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Summer/Fall 2014

BC Edition
Issue 1



Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned
with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.



The Taylors

The Taylors live in concert on the

one hope canada

Fundraising Tour 2015

April 9-20, 2015 | Manitoba & Saskatchewan
More information will be available in the next edition of Canadas Hope.
For up-to-date concert information: events/


Summer/Fall 2014
BC Edition
Issue One

Canadas Hope is the bi-annual
publication of One Hope Canada.
Letters, articles and photos are
welcomed. Names of many of
the children mentioned in articles
have been changed.
Melanie Mushaluk
Nic Mundey
Sylvia Froese

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Executive Directors Message

Provincial Directors Message

Harolds Humour

Adventure Day Camp


The price has been paid

A Josiah Moment




Amasa Bible Camp




Echo Lake Bible Camp


Kids Corner


Hope Bay Bible Camp


What happens at camp


Summer 2014 Photos



Lake of the Trees Bible Camp

Cooking with Kathy


Maple Springs Bible Camp


Quote Wall

30 Ness Lake Bible Camp

Harold Giesbrecht
Rod Unger
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Questions make
conversation interesting
THINK ABOUT IT. If you never asked a question in a
conversation what would you ever learn? Would you
know the persons name? What he likes doing on the
weekend? What her favorite foods are? How many are in
their family?
Kids love asking questions. That is why they are so
much fun to be around. And with being around 20,000 children and youth this
summer, the One Hope Canada mission team heard lots of questions: How do
you shoot that arrow so straight?, Why are there so many mosquitoes?, Why
did they kill Jesus?, Can God really love me?
Questions are great because they make us ponder and they show someone is
interested in us. Jesus loved asking questions too. What do you want me to do
for you?, Who do you say I am?, Do you love me?
As you flip the pages of this edition of Canadas Hope, we know you will
enjoy reading some of the many conversations from this past summer.
And by the way, would you like to have a conversation about the awesome
news of what Jesus has done for you with someone who doesnt yet know who
Jesus is? Start by asking, not telling. Its a great way to get the conversation going.
Together with you in serving Him!

Cover Image taken at

Echo Lake Bible Camp

Canadas Hope



Armed with
I love Psalm 18:32; It is God who arms me with
strength and keeps my way secure. I was walking
along the shoreline of English Bay in Vancouver
where I noticed the large cargo ships moored, waiting
to get loaded and head out to sea. I began taking
pictures of the ships and then I realizedthe real
beauty of these large vessels is never seen in a quiet
harbour. They werent created to anchor in a bay and
have their picture taken. Their effectiveness only
manifests itself when the captain drives them fully
loaded through the storms of the sea. For those of you
that just had the most amazing year, Im so happy
for you. For those of you that experienced the raging
seas, remember that you were created to withstand
the storms of life. God, as your captain and mine, has
Armed us with Strength as He navigates our lives
through all the seas of life. We can rest in the truth
that He keeps our way secure.

Summer/Fall 2014 |

We can rest
in the truth
that He
keeps our
way secure.


Bulletin Blo opers

My collection of bulletin bloopers started years ago
when I read the following under Future Events:
April 4 Fundraising Supper for (name of missionary
couple, last name misspelled). It is to raise funds for
ministry that is lacking. I couldnt help ponder, Whats
lacking? Their ministry? Funds? Perhaps someone to
proof-read the bulletin? And so, my collection began.
Here are some of my favourites:
At the evening service tonight, the
sermon topic will be, What is Hell?
Come early and listen to our choir practice.
Dont let worry kill you offlet the church help.
For those of you who have children and dont
know it, we have a nursery downstairs.
Pastor is on vacation. Massages can
be given to church secretary.
The audience is asked to remain
seated until the end of the recession.

The cost for attending

the Fasting and Prayer
conference includes meals.
Thursday night Potluck Supper.
Prayer and medication to follow.
One reason I go to church is to read the bulletin. Theres
some really interesting stuff in there! If you happen to
find bloopers in your churchs bulletin, please send them
my way:
HAROLD GIESBRECHT has worked with One Hope
Canada in Manitoba for over 15 years. You may also
have heard him as host of Heart of the South on
Golden West Radio stations across western Canada.
Harolds passion for camping ministry, evangelism
and Southern Gospel music, along with his easy
going personality make him a great ambassador for
the Gospel for young and old alike!

