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May 2014
Volume 6
Issue 10


Demand for data will

Increase Tremendously
Ismail Shah

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Smartphone Penetration
and local content is must for early

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Can Warid Rollout 4G LTE Now?

PTA demands to meet strict
quality parameters first

Wateen Applauds Successful 3g/4g

Tablets and 2 in 1s will be high in

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Biometric system enables banks to introduce cardless transactions

From E-Commerce to Mobile CommerceProjected Digital Revolution

after 3G/4G
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There lies
Anusha Rahman
a huge potential


Interview with Minister of State for Telecom and IT, Anusha Rahman

Our focus is on emphasising the need of

local manufacturing of mobile phones/network
equipment/computers, Research and Innovation
and transfer of technology in Pakistan
8 | MORE - May 2014

e all waited for 3G and 4G technology in Pakistan for several years and seemingly it looked an impossible task
until now. Despite all speculation and hindrances, Ministry of IT and Telecom with the help of its regulatory arm,
PTA, has successfully done the job in a very clean and transparent manner. Not only government has earned over
$ 1 billion in shape of licensing fee but also it has paved way to generate billions of dollars in the coming years.
To shed light how this would be achieved in the coming years, More Magazine approached Minister of State for IT
and Telecom Anusha Rahman. She was kind enough to share few of her plans in a question-answer session. Following is
what she talked about;

There were lots of speculation in media about the bidding process of 3G and 4G.
How did you see it?

A R : I think it is primary responsibility of the government to communicate with the media properly about its
projects and achievements. The communication should be very professional to minimize the chances of incorrect reporting. In my ministry, I personally try to monitor all the communication with media. Other than reporting about our work,
there is also an element of speculation which we need to work on collectively and rectify it. Media shouldnt focus on such
reports that are baseless and lack authenticity.
Pakistan is excelling on its way towards development and we have now joined 3G/4G club also. People have the
right to celebrate this achievement but that can only be done by showing them a true picture. Benefits of 3G and 4G will
take some months to appear in a broader way. At this point, we need to educate people that how to get benefits of these
next generation mobile technologies and we can do this through forums and seminars and spread awareness through

3G and 4G has arrived, how to make use of this technology now?

A R : 3G/4G is just like a communication Highway that will help us connect far flung areas to the developed areas.
The government has provided an infrastructure and a platform to telecom companies now it is their turn to define their
goals and work in collaboration with public sector to achieve those targets.
On this highway, we need different applications such as e-learning, e-agriculture, e-health, e-commerce and so on.
I have particularly asked mobile phone companies to select the areas where they are strong for developing such applications and projects so that people could start getting benefits. Good thing is that I have received a very positive response
from them. One of the companies has assured us to steer e-education program. Similarly, other companies have resolved
to steer e-health, e- agriculture and bring their international experiences to Pakistan for deployment.
One important aspect is Research and Innovation without which no such program will achieve its desired results.
In this regard, we have asked these companies to establish such facilities in Pakistan where local content could be developed using our own Human Resource. I can proudly highlight that soon we are going to witness state of the art R&D
centers in the country through public-private partnership.

Apart from 3G, where else your focus is?

A R : The key objective of our manifesto is creating job opportunities and economic growth. Now we have this
technology highway. We are also working in parallel to create a need in the public sector to use this medium and
contribute in raising demand to flourish private sector. In order to achieve that we have given three targets to Universal
Service Fund (USF), such as establishing tele-centers in underserved and un-served areas of the country. For the
purpose of ubiquitous development, my preference is for penetration of technology in remote areas where people
could enjoy similar facilities as people in cities do. We want to develop these areas with services like m/e-health,
tele-medicine, e-education, m/e-commerce and e-banking etc. We have also directed USF to lay down fiber optic cable
to connect those areas with rest of the country. USF has already spread optic fiber to 4000 km in Balochistan and we
want them to carry out similar activity in other underdeveloped areas of the country as well. There are areas in Pakistan
such as FATA where connectivity is at zero level. USF has also been tasked to connect those areas.
We have also directed a one point agenda to R&D fund that they should prefer to fund only those projects
which can eventually have a commercial value as well. Let me give you an example, immediately, we need e-agriculture
apps which could help farmers in order to enhance their productivity. These app would educate farmers on fertilizers
and their usage pattern, how to handle a crop in a certain weather condition? Or what to do if a disease spread out? 3G
and 4G will help establish connectivity for these kind of services. We are encouraging smaller companies with limited
resources to develop such apps. Our message for the young developers is to come forward with your fantastic projects
on e-agriculture and like. If your project turns out to be a need of industry, R&D will provide required funding.


You talked about thousands of jobs creation, how this will happen?

A R : Around 900,000 direct and indirect jobs are

expected to be created in the next 5 years as a result of advent
of 3G/4G in telecommunication sector. These jobs will not only
engage those who belong to IT and Telecom sector but also
the people who are connected to other sectors of life. From an
IT and Telecom graduate to skilled workers, all will get their
share in this development.

Telecom operators have issues with Right

of Ways in many areas of Pakistan, what
you are doing to resolve the issue?

A R : I have taken up the matter. I requested a proposal

from the telecom companies regarding the issue which they
are to provide right after license process is completed. So far, I
have not received any document from them. As soon as they
submit the proposal, we will try to resolve the issue by working
with higher authorities.

Students at school level are not well

equipped with latest technology education. What MoIT is doing in this area?

A R : This question is a provincial matter. Technology

is an enabler, it is for those responsible in their areas to use this
enabler for improving efficiencies and delivery.
To increase computer awareness in less educated sector of the
country we need to increase the number of computer courses
and diplomas of computer learning.
Virtual University of Pakistan in running under MOIT.
We have established its campuses in many areas of the country
to facilitate those who do not have computers. We have
directed them to teach what is in demand from industry for
further strengthening bond between industry and academia
and ensuring job opportunities on graduation.

What are you plans regarding local manufacturing of mobile phones in Pakistan?

A R : Other than 3G and 4G, my focus is on emphasiing

the need of local manufacturing of mobile phones/network
equipment/computers, Research and Innovation and transfer
of technology in Pakistan. In our policy directive to PTA, we
have inserted that cellular operators should be encouraged to
take initiatives in this area. We are in talks with several mobile
manufacturing companies to invest in Telephone Industries of
Pakistan through a public private partnership mode. This
would not only strengthen the weakening organization but
also pave way for transfer of technology in the country. We are
ready to facilitate foreign companies by giving them tax
concession if they bring investment in this area. If mobile
phones and computers could be manufactured here, their
prices will be much lower. This will be another stream of
foreign direct investment in Pakistan.
We have received an encouraging response from a
few companies and one of them has assured to come back
with a proposal in two month time. I have also demanded from
telecom operators to install smart BTS towers that are locally
assembled for keeping the environment clean and clutter free.

Since government has secured foreign

investment by selling 3G and 4G
licenses, what are other revenue
streams we should expect in the coming

A R : Pakistan has lost millions of dollars every years

by just not introducing 3G in a timely manner in the country.
Now you can have a clue that if Pakistan lost such a huge
amount for not having this technology then what it can
generate after having these technologies. China Mobile has
committed to invest $ 1 billion in next two years. Every
company has almost a similar target and on the whole,
nearly $4 billion will come in the country in next 4 years. We
will support telecom sector in all the way to make this

What is your strategy to stop illegal

import and smuggling of mobile phones
and computers?

A R : Through your magazine, I want to give a

message to all those who are connected to IT and Telecom
industry. They should design broad level goals for themselves. Local manufacturing of these gadgets is necessary to
minimize the smuggling of mobile phones and computers. I
held meetings with the computer association of Pakistan.
They have some taxation issues. I have asked them to start
thinking about local manufacturing or assembling of
computers. If government is willing to give tax relaxation
then they should avail it. They should work on legitimate,
settled, clean and sustainable business program and its very
important. I am ready to advocate their case with high ups
in the government.

Are you working on some laws to regulate social media?

A R : We have drafted a Cyber Crimes Bills which has

been submitted to the Cabinet Division for presentation.
People from telecom industry, ISPAK, PASHA, Interior
Ministry, Ministry of Law, PTA and Ministry of IT worked
together to form this document. It was a tough task but we
did it according to the international standards. We are also
reviewing the IT policy and it will be forwarded to cabinet
by July this year.

If a person commits a cyber-crime, do

we have any system to trace him?

A R : This is the same question which I raised at ITU

and GSM forums as well. How to catch a miscreant who is
doing an electronic crime in the South Pole while sitting in
the North Pole? This is a global problem and we should work
together to form a mechanism to catch such miscreants.
These issue are residues of our development efforts and we
surely need to make a system to handle these criminal
activities in parallel. We just need some focus and time to
address it in a meaningful way, as this is not an individual
but rather a collective effort that will have to be exercised
globally through mutual treaties and unified laws.
by: Mudassar Jahangir


Demand for data will

Increase Tremendously
Ismail Shah

12 | MORE - May 2014

ore Magazine had interviewed Chairman PTA, Ismail Shah, in the month of October 2013 in which he
shown determination and commitment towards bringing 3G and 4G in Pakistan. Finally, the technology
has landed with over $1100 million in shape of foreign investment.

When 4G can be commercially launched in


It will take a little time because first they China Mobile

(Zong) will go for 3G and then in later stage 4G will be offered
commercially. You can see people are taking interest in the
service and the excitement level is high in the public. China
Mobile already has a prior experience of 4G in their homeland,
therefore, I hope they will as early as possible in Pakistan.

Can there be a monopoly in market once


No there will not be. Zong will have the advantage of

early entry into the 4G market but later market forces will play
their role.

We have witnessed profits eroding in 2G

scenario due to price war, how you will
regulate them in 3G era?

Maturity has prevailed among operators and they are

of the view that there should be no fierce price war in post 3G
era that could damage their own existence.

Are these four 3G operators threat to ISP

industry in any way?

No they are not. ISPs are fixed data service providers

and they will always have their own market. Whereas 3G
operators will be providing data on mobility. So it is up to the
customers what kind of service they demand.

What is the future of EVO 3G?

EVO has a niche market and they can perform well

with fixed broadband services. We are in consultation with
them so that everyone has their own target market.

Do you think 5MHz is enough for 3G


For the time being it is ok to go with this but soon

operator will see a need of extra spectrum because the
demand of data will be higher and acceptability of technology
will be more.
by: Sumaira Mudassar

| 13


Smartphone Penetration
and local content is must for early



obilink is the largest cellular operator by number of subscribers in

Pakistan. In the recent auction, it acquired a 3G license and secured a 10
Mhz slot in 2100 Mhz spectrum. In an exclusive interview, Chief
Commercial Officer, Bilal Munir Sheikh shared with More Magazine
some key facts about post 3G era which are here for our readers;

Congratulations for acquiring a 3G

license in the auction. How clean was the
entire process?
PTAs decision of holding the 3G auction under the
Simultaneous Multiple Round Ascending Auction (SMRA)
mechanism ensured both transparency and secrecy during
the auction. It gave the operators the flexibility to simultaneously bid on lots of their choice, privacy and time to make
educated decisions during the auction. I would like to
congratulate the PTA, Ministry of IT and Ministry of Finance
for facilitating a transparent and successful bidding process.

