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Assignment: People and Organizations

Topic: Four parts of self (Your change signature)

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Four parts of self

Step 1: Past self

What Values did your family stress? Did you adapt those values or fight against them?
Family values are the beliefs; way of life transmitted by a family environment into the individual
which guides every time in his actions outside the family. Values which you gain or adapt from
the family are the one which u have observed them practicing the whole life or the one on
which they have shown no tolerance to get rid of. My family has always have a great emphasis
on the integrity and adhering to social norms like always speaking truth and obedience to
alders. I have been scolded a lot in my childhood whenever my behavior was deviated from
what they expected. I have taken these values as pivotal for being a good human and I have
been obedient to my alders and never argued with them whether they were right or wrong
Who where your heros? What values did you take from them?
My grandfather has been one influential personality for me. He is one ideal personality for me.
He in his whole life have never compromised on the values , which he inherited from his family.
He has a good credibility in his family, friends and the community for being honest as a friend
and in business too. Even one of his friends before going abroad has given him more preference
of responsibility of protecting his valuable possession than his family members. To maintain the
trust of other human being is what he always tells me and the objective can only be achieved
by being honest in relationship.

How did you gain recognition and self esteem? Were you a great athlete? An excellent
student?A valued friend? The person who ran all the clubs ?
I have been good athlete till my high school level, always been a best sprinter of my class. I have
my friends which have been with me since my childhood. I always have shown interest in
playing sports rather than focusing on other activities.
What skills did you begin to develop in your formative years? What kinds of leadership
experiences did you have in school? At home? With friends? How did you lead?
Most important skill I have learnt in recent years is to not get panic in stressful situations. Its
pivotal to control your emotions and always find for alternative. I have a great belief whenever
you find a situation difficult to cope with thats the time to take a break and keep your nerve
calm. During this phase ideas will keep jumping in your mind of how to handle the situation and
this trick somehow work for me. I have been the one who took initiative like arranging sports

event in my school keeping cohesion in my group for a common goal. There were few moments
when I took the charge of leadership but it was so important not to dominate as everyone
should be given a platform to express himself. I always took ideas from my friends and picked
the best one on which majority has the acceptance these were few things which I did when I
was in charge of leadership roles
What values skills and patterns of leading is part of your past self?
The rudimentary value to lead is to keep your personal interest aside, and strive for the
collective interest. When you respect and value everyones stance, you gain support and
respect of team members. I always had an element of sacrifice of my self interest.

Step 2: Developed self

What best describes the values and skills that you have honed?
There are few values skills which you learn as the life progress but I guess the most important
change I felt by adapting particular skills is to control your emotions in crux moments this can
only be possible when you feel self complacent. Always try to happy in whatever situation you
face. This is one great trip worked as it enhances your confidence and help you to be calm
Are you best known as an analytical person, a problem solver, a visionary, or a peoples
I guess am good at problem solving .the lecture of conflict management if we try to apply in our
daily life it will even make us veteran in problem solving .I would love to further enhance my
skills of problem solving
What leadership challenges have you accepted?
The biggest challenge is to take a stance for other person . There was a situation when I tried to
stop a person who was unknown to me from being beaten up by other people. This was a tough
ask as the opponent was in rage and myself was in danger of being hurt. But fortunately the
situation gets under control when more people came in and acted the role of mediator. So that
was one a motivating incident for me that make me realize my worth and being determined to
work for betterment of society through which I can put a impact on the society.
What have you learned about yourself as a leader as a result of these challenges?

You do not know what you are capable of until you are put in a situation where you have to
push hard and doing is the only option. So when you get out of comfort zone you can know
your abilities better.
Step 3: Underdeveloped self
Think about those parts of yourself that you have neglected? Are they any areas that you feel
you want to begin to develop?
I am still lagging at being a good listener. I do try to be a good listener by having a focus on
what other person says and observing his body language.
What kind of plan can you put together to move aspects of yourself from underdeveloped to
the developed side of the diamond?
To practice all the values which we have learned from our family and alders in every situation.
The real test for a person is whether he is able to use his values when he is facing a problem
because I have seen many people they will do anything just to avoid that situation and this is
the point when you come to know the real picture of a human being. So consistency is required
in practicing the values and motivating others too to practice .one more things important is not
to have a fear of consequences being faced. This is what makes a person real rare diamond and
what I want to be
Step 4: Future self
What aspects of leadership would you like to incorporate into your own?
I would love to adapt the leadership styles according to situation. Like autocractic, supportive,
participative, these are the leadership styles which we have studied and want to adapt the style
according to situation. Its easy to say but it is very difficult to be such dynamic. For this its
important to have good critical and analytical skills
If you think about the end of your career, what would you want people to say about you?
I want them to remember me as a good person