Call for your
freight quote

Phone 204-331-1346
Toll Free 877-400-0262

Deck transportation to a wide range of

industries and companies in the USA and Canada
Now hiring Class 1 Owner/Operators and Drivers!
Based in Winkler, MB

Canadas Hope

Becoming a


child of God
I just have to ask! thought
Norm, as he sat down beside the
parents of a camper he had led to
the Lord last summer.
Norm Listoen of Chilliwack, BC,
had the privilege last summer of
leading to Christ an eight-year-old
boy, while volunteering with
Adventure Day Camps in the small
unchurched town of Pinantan
Lake, BC. It was on the last day of
the four-day camp, meeting on the
hillside at the local elementary

Summer/Fall 2014 |

school. We had presented the

message of Jesus and his salvation
using puppets, skits, games, and
the Jesus Movie for Children,
and extended an invitation to
the campers. As the rest of the
children watched a video, Darren
made his way to the back of the
gymnasium where Norm sat with
an empty chair at his side. Darren
was one of two boys Norm had
the privilege of leading to Christ
last summer.

God guards the seeds of the Gospel

planted in young hearts and watches

over every little lamb in his fold.
Norm returned this year, and so did
Darren. On the last day of camp, Norm
found Darrens parents at the parent
potluck and sat down at the table with
his plate of food. I wonder Norm
thought, if they know that their son
Darren made the decision to receive
Christ last year? I just have to ask!
And so boldly Norm asked, Did you
know that Darren is a believer? And
then he waited for their reply.
Oh yes, Darrens mother replied.
We are not believers ourselves,
but Darren prays every day! Norm noticed that when the director, Roland,
asked the blessing on the meal, Darren

looked over to his dad who didnt

bow his head, and firmly motioned
that he should bow his head as well.
Its always hard to know the
long-term results of decisions that
children make to receive Christ
and become a child of God. But
here, thanks to Norms curiosity and boldness, God revealed a
decision by a child that not only
remained for the long term, but
also had an influence on their
parents. God guards the seeds of the
Gospel planted in young hearts and
watches over every little lamb in
his fold.


Serving and caring for families

in our community since 1947
Salmon Arm


Committed to
trustworthy, quality
funeral service


Delivering peace
of mind and dignity
to each family

We offer a wide variety of funeral, memorial

and celebration of life services, as well as an
aftercare program. We accommodate all faiths,
and also offer celebrant services for those
requesting a non-religious service.

Canadas Hope

A Josiah


by rod unger, BC Field Director

She was a total stranger to me but she

They live in a
godless world
that should
control them,
but instead they
rise up to the
call of God in
their lives and
serve Him.

asked if she could share the struggles that

she was facing in her life. Emily (not her
real name) was training to be a camp leader
for the summer and I was one of the staff
training speakers and so our paths collided.
Emily shared with me how that the only
time she can be with Christian people
is when she is at camp, her family is not
Christian and she is not free to attend
church or any Christian activities except
camp. She shared, with tears streaming
down her cheeks, how discouraged and
lonely she feels when she is not at camp.
She longs for Christian community, love,
and acceptance in her day to day life but
cant get it. She asked if I would pray for
her to have the strength to go on for God
throughout the year. I prayed and asked
God to make her a strong leader for the
summer ministry and to give her the
strength to walk with God the rest of the
year as well.
Emilys walk with God, with no youth
group, church, or Christian influence at
all, touched my heart. She is strong in the

Summer/Fall 2014 |

Lord and the power of his might because

of what Jesus is doing in her life. After our
short talk and prayer, Emily dried her eyes
and thanked me for taking the time to talk
and pray for her. She blended back into the
leaders group and most would never know
the struggles she faces.
I spoke to the director to let him know
some of the interaction I had with his staff
and asked him specifically about Emily.
He shared with me more of her story and
talked of the amazing resolve she has to
live for God in a family that has yet to
experience Jesus Christ.
I know of others that serve in ministry
with similar stories and for me they are
the King Josiahs of our day. They live in
a godless world that should control them,
but instead they rise up to the call of God
in their lives and serve Him. They not
only do this in their own lives but they
impact their communities as well.
Im truly thankful for conversations.
They bring out the amazing things that
God is doing in the hearts and lives of
many around us.

A passion for the Gospel

A burden for Canada
We have a new name!
A name that reflects why we do what we do.
A name that shares our vision and passion.

A message as

old as time

We gather at

the empty dining

tables to hear

the word of God,

encourage and pray

for one another
and our day.