What kind of telecommunication era do

you foresee after 3G in Pakistan?

We see a very bright future. The launch of high

speed internet services, possible due to the 3G auction, will
bridge the digital divide and empower millions of customers
with high speed internet on the go. This launch will open up
new window for application development and content
industry which will have the opportunity to develop new
localized content for the customers. The 3G launch will create
thousands of new job opportunities in the country and will
give a boost to the economy.

In the presence of 4G and even 5G in the

world, do you think 3G will be able to
bring the desired results for you?

Globally, 3G has proven to be a successful technology and wherever launched it has had substantial impact on
the way the customers communicate. Pakistan being a
market with one of the highest number of mobile users is
expected to react positively to this new technology. There are
over 75 Million internet/data users in the country and at least
15 Million 3G handsets. This provides a great opportunity to
provide high speed internet services to these users who have
been used to only GPRS and EDGE based technologies in the

Being the market leader, do you believe

14 | MORE
- May
for 4G will have

an effect on your position after a few


Mobilink is committed to provide its customers with

the best and affordable services, our customers have placed
a high amount of trust in our services as the No. 1 operator.
As of now, less than 1% of the handsets in Pakistan are 4G
enabled handsets in the market of over 75 Million Internet
users. We expect this number to increase after the customers
acclimatize themselves with the currently available 3G
technologies. Mobilink will keep a positive outlook towards
allocation of future 4G spectrum by PTA and will keep the
options open.
Moreover, Mobilink has acquired the greater
frequency bandwidth of 10MHz which allows it to offer a
much better customer experience than its 3G competitors.

How good do you see the behavior of

people regarding adoption of this
advanced generation of Telecommunication?
We are expecting a very positive response from the
customers. The customers are ready to transition into the
advanced era of telecommunication which will enable them
to access high speed internet on the go to fulfill their data
Mobilink is well placed to lead this behavior change in
Pakistan because of its experience in serving the largest
EDGE customer base with the most innovative products and
widest coverage.

From a customer point of view, what

kind of packages should we expect from
Mobilink places its customers at the center of its
business strategy and it has always provided the customers
with the most affordable and quality services. With the
launch of 3G, Mobilink aims at continuing its tradition of
offering the most attractive and highly affordable packages
to its customers.

What kind of challenges a

3G operator can face
down the road?

The biggest hurdle in the

growth of 3G technology is the smart
phone penetration. Another key issue
is that innovative local content and
applications have to be developed so
that customers can take full advantage
of high speed internet and data
services. The ban placed on YouTube
by the Government of Pakistan needs
to be lifted as YouTube forms the
backbone of video content streaming
and provides both entertainment and
educational content to the customers.

Do you think existing

taxation is equally good
for 3G era as well?

Taxation on cellular sector in

Pakistan needs to be rationalized and
reduced so that 3G becomes a viable
investment option for the industry.
The 10% tax which was imposed after
the 3G licenses were auctioned needs
to be revised as this tax was levied
without any prior communication
before the auction. Furthermore, the
disparate tax policies enforced by the
provinces need to be addressed and a
relaxed tax policy should be implemented across the board. In a meeting
held with the IT Minister Mobilink
conveyed these concerns regarding
the rationalization on the taxation
policies. The IT Minister ensured that
the issue has been taken up with the
Minister of Finance and steps will be
taken to mitigate the concerns.

What government and

regulator need to do for
the rapid spread of next
generation mobile technology in Pakistan?

We recommend that with the

induction of next generation technology, the government should relax the
custom duty that has been imposed
on the import of 3G equipment to
facilitate the 3G roll-out. Moreover, we
cannot stress enough the need to
remove the ban placed on YouTube by
the Government of Pakistan. YouTube
will be a major component in driving
3G adoption in Pakistan.

| 15
by: MORE Team



is the



fter 3G and 4G auction in Pakistan, Telecom

and IT industries are going to experience a
revolution. What role the WiMax technology
will have in this new era of technological
advancement, CEO of Wateen Telecom, Naeem
Zamindar, tells in a comprehensive way;

16 | MORE - April 2014

Where does Wateen stand today?

Wateen has multiple business concerns servicing carrier,

enterprise and consumer segments and has the 2nd largest
fiber-optic presence across Pakistan. Over the years, Wateen has
become a technology enabler by providing state of the art
solution to cellular operators and enterprises.
Data services are going to define the future and today we
find more opportunity in becoming the backbone of large
businesses and public sector. Our mainstay has always been
supporting Enterprise and Carrier businesses where we can
provide them turnkey solutions from data connectivity to reselling hardware equipment and software solutions. In Arabic,
Wateen is called lifeline of human being. In the same manner, we
are becoming the backbone of data in Pakistan.
We have second largest fiber optic network which
spreads all over the country and connects China, Iran, Afghanistan. We have the most reliable fiber optic network within cities
that gives 99.99% of up time. Over long-haul, our network has
been designed in rings to ensure that the network remains
operational, even in times of natural calamities.
In this manner, we are the network of choice for Carriers
who are now rolling out their 3G and 4G networks. They need an
operator to provide them with fiber optics to connect their
individual sites to make data connectivity possible. Wateen is
already the network provider for Zong and Warid and is in talks
with other operators to provide them with fiber connectivity
wherever they do not have their own presence. So we are truly the
lifeline for the 3G & 4G rollouts.
For the consumer end, we are in the process of merging
that area with Qubee for making it a more powerful solution
provider to residential and business users.
In this way we will be able to provide a speed of up to 20
megabits to our broadband users, both, residential and business.
Our focus would be bigger cities in the first phase and later we
will expand it to other cities of Pakistan.
Financially, Wateen has witnessed one of the most
remarkable turnarounds for any business. A few years ago, banks
had lost all confidence and there were even rumors that the
company would be shut down. However, thanks to the confidence
of our investors and the Board, we managed to become operationally profitable as a cash generating unit. With more adoption
of data services, we are only going to grow further.

When we should expect an official announcement

of Wateen-Qubee merger?

For the merger, we have already applied to PTA.As soon

as they approve this, we will announce it jointly.

What role Wateen will have in 3G and 4G setup?

Our goal is to become number one network solution

provider in Pakistan. Wateen will be the most reliable infrastructure provider in post 3G/4G era.
When cellular operators go for 3G and 4G services on commercial
basis, they will need a bigger pipe to carry high speed data,
otherwise, their system will be chocked. Wateen has the capacity
to transmit huge data at a very high speed. These cellular operators will need the connectivity through fiber optic. We are offering
to share our network to them for a very reasonable price.
Already we have Zong and Warid as our customers and
rest of the operators are also approaching us.
This is similar to mobile tower sharing where an operator takes

advantage of a pre-installed tower and reduces the cost

In addition to this, Wateen has the largest Wi-Fi hotspot
network in Pakistan that is available at all airports, universities
and colleges. These hotspots are available for all the carriers to
back-haul their network at fixed locations. A 3G or 4G operator
will need to off load its data on our Wi-Fi hotspot where we
have the strength to provide a speed of up to 100 MB/sec.

Do you think, 10 MHz and 5MHz slots are enough

for data demand?

In Pakistan, 3G and 4G is going to be very popular and

there will be multi revenue streams for operators.
As the prices of smartphones and tablets are dropping, data is
going to be a must for everyone.
In next 5 years, their will be a 100 times increase in data
consumption in Pakistan. The allotted spectrum will not fulfill a
very high demand of consumers. In western world, operators
like Sprint and others have more than 100 Mhz available on
their disposal for meeting always increasing data requirement.
In such a scenario, operators in Pakistan will ask for
more spectrum in the coming years. Therefore, Government of
Pakistan should make the spectrum available so that future
challenges could be met in an easy manner.
WiMax will be more valuable as it has become an approved
band for 4G LTE. Same spectrum will be used by operators for
data in future. Already it has been started in Japan and soon
China is going to adopt it.
Pakistan will follow a similar pattern and this is where
Wateen will play its role for the spread of technology.

How do you see internet monitoring in Pakistan?

This is an era of freedom of expression and this way we

can communicate with other countries in a more proper way.
But, people should be very mature to choose what and how to
Similarly, nothing can truly be banned on internet
today. There are always solutions available for bypassing the
system. People can easily establish access to whatever they
want to see. As a side effect, blocking something will stop the
access to good material at the same time.
There should be a very comprehensive policy on
national level to deal with controversial matters.

Are you satisfied with the internet prices in Pakistan?

Prices of internet in Pakistan are very high and they

should come down at a very reasonable level so that everybody
could afford it.
Currently, two companies have an oligopoly on the
bandwidth business, PTCL and TransWorld. They buy bandwidth
from international market at a very cheap rate but sell it to the
local operators at much higher price which become a reason for
higher expensive internet packages.
Internet connectivity should be opened with neighboring countries like Iran, Afghanistan, China and India. Not only
this will open new markets for us but also in case of an emergency, we will have a backup connectivity mechanism.
We have already experience a bad patch in Pakistan when
undersea cable was cut down for several days and it wiped out
the entire call center industry from Pakistan. By establishing
connectivity, we can easily avoid such disasters in future.
by: MORE Team

| 17


18 | MORE - May 2014

ow that PTA has confirmed amidst several

rumors that Warid has officially approached
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for
its quest for 4G LTE services in Pakistan, the
authority has asked for strict quality standards to meet
before telecom operator is allowed to start such
This may also require a change in existing
license that telecom operator bought back in 2004 on
the grounds that it does not fulfill todays requirement.
According to an official statement, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has said that it has received a
letter from Warid Telecom explaining their desire to
launch 4G/ LTE services on their existing cellular mobile
license issued to them in 2004.
PTA spokesperson said that PTA is reviewing
the request of Warid on the basis of relevant license
clauses, and current regulatory framework.
PTA has demanded from Warid that it needs to prove
how it would ensure the quality of service to its existing
12.9 million customers who are already using voice and
GPRS/EDGE services.
The regulator said that the existing license of
Warid is technology-neutral but it does not provide any
Quality of Service (QoS) parameters and service Key
Performance Indicator (KPIs) for the 4G / LTE services.
Hence, Warid will have to comply with the QoS
parameters and KPIs laid down by PTA for the 4G / LTE
services. Offer of 4G/LTE services by Warid will have to
go through a process as per their license as well as
requirements of assuring proper coverage, quality of
service, enhanced monitoring requirements etc. This
may also require changes to Warids existing Cellular
Mobile Telephony Services License.
For this Warid will have to send in a proper
request and provide their detailed information and
technical plan. The Spokesperson further said that Warid
should provide details about how much spectrum
would be carved out from the 8.8 MHz in 1800 band for
the LTE services and its impact on the existing
GSM/GPRS/EDGE customers. Specific information about
the version of LTE to be deployed shall also be provided
to PTA as all the releases of LTE do not satisfy the

