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Michael Kuo




RE: 100% Checkset

Might be easier to just bring a flash drive to my office and copy the file.
-------- Original message -------From: "Barker, John" <>
Date: 11/21/2013 8:20 AM (GMT-05:00)
To: 'Michael Kuo' <>
Subject: RE: 100% Checkset
Can you send me a link for this?

Our antivirus will not let me access the plans through the transfer link below.

Thank you,
Jack Barker
Gas Field Planner
NYSEG Ithaca
Phone: 800-572-1111
Fax: 607-347-2949
From: Michael Kuo []
Sent: Friday, November 15, 2013 4:12 PM
To: Stafford, Doug; Barker, John
Cc: Dan Walker; Jessica Buckley; Tom West
Subject: Fwd: 100% Checkset
Jack, Doug:
Please see the email below to download the latest Commons drawings.

The electrical distribution is shown on C501-C503.

Please be aware that the link is due to expire by a s

Michael R. Kuo
Project Manager
Ithaca Commons Repair & Upgrade Project
215 East State Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
W: (607)216-8873
F: (607)274-6587
C: (607)342-4235<>
>>> Susannah Ross <> 11/7/2013 10:20 PM >>>
Hi Michael -

The 100% Checkset drawings and specs have been posted at the link below. I am also attaching our responses to the City's 90% Drawing comments. Despite the name of this set, we know there are s
pull apart Electrical as separate package
show architectural elements and water features as add alternates--this is not a simple matter--it will require time and effort on the part of the design team and the Cit
detail gateway lighting
express and coordinate of all utilities at surface in Materials Plan
other items listed as not closed in the attached spreadsheet
We look forward to your comments.

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