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Alienation is the Germ of Self-Destruction of the Prevailing SocioEconomical Regime in the World

They say that each socio-economic system generates its own self-destruction. But everything
seems to indicate that each system comes already with its germ. As in ecosystems, economic
and social systems have their stage of development, climax and self-destruction. It is good to
clarify at this point that, up to this moment there is no system neither real nor theoretical able to
replace the prevailing system; the only hope is to continue its development with the application
of scientific knowledge acquired for further development, but NOT for conservatism, and YES to
avoid the psychopathic slavery by large companies to people and countries, which is the
fundamental cause of the problems facing the world today.

The Alienation has been immensely refined in correspondence with the technological, scientific
and social progress. Dogmas have been diversified, perfected, and stimulated. They have
stimulated proliferation of fanatical people to: artists, athletes, politicians, even serial killers, but
not to scientists. They have made to believe in an obsolete and conservative electoral system.
They have been made to believe that politicians work for the benefit of the nation and not for
particular interests; that the individual vote makes a difference. They have made to believe
armed population is the guarantee of freedom. Patriotic values have been distorted. Teaching is
at the minimum level necessary for conservatism. What can be expected in those conditions? Is
it the self-destruction of the system? Isnt it?

The deterioration of the economy entails to the crime and to the increase of the alienation.
Those increase geometrically causing police corruption and after that political one. The impunity
and the injustice prevail and only leave to honored people the way of the exodus or the crime to
protect their families. Then, people take the streets and they are massacred, and then began
the chaos. Such is the chaos in Mexico, high criminality rating in Honduras, the obscurantism in
Guatemala, wars in the Middle East, and up to the wedding of Afton Elaine Burton with Charles
Manson, to cite examples.

In the same way that Medical Sciences are an extension in the evolutionary adaptation, science
in general can be the extension for the socio-economic development. Therefore, it is time to
create one power more in all the Governments of the world, The Scientific Power, to avoid the
destruction of the current system, and thus achieving a world more fair and balanced, without
anyone lose their privileges. It would be great to stimulate and give rise to scientist clubs,

schools and other organizations as was in England on seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth
centuries, which was disseminated by the mass media at that time.