Warid had no other option

but to announce its 4G
LTE plans for retaining its
existing customer base
which is moving out very

The existing license

of Warid is technology-neutral but it does
not provide any
Quality of Service
(QoS) parameters
and service Key Performance Indicator
(KPIs) for the 4G /
LTE services
requirements of the IMTAdvanced (4G) Standards.
Telecom experts are of the view that Warid will
need to re-farm the frequency it has. It will need to
install more towers for guaranteeing the seamless voice
quality and similarly it will have to ensure that all data
customers get topnotch 4G LTE experience along with
efficient GPRS and EDGE service.
Warid recently advertised about 4G LTE service
that it plans to launch but did not communicate to its
customers the actual road map and timeline. Although
it vaguely communicated internally to its employees
and business partners that it may start a test service by
end of May but reports in newspapers quoting PTAs
statement contradicted with the announcement.
An official of the company on the condition of
anonymity said, Warid had no other option but to
announce its 4G LTE plans for retaining its existing
customer base which is moving out very speedily.
After Warids advertisement, PTA faced a huge
criticism from other mobile phone operators who
demanded justice from the regulatory body on the
grounds that, authority should only allow an operator to
start latest mobile technology service when all the
regulatory requirements have been met.
Rival telecom operators are ready to start their
3G service in a week or two. It would be a do and die
situation for Warid to retain its customers who are
already being approached by 3G operators with tons of
lucrative offers.
by: MORE Team

| 19







Wateen Telecom, Pakistans leading

converged communications service provider, would
like to take this opportunity to congratulate all
stakeholders on the successful completion of the
3G/4G auction, held in Islamabad on 22nd April,
The management and shareholders of
Wateen Telecom would like to extend their sincere
gratitude and congratulations to the Pakistan
government, the telecom industry, and the people
of Pakistan on the impending launch 3G/4G services
in Pakistan.
Commenting on the achievement, Mr
Naeem Zamindar, CEO Wateen Telecom, said in a
special message, We at Wateen Telecom applaud
the successful auction of Next Generation Mobile
Networks (NGMN) and would like to take this
opportunity to congratulate all the telecom companies involved on winning new frequency spectrums
to deliver their customers cutting edge Mobile
Broadband services. At the same time, we would
like to congratulate the people of Pakistan who
will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this technological paradigm shift.
Mr Zamindar said, I have long been an
evangelist for providing people with the right data
and telecommunication services. I am confident
that once the people of Pakistan have access to
high speed internet whether wireless, mobile, or
fixed line it will open up new horizons for the
nation, and align Pakistan with a global technology
Addressing the Pakistan government and
the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, Mr
Zamindar added, It is commendable that the
government and all those involved have finally
completed this transparent auction process. Your
efforts are exactly in line with the need to project
Pakistan as a Telecom Hub for the entire region. I
am certain that this is but the first step, and that
moving forward we will utilise our full national

20 | MORE - May 2014

potential to serve and enable our country to

becoming a regional market leader in the telecommunications sector.
With the successful conclusion of the
auction for 3G/4G in Pakistan, the country is now
poised to enter a new era of telecommunication
services. As the Carriers Carrier Wateen has long
provided the backbone to both mobile data and
voice service providers in Pakistan. Wateen has one
of the largest long-haul networks (over 10,000 Km)
spreading across the country, from Karachi to
Peshawar, and comprising of ample capacities
available both in transmission, packet and fiber
networks to meet any kind of backhaul requirements. In metro areas, Wateen is present in 50+
cities nationwide with extensive dark fiber and
managed fiber networks, traversing for over 4,500
Kms. With the latest data services soon to hit the
market, Wateens network is already geared up to
meet the high backhaul demands of the newly
arrived Next Generation Mobile Networks.
Wateen possesses high-level expertise in
WiFi offload designs and its operations are running
over 200 HotSpots at major commercial locations
across Pakistan. The company also recently won a
project to enable high speed WiFi access at all major
commercial airports in the country. We have already
also been working closely with the HEC to enable
inter-connectivity and high-speed internet access at
all major universities. As the Carriers Carrier our
network is available to help greatly economise the
available spectrum for Next Generation Mobile
operators for high data consuming but stationary
subscribers, and freeing the new frequency for
actually mobile subscribers. With an eye to providing our consumers better and faster data services,
Wateen Telecom has already entered into an
agreement with Huawei (together with Qubee) to
upgrade our network infrastructure to support 4G

Tablets and 2 in 1s will be

high in DEMAND
Tablets, 2 in 1s, reimagined desktops,
servers and the Internet of Things (IoT) represent
key growth opportunities for partners over the next
twelve months, Intel has told a gathering of leading
technology channel businesses.
Mr. Ferhad Patel, director, reseller channel
organization (RCO), Asia Pacific and Japan at Intel
said the computing industry is undergoing rapid
transformation, and that this presents a diverse and
growing range of opportunities for the companys
channel partners.
Intels strategy is to embrace computing in
all its forms, said Patel. Weare taking Intel Architecture into new markets, like IoT, while the 2 in 1 form
factor is expanding into new verticals like education.

New Intel NUC powered by Intel

Atom Processor E3815 Launched

Intel launched the newest offering in its

Next Unit of Computing (NUC) product line- the first
to be powered by an Intel AtomE3815 processor
(based on the companysBay Trail architecture).
The new NUC, model DE3815TYKH, is
designed with thin client applications in mind. It
features a fan-less design, on board eMMC memory,
and the space savings of a 4x4 motherboard. With
the ability to directly power a LCD monitor through
an onboard eDP connector, the new NUC is a great
solution for kiosks, point-of-sale and digital signage.
It also is expected to be relevant to the spaceconstraints of modern Asias urban homes. The new
product is available in distribution starting today.

First-Ever Intel Education 2 in 1

Provides Countless Ways to Learn

Intel also announced the first APJ partners

for its recently-introduced Education 2 in 1, Intels
first ever education-targeted reference design using
the 2 in 1 form factor.
A learning tool designed with students in
mind, the Intel Education 2 in 1 has the flexibility
and mobility of a tablet plus the performance and
productivity of a laptop, giving students the best of

both worlds in one device.

The Intel Education 2 in 1 is a powerful
learning platform that features affordable tools such
as a snap-on magnification lens and a temperature
sensor, which work with the Intel Education
Software suite to enable experiments that inspire
student curiosity and promote inquiry.
The Intel Education 2 in 1 is powered by a
quad-core Intel Atom processor Z3740D, runs
Windows* 8.1, and provides up to 7.8 hours of
battery life as a tablet and an optional 3+ hours of
additional battery life when docked1.
With its ruggedized, durable design, the
Intel Education 2 in 1 is designed to withstand
drops of up to 70 cm and is water and dust
resistant2, which ensures the device can stand up to
hands-on learning inside and outside the
Intel Technology Partners Leader
(Australia), Viper (Pakistan), Connoisseur (India),
Supreme (Thailand), publisher Felta (Philippines)
and systems integrator EM Harrisma (Indonesia) will
offer the Intel Education 2 in 1 to schools in their

Intel Technology Partners Celebrate 15 Years

At this years Solutions Summit, 27

businesses are celebrating 15 years as Intel Technology Partners. Mr Kim Dong Woo, Department
Manager with Koreas E-Tron said: We value this
network and find the Intel Solutions Summit to be a
fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with
other leaders in the channel. The unparalleled
access to Intel executives, trends and product
roadmaps has allowed us to stay ahead of our
As the desktop market changes in Korea
weve been able to work with Intel as part of the
partner network to re-invigorate the desktop
segment offering custom NUC units developed by
us for our customers. This new market wouldnt
have been possible without Intel or the partner
network, MrKim said.

| 21

is your



ATM Card Now

Biometric system enables banks

to introduce cardless transactions
According to the system, the
thumb impressions recorded by bank at
its information database is matched by
machine with the prints of customers
applies for transactions. The prints are
received earlier from the customers
when accounts are opened by them on
a specialized form

akistan's telecom industry is a such a vibrant

and imitable that sets unique trends and
innovative business models for different
industries whether it comes to branding or
marketing strategies or it is about adaptation of
modern practices in IT and HR at the corporations.
This makes the telecom industry as a leader
in innovation and development among all operating
industries in Pakistan which follow cellular companies
proven business and operation tactics and practices
for achieving their optimal targets.
The biometric system introduced by cellular
phone companies in Pakistan for verification of
subscribers identity and SIMs sales was started last
year at large scale with an aim to ensure the maximum transparency in the system for curbing misuse
of mobile phone services in terrorists and criminal
Cellular phone companies allow users to use
his/her thumb impressions to become subscriber of
any operators or repurchase of SIMs that may be
lost/stolen/snatched and which is on his/her name
against the CNIC.
The widespread installation of biometric
system at franchises, selected retail outlets and

22 | MORE - May 2014

customers care centers of mobile phone companies

have built a strong ecosystem educating customers at
the same time for using thumb impressions for the
verification and sales purposes.
The growing ecosystem helped banking
companies to introduce and re-launch cardless
transactions at their ATMs through integration of
biometric system.
Accordingly, the customers do not need
ATM/ debit card but he or she could make transactions of money through thumb impressions and CNIC
Bank Islamic and Habib Bank Limited have
introduced cardless transactions for their customers
on quite different models. But there are a number of
banks likely to follow the successful model of customers interface in the near future, Tameer Microfinance
Bank is one of them.
These banks have taken lead among all peers
and competitive banks but their role is crucial to
make the biometric model of customers verification
successful for whole advancing industry. And, this will
need training and awareness of the customers and
their increasing inclination towards making cardless
transactions using their thumb impressions.
The trend of cardless transaction is new in
Pakistan but not in the world. It has been initiated
here after massive deployment of biometric system
by cellular phone companies which developed an
ecosystem for bank to adopt the similar verification
model in their businesses.
Bank Islami re-launched its biometric
verification system a few months ago and first time it
introduced cardless transaction facility to nearly 150
ATMS catering to thousand of customers.
The bank had earlier introduced biometric
system but it included transaction with ATM cards

and thumb impressions verification. The model had additional

security feature for customers but
its performance and extra steps
ultimately made the system
failed, and eventually customers
were allowed making transactions with ATM cards only.
However the bank
launched its cardless services
with the installation of biometric
machines that has been quite
successful so far.
According to the system,
the thumb impressions recorded
by bank at its information
database is matched by machine
with the prints of customers
applies for transactions. The
prints are received earlier from
the customers when accounts are
opened by them on a specialized
Similarly, Habib Bank
Limited has launched cardless
transaction through biometric
system at limited ATMs. It has
linked its ATM system with
NADRA following the cellular
phone models, and thumb
impressions of customers are
matched and verified with
NADRA records through ATMs.
Simply, the system makes sure
that person who applies for
cardless transaction is having
valid impressions which he
registered in the database of
NADRA and the same is registered at HBL.
HBL is currently running
two pilots ATMs in Karachi
whereas it has planned to deploy
200 ATMs in the current year
throughout the country as per
official sources informed More
Tameer Microfinance
Bank is planning to start cardless
transaction services as the plan
has been completed but its
execution is under process.
Customers having accounts and
m-wallet accounts will utilize
biometric system for their
cardless transactions, said
Nadeem Hussain, President of the