Summer/Fall 2014 |

At 7:00 a.m., sleepy cabin leaders

are making their way across the
lawn quickly losing its dew, the
heat of the day already a promise.
Into the dining hall they amble,
straight to the kitchen for their first
cup of Joe, their Bibles in hand. We
gather at the empty dining tables
to hear the word of God, encourage
and pray for one another and our
day. Half an hour later, the similarities to most other Bible camps
have ended.
At each week of Camp Amasa in
the summer, we have the opportunity to welcome and bring the

word of God to 50+ special-needs

adults. Our campers come from all
corners of the province, and with
a wide range of abilities. When
planning our programs, we need to
keep that in mind so that each can
learn and understand in their own
way. Some campers are non-verbal,
some are visually impaired and
a good many come from nonChristian households.
Occasionally I have the privilege
of meeting up with Wayne, one of
our non-verbal friends from Oliver,
who last attended camp about 2003,
when I was a cabin leader. I always

ask Wayne if he knows who I am, as

he is always super-enthusiastic in
his greetings. He nods and folds his
hands in a gesture of praying and
then I know that he has not forgotten.
I have always said, though, that
we are ministering not only to our
campers, but also to their families
and caregivers and non-Christian
aides that they might bring with
them to camp.
Two years ago, one of our campers,
Judy, brought an aide with her, who
was a baby Christian. Lori spent a
lot of the time in the dining hall with
the cooks asking questions. I believe
those conversations were invaluable,
as just four months later, Lori went

home to be with the Lord. Now,

her sister is volunteering at camp,
wanting to know about the special
kinship Lori felt with those enfolding people at camp.
Our message is not unique its
as old as time. Our methods are
not unique I shamelessly borrow
ideas from everyone and everywhere. But what is unique about
Camp Amasa are the selfless individuals that serve each summer
and the fearfully and wonderfully
made campers that attend.

What is unique about Camp Amasa are the

selfless individuals that serve each summer and the

fearfully and wonderfully made campers that attend.

Canadas Hope



Summer/Fall 2014 |


ast summer, I had an opportunity

to observe what I would call a God
moment at one of our One Hope
Canada camps. It was a typical
prairie day in August, hot and dusty, the trees were
lush and the flowers in full bloom. A young boy,
about six years old, who was attending a single mom
and kids camp, was off by himself, fully enraptured
by a beautiful flower box. As I approached, he was
clearly sniffing the flowers, repeatedly breathing
in deeply then sitting back on his haunches with a
look of wonderment on his face. As I passed him, I
commented that the flowers must smell good. His
reply? Mister, I aint never smelled nothin like that
before. As I walked on, I wondered what he meant;
hed never smelled that kind of floweror had he
never smelled any kind of flower?
After some reflection and prayer I came to the
conclusion that I had been witness to our Creator
connecting with this boy through His creation.

He would go on to hear a message about Jesus later

that night at chapel that would affirm the amazing
love that God had for him. A seed had been planted
that day; a seed of hope for a boy that came from a
flowerless world.
At One Hope Canada, our goal is to present the
Gospel to those with the least chance to hear,
especially children and youth. If not for camp, this
boy, his mom and older brother may never have had
that chance. They couldnt afford to come though,
but through an inner city outreach, someone paid
the price for this family to attend.
In an effort to ensure that every child across
Canada has an opportunity to come to camp,
One Hope Canada is creating the Price Has Been
Paid Fund. The fund will be utilized by camps to
make sure that otherwise unsponsored kids will
be able to afford to come, and to help pay for the
additional staff required to encourage kids at camp
and afterward.

For more information on how you can partner with One Hope Canada
through the Price Has Been Paid fund contact Nic Mundey via email at or call 1-888-960-2580.

Donations can also be made through our website,

click Donate Now and follow the links.

Canadas Hope


Faith thats more

than words

We had been challenging our

cabin leading staff to come up
with three key simple truths about
God that they wanted campers to
grab ahold of each week, and to
intentionally seek out one-on-one
conversations with their campers to
get to know them, and to encourage
them with these truths. Some of
the consistent ones that they chose
were, God is in control, You can
trust God, You are precious to
Him, and You are never alone.
At the end of one of the weeks, one


Summer/Fall 2014 |

of our cabin leaders was sharing

about a camper who came from
quite a challenging background,
and had been on the fringe of
cabin discussions during the week.
When asked what she had learned
through her week at camp, she
quietly stated, I am never alone!


Although not interacting fully,

she had been listening, and
through the compassion and
kindness of her cabin leader
taking the time to care, listen to
her and share Jesus with her, God
had met her and encouraged her
with His presence.

Through the compassion and kindness

of her cabin leader, God had met her and

encouraged her with His presence.

