 27 years. And he loved the Shalom women, and men. He loved the one heart speaking.”
carpenters and artisans and making Shalom beautiful. Montie loved working for
his Shalom friends, many of whom are here today; because he loved moving Montie, There’s a note in your file that you were loved by many.
right into your family while he worked for you. Montie always brought a A thousand words can never describe the Full Montie... 
cornucopia of goodies everywhere he went. He always insisted on new candles
for the table, holiday decorations and making a simple meal into a festive
occasion... I will miss the long walks and the long talks about life and the
questions he lived with. Most of all I will miss Montie’s playful and loving spirit.
...” (Connie Bowes) This tribute was assembled and written by Janice Arlene Rost
Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009 FSM Community News Page 11

Island Man: A remembrance of

Montie Bowes on the Occasion
of His Leave-Taking
Written For his sister, Connie Bowes
by her husband, Thomas J. Platt - July, 2009

Sanding block
Painter’s tape
Well-worn step ladder.
Drop cloths
Spackle knife.
Painter’s hat
(The kind you get for free
From the MAB Store
Down the block),
Metal pans
Paint stirrers.
A pad of paper
A pencil:
A careful list of tasks
And instructions
A reminder of
A map,
A mirror.
He opens the door
And bellows a joyous greeting
Hugging and laughing:
A man, a boy, a pair of aging glasses: Contribute NOW to
With such care all is prepared
For improvements, fixes and repairs. Friends of Shalom Mountain Foundation
Had he only been able
To so carefully prime
The inner spaces,
The darkening window frames
The tangles of extension cords and switches
The dim plastic containers for storage of this and that;
Had he once again,
As he did in childhood,
Broken and entered the forbidden
Home- taking only what he needed
To survive, this time,
We, too, might once again
Reach to hold this island man,
This tall-blonde-seeking charmer
Of lists and drop-cloths-
This man of love.
FSM Community News Page 12 Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009

Path of the Evolutionary Lover
By Faye Bottone

Gratitude to the Stewards, to Shalom leaders Nance McGee & Phrases Seen and Heard Around the Mountain
Jeff Hilliard, and to Marc Gafni for a weekend that expanded “It does not yet appear what we shall be…”
my heart and mind and brought me once again to my knees.
Marc is an extraordinary scholar, bringing a wealth of ancient “Be still and know that I am God”
texts, teaching stories, and chants to deepen our direct “Live in the moment.
experience of the Divine. Add to this many experiential Love unconditionally.
opportunities offered by our Shalom facilitators and we have a Cling to nothing.”
profound recipe for growth. This retreat deepened my
experience of the Principles of Loving and enlivened my The Principles of Loving
experience of "Trust the Process". So many teachings were
More than anything else we want to love and be loved.
offered and two captured my senses.
Love is a gift.
Love is not time bound.
According to Kabalistic teaching, at the end of life we are Love is good will in action.
asked 4 questions and the last question is, "Did you derive Love is response to need.
pleasure from this world?” According to Kabala, pleasure
reminds us that the world is good and that we are held in love. Skills of Loving
So many parts of me felt liberated when I realized that SEEING:
pleasure is not an option but a mandate. How liberating for I do not look over or through you.
the parts of me that were still burdened with feeling unworthy I see you in your uniqueness.
or even shame around pleasure. Pleasure is a YES to GOD! I listen to what you are saying.
The second passion point for me is around Trusting the I recognize your right to feel and think as you do.
Process. We learned that when God spoke to Abraham, he HAVING GOODWILL:
I will you good and not evil. I care about you.
asked, "Abraham?" and Abraham answered, "He-nay-nee", "I RESPONDING TO NEED:
am HERE" which is interpreted as the deepest surrender. I am If you let me know what your needs are,
here, surrendered, listening, and open to the flow, to Divine Within the limits of my value system,
guidance, faithful and deeply trusting , "MY WILL IS THY I will not run away. I will be there for you.
WILL". This teaching reminded me that SHALOM
MOUNTAIN teaches the deepest truths and that we can go
even deeper and expand our YES and deepen our
LOVING through the Wisdom School. Looking forward to
more! 