Advantages of cardless transactions via biometric


The advantages of cardless transaction with installation of biometric at

ATMs are immense for customers and banks alike. First, the biometric ensures the
security of the customers through its verification process which stops the misuse of
debit/ATM card in case of stolen or lost.
Secondly the customers dont need to keep debit/ATM cards every time in
their pockets because their thumb impressions are their ATMs cards. Last but not
least, they dont need to pay card annual fee that vary from Rs 300 to Rs 2,000
depending on limits of cash withdrawal.
On the other hand, banks will save their cost of manufacturing of ATMs
cards while the financial institutions could avoid tackling issues related with cards
blocking and issuing as a result of theft and snatch of plastic cards hence significant
labor cost will be pocketed, said Asad Alim, Head of Information Systems at Bank
At present the banking companies are promoting the cardless system at
their points hence service fee is not charged for cardless transaction but they may
be charge their customers in the future.

Limitation and Scope of Biometric System

At present, the use of biometric system at banks ATM is limited hence

interbank transactions are not carried out even the facility of cardless transaction is
not available at all ATMs of Bank Islami and HBL.
The utility of the card will not be replaced by cardless system for upcoming
years because the adoptability will take time after deployment and adjustment in
the system.
Just like customers could use 1-Link or MNET services at ATM, the cardless
sections could be made possible in the same manner with third party companies
along with NADRA, the registration and verification department.
Customers could use any ATM of any bank for making transaction which
will be an ideal situation of the emerging technology and its consumption trend.
The scope of cardless banking is immense for branchless banking companies as the most of the point-of-sales are franchises and retail outlets of the mobile
phone companies already have biometric system installed and many of them are
being equipped with the system by cellular operators.
The retailers or agents are already trained by cellular operators and they
can easily serve the cardless banking transactions as well.
The thumb impressions are in fashion. It will be used for security purpose
and curbing forgery issues. It is expected that pricey devices such as laptop, tablets,
phablets and smartphones will be locked and secure through biometric system in
by: Muhammad Yasir

| 23





Projected Digital Revolution after

3G auction poses a range of

opportunities for various segments of
economy. However, all economic and
social benefits of 3G are linked with its
level of penetration in the economy.
With 76% teledensity, Pakistan offers a
decent growth opportunity but telcos
will have to address cost concerns of this
price sensitive economy

24 | MORE - May 2014


ith successful auction of 3G and 4G licenses,

Pakistan has leaped ahead towards the digital
revolution. Its worth mentioning that we were
the only South Asian nation without 3G technology;
even Afghanistan and Nepal adopted it much ahead of
us. Having said that; we must appreciate the current
government (particularly finance/IT ministers and PTA)
for due attention to much delayed auction, which
brought a decent amount of money to the national
It is assumed that services will be commercially
launched with next couple of weeks with initial focus on
federal and provincial capitals. The next phase will cover
80 major cities of the country followed by nation-wide
expansion of the network. The public enthusiasm is at
peak as you find people talking about bidding process,
revenue, expected cost of 3G services, Telcos projected
approach, and unblocking of YouTube. However, the
primary target of such service is always corporate
customer, who actually sets the trends.
It has already been discussed many times that
spectrum auction will result into generation of
additional revenue, creation of around a million new
jobs, additional tax of over 700 million a year and much
more. However, we hardly touch the key areas of
economy that will yield the positive results. In the
following, lets look at few segments of corporate
Pakistan that would be the primary target market OR
beneficiary of 3G spectrum.

Internet Banking to Mobile Banking-

According to State Bank of Pakistans Payment

Systems Review (Sept, 2013), mobile banking is the fastest
growing payment channel in the country. The details
suggest that number of transactions went up by 70%,
while the value of transactions grew by 236% in 2013. In a
country with a population of over 180 million, only 1.5
million people are using the mobile banking services;
which presents a decent opportunity available.
How 3G will impact this industry?
Strong potential of the market is convincing
banks and cellular operators to come up with something
new and affordable to help unbanked segment of society.
In the mid of 2013, Standard Chartered Bank launched
Breeze; a mobile application for its customers to avail
financial services on their smartphone. Similarly, HBL has
developed a mobile website for internet-banking that
allows users to access their accounts from smartphones
and conduct the desired transactions.
The success of these 2 ventures is a very positive indication. With the availability of high speed internet, we
should expect more users to download the apps and use
financial services on their mobile phones. Here, financial
institutions will have to come up with new products, apps
and solutions that could provide affordable financial
services on the go.
In addition, the mobile banking solutions like Easypaisa
and Mobicash might also come up with new services for
smartphone users.

E-Commerce to Mobile Commerce-

In a country with over 30 million broadband

users and 132 million mobile subscribers, e-commerce
ventures went very successful. From to shophive
and; there are a range of examples, where
internet-entrepreneurs successfully made their ways into
online trading. From clothing to gadgets, laptops,
smartphones, home accessories, edibles, and a range of
other commodities can be purchased using the internet.
However, the major hindrance in the growth of online
trading was lack of internet lifestyle, which is a
by-product of mobile broadband.
How 3G will impact this segment?
With availability of mobile broadband services,
the target market will widen from existing 30 million
broadband users.
In an interview with Business Recorder, CEO of
Shophive disclosed that;
These are approximations but currently the
volume of sales generated through online retailers is
hovering around Rs160 million per month mark, which
may seem like peanuts when put in an international
context, but, it is a really big figure when you consider
how far we have come in this short time,".
If we go by the statistics, we can smell a visible
change from desktop to mobile even in Pakistan. International Data Corporation estimates the global volume of
purchases over mobiles will exceed one trillion dollars by
In Pakistan, around 80% of internet users spend
more than one hour on the multiple platforms of the web
while the number of smartphone users is also on rise. This
indicates a decent opportunity for the businesses to pick
and sell the right product to the customers. 3G will have
an impact on the shopping culture and depending upon
the markets offerings; can bring a real mobile commerce
revolution in land.

| 25


Virtual Assistants to Mobile Worker-

If you check out the official website of FBS

(Federal Bureau of Statistics), youll come to know that
we are earning a handsome amount of money from
export of IT products and services. IT services exports
earned around $334 million in 2012-13 while the
current years target is set at $414.4 million. Pakistani IT
experts are exporting their services to over 100 countries. It is pertinent to note that exports of our IT
services have jumped up by 97% in the past 5 years.
The service providers network consists of
organizations and individuals who are working as
virtual assistants to their clients. It is estimated that
Pakistan has over 2.5 million freelancers who provide
their services to global audience over the web. These
professional with good communication and technical
skills earn valuable foreign reserves.
How 3G will Impact this segment?
From freelancers perspective, they need a
portable internet device that could provide them
consistent internet service without any disconnection
owing to power outage. Popularity of PTCLs evo is
evident in this market segment. Therefore, it is hoped
that this tech-savvy segment will adopt the new
technology very fast as it is integral to achievement of
their goals. In other words, mobile broadband can
convert virtual assistants into mobile workers and this
work trend might come to the local market as well.

General Services-

Primary benefit of 3G/4G service will be

availability of the fast and reliable connectivity that will
enable the service providers and users to access them
anytime, anywhere.
Some of the possible usages and benefits may include
the following:
Government organizations can improve their public
services by using mobile apps and fast internet
service. Punjab governments Punjab Spot Pricing
app is a very relevant example. It helps users learn
about price of different commodities and report
about any violations to price control committee and
National service providers like WAPDA, Railways,
WASA, and FBR can use 3G to their respective
advantage. Mobile solutions, apps, tax-filing and
information sharing network can be very logical
From the educational perspective, mobile broadband is simply superb. We can go for digitization of
national curriculum and allow students to download
the books without any investment in papers etc. This
becomes even more special for rural areas where
access to learning material and libraries is actually a

26 | MORE - May 2014

headache. HEC can be asked to provide rural

students complete access to its digital library and
help them learn better.
Few months ago, Warid and Sammi Daewoo Bus
Service came up with a unique mobile application. It
allows users to track timings of the bus, calculate the
fair and make a reservation. Im not certain about
future of that application (as Warid didnt go for 3G
services); however, such apps by corporate ventures
can be very popular and equally beneficial.
Pakistani apps and game developers can try tabbing
the local market and come up with interesting apps
about different niches. Despite non-availability of
3G, certain apps like Money Wise, Rent a Taxi and
ATM locator were very popular in Pakistan and their
popularity can be enhanced after 3G. App developers can provide free and paid versions of the apps,
books and products that bring value to people and
cash to them.
Restaurants, hotels, travel agencies and transportation services will also need to touch the new
dimension of the business by offering mobile
booking, ticketing and reservation services.
Booming media industry can take extra advantage
of the new opportunities. Few media outlets and TV
channels already have their mobile applications,
where they offer live streaming while the rest can
move into the same very soon. Some can go for
digital circulation, online subscription, and
live-streaming services to attract more visitors.

Finally, this 3G spectrum will open up diverse

range of employment opportunities for youth in IT,
telecom, development, and digital marketing areas. As
noted above, businesses will have to adopt the policy of
digitization and online presence management that will
create new opportunities for youth. An estimate by
Plum Consulting suggests that next generation
spectrum auction will lead to creation of 900,000 new
jobs by 2018.
In the coming weeks, 2 developments would
be interesting to note. First, how telecom operators
manage the higher cost of 3G in a price sensitive
economy and secondly, how quickly corporate sector
adopts the technology? Tracking such trends is very
important because they will predict the future of 3G.
Remember, all the economic benefits of mobile broadband have direct link to its penetration level in the
by: Tahir Akbar



Deals with 1.2 Billion users data?

acebook is the largest social networking site of the

world. This website was founded by a student of
Harvard University Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 along
with his four friends.
At that time, Zuckerberg kept this website active
only for his university fellows. Seeing the increasing popularity of Facebook, with the time, he expanded its reach to the
whole world. Now, anyone who is 13 years of age can get
himself registered on this worlds largest social networking
The biggest attraction
of this social network is that it
allows people to share their
thoughts, ideas, feelings,
pictures and videos with their
friends and family. One can also
chat with anyone in his circle
through this site. According to
an estimate, each person on
internet spends 20% of his
online time on Facebook.
Today around 1.23
billion people are registered on
Facebook. It means, every
seventh person in the world is
using this website. The website is still growing with a rate of
100 million users every six months.
Every day, millions of pictures are uploaded on it.
Beside of these pictures, it also receives millions of likes,
status updates and news feed.
Facebook claims to have 100 Petabytes of videos
and photos stored on its servers. Probably, this petabyte is
new to you. Check the following table to know how bigger
unit of memory it is.