On another instance, one of our

cabin leaders had been waiting for
news as to what the next year of her
life would look like. Things didnt
pan out as expected, and she was
struggling to come to terms with the
outcome. One of the senior leadership
staff asked her what key truths she
had been encouraging her campers
with. As she thought about it, she
said, God is in control, and you can
trust God. Through the conversation
that followed, she was challenged
that maybe the things that she had
been teaching and encouraging
the campers with throughout the

summer, God was wanting her to walk

in herself. There was a realization
moment that took place. That conversation brought about the challenging
reminder that our faith needs to be more
than words, that God wants us to not
only speak truth, but have our lives as a
living example. And the outcome? Over
the next week, outside of her control,
God transformed the situation. And the
result? Joy, thankfulness and a desire to
trust God more.

brought about
the challenging
reminder that
God wants us to
not only speak
truth, but have
our lives as a
living example.

Canadas Hope


Our identity

in Christ

Jesus is

a courageous

Shepherd, leading
us unflinchingly

into the darkest

places and

deepest valleys
of our hearts.

Knowing Gods heart and

leading feels a lot like a really good
conversation. A great conversation is
a mutual unwrapping of heart, where
I cant control the outcome, I can only
contribute to it with vulnerability,
humility and love. We have been here
at Hope Bay for almost four years, and
in that time weve been caught up in a
constant conversation with God.
Our hearts have been in an ongoing
process of unwrapping, a journey into
the wounded places, and though that
process continues to be painful, it is

Summer/Fall 2014 |


filled with Christs healing, because

thats what happens when the Holy
Spirit unwraps the heart of God. Jesus
is a courageous Shepherd, leading us
unflinchingly into the darkest places
and deepest valleys of our hearts. Its
in the dark where we trust His hand,
where we finally stop trusting what
we see and trust His word.
In countless moments over the
years we have been brought to these
deep valleys where all we have is His
word, where we finally see that His
word is all we need an overflowing

abundance of direction, truth, and

life. The direction has always been
provided as Jesus is revealed, and
as Jesus is revealed, life is breathed
into the barren places.
Allowing Jesus into the barren
places requires vulnerability
and humility. Humility is seeing
where we actually stand with
God, and vulnerability is trusting
that the cross absorbed all the
wrath we deserve. Experiencing
Jesus here at Hope Bay has only
happened through humble selfforgetfulness and faith-nurtured
vulnerability. To be vulnerable
to the Spirit is to die to yourself,
trust the promises of Christ, and
experience His faithfulness.

Openness has

been a humble

declaration of faith in
our identity in Christ,

an invitation for others

to discover what

Jesus thinks of them

and to know healing.

Our vulnerability has not been a
dangerous openness to being wounded
by Jesus, rather its been a safe openness
to the healing wounds of Jesus. This

vulnerability hasnt been a

dangerous openness to being
wounded by others either.
Instead, openness has been a
humble declaration of faith
in our identity in Christ, an
invitation for others to discover
what Jesus thinks of them and to
know healing.
We are forever thankful
for this conversation, this
unwrapping of hearts, because
the glory of Jesus resounds from
grateful hearts and communities
healing into wholeness.

Canadas Hope























of classroom instruction




mission and serving



of assignments,
reading and group work


of our graduates served at One

Hope Canada camps this summer


Summer/Fall 2014 |

3 students

entering full-time, year-round

camp ministry roles this fall
with One Hope Canada

Conversations of Change
Barry and Lerissa Buhler, Directors of Encounter School of Discipleship

There are many things I appreciated about my job as director

of Encounter. If you walk into my living room, youll see
many photos that my wife and I have taken of the beautiful
country of Canada during our travels already. However,
while those photos are beautiful and tell a lot of stories,
they dont compare remotely to the stories that we get to
hear from the way God has engaged our students during the
course of Encounter and how God used that time to prepare
them for the road ahead. Heres a few conversations that
Id like to share with you from some people significantly
changed by Encounter this past year:


Partnering with One Hope Canada

to build into the lives of
Canadian children, youth and their families.
As a family business well into its third generation
the Penner family has more than 50 years
of experience in the construction industry.
(204) 748 -1400

Canadas Hope


Conversations of Change: Marianne

Describe a little bit about your
life before coming to Encounter:

MARIANNE: I had just graduated from trade school

in computer graphics and knew that I didnt want to
work full-time in that job. During my third summer
at camp, the summer before Encounter, God put a
desire in my heart to work as a missionary in my
home province, but mostly, to be able to encourage
and support people through camp ministry.
What did you appreciate most about Encounter?

