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In Rivercess, Maternal Challenge

amidst the Ebola Crisis

Ebola virus leaves Liberian marketers

with huge financial liabilities












These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of

the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The
rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials
banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.
Research, Policy and Planning Department,
Central Bank Liberia,
Monrovia, Liberia


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The Dutch government wants to fight Ebola and feels that we should isolate the
disease and not the countries. So we are strong advocates of open communication,
open transport, open travel of the people of the countries affected by Ebola.
Ambassador Hans Docter, Dutch Ambassador to Liberia based in Accra, Ghana

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Accuses Sirleaf of Buying Voters cards

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Liberty Partys Sanvee tells
electorates in Paynesville

Your Vote is your Voice Vote your Nation & Vote Right

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Monrovia n a move seen as a last ditch attempt to appease a fragile ruling

party, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on Monday Urged
Unity Party members to Support the partys Candidates in
the upcoming senatorial elections.
The rallying cry follows the recent decision by Mr. Ali Sylla, the
partys candidate for the Montserrado County race to drop out
of the contest which is also fielding the Presidents son, Robert
Sirleaf. While the Presidents statement is likely to lay fears
of her support for candidates outside the party to rest, political
observers are keen to see how much support she intends to shower
on her beloved son.
Syllas exit sparked rage amongst the partys establishment.
Wilmot Paye, the partys secretary general told FrontPageAfrica in
the aftermath of Syllas exit that the party was not consulted. As at
now, the Unity Party has received no official communication from
Mr. Ali Sylla, who according to reports has written the National
Elections Commission about his decision to withdraw from the
2014 senatorial race for Montserrado County. While we have
always respected the exercise and enjoyment of constitutional
rights by every citizen, we cannot ignore the inescapable reality
that the conduct of the 2014 special senatorial elections, like that
of every election, is governed by clearly-laid down procedures
that all actors are aware of.
In contrast, Cllr. Jerome Korkoya, Chair of the National Elections
Commission confirmed that Syla had officially withdrawn from
the pending senatorial election but insisted that the UP candidate
photo will remain on the ballot. Yes, we received communication
on the withdrawal of Ali Syla but his name will remain on the
ballot because he did not notify the commission before printing
of the ballot papers.
With Syllas name still on the ballot, some say, a window of
opportunity still presents itself for Sirleaf to support her son
because the partys candidate has withdrawn.

Wishing Partisans Success

On Monday, the Executive Mansion in a statement late Monday
evening said that the President Sirleaf has congratulated candidates
of the ruling Unity Party (UP) who are contesting the election as
she urged partisans throughout the 15 counties to support their
partys candidates and expressed her confidence that they will be
The President has assured all candidates of the UP of her support
as they campaign to bring victory to the party, adding that she
wishes them success.
For weeks, speculations were rife that the President was toying
with the idea of supporting non-UP contenders in the senatorial
race, including the partys chairman Varney Sherman who is
bracing for a tough race in Grand Cape Mount County.
Some reports suggested that the President was throwing her weight
behind the incumbent Abel Massalley while others suggested in
recent days that she would support Fodee Kromah, the former
head of the National Oil Company of Liberia.
The Presidents expression of support Monday to the candidates in
all fifteen counties is likely to lay those concerns to rest, although
many will be keenly watching movements on the campaign trail in
the coming days to see whether she will stump for her son, Robert,
who is running as an independent.
Wilmot Paye, the partys secretary general recently went on
a ranting rage on Robert Sirleaf, describing him as lacking the
moral credentials and credibility to get the party support ahead of
the election.
At a recent news conference, Paye, delivering a statement on
behalf of the party stated that the Unity Party can not endorse the
son of the President as its candidate because he lacks the moral
credentials and credibility. Make no mistake about this: the
National Executive Committee of the Unity Party has taken (and
will take) no decision to support Robert Sirleaf. We are convinced
that while this Sirleaf may have become rich overnight, he lacks
the moral credentials and credibility to earn our partys trust.
Therefore, any member (whether local officer or member of the
National Executive Committee) pledging support to him is doing
so at his own her own risk.

Did Party Force EJS Hand?

