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Md. Dewan Mahboob Hossain
Asst. Professor
Department of A&IS
University of Dhaka

Md. Nazmul Islam

Roll: 8108
Sec.: 'B'
BBA 8th Batch
Department of Accounting
& Information Systems
University of Dhaka.

Date of Submission: 10th May, 2007





DHAKA 1216


From January 25, 2007 to April 11, 2007



May 10, 2007

Md. Dewan Mahboob Hossain
Asst. Professor
Internship Program
Department of A. & I.S.
University of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of Internship Report.

Dear Sir,
With due respect to state that I am a student of BBA (8 th batch) of A&IS of Dhaka
University. I am delighting to submit here with a copy of internship report for your
kind evaluation and appreciation.
I have given my best effort to prepare the report with relevant information that I have
collected from IBTRA, IBBL Darus Salam Road Branch and from other sources
during my internship program from January 25 to April 11, 2006. I have the immense
pleasure to have the opportunity to study on General Banking Systems of IBBL and
Comparison of IBBL with some other Islami Bank of Bangladesh. There is no doubt
that the knowledge I have gathered during the study will help me in real life.
For your kind consideration I would like to mention that there might be some errors
and mistakes due to limitations of my knowledge. I expect that you will forgive me
considering that I am still learner and in the process of leaning.
Yours faithfully,
Md. Nazmul Islam
Roll: 8108
Sec.: 'B'
BBA 8th Batch
Department of A&I.S
University of Dhaka


There are different directions in the theoretical practical knowledge. Theory differs in
a great way through its operation and implementation. There is no doubt that, to
justify the theoretical knowledge practical orientation has great importance. An
Internship program brings the students closer to the practical world. This realization
of the universities has introduced the system & provision of Internship program for
the students of BBA for better understanding and realization with the practical job
As a BBA student, it was my great pleasure to be in touch with the organization as
Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd., which is undoubtedly the most efficient and best
performing banking institution in our country. The internship program has given me
immense opportunity to minimize the gap between theoretical and practical
knowledge. My practical experience through performing different activities of the
bank including General Banking, Investment and Foreign Exchange has enhanced my
view, mission, and acceptability as well as has increased my overall experience about
to deal in real world phenomenon.

It is my great privilege to express my gratitude to our creator Allah (SWT) for such
great opportunity to be in touch with Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) for the
following days. I also have to put my heartened feelings and gratitude for the kindness
and assistance that was provided to me to complete my assigned report as on the topic
General Banking- overall process of Telegraphic Transfer) and Comparison of IBBL
with some other Islami Bank of Bangladesh. In preparing the proposed report I have
taken great assistance support and guidance from the persons of Islami Bank Training
and Research Academy (IBTRA) and from my branch as well.
I would like to thanks and express my deep gratitude to my honorable supervisor. Md.
Dewan Mahboob Hossain for his excellent guideline to prepare this internship report.
I express my heart full thanks to all the faculty members of Islami Bank Training and
Research Academy (IBTRA) especially to Jb. M Jafrullah, SVP & Course Director
(Training), IBTRA, Jb. Habibur Rahaman, Course Co-ordinator (AVP & FM),
IBTRA, Jb. Md. Hedayet Ullah, AD (Training) IBTRA and all other faculty members
as well as all the employees from top to bottom of IBTRA, who gave me necessary
information and excellent guidance to prepare this internship report.
I am very grateful to Jb. Md. Farid Ahmed (AVP) Manager and Jb. Md. Habibur
Rahman 2nd Officer, Darus Salam Road Branch, IBBL for their hearty co-operation to
learn about IBBL, Three Department performance of IBBL as well.
I would like to give thanks to Jb. Md. Latifur Rahman (SO) Investment In-charge, Jb.
Md. Enamul Kabir (PO) Foreign Exchange In-charge, Jb. Md. Jahangir Alam (SO)
General banking In-charge of Darus Salam Road Branch, Dhaka.
I also like to thanks all the other employees of all level for their beloved manner and
attitude that they had shown to me during the staying in the Branch.


This internship report is prepared as a partial fulfillment for the BBA program of the
department of A&IS under Dhaka University. This report focuses three months
working experiences in Darus Salam Road Branch, Islami bank Bangladesh limited.
This report will give a clear idea about activities and operational strategies of IBBL.
Specially this report focuses on the overall process of Telegraphic Transfer ( TT) of
IBBL is opening in a three sectors banking system, such as formal, non-formal and
voluntary sector. General banking, Investment and foreign exchange are operated
under the formal sector. Development management of Waqf and mosque properties,
management of in heritance properties, and joint venture project for management of
non-profit foundations, charitable trusts and organizations are executed under the
voluntary sector.
General banking provides the foundation of banker customer relationship through
opening account. This is the most busy department and the daily transaction of
concerned to the customers for drawing or depository money, selling of the instrument
to them for remittance purpose, collection of their instruments providing other service
to them and keep customer section busy. Officer of this department should posses the
required behavior for optimum satisfaction of the customers. General banking
performance of IBBL is very good. Among the total deposit of private commercial
bank, contribution of IBBL is 23.86%. Deposit has been increased from year to year.
Deposit was Tk.9101 corer on 31-03-05 and Tk. 11152 core on 31-03-06. Amount of
increase is Tk. 2051 core.
In this competitive age, foreign trade becomes very much crucial for any country in
the world. Especially in the country like Bangladesh, import is very much crucial with
the increasing rate of population. Every year a lot of food grains, machinery spare
parts chemicals industry raw materials, cotton textiles, pharmaceuticals, cement, steel,
etc. are imported from various countries of the world. At the same tome the exportable
goods of BD. like jute, tea, yarns, carpets, handicrafts, shrimp, ready-made garments,
frog etc. So the foreign trade is playing important role for the economic development
of our country. In case of import-export IBBL shows better performance than the
other banks. The import -export business of IBBL has a gradual increasing trend from
1983.From the analysis; it has been found that the growth rate of the foreign exchange
business is 31% in the year of 2005. Import, export & remittance were respectively
Tk. 59804, 29151, & 23669 (in million) in the year of 2004.
Commercial banks are playing a vital role in financing imports and exports of the
country. Without bank cooperation, it is not possible to run any business of production
activity today. Export-importer needs finance in various stages of their activities.
Exporter needs finance in two stages, pre-shipments finance and post shipment
finance. Pre-shipments finance export cash credit, packing credit back-to-back credit
etc. Post shipments finance is negotiation of documents under L/C., investment
against bill in collection Etc. Again import financing are the payments documents,
loan again import merchandise etc. All of these facilities are provided by IBBL.
Financing involve a lot of risk. So banks have to clearly justify customers from the


neutral point. From the analysis it has been found that among the total investment of
the private commercial bank contribution of IBBL is 26.18%.
The most important analytical part of this report is the comparison of IBBL with some
other Islami Bank of Bangladesh which indicate that Islamic Bank Bangladesh
Limited is improving day by day.
As a kid in the banking industry IBBL is performing well as it has acquired the assets
and human resources of higher quality. IBBL will be more effective in our economy
by adopting modern financial technology by extending their activities in human &
social welfare.