1 Bit
8 Bits
1024 Bytes
1024 Kilobytes
1024 Megabytes
1024 Gigabytes
1024 Terabyte

Binary Digit
1 Byte
1 Kilobyte
1 Megabyte
1 Gigabyte
1 Terabyte
1 Petabyte

Handling of such a huge amount of data is a

difficult task. No user guide is available which Facebook can
follow to do that. Regardless of this, people at Facebook are
storing information of every seventh person of the world
with excellence.

How its storage houses work?

Facebook has its many data storing cites inside and

outside of United States of America. Its data centers are in Hamina,
Southern Finland, California, Virginia, North Carolina, Lulea and
I will take just one of its storage house that is in Northern
Swedish city Lulea to discuss how Facebook handles such a large
amount of data.
Facebook selected this place for its cool environment. In winters
Lulea has a temperature below
freezing point and in summers
temperature rises to 25 degrees
centigrade. This temperature
condition of Lulea makes it an
ideal location for data centers.
Just imagine a building equals
to three football grounds. Yes,
this storage house is equal to
that imaginary building, 300,000
square feet in area.
Inside this building, there are
millions of cutting edge servers
and massive memory banks.
Each server rack contains 500
terabyte space for data. Thousands of new servers are brought every day to fulfill need of data
storage which is increasing with every other day.
21 million feet of fiber optic data cable run between these
servers. It transfer data with the speed of light. This high speed of
data flow performs each activity on Facebook in milliseconds.
To run all this structure, the storage house needs 30 Mega
Watts of continuous electricity supply. Cut in power supply can
break the connection of millions of users in the world. To avoid the
situation, Facebook has 14 huge diesel engines on standby
position for back up. Each generator is capable of generating 3MW
of electricity.
Now one question pops in mind that how Facebook
handles the heat generated by all of its expensive machinery? Well,
Facebook uses natural air conditioning system for that.
Facebook uses 7 room, roof top with a natural air conditioning system to keep the inner temperature of the data storage
site in control. Natural cool air is sucked in and mixed with warm air
to regulate the temperature. Chilled air is also thrown in the back of
the servers to stop them from overheating. Any excessive warm air
is pushed out by the huge fans on the roof top. These fans are
hundreds of times bigger than those which we find in a laptop.
This data center and others of the same website are
running short of physical space to store data of all of its users. The
management is aware of the issue. They have already started
construction of a new data site near this one.
So, upload all pics you have captured in your brother
birthday party. Facebook will definitely find some space to store
your lovely memories.

| 27

News of Month

Mobilink launches

Samsung Tablets

Mobilink has launched 3G enabled Samsung Tablets

for its customers. With the commercial launch of Mobilinks 3G
around the corner Mobilinks customers will now be able to
purchase 3G enabled Samsung tablets on highly affordable
rates with Mobilink pre-loaded 3-month data bundle offer.

Aamer Manzoor, Head of Data Mobilink commenting on the launch said, With Mobilinks successful acquisition 10 MHz 3G spectrum, customers are now looking for
affordable and quality 3G enabled devices. In order to cater
to the needs of the customers, Mobilink had launched its
Phone Trade Program earlier this month and in continuation
is now offering its customers the chance to purchase
state-of-the-art Samsung tablets. This program will enable
our customers to acquire quality 3G ready devices and
empower them to use the latest technology with Mobilinks
best data offers on the go
The Samsung tablets were launched on 25th April
2014 and are available Nationwide at all Mobilink Business


Despite of all the rumours in the
market, Warid Telecom achieved the
most favourable results in customer
According to a recent opinion
survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan, 97
percent of Warid customers are happy
with their service. Warid continued to
provide seamless voice and data connectivity to its customers along with a host
of value-added services. The survey
demonstrates that Warid Telecoms
advanced technology is facilitating the
customers in meeting their cellular
requirement in an efficient and costeffective way. While providing the best
quality service, Warid has revolutionized
the dynamics of cellular connectivity in

order to give access to a host of telecom

services to the customers.
Expressing gratitude towards
Warid customers, Mr. Muneer Farooqui,
CEO Warid Telecom, said We have been
striving to provide our customers with
the most innovative and enhanced
cellular experience and our large
postpaid base and a loyal prepaid base is
a testimony of that.
Gallups Report:
According to Gallup Pakistan,Warid
Telecom has outscored other cellular
operators by having more satisfied
customers as compared to all other
mobile phone networks in the country.
97% of Warid users said that they are
happy with the quality of network

service provided by the company. A

nationally representative sample of
mobile phone owning adult men and
women, from across the four provinces
were asked, How happy are you with the
quality of network service provided by
your mobile company? Responding to
this, 54% of Warid users said they were
very happy with the quality of their
network service, while 43% said they
were somewhat happy. For Mobilink, 4%
of the respondents said they were not
happy with their service provider. With
regards to Telenor, 7% of the users were
not happy at all.8% Zong users and 10%
of Ufone customers claimed they were
not happy with their network.

Xpress Money and Easypaisa launch Weekly Mobile

Bundle Offer for Pakistanis
~ Beneficiaries of Xpress Money customers receive 500 free on-net minutes, 1000 SMS and 50 MB internet on every transaction ~

Xpress Money, the worlds most dependable money

transfer brand, in association with Easypaisa in Pakistan, has
announced a special weekly mobile bundle offer which
provides free talk time, SMS and internet on each transaction,
for Telenor Talkshawk customers. The offer commenced on 1st
April and will last till June 30, 2014.
As part of this Weekly Mobile Bundle Offer, the
customer will receive a package of 500 free on-net minutes,
1000 SMS and 50 MB internet. This package will be applicable
for every transaction received by the beneficiary through
Xpress Money.
Talking about Talkshawk, Mr. Rizwan Hamdani, Country

Manager Afghanistan & Pakistan, Xpress Money said, With

this initiative, our customers will get an opportunity to keep in
touch with their loved ones, without spending any extra
money on phone calls. We hope that all our customers reap
the benefits of this unique offer and use it to their full advantage.
This special bundle offer is applicable to cash over the counter
transactions only. This campaign reinforces the fact that we
value the sentiments of our consumers and constantly strive
to be the vital link between the remitter and the beneficiary,
he added.

| 29

News of Month

ZonG Wins the Most Coveted 3G & 4G Licenses

In a bid to honor its esteemed
subscribers, ZonG, Pakistans fastest
growing telecom network has achieved
yet another milestone. The company
recently won the much anticipated
Spectrum Auction for Next Generation
Mobile Services to become the only 3G &
4G operator in Pakistan. Thriving on this
success the company will soon offer a
complete new array of first of its kind
services to its distinguished customers.
ZonGs parent company, China
Mobile Communications Corporation
(CMCC) officially launched its 4G services
in December 2013. By March 31st 2014
the company had 781.08 million total
customers making it the largest operator
across the globe. CMCCs successes
speak for itself, today it has 2.79 million
4G customers & almost 225 million 3G
subscribers. Till date CMCC has more
than 252,000 4G sites across China and is
targeting more than 500,000 4G sites by
end of this year which makes CMCC the
largest 4G operator in the world. At the
same time, CMCC is also a giant within

the handset distribution channel of over

200 million handsets sold to end customers on a yearly basis, out of which 50%
are 4G handsets.
Expressing his delight on this
occasion, Dr. Fan Yunjun, Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer, ZonG said, I
would like to congratulate the Government of Pakistan & PTA for making the
bidding process extremely transparent
and fair, and also acknowledge the entire
ZonG team who is now a part of history,
as their hard work and determination has
finally paid off. China has a long term
commitment to people of Pakistan and
Zong is committed to service excellence
and believes in bringing the best
technology with the virtue of the worlds
largest 3G and 4G operator. This is a
moment of pride as the consumer will
now have access to the most advanced
telecom technology and this is our
chance to prove ourselves as the Indispensable Digital Life Partner for Life for
every Pakistani.
Adding to the above statement,

Dr. Zhao Peng, Chief Commercial Officer,

ZonG said, We believe in continuous
progress and innovation, which in turn
means better services and facility for our
esteemed customers. This agreement
with PTA for the 3G & 4G licenses is just
another example of our dedication
towards providing better and efficient
services to our subscribers. Through such
endeavors we show our commitment
towards taking the telecom services in
Pakistan to the next generation.
This is the beginning of a new
era in mobile internet which will allow us
to experience extremely fast download
speeds. The company has been taking
giant leaps in the competitive market of
telecom services by introducing
customer centric services for different
segments of mobile phone users along
with expanding its network at an
exponential rate. As the fastest growing
cellular company in the industry, ZonG
remains the telecom operator of choice
in Pakistan.