MARIANNE: I really appreciated the fact that we

worked all together in a small group. We learned
to be open and vulnerable/transparent before each
other, supporting one another in prayer and keeping
each other accountable. We learned to work together
as the body of Christ and that was something very, if
not totally, new to me. I also loved travelling across
the country and see how every single place we
stopped was different from the next. It helped me to
better understand how to reach out with the Gospel
to the people surrounding me back home.
What was one of the biggest lessons
that you learned during the trip?

MARIANNE: I learned that there really was

freedom in Christ and that even though we dont
often act like it is true, God is absolutely everything
He says He is. Before, my relationship with God was
based mostly on my efforts to do well enough so He
would be pleased with me. I knew my salvation
didnt depend on me, but I thought that somehow,
if I worked hard enough, I would be able to gain
more of His love or feel closer to Him. When He
looks at me, God sees Christ in me... Christ resisting
the devil, healing the sick, obeying even to His
death on the cross. How could I even think of doing
more than that?!
I learned that God wasnt asking me to do more
for Him, but to trust Him to be everything He is.
And then, since He is who He is (Provider, Savior,
Loving Father) how could I not want others to
know about Him too? How could I not want to
follow Him with everything that I am and follow
His example? All this time, it wasnt about how
much I did, but about how much I trusted in Him
and surrendered to Him.


Summer/Fall 2014 |

You spent this past summer back at your home camp,

Camp Livingstone in Quebec, how did the Encounter
experience equip you for your role this summer?

MARIANNE: Through Encounter, I have learned not to

trust in myself but to trust in God. I have also learned
that being a leader didnt necessarily mean to lead from
up front. That and so many other things that God had
worked in my life through Encounter really changed
the way I viewed and reacted to people and situations.
I was able to be more of an encouragement to the team I
worked with. The way God has been healing hurts from
my past also made me more aware of the hurts in other
peoples lives, whether campers or staff. In the past, I had
started my summer dreading that I wasnt ready for the
task ahead. This summer, I started it ready, knowing that
God had it all in His hands and that He was able to work
despite my weaknesses.
What are your plans for the next stage
in life now that Encounter is finished?

MARIANNE: On September 1st, I started working for

One Hope Canada, with the resource and finance teams.
I also help out my field director and my home camp
(Livingstone), by working on their website and other
graphics jobs (newsletters, brochures, etc.). Throughout the
year, I plan on following up with some of the female staff
from this past summer; to be able to encourage them in
their walk with God as well as to challenge them to abide
in Him in all aspects of our lives. Im happy to be where
God leads me and looking forward to see how Hes going
to work in and through me in the next few years.

As we prepared for our second year of

Encounter, we realized that we would not have
enough students to operate the program.
While this was disappointing for us, we know
that Gods hand is steadfast through it all.
Though this summer was difficult to find
enough students, there seems to be much
interest for next fall, so we press on, diligently
working to put into place the building blocks
necessary to make Encounter a sustainable
avenue for discipleship, year after year.

Encounter Teacher Profile: Colin Bell

COLIN BELL lives in Austin, Manitoba, where he
has served for the past eight years as pastor of Austin
Evangelical Fellowship. He is married to his wife,
Dawn, and they have two beautiful girls. He is an
avid sports fan and cheers for the Winnipeg Jets.
During this past year with Encounter, you spoke
on one of your passions, The Church, and
really challenged our students in the way they
viewed and participated in Christs Church.
Why is this such a passion of yours?

COLIN: Well first of all, being a pastor, church is a

pretty big part of my life! However, I feel that there
are so many misconceptions about the church these
days - its falling apart, it has so many problems - but I
am passionate to see the church for what God intended
it to be. He wants us to be real, to have community, and
to spend our lives worshipping him. Its important that
this generation knows the importance of the church,
and while it can be changed, it cannot be thrown out!
Despite the fact that there are problems and failings,
Christ is still continuing to build His Church.

You mentioned to me your week with Encounter

was one of the highlights of your year so far.
What made the experience so unique?

COLIN: I absolutely loved my week with Encounter.

While I preach and teach to my congregation year after
year, it was the first time that I had the privilege of
teaching in this type of setting. The size of the group
was perfect for class interaction. I loved being able to get
to know the students, hear where they are at, and also
be challenged by them as well!
Based on your response, what would be your encouragement to a young person considering Encounter?

COLIN: What I really appreciate most about Encounter

is that it is very biblically based, and secondly, its
across Canada. If this program had been around when
I graduated high school, I would have very seriously
considered it. Its perfect for the time of life where
you leave your home, and wrestle through your faith
and make it your own. Its a place where you can get
your biblical foundation while seeing this incredible

Canadas Hope


Art of



with God and each

other are key at
Bible Camp.