It is that statement that party insiders say was instrumental in

I am sure you heard the Secretary General,

he spoke and his views represented the views of
the party and he consulted broadly and widely
and to date, I think we are trying to heal; his
statement is a statement of consensus from the
party. We believe the Secretary General spoke
and you did not hear anybody come back.
The Secretary General spoke, he consulted
broadly, widely and the statement was not one
like a communique where you will say in a
communique you have to go line by line, to say
remove this one, it is a political statement.Medina Wesseh senior official of the Unity Party
forcing the partys standard bearer to express her strongest support
yet for the partys candidates in the upcoming senatorial elections.
Paye told FrontPageAfrica recently that the party is fielding
eleven candidates in the upcoming race but is throwing its
weight behind Senator Prince Johnson of Nimba County, Senator
Gbehzohngar Findley of Grand Bassa County, and Representative
Zoe Emmanuel Pennoh of Grand Gedeh.
Days after Payes statement some members of the Unity party
distanced themselves from the statement but a senior official of
the Unity Party, Medina Wesseh on Monday expressed that Payes
statement was made after a broad and wide consultations within
the party.
Paye consulted broadly and widely
Appearing on the Truth Breakfast Show Monday, Wesseh, an

executive of the Unity Party and a long-time Sirleaf aide and

confidante declared:
I am sure you heard the Secretary General, he spoke and his
views represented the views of the party and he consulted broadly
and widely and to date, I think we are trying to heal; his statement
is a statement of consensus from the party.
Wesseh added: We believe the Secretary General spoke and you
did not hear anybody come back. The Secretary General spoke,
he consulted broadly, widely and the statement was not one like
a communique where you will say in a communique you have to
go line by line, to say remove this one, it is a political statement.
Wesseh also said the Unity Party is right now seriously challenged
by the senatorial election.
Right now the ruling party is seriously challenged because for
a serious party, the ruling party to be so seriously challenged in
this process where the biggest vote area in the geographic space
is without a bloc from the Unity Party is a challengeThe party
is trying to heal, the chairman is going out there and people are
attacking him, people believe that he should not go here and there,
I have heard people come here to castigate him, and I say while
are you doing this?
She said the Unity Party has not seen it to support a candidate up
to date and that is the partys position.
Wesseh who has not hidden her opposition to Sirleafs Montserrado
County Senatorial bid took aim at some key government officials
supporting the Presidents son who she says are in violation of
the Code of Conduct passed into law by the government where
political appointees and civil servants are prohibited from
engaging in political activities. Several officials of government
including Youth and Sports Minister Eugene Nagbe, other Deputy
Ministers and Assistant Ministers have openly declared their
support for the candidacy of Robert Sirleaf but Wesseh believes
it is wrong.
Respect the law, Wesseh warns political appointees
Wesseh warned political appointees to respect the code of conduct
and stop engaging political campaigning.
It is a privilege to serve in government. All those that are in
government right now, if they feel so troubled they can go to the
Supreme Court and state what they want to do that this law does
not want them to do. So everybody is expecting that our ministers
of government, appointed officials to respect the law.
She said many Liberians are now caught in the quagmire of the
law and those who disagree should test the law.
Wesseh made specific mention of Youth and Sports Minister
Nagbe whom she said she heard trying to defend his support to a
candidate on the radio.
To the extent that this is a law and it has not been challenged, we
must be guided by it. I will hope first of all that people will find
it within themselves to be mindful that they must respect the law
so that the president will not have a whip behind them to say you
have to respect the law.
She said political appointees should stop serving as eye servants
for individuals be it the president or not and respect the law.
Multiple presidential aides told FrontPageAfrica Monday that
Wessehs indirect opposition to Robert Sirleafs campaign did
not go down well with the President. Both Wesseh and Robert
have been speculated to have harbored a love-hate relationship for
each other for quite some time but the upcoming senatorial race
appears at least for now to have heightened the strains and drawn
a line in the sand between the pair seemingly on opposite ends of
the senatorial elections play.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Time to improve or Shut Down
THE OUTBREAK OF the deadly Ebola Virus which exposed the
weak health sector of Liberia as the country struggles to cope with
the effect of the outbreak has also created severe image problem for
some leading medical facilities.
MAJOR HEALTH FACILITIES were forced to shut down due to
the increase in the number of infection against health care workers
who had little knowledge on Ebola and were falling prey to the
deadly virus in large numbers.
THE INABILITY OF major health facilities including the JFK to
continue to serve the Liberian public was first seen as beyond the
control of these institutions but it seems JFK is still performing far
below the expectations of the Liberian people.
WITH THE VIRAL rate of infection lowering, showing signs
of improvement hospitals and clinics are now operational and
providing medical care for people but the John F. Kennedy Medical
center which is the nations referral health facility has failed to rise
up to the challenges posed by the Ebola outbreak.
WHILE SMALLER HEALTH facilities are making the sacrifice
to keep their doors open in serving the public, the JFK has being
embroiled in confusion with the administration taking a decision
to transfer nurses and other health care workers to the Ministry of
Health and Social Welfare for reassignment.
INSTEAD OF ENCOURAGING nurses to stay and make the
ultimate sacrifice by attending to the sick, the JFK on the contrary
is discouraging these health workers some of whom have worked
at the hospital for decades.
THE JFK IS now only operating a maternity ward instead of a fully
functional hospital despite the enormity of goodwill to the hospital
from friendly governments and individuals further buttressed by
yearly budgetary allocations.
MORE DISCOURAGING IS the news that the JFK has refused to
pay hazard incentive to health workers currently on assignment in
the maternity ward of the hospital prompting these health workers
to also avoid blood transfusion and other forms of treatments that
entail direct contact with blood and other bodily fluid of patients.
THIS HAS NOW made the JFK a death trap for pregnant women
who might meet their fate if they will require blood during delivery
since nurses at the Maternity ward fear contact with blood because
they are not getting hazard pay to compensate for the risk of
carrying out blood transfusion.
SEVERAL PREGNANT WOMEN have died at the JFK in recent
months with many survivors narrating their horrible ordeal in the
maternity ward at the hospital due to lack of proper care.
THE HOSPITAL HAS become confrontational to the extent
that nurses and other workers there are working in fear from the
management which some say always threaten to dismiss employees
of the hospital at will.
IT IS TOTALLY unacceptable that the nations referral hospital
will fail the Liberian people during a major health crisis.
AN INSTITUTION ESTABLISHED to perform the task of
providing quality healthcare for the Liberian people must not
disappoint the people in such manner and continue to do so during
these times of need.
of improving the quality of care provided at the hospital or fade out
and allow others to step in and perform.
GOVERNMENT HAS THE social responsibility to provide
quality health care for the people, and it is a right of the people to
such care and not by chance.
THE JFK WAS established to help government achieve the feat of
providing health care for the people and anything to the contrary is
against the purpose for the establishment of the JFK which requires
urgent attention.
LIBERIAN CANNOT SIT and watch their compatriots die from
curable diseases when a major facility like the JFK cannot stand up
to provide solution.
situation at that hospital requires storing attention.
THE JFK HAS failed Liberians during the Ebola outbreak and it
must improve or be shut down and resources transferred to other
health centers to help the Liberian people stay alive.

