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Lecture 5/21/2011

Most Valuable Qualities for a Spiritual Seeker

Brief notes taken by Alex M
St Johns (college) calibrates at 455. Curriculum is the Great Books.
Correcting your behavior out of love rather than guilt; for yourself and your fe
Appreciate that others are doing what they do because they think its the right th
ing to do.
Start with certainty and a feeling of security and comfort instead of self doubt
or timidity. It is the right time. You are worthy of the quest, Accept without
The facts are powerful & simple.
Existence is proof of Gods love for you
2. Do not compare yourself with others regarding holiness merit etc.
3. Accept that the fear of God is ignorance. What people are being punished by i
s the lack of the awareness of divinity
God is not a parent
Avoid negativity
Everybody in this audience is safe, has spiritual momentum.
The most important goal has been accomplished: To be on the road of spiritual de
dication. This crowd is 100% safe (cal=yes). No deadbeats.
not a personal you seeking enlightenment - impersonal quality of consciousness.
Spiritual development is not an accomplishment, it is a way of life.
No value in keeping a scorecard.
The motive to seek God is God.
Appreciate that every step forward benefits everyone.

There is no time table or prescribed route to God.

Defects not just personal (mankinds ego defects). One would like to think they ar
e personal; however, the ego itself is not personal. Better to have poor neurons
than to be wrong or bad. Ego inherited with becoming human being.
Intense prayer augments dedication and inspiration and facilitates progress.
Please God help me in this endeavour & focus on + Karma
The Grace of God is available to everyone.
Grace cathedral/historically the Grace of the sage is available to the committed s
piritual seeker. The spiritual teacher who once liveds spiritual power is still a
vailable. Focusing on teacher or teachings by meditation makes the power of that
teacher available to the seeker. Power and energy (of all enlightened teachers
ever) are available to call upon.
The intention & devotion is a gift to all mankind. The presence and intention of
all here is a gift to mankind.
God is in the supermarket (Calibrates as True)
If it were not for God as the Presence within (our) consciousness we would not b
e here (in this lecture) today.
A turtle has God.
God is in the turtle (Calibrates as True).
God is in the salamander (Calibrates as True).
God is in a cougar (Calibrates as True).
God is the source of all that is, without exception (Calibrates as True). When loo
k upon others remember that they are a creation of God. Nothing exists that is n
ot a creation of God. Meditate upon all you look upons source is God. (Nature of
God #11)
I-ness is autonomous. There is no entity that experiences existence.
God is all that is and all that is not.

----------- Q & A Section ----------As long as religions say that the only way to please God is to kill people there
wont be peace.
Chapel of the Holy Cross - Sedona AZ
Thats the way to be in the world, so that everybody around yous tails are wagging.
Takes time thought and energy to clean clutter. Youre (lying down?) sleeping when
you should be cleaning. Clutter is good. I confine clutter to certain areas.
Q: How to overcome pornography?
A: Shock treatment. Hows that?
Q: (Other solution?)
A: Castration.
Q: (Other solution?)
A: (Whats wrong with castration?) De conditioning yourself, it takes time. Its not j
ust pornography, its a habit. It doesnt get boring?
Q: (Yes but 4 mo. (later) relapse)
A: You give it up one day at a time, and as you get older and older it become le
ss of a problem.
--Q: (An elderly person wants to commit suicide)
A: Suicide can be rational, intelligent and availing yourself to the best possib
le interests. Old person suicide = considerate (can be??)
--The Ganges river calibrates at 700.
She has all these feelings about her children thats normal. (she was concerned th

ey calibrate below 200) She calibrates over 200.

The guy (who was depressed last time he saw the doc) calibrates at 375.
Carl Jung (Cal 525) is a good one to study.
Your LOC doesnt change just because youre pregnant.
Dont fiddle while you piddle.
You have to be loving of all beings and not hate those bumbling idiots.
Original sin = religious belief system. There was nobody around so how did origi
nal sin happen?
Youre practicing psychiatry? You need Gods help around the clock. I was always tha
nkful... Each of the patients I had I loved, not personally, but I loved every o
ne. (Susan mentioned Doc wasnt going to say it but a lot of Docs patients couldnt p
ay him so he saw them for coffee.)
Pray and meditate. Just like you talk to God in your mind. Confide in God. This
is what I think and this is what I worry about and I pray alright. Do you pray i
n the morning and at night? And meditate.
--Q: Do you have to go to church to worship God?
A: No but its an embellishment (& entreating divinity) symbolic?
--There would be vows for being a missionary with Mother Teresas organization.
Youre too infantile to get married. Youd wait until youre mature enough to make a c