Summer/Fall 2014 |

As camp director, my summer

conversations centre on my
leaders in Program, Work Crew,
Food Services, Administration
and Facilities. I do also enjoy
conversations with any of our
400 campers. The ones which
stick are campers whom cabin
leaders can no longer handle.
Its the final straw, Lets go talk
with Chief, (my camp nickname).
These conversations are sometimes

stern, sometimes comforting,

sometimes counseling, always
loving, instructive, and with the
aim to reconcile relationships.
Relationships with God and each
other are key at Bible Camp.
One young boy felt terribly
homesick. I arrived at the nurses
station to red eyes and tears
streaming down cheeks. Instant
compassion filled my heart, What
if this were my son? I thought.

Our camps mission is to show Gods

love through fun, Bible centered
camping. He seemed to enjoy the
singing, chapel time, swimming, his
cabin leaders, the food, the games,
and camp in general. But bedtime
is when young boys can miss their
mommies. The classic homesick
pill hadnt worked (they only help if
quietly lying down and closing eyes).
Now what?
I make it a practice to include God
in each conversation: Please show
me how to love this young boy.
Thats when an idea came. Lets
draw your mommy a picture of you
at camp. The art of distraction is
a useful trick of the trade in camper
ministry. His cabin leader and I
would also draw a picture with him.
Its about relationships.

I make it

a practice to

include God in

each conversation:
Please show me
how to love this
young boy.

I ran downstairs to fetch the bin of

pencil crayons. These need sharpening in a big way! A thought popped
into my head: Have you ever used
an electric pencil sharpener? Eyes
lit up, What? You have an electric
sharpener! The next half hour filled
an empty dining hall with sounds of
140 sharpenings amidst smiles, chats
and drawings. Then followed bedtime
for one happy camper. Mission accomplished, Thank you God!

Canadas Hope



I wish there was a place for
me How do I respond to that?
The silence continues on the
phone while I think, of course
theres a place for you
isnt there?
This parent has had her kids
coming to camp for several years;
some of them have even been
on staff. Jesus had got a hold of
their lives and it was evident to
their mom. The only problem
is she was a single parent who
didnt feel overly accepted in
church, and didnt see going to
a family camp in summer as a
very positive experience for her.


Summer/Fall 2014 |


Not knowing if she could hold

it together emotionally around
all these families that seemed to
have it together, was motivation
enough to stay away.
What can we do? Ministering
to the marginalized has been a
core value at Maple Springs for
decades. Helping kids see Jesus is
paramount. Helping them develop
a functional lifestyle that allows
them to grow in that relationship
with Jesus, is something else
we take very seriously. But
what about their parents? The
number of kids with single
parents has skyrocketed in the

In the three years we have

run this camp in partnership with

a local church, we have seen lives

change like never before.
last two decades. Single-parents,
foster and blended families are
becoming the norm, so what can
we do?
I think we can do something
I replied, and Single Moms Camp
became a part of MSBC. Its not
a new idea by any means, it is
however not that popular among
the Christian community. I see
a lot of people scratching their
heads and asking, Do we really
need that? The obvious answer
that day on the phone was YES!

The fact is that we all want to help

the kids; we would almost do anything
for them. Well helping the parents is
just another step in doing that. In the
three years we have run this camp, in
partnership with a local church, we
have seen lives change like never before.
Both mother and child are growing
together. The Gospel is preached, and
their lives are forever changed.


Canadas Hope



I want jesus to shine

through me each day.

God Is...

ead Mark 4:21-32.

A candle that cant be seen is no use.
If you love Jesus, He wants his light
to shine through you each day!

n the Bible, we read about Gods numerous

attributes. An attribute is a word that we
use to describe a person or an object. It is a
characteristic specific to them.

Draw a candle in the holder beside each

picture that shows who is shining for Jesus.

Look up the following verses in your Bible to

help you fill in the missing letters and discover
some of Gods attributes.
Psalm 147:5 God is M _ _ _ _ Y
(God is strong and powerful, and
He has authority over the whole universe.)


helping mom

Revelation 1:8 God is E _ _ RN _ _

(God has no beginning or end.
He was, He is, and will forever be.)
2 Timothy 2:13 God is F _ _ TH _ _ _
(God will never let you down,
He will accomplish His promises.)

telling about Jesus

When you shine for Jesus, people will see

that you are different. Then Jesus will use
you to bring your friends to Christ.


