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Who is the study programme for?
It is for non-natives speakers of Arabic and also suited for native speakers.
It is for students/learners of all backgrounds. It is for complete beginners
or those of advanced level. It is for home-learners or those in a class with a
It is for teachers, schools, colleges and universities to adopt this
meticulously prepared syllabus into their Arabic curriculum.

What is the aim of the programme?

To teach classical, Quraanic Arabic and modern Arabic from beginner to
advanced level, and develop iimaan and establish Islaamic characters through
in-depth study of the Quraan, aHaadiith and historical Arabic texts.

What skills will I gain at the end of the programme?

You will gain a firm, connected and very advanced understanding of the
Quraan and aHaadiith and be ready to read and understand traditional
Arabic books, historical texts, classical and modern Arabic literature etc

Is completing the 3 Madinah Books, a prerequisite to the programme?
No. The programme has a wide audience and is tailored for:

1) Complete beginners until they graduate from the 3 Madinah Books;

2) The graduates of the 3 Madinah Books; or
3) Any student who has gained proficiency in Arabic equivalent to the 3
Madinah Books.

Are we taught in English or Arabic?

Both. Our Shaykh first teaches through the medium of Arabic-English. Then
as the student advances and gains more skills in the language, our Shaykh
teaches purely in Arabic in a clear and easy style.

What order should I study or teach the Shaykhs books and courses
and why?
The Shaykh has recommended the following order (below) when studying or
teaching his books and courses. It reflects our Shaykhs successful
methodology of teaching the Arabic sciences in stages, starting with the
foundation and what is easy, and building and connecting one level to the
next. So what has already been learnt and drilled-in, is connected to the
next topic in the learning-chain.
Details are added to the firm foundations that were laid at the stage of the
Madinah Books and continue to expand and deepen through the advanced


Ready to embark
What follows is an overview of the entire programme at a glance.
For the full details along with the complete downloads of the books, courses
and DVDs, or samples and extracts, please visit the On-line Libraries and
Book Fair sections at our Shaykhs website where the study programme is
available (as indicated below).

At-Tibyaan: Easy Way to Quraanic Reading
Complete course for beginners with audio CD
(See Beginners Library)

  ! "
 # $ %&' $ # )(  +
* ,*-.*
Arabic Course for Non-Native Speakers
Originally Devised and Taught at Madinah Islaamic University
(Beginners Library)
Teachers also use here # 11:

$&' $#) +,-./ 0 1)' 2*  3

* 4 .
Students also use here: The on-line supplementary worksheets
for the Madinah Books (Beginners Library)

  ! "
 # $ %&' $ # )(  +
* ,*-.*
Madinah Arabic Reader: Vol. 6
Corresponds to lessons 1-5 of Madinah Book 3: A wealth of
added information including exhaustive vocabularies, plurals of
nouns, more knowledge on verbs.
(Childrens Library & Book Fair)

 E  BC $56 7 8 .-9 $ %:' $ );<= >? $ 9 @ =A 
$#) +,-. >:

Solutions to the General Questions Appearing at the end of

Madinah Book 3
(Book Fair)

$ GF. H2*  IJ L

K 5-M N
Arabic Conversation Drills
Arabic conversational course personally taught by our Shaykh on
DVDs; Supplement to the 3 Madinah Books
(Advanced Library)

*  8 - 9*<
With Lexical & Grammatical Notes
Advanced course personally taught by our Shaykh on DVDs
With workbook & answer book
(Advanced Library)

$P )F  < D
Collection of 20 short and very easy aHaadiith
With Lexical & Grammatical Notes
(Beginners Library)

-9/*[ \)? -K 9/*[

Suurat al-Nuur: aayaat 35-46
With Lexical & Grammatical Notes
Advanced course personally taught by our Shaykh on DVDs
(Book Fair)

Selections from the Glorious Quraan

With Lexical & Grammatical Notes
A Companion to $ %&'

$ # )( +
* ,*-.*

Advanced course personally taught by our Shaykh on DVDs

(Advanced Library)

From Esfahan to Madinah in Search of Truth:

Hadiith Story of Salmaan Al-Faarisis

R  IS- with

Lexical & Grammatical Notes

(Book Fair)

  > ? D
R  IS- I< -  F 2) < $ UVW
X%59 #  X& D
Arabic version of # 9

(Book Fair under

XE5M F 9*'- QF)

Both these Lights Emanate from the Same Niche:

Lengthy Hadiith of Umm Salamah !?

