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Final Group Project

80 group points
Due October 9
Format for Final Project:

The project is a presentation in the form of a voice-over PowerPoint or Prezi. I will evaluate your
presentation on how well you fulfill the requirements below. Early on, you should assign someone
in the group to be sure that all requirements are covered. Using this page as a checklist would be

The 80 points for this assignment are for the group, so all members of the group will
receive the same number of points for the submitted project.
There are also 10 individual points that will depend on how well you contribute to the
group work this semester, so make sure to be present and engaged, attend all group
meetings, and help each other out.
Your presentation will also be viewed and voted on by other students in this class. The 3
presentations voted as the best by the class will each receive 3 bonus points.
See below for individual bonus points.

The group submission should be about 10-20 Prezi spots or PowerPoint slides. Be sure you are
logical and organized.
The presentation should engage the viewer and be aesthetically pleasing.
Be sure it sufficiently covers all of the points of the assignment; dont get hung up on one
aspect and neglect another.
Introduce the team members and their qualificationsyou can use your imaginations and
project into your successful future to define your qualifications.
Each member must contribute to the audio.
Identify yourself when appropriate; pictures of team members are encouraged.
Accurately define in your own words what you have set out to find. Talk about your
findings, dont read the slides.
Include the best information team members found in their research for articles about the
major issue.

Give relevant and timely information about specific competitors in the field you are
looking at.
Include information about the market and industry.
Give a recommendation based on your findings and tell why you are making this
Be judicious in what you choose to include to support your recommendation.
Use in-text citations to back up all statistics, statements of facts, and findings taken from
published reports. All cited research must be relevant and selected from the sources used
in the supporting individual assignments-- library databases, professional associations,
Use at least 6 resources from the library databases we studied this semester. Your
bibliography/list of references must include these references in APA format; refer to OWL
for guidance. . You can include the websites of the companies, but other than company
websites, NO MORE THAN 1 additional non-library reference. Wikipedia, Im talking to

Individual bonus points:

2 points: Email me a link to a professional organization or association for your industry.
2 points: Email me a link to a specific applicable page from a US federal government agency that
could affect this industry.

Questions? ASK!


Big Sweety manufactures a variety of hard and chewable candies that are popular regionally. The CEO,
Mr. King, is considering expanding into the chocolate business. He is a big sweetie but he knows the
chocolate industry is extremely competitive and he is methodical when it comes to making business
decisions. He has hired your team to help with this project. You are charged with finding answers and
making a recommendation. He wants your team to investigate some specific issues.
He knows from experience that the cost of shipping can be greater than the cost of the product
so he wants to know about the current research into distribution. This could be in the

chocolate industry but hell take broader research as well. Mr. King is interested in reading
about this topic in both academic research and practitioner intelligence.
He wants to know how the market is for chocolate. Mr. King needs to know if there is
adequate demand and who the target customers will be. He wants to know what the key
trends are that would influence his business.
Mr. King also has to know how other companies are doing in the chocolate business. Are they
profitable? Do small companies succeed? If the outlook is positive, he especially wants to
know if they should acquire a company that exists or if they should start their own line.
It is your teams job to present a summary of the situation and a recommendation to Mr. King. You will
be expected to present the following:
1. Introduction of the team and your qualifications.
2. Clear statement of the problem.
3. Summary of product distribution research.
4. Intelligence about competitors and their products and activities.
5. Information about the market:
Size & overview of the market.
Evidence of demand.
Trends in the marketplace or industry.
6. Recommendation for the client.
7. List of references.

For more details, see the instructions in the Format for Final Project on the first page of this