Summer/Fall 2014 |


being friendly

Psalm 86:5 God is M _ _ CI _ _ _

(Although we deserve to be punished for our sin,
He forgives those who ask for forgiveness and
makes them clean in His sight.)

Canadians need Gods

Word more than ever.
Participate in this years Bible Week challenge.
Register as a church or individual for free at

Thank you to
for donating 10,000
Bibles to One Hope Canada camps all across the country.
This Bible was specifically developed for camp ministry
and the kids loved receiving their very own copy!

Being worth it

to God

I continuously

face the knowledge

that there is nothing

I can do to change
their situation,

and nothing I can

say to fix it.

Summer/Fall 2014 |

As a cabin leader, Ive had many

conversations with campers, from
absolutely hilarious ones as they
express crazy amounts of joy in
life, to heart-wrenching ones as
they share about their struggles.
Not every kids life has been a walk
in the park. As they share about
broken families and separated
siblings and missing parents, I
continuously face the knowledge
that there is nothing I can do to
change their situation, and nothing
I can say to fix it. But despite this,


I can share the hope that I have in

God, which is far more valuable.
One week, I had a camper share
with me about her life. I had known
her for scarcely a day. As we talked,
she told me of the hard things:
the drugs she was addicted to, the
helplessness she felt, the suicide
she fought every day. She told me of
the good things: the few things that
meant enough to her to keep her
here. As she spoke, I was heartbroken. Speechless. What do you
say to that? When Itll be okay,

sounds like both a lie, and a foolish

attempt at covering her life with
a nice coat of roses. All I could do
was listen, pray, and let God work.
At the end, she whispered,
Thank you for listening. Its
been a long time since I talked
to someone about all that. What
struck me most was how much
God had moved in her heart for
her to share. The amount of trust
it took for her to pour out her life
before me isnt the kind of trust
you build in a day, its the trust of
God needing one of His children to
be heard.
While she didnt turn to Jesus
right there and then, she left
the conversation knowing that
someone cared and believed she
was worth it to God. Its a truth I
couldnt have expressed as deeply
as she felt even if I tried. God
didnt need my speaking to be
able to move in her heart, just His
presence in our conversation.

The amount of trust it took for her to

pour out her life before me isnt the kind of

trust you build in a day, its the trust of God
needing one of His children to be heard.

Canadas Hope


by Bill McCaskell, co-executive director

What happens at camp

doesnt stay at camp
While working at
camp, they were
able to work
through and live
out their faith
praying regularly
for campers,
trusting God in
many situations,
and seeking others
for help and

ampers go home with lots of

storiestheir first horseback
ride, a new swimming level
achieved, and a list of new
friends. But what about the lingering
effect camp has within local
churches connected with the camp?
Garnet and Tracey Hodges, youth
pastor couple of BAM Youth (joint
youth ministry of Bagot Community
Chapel and MacGregor EMC, just
outside Portage la Prairie, MB), talk
often of the impact their local One
Hope Canada Bible Camp (Valley
View) has on their youth group
and the entire church family.
People of all ages are involved
in the campserving on the camp
board, showing up for work projects,
volunteering in the kitchen, and
more and more adults even cabin
leading, explains Garnet Hodges.

Summer/Fall 2014 |

But camp life especially impacts

the youth, Hodges continues. When
youth share their testimonies before
baptism, many recall taking the
Leadership Development Program
at Valley View. It really helped them
focus on God and what He has done
for them. While working at camp,
they were able to work through and
live out their faithpraying regularly
for campers, trusting God in many
situations, and seeking others for help
and encouragement.
Youth raised in the church need to
make the Christian faith personal. A
study conducted by the Evangelical
Fellowship of Canada in 2011 identified
one out of every two children raised
in an evangelical church stopped
attending church after moving away
from home, most often leaving any
Christian affiliation behind.

Whats really exciting is seeing the pastor intentionally connect with families who
dont have a home church so they feel welcome to return the following sunday.
Camp helps youth develop strong
group bonds, Hodges explains, and
many of those relationships continue
after summer and even after high school
graduation. There is a desire to keep in
touch and encourage one another in
their faith. Its really good to see.
But church kids are not the only
ones impacted by camp ministry.
Churches who are involved in camp
ministry are reminded of that each
One highlight for Nathaniel
Harder, Co-Director of Manitobas
Adventure Day Camp, was seeing the
beginning of a relationship between
campers, their parents, and the pastor
of the church who hosted a week of
Adventure Day Camp.

