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Model Question Paper - 5
Time : 2.30 Hrs.

Marks : 100

Answers at the End of the Page

Vocabulary (20 marks)


1. Choose the appropriate synonym of the underlined words:

(5 x 1 = 5)

Vendangthangal was an exceptional(i) place for the students of anthropology. The

migration of birds was indeed a fascinating(ii) study. They found that the variations in climate and
disminishing(iii) water supply definitely affected the migration of birds there. The sudden rumour(iv)
of a poacher hunting the birds set the students raging in anger. On the whole they had an
overwhelming (v) experience.

a) excellent

b) good

c) extraordinary



a) difficult

b) beautiful

c) interesting

d) awful


a) released

b) minimizing

c) decreasing

d) copious


a) story

b) news

c) mis-information

d) statement


a) important

b) overflowing

c) great

d) over powering

2.Choose the appropriate antonym of the underlined word:

(5 x 1 = 5)

In ancient(i) India, the social and economic status of women was not very good. They
were not fortunate(ii) enough to inherit an equal share of their ancestral property. The society was
so narrow(iii) minded that it paid no heed to their needs. It imposed various restrictions upon
women. They were given harsh(iv) treatment at home too. Due to this, many of them had to lead
a miserable(v) life.


a) old

b) modern

c) new

d) current


a) lucky

b) unfortunate

c) unhappy

d) foolish


a) broad





a) good





a) pathetic




Answer any ten of the following:

10 x 1 = 10

The common expansion of IAS is

a) Indian Army Service.
b) Indian Administrative Service.
c) Indian Audit Service.
d) Indian Administration Service.


Choose the sentence that is correct in its meaning:

a) My sister adapted a baby
b) My sister adopted a baby.


Replace the underlined word with its equivalent American English work:
The tap is broken and it needs to be repaired.


Which of the words given below can be placed before the word gazing to form a compound
a) goat


d) land

b) gooses

c) geeses

Attach a prefix to the word placed from the list given below to complete the sentence.
a) dis


c) boy

What is the plural form of the word goose?

a) geese


b) star

placed the book that she borrowed from me..

b) un

c) mis

Replace the underlined word in the sentence with one of the phrasal verbs given below to
convey the same meaning.

He will surely pass the examination with flying colours.

a) get out

b) get in

Separate the syllables of any one of the following words:

a) ordinary


c) get through


c) embodiment

Choose the appropriate word to make a meaningful sentence: Dont

the flowers.
a) break


b) pluck

Construct a sentence using one of the words given below:

a) intelligence



b) intelligent

c) intelligently

Reframe the sentence using the underlined word as a verb: This

is the time to give your best performance.


Which of the two sentences given below conveys the following meaning?
The students did not pass in any other language test.
a) These are the students who passed only in Hindi language test.
b) These are the only students who passed in Hindi language test.


Answer All the Questions
Respond to the following as directed.
Which of the options given below will suit the following sentence?
If you study well, ______________.
a) You would surely get good marks.
b) You will surely get good marks.

10 x 1 = 10 (15)

c) You would have got good marks.


Identity the pattern of the following sentence:

He sang me a song melodiously.

a) S V IO DO A


b) S V DO IO A

c) S V O C A

Choose the correct question tag for the following statement:

Lets go for a movie, __________?
a) shall we


b) can we

c) will we

Complete the sentence:

Ramani is _______ girls in this group.
a) one of the tallest


b) the tallest

c) as tall as any other

Choose the sentence which correctly conveys the meaning of the sentence given below:
We did not meet any other friend at the party.
a) We met no friends at the party.
b) We met only one friends at the party.
c) We did not meet all our friends at the party.


Complete the sentence:

his riches, he is not happy.
a) Because of


a) writing

stories for children.

b) will write

c) will be writing

Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence:

The flights were delayed


c) Owing to

Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentence:

I enjoy


b)Inspite of

thick fog.

b) due to

c) despite

Choose the appropriate article to complete the sentence:

The mobile phone is

utility item.

a) the

b) a

c) an

Choose the appropriate preposition to complete the sentence:

I am worried
a) with

b) about

c) for

Rewrite as directed.

5 x 2 = 10

From the context of the two sentences given below form a single sentence.
He was sick.
He attended the class.


Rewrite this sentence using the passive voice.

Santa Claus gave sweets to all the children and they thanked him profusely.


Rewrite this sentence in direct speech.

Mala told Shanthi that she had completed her assignment and she needed to
take rest for some time.


From the context of the two sentences given below form a single sentence using the
If clause.
The weather improves.
We will drive down to Rameshwaran


Read the following sentences about Raghus family and write an observation in a single
sentence using any one of the degrees of comparison.
Deepak scored 99 runs.
Mithu scored 100 runs.
Sekhar scores 75 runs.
Sumeeth scores 50 runs.


Punctuate the following sentence:


the policemen said to the stranger I can show you the way to the railway station

15 Marks) PART I
Answer briefly any five of the following questions: -

5 x 2 = 10

(Your answer should not exceed 30 words)


Why did Hughie fear an adverse reaction from the Baron?


How did people express their grief?


What kind of character should you acquire while you are a student?


What can lead the world to violence?


What are the causes for the increase in domestic workers?


Describe the manner in which the birds make their long journey?


