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A Statement from the League of Revolutionaries {or a New America


The recent guilty verdict for phony Voter fraud charges against Reverend Pinkney shocked the nation
and especially Michigan. Between 2000-2009, Michigan loss 783,000 jobs. In fact, "24% Of all
private sector jobs loss during this period was in Michigan." As the technological revolution along
with the outsourcing of jobs swept the state, the two major political parties have no program to
reorganize around our communities needs in the face of these new realities. Instead, our state
government chooses to attack and ignore the growing impoverished masses. The state of Michigan,
not only cut public assistance, but imposed an unprecedented law- the Emergency Manager law,
stripping us of our precious public assets, collective bargaining rights, and democracy as we know it,
sending unelected 'Managers' to cities like Benton Harbor, Pontiac, Flint, and Detroit dismantling
local governance and Home Rule. Now more than 17 municipalities and school districts are under
In Benton Harbor, as part of an effort to recall the Mayor, embattled minister Reverend Edward
Pinkney was joined by over 700 residents (by signing and circulating petitions) of Benton Harbor to
resist corporate rule there ..Though trumped charges of voter fraud were leveled against the minister,
his crime was daring to stand up against corporate dictatorship, in particular Whirlpool Corporation.
Not one of the 42 witnesses implicated him in supposedly changing dates on the petitions- not even
the prosecutors witnesses! Yet, he was found guilty by a virtual all white jury. Not one citizen from
Benton Harbor sat on the jury pool. The message was clear- in the era of Emergency Managers rule,
workers have no rights that corporations are bound to respect.

We are clearly in a new era. Electronic, laborless production are forcing us to fight on a whole
new battlefield. Could anyone have imagined that a mass movement would emerge, fighting for water
in this rich country?? Or mobilizing a statewide campaign to fight for Democracy itself, (Public Act 4)
and winning, only to have it replaced with an almost identical law?? To be harassed as many Benton
Harbor residents were or charged with voter fraud for merely attempting to put a recall proposal on the

Corporations are not people as the Supreme court claims. The corporations are taking over the
government. Unfortunately, the state of Michigan is already too far down this road. Our movement
has to be one in which the people take over the corporations and reorganize society on a cooperative
basis. As we go forward , we must redouble our efforts to continue the struggle.

Dismiss All Charges Against Reverend Edward Pinkney!!!

Send Donations and Letters of support to:BANCO
Attend Sentencing Hearing
December 15
1940 Union Street
Iknton Harbor, MI 49022

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