We invite the parents of campers

to attend our closing program on
the last day of each week, explains
Harder. Its great because parents
see their kids acting in skits, view
a power point from the week, and
see what we learned. Whats really
exciting though is seeing the pastor
intentionally connect with families
who dont have a home church, so
they feel welcome to return the
following Sunday.
Its stories like these which show
that the conversations that start at
camp, so often carry on from camp
gate to church door.
That really is our desire, explains
Bev McCaskell, Co-Executive
Director. One Hope Canada exists

to serve the local church, and we

do this by helping local churches
partner together to proclaim
and live out the gospel to their
communities. At the same time
we provide opportunities for local
believers of all ages and with all
sorts of skills to grow deep in their
faith as they serve at camp. Its
pretty great to see God working as
we all serve together.
as the Executive Director team
of One Hope Canada and have
seen firsthand how God uses
camp ministry. It happened in
their two sons lives long after
the summer ended.

Peace River Bible Institute

Training believers to become
disciple-makers who impact
their world for Christ.

Enter coupon code Apply250 at to receive a

$250 bursary if you apply by December 31, 2014. / Sexsmith, AB / 780-568-3962

Canadas Hope





ASSUMPTIONS! We all make

them, but often the results arent
what we expected. Like my first
date with Howard when I provided
hot chocolate made with cocoa (as
we were out of the little packets).
Who knew you were to use less
cocoa and add milk and sugar?
Also, assuming the cookies I offered
him were okay, when in reality
they were stale rejects that nearly
resulted in him losing a tooth!
During a staff lunch, I inadvertently filled my bowl with what
I thought was tomato soup. Not
wanting to be critical by saying it
didnt taste right, I silently forced
myself to consume the contents,
only to be informed I had just eaten
a bowl of gravy. Ugh!


Summer/Fall 2014 |

While making a large coffee mocha cake for my daughters birthday,

I assumed when the recipe asked
for two cups of coffee, that it meant
sifted, instant coffee. When the cake
didnt rise or turn out anything like
the ones our cooks made at camp, I
discovered it meant liquid coffee.
Another time I made a double batch
of potato soup for a church potluck,
in which the recipe called for two
cloves of garlic. I assumed each of
the round balls was called a clove,
so proceeded to add two! One could
likely tell for weeks who ate my
soup, but they never complained of
getting a cold!
Ive always believed that God
never wastes experiences in
our lives. Perhaps some of these

cooking lessons were actually

lessons to remind me of the
importance of asking instead of
assuming something. How often
have we hurt people unintentionally when we have assumed
something about their motives,
attitude or actions, only to
discover we were totally wrong.
As we anticipate the needed new
facility at camp, I need to be mindful that nothing is too big for God.
Matthew 19:26 says, With GOD ALL
THINGS are possible. Now thats
something I can be certain about!

Howard and
Kathy Weir
have been
serving as Camp
Directors at
Turtle Mountain
Bible Camp (Manitoba) since 2002,
but previously served at Galilean
Bible Camp (Ontario) for many
years before that

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One Hope Canada
on this edition of
Canadas Hope

Summer 2014 Quote Wall

Camper: Is it spelled Mrs.
God sent a plague and
nt married?
turned the water into blood Isaifiah:theNopy are
e, its Miss. M-I-S-S
Different Camper: Its M-I-S-S-S-S-S
Whos blood was it?
if theyre married to a snake!

Im so glad Jesus

A kid after only 10 minutes

of being there
declared, You know, I think
I want to live here.

did the dying for me.

there are so many memories
that keep me coming back! Camp
has literally changed my life

Cabin leader: Time for devos.

Camper: What are evils?
From 7 year old camper after first
song at first chapel This is my favorite
song!; after second song; This is my
favorite song!!!; after 3rd song;
This is my favorite song!!!!!
bother me,
Bullies used to
m all up!
then I beat the

Whe re do I find
Samsung in the Bible?

No, I don't want

to hurt you, I
have Jesus in me

Camper trying to get dead

flashlight to work: It worked
yesterday...Maybe it only works
with the lights off! (goes and
turns off cabin lights to check)

A dress shirt goes really well with

sweat pants sometimes, doesnt it!

W ill the hot
chocol ate melt my
teeth [dentures]?

If you sit on a noodle

and pretend its a
horse, does that
count as horseplay?

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Canadas Hope
One Hope Canada Manitoba
200-189 Henderson Hwy
Winnipeg, MB R2L 1L7

God is 100% love.

This has been my
best summer ever.
Then Eve went to the
tree and saw...
An eagle!
No, she saw a snake
I know that snake!

After only being here an hour or

two, a little guy came up to a staff
member and said, when I leave,

Im really gonna miss you guys!

Gods got my back,

I learned that in devo