Microsoft organizes Tech Day 2014 for

Local Community Developers
Microsoft Pakistan in collaboration with Microsoft Innovation Centers
(MICs), conducted technical sessions for
Tech Day 2014 for IT industrialist and
community developers in Pakistan. The
sessions included exclusive participation
from Microsofts Technological Evangelists from Middle East and Africa (MEA)
region demonstrating IT the need for
technical advancement in the industry.
Microsoft Tech Day2014 is one
the latest initiative from the company
which offered a multitude of seminars
across the country. The objective was to
train and identify the latest technological
tools and innovative research methods
required to help local developers in
building an efficient and attractive IT
industry. The event was held in three
major cities of Pakistan; Karachi, Lahore
and Islamabad. Where a host of Technical

30 | MORE - May 2014

Evangelists (TEs) of MEA region

addressed the community developers
Tech day sessions focused on
softwares and technologies including
Microsoft Azure, Windows Store &
Windows Phone 8.1 for better and
productive usage.
Amir Rao, Country Manager,
Microsoft Pakistan said: local developers
from this part of the world carry a strong
potential to become leaders of the IT
industry. Microsoft Pakistan is actively
working on developing the skillset of the
communities. With the help of our
Development Platform Group and
Innovation Centers, we have started
various initiatives across the country.
Tech Day is one of them, which embarks
on our mission to help the local IT
eco-system and foster innovation with
the help of our latest and hi-tech

development tools.
The sessions were conducted at
International Islamic University, Islamabad, Lahore University of Management
Sciences (LUMS), Lahore & Bahria
University, Karachi respectively. Sessions
were attended by delegates including
senior members from IT Industry &
Academia, CEOs, CTOs, Faculty members,
Professional developers and Microsoft
Students Partners.
Saleem Ghori, CEO, Netsol
Technologies said, Microsoft is the most
efficient and technologically updated IT
Company present. We appreciate the
initiatives it has taken in Pakistan to
support local community developers.
This will help in transforming young
professionals as ambassadors for
tomorrow. We wish Microsoft all the
success for its contributions to serve the

News of Month

We wish to ensure the provision of telecom

services across the country including FATA
- Minister of State for IT

Provision of rural telephony to the far flung areas of the country

including FATA is the utmost priority of the present government; we
intend that the whole country should be connected and telecom
services are equally provided to the people of urban and rural areas.
Minister of State for IT Mrs. Anusha Rahman said while chairing a high
level meeting regarding provision of telecom services to FATA. Federal
Secretary Defense Lt Gen (Retd) Asif Yasin Malik, Additional Secretary IT
Mr. Azmat Ali Ranjha, Chairman PTA Dr. Ismail Shah, DG SCO (Special
Communication Organization), CEO-USF Mr. Faisal Sattar, Member
Telecom Mr. Mudassir Hussain and other officials from Ministry of
Interior,IT , PTA and Defense were also present.
The Minister observed that the majority population of FATA is
deprived of Telecom connectivity. Considering the concerns of the

CMOs (cellular mobile operators) regarding difficult

terrain and security issues, there is a need to try our
level best to address those issues. CMOs have
established number of towers in FATA but a significant proportion is dysfunctional either due to
security or damage to infrastructure. Now it is the
need of time to move on it to expand the coverage
being legitimate right of people of FATA region.
Minister directed the Additional Secretary IT
to establish a Working Group instantly which will
comprise of officials from MoIT, USF, Defense, PTA,
SCO and reps from CMOs. This working group
through consultative mechanism will find out short,
medium and long term solutions for the provision of
telecom services to FATA region. This working group
will work out implications and will come up with the
viable recommendations and multi-pronged and
sustainable strategy so that we could materialize the
vision of rural telephony and national connectivity in
true letter and spirit. This working group would
submit their recommendations within the next 6

In this picture: Mr. Asher Yaqub khan, Chief Commercial Officer Ufone and
Mr. Jafar Khalid, Chief Technical Officer Ufone, along with Ufone team at the
launching ceremony of 3G free trials in Lahore.

Telenor Pakistan becomes the first 3G license winner to submit the first
installment of license payment to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.
Picture shows (L to R) Tariq Sultan, Member Finance, PTA, Muhammad
Aslam Hayat, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Telenor Pakistan and Abdul
Mobeen, Director Regulatory and Interconnect, Telenor Pakistan.

A Trophy for the Man of the tournament

is awarded to Mr. Rana Azhar (Brothers
Mobile, Hall Road) on making Ninety
Eight (98) runs in the final match held in
GymKhana Club between Khidmat
Group Hall Road & Khidmat Group
Hafeez Center on 8th April. Prize is
being awarded by Mr. Kashif Elahi
Director United Mobile.

| 31



Must Have

Applications for


akistan has witnessed an IT revolution in the last decade. Though, we are the last nation in South Asia to embrace
3G but the IT revolution is not new. Over the past decade, penetration of IT services, broadband, and telecommu
nication has seen robust growth. Teledensity of 77% and millions of broadband subscribers tell us an encourag
ing story. The IT revolution has led the country to a new growth and creation of thousands of jobs.
Now, when we are going to enjoy 3G/4G services in the near future; why not to list down some prominent apps
that we can use for our better service experience? Most of the listed apps have been designed/developed by Pakistani

Time & Expense Tracking:

This was released primarily as a PC application and marketed for

freelancers and small teams. However, with the latest release the application can
be operated and used on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Here are the distinctive features of the app:
In just one purchase, you can get it for both iPhone and iPad
Team reports are quickly developed on your desktop

Ability to synchronize at many platforms; PC, iPhone, iPad and Mac

Tracking is done project as well as category wise

Time tracking remains in the background of your iDevice

Wireless syncs with Mac or PC for quick and easy invoicing (sync is

separately sold at $47)

No monthly fees are charged

Money back guarantee in case the app is unable to perform

adequately to satisfy your needs

32 | MORE - May 2014

Enjoy Your Life-

This is an Islamic app by Darussalam Publishers, which was actually a book; Enjoy Your Life. Now
you can read this wonderful compilation on your
gadgets instead of carrying the book.
Download this app and learn:
To make yourself adored by everyone

around you
To adopt the most attractive ways of

To start enjoying the life by developing your

character and inter personal skills

To teach your children the golden principle

of a successful life
You can get this application from Google

Play and AppStore for your device.



Managing your budget according to

the income is very important. MoneyWise is a decent application by HBL that
lets you manage your savings and keep
track of your expenditures. It has a range of categories
and sub categories where you can make entries to
generate weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports. In
addition, it has Find ATM feature that helps you locate
a machine.
This app is compatible with Android, iOS,
BlackBerry, and Symbian phones, which makes it quite
accessible for a diverse range of audience. So what are
you waiting for? Grab the Free application for your
smartphone and become wise money manager.

Breeze and iBank-

Online banking has seen a growth trend in the

country. In the past one year, the volume of branchless
banking has soared up to 236 billion rupees. Thats why
we find a range of new solutions by financial institutions to satisfy our needs. If you are using Standard
Chartered Banks services, download their app Breeze
for accessing your account and manage transactions
on the smart device. Similarly, HBL has a mobile version
of HBL iBank- the internet banking service offered by
the bank.


Ever noticed your group photos are always missing the

photographer? Groopic solves this age-old problem by seamlessly
including your photographer friend in every group photo. No more
asking for help from a stranger or setting up a tripod. With Groopic,
your pictures have every friend, every time
Groopic is an award winning and internationally acclaimed
photo editing application by Pakistani company. You can download it
for Android and iOS devices and enjoy multiple features for Free.

My Cinema:

Developed by, this app was

a collaboration of Warid Telecom with
the company. However, non-warid
customers can also enjoy the benefits.
MyCinema is a cinema schedule app
that covers all the major cinemas of Lahore, Karachi and
Rawalpindi. It allows users to browse through their
favorite cinemas and l get the latest featured movies
along with the movies cast, trailers, cinemas contact

details, and map locations. The timings and number of

shows are also provided in the app. To remain informed
about latest movie updates, youll need to activate push
In addition, there are a range of applications
that you can browse and download from respective app
store. It is hoped that with the passage of time and
improved service quality, the mobile apps business and
trend will flourish in Pakistan.

| 33



If you are working as digital marketing professional, such

applications can be a great source of ease for you. This free app
works like a mirror of your website, helping you analyze the traffic of
your website, its most popular pages, frequencies of visit, sources
and a lot more. In other words, its more like an alternative of Google
Analytics on your smartphone, which enables you to plan and track
the campaigns.

Bus Timing App-

If you are planning an intra -city travel,

plan your travel in a hassle free manner. Bus
Timing App by Warid allows you to check intra
city bus routes, destinations, travel charges, and
bus timings. Now, you can check the timings of
Daewoo bus and obtain quick information about
the luxury bus service.
This app provides comprehensive
coverage of Daewoo network, contact number of
the terminals, terminal location on the map, and
in-App call feature. You can use this app on
android and iOS devices.

Rescue Time-

If you procrastinate too much or waste idle

time on social networking website, this application
can be a kind of permanent solution. Running in the
background on your computer, tablet or mobile, the
free version of Rescue Time tracks minutes spent on
various sites or applications. This is most useful if you

think you have a bad email or Facebook habit, and

would like to get it under control. To enjoy maximum benefits, you can obtain its premium version
for ($9/month) and helps you track time and
activity on various gadgets and network. The
application is available for Desktop, Android, and
iOS devices.

Easy Taxi-

Easy Taxi has been dubbed as the most downloaded app in Asia that has seen unseen popularity in 23
countries. Now, the app has come to Pakistan. With the high demand and lack of reliable and affordable public transportation in Pakistan, Easy Taxi is aiming to fill the gap starting with its services in
Lahore and now hitting the Islamabad. Available for both; iOS and Android, the app makes it easier for
users to order a taxi. Users need to enter their pickup point on the app, which detects their location.
Once the booking is confirmed, the vehicle arrives that can be followed using GPS.
by: MORE Team

34 | MORE - May 2014

Guide To Reduce
Electricity Bill by

lectricity prices are

likely to go higher in
these summers and
number of power
outages is also going to increase.
Let us guide you with most
appropriate methods and tips of
solar energy using which you can
essentially cut down your
electricity bill along with a
permanent solution for load

How it Functions?

Solar energy is mainly derived with the help of solar panels on which there are present numerous amount of
solar cells. Below is the pictorial explanation of the working of a typical solar panel.

As it can be seen that you cannot

only use electricity through these solar
panels in the day time but can even store it
in the battery, so that when the sun goes
down you have ample energy stored in
batteries to be used in the night time.


In the market, solar panels are available of

up to 250 watts. Using 4 panels for an ordinary
household would be enough.
1 panel = 250 watts
4 panel= 250 x 4=1000 watts


1 Fan
Energy saver
LED Bulbs

100 watts
25 watts
15 watts
200 watts
200 watts
80 watts

With this installment of 1000 watt of solar panels you can

use any of the following configuration.

| 35

Configuration 1:
4 Fans
6 energy saver
1 TV

400 watts
150 watts
200 watts
750 watts

Configuration 2:
4 Fans
6 LED Bulbs
1 TV
1 Laptop

400 watts
90 watts
200 watts
80 watts
770 watts

You can make any configuration according to your

own needs based upon the table given above. Apart from
running your electronic devices, you can make these solar
panels to charge your battery as well with spare watts.
Even after being used for whole day, solar panels
will charge your whole battery with ample amount of spare
watts. Experts say that if you run a 1000 watt setup with a
load of 800 watt (as in all above configuration) youll never
feel any problem in the functioning of your solar panel

Price Cut in your Electricity Bill

This setup will not only ensure a non-stop delivery

of electricity to your house/office but will also result in
huge cut in the price of your electricity bill
If you utilize 1st configuration mentioned above
which is very suitable for an office/house/shop then here is
the cut in bill of electricity.

