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personalized medicine
an everyday reality
Innovative platforms
for clinically-relevant answers

Game changer
in molecular diagnostics

Biocartis NV Generaal De Wittelaan 11 B3 2800 Mechelen - Belgium T +32 15 632 600

Biocartis SA EPFL Quartier de lInnovation, Bat G 1015 Lausanne - Switzerland T +41 21 694 04 30

Personalized medicine within reach

Every person has a unique genetic

However, in order to be truly

profile. Understanding this molecular

sustainable and beneficial, molecular

mechanism empowers doctors to

information needs to be gathered

shift away from the one-drug-fits-all

quickly and easily, at the point of need.

paradigm and tailor a treatment to

the genetic profile of their patient, also
known as personalized medicine.

Today, this is not the case. Most

hospitals do not perform molecular
tests in-house, but send them to

Specific molecular diagnostics tests

specialized labs where they are

can, for instance, tell a doctor what

processed in batches, on multiple

drug is the preferred therapy for

instruments and operated by highly

a melanoma patient with a specific

trained personnel. This time-consuming

genetic mutation. Eventually, this

and labor-intensive process delays

makes treatments more effective,

treatment decisions which are often

improving outcomes and ultimately

crucial to save patients lives. Biocartis

reducing healthcare costs.

aims to make personalized medicine a

daily practice.

Biocartis in
a nutshell
Founded by Dr. Rudi Pauwels
in Switzerland in 2007.
Core premises in Mechelen,
near Brussels (Belgium).
Flagship molecular diagnostics
system Idylla and its first test
(BRAF Mutation Test) have obtained
CE-IVD marking in 2014.
Diagnostics tests mainly focus on
oncology and infectious diseases
(e.g. sepsis).
2 strategic partners: Johnson &
Johnson, and Abbott.
Staff close to 200 employees.
In-house commercial scale
manufacturing capabilities at
its premises in Mechelen (close
to Brussels Belgium).

Game changer in molecular diagnostics

Strong intellectual property position.

Raised 240M (approx. $320M)
in equity since its foundation.
A talented and highly experienced

Biocartis strives to transform the

In a second wave, assays for infectious

global diagnostics market by providing

diseases will be developed. Biocartis

instant access to personalized medicine

strategic partner Johnson & Johnson

for patients worldwide.

develops a range of applications in the

Biocartis has developed a miniaturized,

fully automated molecular system that
integrates all molecular diagnostics
steps in one easy-to-use system. Idylla
offers clinicians fast and easy access
to molecular diagnostics information,
anywhere and anytime. It can be used

field of viral infections and neurological

diseases. Abbott and Biocartis have

team supports Biocartis accelerated



engaged in a strategic partnership to

offer multiplex companion diagnostics
tests for pharmaceutical and
biotechnology companies, to be used
in combination with the Idylla system.

Biocartis originated with its Evalution

platform. Evalution is designed for
rapid and cost-effective detection

for any human clinical sample type

of a broad range of protein and/or

and covers the entire process from

nucleic acid biomarkers, making the

sample to result in a time frame of 35

system valuable for many clinical and

to 120 minutes. Idylla enables clinical

pharmaceutical applications. Evalution

laboratories to perform a broad range

is currently being commercialized in the

of applications in oncology, infectious

life sciences market.

diseases and beyond.


and the

systems first assay, the Idylla BRAF

Mutation Test, have obtained CE-IVD
marking in 2014.

Recently, Biocartis has spun out its

Evalution platform into Belgian-based
Pronota NV, to jointly form MyCartis.
Pronota has discovered and validated

In a first wave, Biocartis will develop

biomarker panels for a range of

and commercialize high-quality

diseases. As such this content is an

cancer assays that will run on the

ideal match for Biocartis Evalution