How is the Chola kings reverence to Lord Shiva revealed in the temple?

Answer in a paragraph any one of the following questions.
Your paragraph should not exceed 120 words:

(a) Attempts a character sketch of a) Hugie

b) the Baron.

(b) How, according to Gokhale, is character important in life?
(c) How can water shortage be prevented in our country?

SECTION D (Poetry 20 marks)

Quote from memory one of the following extracts:



(a) The first five lines of the poem, Migrant Bird. from The Globe...... to ..... vigil


Five lines from the poem Going for water from Each laid on other heard the

Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer the questions given below
each set:


If you can meet with triumph and disaster; And

treat those two impostors just the same;
What are the two impostors mentioned in the above lines?


We fall upon our faces, trying to go;

and underneath our heavy eyelids drooping;.



What makes the children fall?


Why are their eye lids drooping?

I care not where the skies begin;

I spread my wings through all the din;
Who is the speaker in this poem?


(iv) The days of toil

Hammer and chisel laid aside.
What are the tools us?

Read the following lines from the poems you have studied and answer the questions
given below.

so now it is rain for the singer to burst into clamour.

With the great black piano appassionato the glamour.

Pick out the rhyming words in these lines.


Good men perform just deeds and brave men die

And win not honour such as gold can give
While the vain multitude plod on, and live
And serve the curse that pins down. But?
Bring out the rhyme scheme used in these lines.


Turns the long light that droppeth down the wall.

Identify the words in alliteration.


O ye wheels (breaking out in a mad moaning)

stop! Be silent for today
Name the figure of speech used in the above line.


But once with in the wood, we paused.

Mention the figure of speech used in this line.

Answer in a paragraph any one of the following questions:

1 x5 = 5

Your paragraph should NOT exceed 120 words.


(a) What are the poets reminiscences about his childhood days?
(b) Describe the experiences of the children on their way to the brook to seek water.
(c) Attempt a description of the physical appearance of the shilpi as portrayed in
the poem.

Section E
(Language Functions 20 marks)

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 5 x 2 = 10
If there is one single factor responsible for the alarming raise in heart attacks among

young seemingly healthy Indians, it is smoking, For patients younger than forty, smoking was the
number one cause for heart disease. While the number of people who smoke has dropped by
almost 40 percent in the West over the last decade, it has astonishingly doubled in India over the
same period. Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, makes you seven times more vulnerable to heart
disease than a non- smoker.
The good news is that quitting the smoking can cut down the risk factor by a huge
margin. A person who gives up smoking can, within a year, reduce the risk factor to that of a nonsmoker.

Why is smoking harmful to young and healthy people?


What is the change that has taken place in the West during the last decade?


What is the change that has taken place in India during the last decade?


How can a person reduce the chances of having a heart attack?


Give a suitable heading to the above passage.


Identify and correct the errors in the following sentences:


Renu prefers coffee than tea.


I am working here since 2000.


One of the boy is tall.


Ramesh went to abroad.


Mala is a M. A. in English.




Look at the picture given below and answer the following questions in one or two
sentences of your own:



What do you see in this picture?


Why is the place crowded?


Are these people regular bathers or are they visitors to the spot?


What could be the risk of bathing in this manner?


What precaution would you take while bathing in a place like this?


1. i c, ii c, iii c, iv c, v d.
2. i b, ii b, iii a, iv c, v b.
3 b,
4 b,
5 faucet,
6 star gazing,
7 a,
8 misplaced,
9 c,
10. a) or-di-na-ry, b) zo-o-lo-gy, c) em-bo-di-ment.
11 b,
12. a) His intelligence was appreciated.
b) He is an intelligent boy. c) She talks intelligently.
13. You should perform very well this time.
14 a.


15 b,
16 a,
17 a,
18 a,
19 b,
20 b,
21 a,
22 b,
23 b,
24 b,
25. He was sick but he attended the class./ Though he was sick, he attended the class.
26. Sweets were given to all the children by Santa claus and he was thanked profusely by them.
27. Mala said to Shanthi, I have completed my assignment and I need to take rest for some time.
28. If the weather improves, we will drive down to Rameshwaram.
29. Mithu scored more runs than Deepak.
30. The policemen said to the stranger, I can show you the way to the Railway Station.
31 to 39
40. Triumph and disaster are the two imposters.
41. i) Tiredness makes the children to fall.
ii) The children worked without rest, so their eye lids are drooping.
42. Migrant bird is the speaker.
43. Hammer and chisel are the tools used here.
44. clamour-glamour, 45 abbc,
46. long-light, droppeth-down. 47. Personification.
48. simile.
49. 50. a) Smoking is the number one cause for heart diseases.
b) Number of smoking people dropped by 40 percent in the West during last decade.
c) Number of smoking people doubled in India during last decade.
d) By quitting the smoking, one can reduce the
chances of having a heart attack.
e) Give up smoking / Smoking The Danger.*
51. a) Renu prefers coffee to tea.
b) I have been working here since 2000. c) One of the boys is tall.
d) Ramesh went abroad.
e) Mala is an M.A. in English.
52. a) People are bathing in a falls. b) It is a picnic place.
c) No, They are only visitors to the spot.
d) There may be a slippery or overflowing of water.
e) I will be very careful. I will hold the pipes for my safety. I will go along with elders.