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Bad breaks

A Large taxi company concerened that drivers

were not reporting potential mechanical
problems which was costing the company a lot
in the long term on field repairs.

Metropolitan Hospital

Clara hawskins, an admisitrator of a relatively

new hospital, has a different perspective to the
board's decision of expansion, She thinks it will
make the hospital loose its current Standard
and efficiency.

The Wakewood organisation

Chapter 1- Systems approch (The Open SystemInternal and External Pressures on the Unit)

Sission Systems

The Story of a successful U.S. local airline and

how she has been able to survive the tubulent
U.S. airline industry usinging its core
competencies-"Low fare" air transportation.
A daunting task faced by a newly relatively
experieced CEO (Michael Smith) to accelerate
performance at Sission systems. A look into the
challenges associated with driving growth in a
successful company where its top management
are complacent towards growth and

Crisis at Ford and Firestone

The unconcluding case of Ford and firestone.

After a discovery of faults in the tires, resulting
into loss of lives. The two companies were
unable to reach a conclusion on viable solution
to the issue.

South West Airlines


Chapter 4- Business process ReengineeringRapid Transformation under the founder's Son.

The later need to make harsh decision and
restructure the company.

Bristish Airways (Winning for


The success story of british Airways trasition

from a distressed airline in the early 80's to one
of the most profitable airlines in the world.

India health Care

Using Organisation development to make

quality health care more affordabl;e and
accessable to the poor



Chapter 1
Incorporating the Human
element. (Theory X and Y)

Chapter 2
A multi disciplinary view of
Management. (Sociological
pespectives Interactive

Chapter 1 - the Human

relations approch to

Chapter 2 -the stakeholder model of

the firm

Chapter 4- Managing the

change process, Managing
resistance to Change(New
Technology ),

Chapter 5- Managing the main

functional areas(HRM, Finace and
Marketing )

Chapter 4- Strategy, Mission

Statement, Strategy
formulation, Competitive

Chapter 6- Organisation Structure Upside down pyramid.Very

Centralised Mangement through the
board of directors and the officers.

Chapter 5- Human Resources

Management- Sustaining uniformity
by finding the best Human Resource

Chapter 4, Corporate
Strategy- Growth fueled by
Chapter 4- Decision MakingGarbage Can model,
Rational Decision makingcalling for a war room after
being briefed about the
Chapter 8- Globalisation and
situation in early 2000.
Business- Ford leveraging on the
Business Process
cost advantage with

Chapter 6: Organisational
Structure - Different
Divisions of the firm.

Chapter 3: The leadership role of a

Manager. Tommy lee playing the
leashipship role but will need to play
more active directive style of
leadership in the coming months-due
to the harsh decision he has to make

Chapter 5: Human Resource

Management- Establishing a
Chapter 4- Strategy: A
company wide training programme
corporate strategy that
"Winning for customers". Training
centres on total dedication to programmes were an integral part of
the passenger.
the transformation process.

Chapter 1- Human relations Chapter 3- Participative Style of




Chapter 3
- Style of Leadership- Supportive
Style of Leadership.

Chapter 4- Decision making. Rational

Decision making, Planned Decisions
-Organisation Change and
Development. The organisation
achieving cost reduction by changing
behaviour of drivers.

Chapter 3- The planning role of

a manager.(Devising a plan of
action, meeting with the
administrative group)

Chapter 4-Planned decisions,

Rational Decision making by carefully
selecting potential employees .
-Resistance to Change (Clara had a
form of resistance). Scenario
Planning- devising a winning strategy

Chapter 3- Leadership role of a

manager. (Participative)

Chapter 6 - key Internal elements of

the firm (Organisation Structure to be

Chapter 5- MarketingUnderstand its customers,

Identifying a target audience, Low
price of service below competitor's
price level.

Chapter 1- Human relations

approach to Management - South
west airline value employees,
initiating the first profit sharing plan in
the us airline industry.

Chapter 10- Business ethics and

Managerial Integrity.

Chapter 10- Business ethics and

Managerial Integrity.

Chapter 1: The different divisions in

Chapter 8: Globalisation. Zeaton the company stemming out from
about to take the global stage.
Scientific Management.

Chapter 4: Organisation change

and Development. The people
were at the centre of British
Airways Transformation Plan.
Chapeter 4- organisation Change
and development. Planned
Chapter 5: Communications to all
Decision, rational Decision
level of the organisation



Chapter 5
Resource Management, Soft
HRM(Increase efficiency through
employee commitment)

Chapter 5
Human Resorce Management ( The Chapter 6 - Organisational Culture(A
recruiting function of HRM)
family like culture)
Chapter 10 - Business ethics and
Managrial Integrity (What the CEO
needs to do to the Manager not
performing) What do you do if the
manager was responsible for your
Chapter 4-Managing Resistance to
Change- Having preference for
boeing 737s only, leaves them with
little flexibility when the model
recieves a bad reputation or when a
flaw is discovered.

Chapeter 10: Business ethics and

Managerial Integrity.

Decentralised in which employees

and other parts of the organisation
are involved in decision making