Time of Consumption
Units consumed
Reduction in Bill

14-15 hours (12

direct light + 2-3
on charging)
Rs. 4621
Rs. 7442

Cost of the whole System

Price of the whole system is vital for installation of

any such system. Honestly speaking it is not an inexpensive
one but if you go for the right solar panel, then you can
ensure a monthly price cut in electricity bill of at least Rs.
5,000 as shown above. Rates for the solar panel are as

36 | MORE - May 2014

Made In

Rs. 150/watt
Rs. 100/watt

Battery Required
Solar Charge
Labor & Price of

25 years
15 years
10 years

200 ampere
Rs. 18,000 Rs.
Rs. 15,000 Rs.
Rs. 30,000
Dependent on size of

In case you have installed a UPS system

already with batteries then youll be in no need of
buying an inverter or batteries to store extra power as
you can use your UPS as invertor. In case if you are Mr.
Do it All, you can go to market, purchase all the items
keeping your budget in mind and can easily install
your very own alternative source of energy by
spending much less amount of money.

Company Made Solution

Pakistan Solar Power, a leading

company which deals in setting up solar power
generating systems in Pakistan has a custom
made solution for a house/office/shop that is in
need of a 1000 watt system. According to them,
the cost of setting up a system is as below

House/oce with
Pre-installed UPS
House/Oce which
has no UPS System

Rs. 1,50,000
Rs. 2,50,000

They are going to charge extra Rs. 50,000 if you want to

have Dry batteries instead of commonly used Wet
batteries as Dry batteries are much more efficient and
have lesser impact from their surroundings.
They are going to install following items

1000 watt solar panels

4 batteries (150 Ampere each)

3 KVA invertor
*Full care has been taken to write the most accurate prices but
they are subject to change according to market rates

by: Waqar Ahmed





Huawei Ascend
4.5 inch Display
1.2 GHz Processor
8 MP Camera
2000 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Nokia XL

5 inch Display
1 GHz Processor
768 MB RAM
5 MP Camera
2000 mAh Battery

Haier W970
6 inch Display
1.3 GHz Processor
13 MP Camera
3000 mAh Battery

HTC Desire 816

5.5 inch Display
1.6 GHz Processor
1.5 GB RAM
13 MP Camera
2600 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Huawei Ascend P7 mni

4.5 inch Display
1.2 GHz Processor
8 MP Camera
2000 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

HTC Desire 610 Haier W858

4.7 inch Display
1.2 GHz Processor
8 MP Camera
2040 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

5 inch Display
1.2 GHz Processor
5 MP Camera
2200 mAh Battery

Huawei Honor
3X G750
5.5 inch Display
1.7 GHz Processor
13 MP Camera
3000 mAh Battery

Haier W852
4.5 inch Display
1.3 GHz Processor
8 MP Camera
1700 mAh Battery

| 37


Economical but stylish member of

Huawei family

hinese company Huawei has made its

strong place in Pakistani cellular
market with its economical and stylish
smartphones. This time it has thrown
another mid-range handset, Huawei Ascend
Y530 which is reasonably priced and well
equipped with required features.
Upon opening the box, I found a stylish
smartphone, earphone, charger with a data
cable and a buyers guide.
Design of the phone is eye catching. I must say
that Huawei has put supreme efforts to make
this phone stylish. This phone has 3.5 mm
audio jack on top, power key and volume
buttons on the left side and charging slot on
the bottom. A tiny status light is on top right
side of the phone. This light is another impressive feature which Huawei has added in this
low-budget phone. Usually, we do not find this
status light in phones of this price range.
Its back is slightly mottled making the grip
comfortable and strong. This back has 5 MP
rear camera with an LED flashlight. The speaker
of the device is also located on the left side of
the camera.
Its dimension is 5.22 x 2.64 x 0.37 inches. This single SIM supporting mobile phone is 145g in weight supported by
Android 4.3.
Ascend Y530 is powered by dual core 1.2 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM which appear a bit low but it is actually fine
when you start using it as you dont feel a slower performance. The internal storage is 4 GB but one could add up to 32 GB
by inserting a memory card for which the slot is located beside SIM card jacket.

Display Screen:

Now, lets check its functioning.

First, lets talk about the display screen
which is 4.5 inches, a good size giving 854 x
480 of resolution. It can go workable for
many users depending upon their liking.
Huawei has made two home screen
modes in this new handset. One is the
Standard Home Screen which we find in
every Android device, the other is a Simple
Home Screen that gives a look of windows
It happened in actual when Huawei
released its first look on internet with simple
home screen. People around the globe

38 | MORE - May 2014

thought that the company had jumped into the

stream of windows phone, but that was not the
This home screen mode is for those
who are new to android operating system and
find difficulty in using their first android device.
In the settings of the phone, you can find an
option to change the home screen mode.
You can also make folders of your
favorite apps on your standard home screen.
For the purpose touch and drag a specific icon
to another icon. It will automatically form a
folder and your both apps will reside in that
drawer. An exciting and space saving feature.

Camera review:

Most of us are very touchy about their mobile

phone camera because these mobile cameras have been
able to replace dedicated digital devices for many folks.
Like other phones of this company, this one also has an
excellent camera. You can take pictures in auto, fill flash,
no flash mode and also in the beauty mode.
Tap the setting icon and here you will find a wide
range of effects to make your pictures more praiseworthy.
We checked the functioning of its camera in darkness and
low light conditions and the result better than what we
had imagined.
We shouldnt expect something very extra
ordinary from the front camera as, in this price range of
PKR 15,000, you would find a similar experience all across
the board.
But the rear camera is a thing which can make
Huawei Ascend Y530 an exciting experience. No matter
you taking photos or recording videos. I really enjoyed to
capture some working moments with this camera, here
at my office.


Large screen of Huawei Y530 makes gaming on

it a fun activity. I played a number of games, Temple
Run 2, Panda Run and Shoot Bubble. All of these games
ran smoothly and hardly came across any speed issue
to due low RAM feature.

Calling & Messaging:

Voice quality, the major function of a phone,

was found to be quite clear. We had no issues with ear
mode or hands free. During our testing, there were
hardly incidents of call dropping or noisy output.
Those who are into lots of messaging every day
wont disappoint by its 4.5 inches large screen which
provides enough room to type speedily.


Huawei Ascend Y530 has Li-Ion 1700 mAh

battery which is quite sufficient for a normal usage
which is calling, texting a little browsing and some
music. Of course, heavy usage wont last it for more
than 5 hours but you dont watch movies and play
games every day all the time.



Now, its turn of music which is another priority of

youngster for selection of their new handset. I played a
song which I had transferred via Bluetooth in this handset.
What I heard was a normal sound. If you want to play
music on speakers, then this phone falls in the average
mobile phones category. But for those who enjoy music
with ear phone, this is a satisfactory gadget. When I
plugged in earphones, I was unable to hear any other
sound from my surrounding. Do you want more sound?

Social media:

You can install any social platform which you use,

through Google Play Store, a store which has everything
for each of its users. I used Facebook, Skype, Instagram,
Google+ and found all apps working smooth and efficient.

The phone is equipped with almost all connectivity option. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS and USB, whatever
is your preference, you can find in this phone. Wi-Fi runs
smoothly on it. Obviously the speed of connection and
distance from the router also matter, but with an
average of both you will enjoy browsing. Similarly,
bluetooth and USB also work fine. When you connect
this device with a computer, it gives you three
options.Media device, Camera and USB storage
device. Choose whatever you want to do and your
device will be linked to the computer or laptop.

It happened in actual
when Huawei released its first
look on internet with simple
home screen. People around
the globe thought that the
company had jumped into the
stream of windows phone
by: MORE in House

| 39




okia X was launched in this February during Mobile World Congress (MWC). It
marked a major shift in the smartphones from Nokia as it was first one to use
Android instead of its conventional mobile OS of Windows Phone from Microsoft. It
helps Nokia users to enjoy 3rd party android apps. It was launched this April in
Pakistan for a price of Rs. 13,800. Here is our review for this device.

Size and Body

With a handy size of 4 inch, Nokia X fits right into your

palm. With an impressive touch feature, operating this device
becomes real fun. Unlike conventional smartphones, which
carry at least 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen, this smartphone has only one button and that is back. In case you want to
directly jump to Home Page, hold the back button pressed for
some time. Plastic body keeps the grip very smooth.


Packaged with a Dual Core 1 GHz processor and a 512

MB RAM, processing power of Nokia X was extremely slow.
Whenever it was tried to open some heavy file on the phone or
even played some mediocre sized game on the phone, not only
the phone started getting heated but the speed also got

40 | MORE - May 2014


Using the Internet explorer

as a particular Nokia phone, this
handset showed loading of website
at the address bar present on the
bottom of the screen. As told earlier,
slow processor was even a problem
while browsing. Whenever it was
tired to open a large sized website
on the phone, it started functioning
very slow. As there was present no
dedicated Google Play icon, so
when browser was used to access
the Google Play website, it started
operating even slower than a bull
cart. Another way to use Google
Play is to root your Nokia X for which you need to be an expert.

Miscellaneous features
This smartphone runs on
Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean which
seems to be ancient in current
times of Android 4.4 KitKat. It
even carries support for recently
launched 3G technology in
Pakistan. It works fine with Dual
SIM feature. Although it can
support memory card up to 32 GB
but there is no chance that you
might need it with such a slow
processing speed. Nokia X is
available in 6 different colors
namely Bright Green, Bright Red,
Cyan, Yellow, Black and White.


The biggest disappointment, besides slow processing, of Nokia X was found to be the camera. For starters, it
comes with no flash. So once there is poor light, your only
3.15 MP rear camera will start functioning as VGA camera on
the back of a local Chinese phone. Camera comes with Zoom
feature which performs effectively until you use half of the
zoom but once you start taking photographs with full zoom
feature, pixels start deteriorating.
Apart from that, picture quality is satisfactory in
good light conditions. Photo editing becomes a fun deal with
Nokia X as you can set different color features (e.g. Negative &
Hue) even before you take a photograph. Video making
feature was also dependent on the lighting available and in
case of appropriate light conditions, video quality becomes

Video & Sound Quality

Video quality was crisp thanks to display resolution of
480x800 p of 4 inch screen. Games, videos and movie
clips are visible in HD format without much glitch. Audio
quality was only adequate when the speakers or the
hands free volume was raised to about half of the
maximum level. At the low volume level, voice was
hardly hearable which means that more battery is to be
consumed to hear a more loud voice. This was the
problem both during calls and listening to audio/video
content on the phone.

Video & Sound Quality

Video quality was crisp thanks to display resolution of
480x800 p of 4 inch screen. Games, videos and movie
clips are visible in HD format without much glitch. Audio
quality was only adequate when the speakers or the
hands free volume was raised to about half of the
maximum level. At the low volume level, voice was
hardly hearable which means that more battery is to be
consumed to hear a more loud voice. This was the
problem both during calls and listening to audio/video
content on the phone.

Who must use Nokia X?