Contribute NOW to
Friends of Shalom Mountain Foundation
SECURELY On-Line at Betty Ann Rutledge at work in the Shalom Mountain office
Volume 13, Issue 1 June 2009 FSM Community News Page 13

humanity has reached a high enough vibration where what

was previously hidden and esoteric is now available to
Tunnels anyone who desires to look. While the information in these
tunnels is not going to speak to everyone, we may be
By Kai* moving into a new era where we no longer need to look for
(*Formerly Carol Jud) the external guru but are being called to listen to the guru
inside. We are all teachers for each other, sharing our
Recently, I had a profound experience with a spiritual stories and experiences as we find our way into the new
teacher. I was in a moment of confusion and darkness. My world.
teacher knelt down in front of me, looking into my eyes. I Shalom has always been a place that welcomed all
looked back into his eyes and was taken back into time. I traditions. In fact, the name “Shalom” was chosen because
saw the line of teachers and the teachers who had taught it is a sacred word in three major religions -- Christianity,
the teachers going back to the beginning of history. I was Judaism and Islam. Shalom has been shining its unique
filled with gratitude for the commitment and the discipline beam of laser light into the world for decades now. Still, the
of all those who had kept this unbroken tradition of spiritual world is changing at a dizzying pace and Shalom, along with
wisdom alive and complete over the millennia. so many other institutions, is finding its way into the new
As I pondered my experience, I visualized the container for world.
this spiritual remembering as being like a tunnel made out One way in which Shalom is forging a new direction is
of a beam of laser light, creating a safe holding place for the through the Wisdom School. By inviting new beams of light
esoteric wisdom and traditions. This tunnel of light we may be able to see our own tradition with more clarity. It
protected the path from being diluted by the outside world is exciting to see ourselves through new mirrors such as
and from those who had not reached the level of Marc Gafni’s Cabalistic tradition. Opening to other
consciousness required to understand it. I realized that all traditions opens up blind spots and brings unimagined
of the wisdom traditions have their own “light tunnels” and portals to our attention.
I saw a series of beams of different colors, shapes and sizes
lining up next to each other, representing all of the spiritual This could also be a time for us to look for ways to bring
and esoteric paths. the Shalom energy out into the world in new ways
connecting to local farmers around sustainable food or
In the past each one of these “tunnels” was kept separate bringing Shalom processes to our work places, schools and
and often hidden from public view. One needed a teacher family life. It is a time to remember that we all have gifts to
and access to rare books and practices if one was going to bring and that Shalom is calling us to be love ambassadors
delve into the Mysteries. As we travel, Chris and I are in the world. There are no small or large acts of love. Every
beginning to see something different happening. As act of love is a gift to the world. Every act of love is a clear
consciousness is rising on the planet, the wisdom traditions beam of light weaving a new world. Thanks for walking on
are becoming more accessible and available. We no longer this path with us. 
have to travel to the mountains of Tibet to hear the Dali
Lama or to the rain forests of Peru to meet a shaman. The
world is shrinking as communication through the Internet
and global travel get more pervasive. As the world shrinks it THANKS!
also expands. We now have access to people, ideas and Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue… to each
experiences that were once beyond us. person who wrote an article, a column, a letter, or poem.
Thanks to all those who volunteered in coordinating,
I began to see the laser beams shift. Instead of lining up, writing, proofreading, editing, taking photos, and doing the
separated from each other, I saw the lights begin to weave layout. Thanks especially to Roger Telschow and his
together in a new pattern. As the lights of each tunnel met company, Ecoprint, for consistently helping to make this a
the others, the boundaries between the tunnels started to great newsletter. Thanks and deep gratitude to all our
dissolve and a new story started to grow out of the old Faithful Friends whose consistent financial support makes
ones, creating a new matrix. Perhaps a critical mass of this newsletter and all of FSM’s work possible!
FSM Community News Page 14 Volume 13, Issue 1 June

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