R  IS- with

Lexical & Grammatical Notes

(Book Fair)

8h M  , 8h Fij
 : > : 2* U[

$ j
> 5&@ 2*  
 2 ) l
 2*  $ UVW
X%59 #  X& D
Arabic version of # 10

(Book Fair under

XE5M F 9'* - QF)

0 1)' 2* ] 3
* 4
   U! "
 # $ %&' $ #^) +,*-.* /
3 Vol. Teaching Manuals for Instructors
& Recommended Study for Advanced Students:
Students gain deep lexical and grammatical insight into the original
topics learnt in the 3 Madinah Books; develop conversation skills;
correct common errors; complete new exercises and oral drills and
enjoy the privilege of experiencing the Shaykhs interactive teaching
methods as employed at Madinah Islaamic University
(Advanced Library)

_F W & ` a
F  7
c ,d& e
 ) : _F W & ` f
 ) O
 : 7
R  IS- g F   <* IQF D
X%59 #  X& D
(Book Fair)

 5&Uj n9 U! D
  > : o
K 9*V[*
(Book Fair under

XE5M F 9*'- QF)

 <9*5 8 -9< 3
, $ #  7 m
* ' l
Lexical and grammatical explanation of entire
Suurah Yuusuf with exhaustive groups of exercises
(Advanced Library)

ch 9 5 &  p
  & j
 d:Q e
 NM F, q ! :* e
  )F ? U&:
R  IS- e
h : >  r
 '4 D

X%59 #  X& D
(Book Fair)

$ U? & Uj c 9)'* , $ U&' $ #() 0 )'N M  ' : s

*  ! :
$ %:b<t $ ':C
Arabic Language & Islaamic Studies Syllabus of Madinah Islaamic
University now published in four, large, beautiful, colour volumes.
This world-renowned syllabus provides a rich legacy of knowledge and
Islaamic nurturing for every school, college, university and home.
It is the official method of the Islaamic University to learn and master
Arabic, Quraan, Hadiith, Islaam, TawHiid, Fiqh and the Islaamic
sciences. Highly recommended for mastering Arabic and establishing a
strong Islaamic character. It forms an essential part of our study
programme. (Book Fair)
Ranked #16 for the student. Teachers however, should teach the syllabus
concurrently with the other books and courses here, or at a stage in the
study programme they consider best for immersing and nurturing their

$P U: b
F <
K 9*V[*
Collection of historical Arabic texts, khutbahs, biographies of
the SaHaabah (0!?

 IS-), texts from famous scholarly works

$5!, $5M by Ibn Kathiir and stories of great moral

significance. With lexical & grammatical notes.

(Book Fair)

Europe Speaks Arabic

A unique book, recommended for all foreign language students,
teachers, linguists, researchers, journalists, historians and laypeople. (Book Fair)

On-line lessons and Q & As at the Shaykhs site

Benefit from over 100 diverse questions and answers answered by
our Shaykh on a vast range of topics on the Arabic sciences.
(If a student cannot study the on-line material simultaneously, then
he/she should study this after completing the entire study programme).

For the graduates of the entire study programme who now desire
reading the traditional Arabic grammar texts, our Shaykh
recommends the famous and weighty text of:

e: > u $  Q \)? _ ? > u Z

* &

_? >u Z& TH _)C $H!: 34 ':,

M2Y M? >5M Iv M2v mwN
Edition published by

yzbx -* . , Cairo.

An excellent exposition by Shaykh Ibn Aqiil  |- in a clear and

easy style which a student of this level will easily understand. This
edition contains exhaustive explanations of the sharH by Shaykh
Muhammad Muhyiddiin abd al-Hamiid and it is an ocean of
knowledge for advanced students and teachers.
Content includes:
* complete iraab of each line of the 1000 couplet with lexical notes;

* profound explanatory notes on Ibn Aqiils commentary;

* deep wisdoms derived from the couplets & sharH;
* copious quotes from the Quraan & aHaadiith to illustrate rules;
* gathers for the reader the vast understanding and opinions of the
famous scholars of Arabic such as Siibawayhi, al-Farraa,
al-Akhfash, al-Mubarrid and many others ( 0|-) from the BaSrah
and Kuufah schools of grammar.