Nokia X can only be bought for members of

your family who are not a keen users of a mobile phone
like mothers. You can also let your siblings below the
age of 16 to have this phone. Also someone who is
going to buy a new phone might even go for this device
to get a hands on experience on the working of a


Several attempts were made to download apps

from Google app store, but every time we faced our test
device declining to download an app by going too slow.
Luckily, the user before us have installed several apps in the
phone that were eventually used for checking the gaming
experience on the phone. Graphics were laudable but as
told earlier, even after a use of 10-15 minute, the plastic
coated back body of the phone started getting hotter.


Battery was a true face saver in Nokia X as despite

its relatively low power of 1500 mAh, it was able to stand
strong despite a heavy use of Wi-Fi, audio/ video content
and Gaming. Although with such a nasty processor, the
battery usually depletes very fast but the drain on Nokia X
battery was not that much drastic as it was expected.

Video & Sound Quality

Video quality was crisp thanks to display resolution of 480x800 p of 4 inch screen. Games, videos and
movie clips are visible in HD format without much glitch.
Audio quality was only adequate when the speakers or the
hands free volume was raised to about half of the maximum level. At the mid volume level, voice was hardly
hearable which means that more battery is to be
consumed to hear a more loud voice. This was the problem
both during calls and listening to audio/video content on
the phone.

Miscellaneous features

This smartphone runs on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

which seems to be ancient in current times of Android 4.4
KitKat. It even carries support for recently launched 3G
technology in Pakistan. It works fine with Dual SIM feature.
Although it can support memory card up to 32 GB but
there is no chance that you might need it with such a slow
processing speed. Nokia X is available in 6 different colors
namely Bright Green, Bright Red, Cyan, Yellow, Black and


Nokia X might be great change in the strategy

of Nokia by attracting the android phone users but it
must be said that it was not an impressive first attempt.
Nokia really has to launch low end smartphones that
actually have some notable processing speed. Nokia
must also consider putting at least a Flash light with
camera of a phone for which they are charging almost
14 thousand rupees.
| 41
by: MORE in House

3G 4G



Nokia Lumia 625

Rs. 25,950/-

4.7 inch Display

5 MP Camera
2000 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Samsung Galaxy
AceRs. 319,499/-

Sony Xperia V

Sony Xperia SP

Nokia Lumia 925

4 inch Display
5 MP Camera
1800 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Rs. 32,000/-

Rs. 32,900/-

4.3 inch Display

13 MP Camera
1750 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Rs. 38,500/-

4.5 inch Display

8 MP Camera
2000 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Nokia Lumia 1320

Nokia Lumia 1020

6 inch Display
5 MP Camera
3400 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

4.5 inch Display

41 MP Camera
2000 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Rs. 32,900/-

Rs. 48,900/-

Samsung Galaxy

Rs. 60,000/-

6.4 inch Display

8 MP Camera
3050 mAh Battery
3G, 4G


Rs. 60,500/-

4.7 inch Display

4 MP Camera
2300 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Sony Xperia Z1
Rs. 66,000/-

5 inch Display
20.7MP Camera
3000 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Mega 6.3

Rs. 52,000/-

6.3 inch Display

8 MP Camera
3200 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Note 3

Sony Xperia Z1
Rs. 54,000/-

4.3 inch Display

20.7 MP Camera
2300 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Sony Xperia Z
Rs. 49,000/-

5 inch Display
13.1 MP Camera
2330 mAh Battery
3G, 4G, Micro-SIM

28 | MORE - May 2014

Nokia Lumia 1520

Rs. 59,000/-

6 inch Display
20 MP Camera
3400 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Rs. 69,900/-

5.7 inch Display

13 MP Camera
3200 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Although full care is taken in putting accurate prices but still they are subjected to minor changes.

4.6 inch Display

8 MP Camera
2370 mAh Battery
3G, 4G

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Nokia Lumia 525

Rs. 17,350/-

Ascend P6
Rs. 36,500/-

4.7 inch Display

8 MP Camera
2000 mAh Battery
Micro-SIM (Dual)

4 inch Display
5 MP Camera
1430 mAh Battery

Voice V60
Rs. 17,900/-

4.5 inch Display

12 MP Camera
2050 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

Nokia Asha 500

Nokia X

QMobile A910

2.8 inch Display

2 MP Camera
1200 mAh Battery

4 inch Display
3.15 MP Camera
1500 mAh Battery
Micro-SIM (Dual)

4.7 inch Display

8 MP camera
1800 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

Huawei Ascend

Qmobile i5

Voice V75

4.7 inch Display

5 MP Camera
2000 mAh
Dual SIM

5 inch Display
8 MP Camera
2050 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

Huawei Y320

Huawei Y530

HTC Desire 300

4 inch Display
2 MP Camera
1350 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

4.5 inch Display

5 MP Camera
1750 mAh Battery
Normal SIM

4.3 inch Display

5 MP Camera
1650 mAh Battery

Sony Xperia Tipo

Haier W860

3.2 inch Display

3.15 MP Camera
1500 mAh Battery

5 inch Display
5 MP Camera
2100 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

Rs. 7,300/-

Some of these phones might vary in their 3G & 4G specs due to region specific models
but they are still available through un-official importers

Rs. 7,500/-

3.5 inch Display

VGA Camera
1350 mAh Battery
Single SIM

Rs. 10,500/-

Rs. 12,300/-

Rs. 13,800/-

Rs. 14,500/-

Rs. 15,000/-

Rs. 16,000/-

Qmobile A60

Samsung Galaxy
S Duos 2

4.5 inch Display

5 MP Camera
1800 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

4 inch Display
5 MP Camera
1500 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

Rs. 12,500/-

Rs. 16,999/-

Rs. 19,600/-

Rs. 19,500/-

Rs. 22,700/-

Rs. 9,000/-

4 inch Display
5 MP Camera
1400 mAh Battery
Dual SIM


Voice V35
Rs. 13,000/-

4 inch Display
5 MP Camera
1400 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

Qmobile A750

Qmobile Z4

5 inch Display
13 MP Camera
2000 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

5 inch Display
13 MP Camera
2020 mAh Battery
Single SIM

Rs. 25,000/-

Rs. 29,999/-

Samsung Galaxy
Rs. 35,900/5 inch Display
8 MP Camera
2100 mAh Battery
Mini SIM (Dual)

Samsung Galaxy
Grand 2
Rs. 37,900/5.25 inch Display
8 MP Camera
2600 mAh Battery
Micro-SIM (Dual)

Sony Xperia C

HTC One Mini

5 inch Display
8 MP Camera
2390 mAh Battery

4.3 inch Display

4 MP Camera
1800 mAh Battery

Rs. 25,000/-

Rs. 42,000/-


Huawei Ascend

Nokia Lumia 900

Rs. 49,700/-

Rs. 25,900/-

5 inch Display
8 MP Camera
2150 mAh Battery
Mini SIM

Samsung Galaxy
Grand Neo
Rs. 27,900/-

5 inch Display
5 MP Camera
2100 mAh Battery
Mini SIM

Rs. 16,000/-

Sony Xperia V

Samsung Galaxy S4

4.3 inch Display

13 MP Camera
1750 mAh Battery

5 inch Display
13 MP Camera
2600 mAh Battery

Rs. 32,900/-

Voice X5

5.7 inch Display

13 MP Camera
2630 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

5 inch Display
13 MP Camera
2000 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

Qmobile V5

HTC Desire 600

5.7 inch Display

13 MP Camera
3200 mAh Battery
Dual SIM

4.5 inch Display

8 MP Camera
1860 mAh Battery
Micro SIM

28 | MORE - May 2014

Rs. 34,000/-

laxy S5

Rs. 28,500/-

Rs. 55,000/-

Samsung Ga

Haier W919
Rs. 28,000/-

4.3 inch Display

8 MP Camera
1830 mAh Battery
Micro SIM

Rs. 35,500/-

Rs. 75,000/-

5.1 inch Display, 16 MP Camera

2800 mAh Battery
3G, Dual SIM

3G 4G


Genius T500




7 inch Display
8 MP Camera
3000 mAh battery
Dual SIM


Rs. 18,900/-

Xpod Bubblegum

XPod Xpad 2

XPod G TAB Duo

9 inch Display
Dual Camera
1.2 GHz Processor
Single SIM

7 inch Display
2 MP Camera
1.1 GHz Processor
Single SIM

7 inch Display
Dual Camera
Dual Core Processor
Dual SIM

Rs. 8,500/-

Rs. 9,500/-

Rs. 10,500/-

XPod GSM G Tab

Rs. 11,500/-

7 inch Display
Dual Camera
1.2 GHz Processor
Single SIM

Xpod Arc 7

Rs. 11,500/7 inch Display

Dual Camera
1.5 GHz Quad
Core Processor
Single SIM

Dany Genius T300

Rs. 15,000/-

7 inch Display
5 MP Camera
5000 mAh battery
Dual SIM

Xpod Phablet
Rs. 14,500/-

Xpod Arc 8
Rs. 14,000

8 inch Display
2 MP Camera
Quad Core Processor
Single SIM

6.5 inch Display

Dual Camera
Dual Core Processor
Dual SIM

QMobile Q800

QMobile X50

7.85 inch Display

5 MP Camera
3000 mAh battery
Dual SIM

8 inch Display
5 MP Camera
4500 mAh battery
Single SIM

Rs. 16,800/-

Rs. 24,500/-

Xpod J- Tab

Rs. 14,500/-

7 inch Display
Dual Camera
Single SIM

Galaxy Tab 3

QMobile Q100
7 inch Display
2 MP Camera
3000 mAh
Dual SIM

Rs. 32,500/7 inch Display

3.15 MP Camera
4000 mAh battery
3G, 4G
Single SIM

Rs. 11,600/-

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8 inch)

Rs. 42,500/-

8 inch Display
5 MP Camera
4450 mAh battery
3G, 4G

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (10.1 inch) Sony Xperia Tablet S (16 GB)
Rs. 52,000/-

Rs. 54,000/-

10.1 inch Display

3.15 MP Camera
6800 mAh battery

9.4 inch Display

8 MP Camera
6000 mAh battery

Apple iPad Mini

(64 GB)

Apple iPad mini (32 GB)

Sony Xperia Tablet S (32 GB)

7.9 inch Display

5 MP Camera
3280 mAh battery

9.4 inch Display

8 MP Camera
6000 mAh battery

Rs. 60,500/-

Rs. 62,000/-

7.9 inch Display

5 MP Camera
3280 mAh battery
3G, 4G, Nano-SIM

Sony Xperia Tablet S (64 GB)

Rs. 70,000/-

Rs. 86,000/9.4 inch Display

8 MP Camera
6000 mAh battery

Samsung Note 10. 1 (2014 edition)

Rs. 81,000/10.1 inch Display
8 MP Camera
8220 mAh battery
3G, 4G, Micro-SIM