Musa Dukuly (PhD), Contributing Writer

he nations economy is in serious trouble (Liberias Minister of

Finance, Amara Konneh). So, what are the problems with Liberias
macroeconomic stability? After recording remarkable economic
outturns in the last six years, the momentum to cruise the economy
to sustainable path began to dissipate disguisedly in 2013. Many stakeholders
acknowledged that the downside has largely been attributed to structural
constraints (lack of electricity, water supply, poor production road network,
weak human capital). Adding to the misery, the health crisis (ebola disease)
is having devastating toll on the economy; thus undermining efforts of
tackling earmarked projects to get on the path of sustainable socioeconomic
transformation. Most of the governments priority projects seem to be
suspended indefinitely with focus now keen on addressing the health crisis.
Indeed, the impact is reflective of multiple macroeconomic implications that
are necessary for discussion to ascertain the efficient outlet.
The focus of this commentary is to elicit few of the macroeconomic
implications on planned output, vis a vis fiscal, monetary and trade. Given
that the impact is instant, a rigorous empirical exploration is not pursued;
instead the discussion is grounded on non-parametric analysis in the context of
requisite economic policy. This commentary also endeavors to add to existing
efforts geared at reversing the heightening economic woes.
Liberias macroeconomic imbalances build up continuously. As a result of the
health crisis, economic activities slowed in the real sector with several key
indicators revised downward. Growth averaging around 8.0 percent over the
last three years is anticipated to drop by more than two thirds in 2014, adding
to the misery of the countrys low quality economic growth. I describe the
growth as low quality in quotation here because it has not ensured broad
base inclusivity for robust absorption of the labor force, as evident by the 78
percent incidence of vulnerable unemployment (Labor Force, 2010)as well as
prevailing weak social services. Of course, infrastructural bottlenecks have
always remained mere underlying reasons, but the argument goes beyond that.
The country has never shown adequate commitment to support macroeconomic
stability, evident by low quality human capital and huge emphasis of policy on
consumption, instead of increasing quality production (i.e precondition to take
off)to drive high per capita output for mass consumption.
Combination of the health crisis and other weak policies is reflective of a
mysterious passage for economic agents to cope and contain with critical
macroeconomic pressures such as expenditure demand, current account
imbalance and inflation. Though the exchange rate is showing relative
stability, the weakening fiscal and external sectors seem to put the economy on
a more challenging front to contain the pressure. Domestic food production,
which often checks on food inflation, is stagnating due to effect of the
epidemic on most of the food basket region of the country. It therefore means
being confronted with two target problems: fighting commodity inflation and
bridging the deteriorating fiscal deficits. Dwindling exports receipt to support
the foreign reserve capacity is also compounding the current account problem.
In small open economy like Liberia, a shock is anticipated to transmit huge
exchange rate pressures. Interestingly, the monetary authority has been just
on the spot with its effective use of monetary tool in the context of exchange
rate targeting to keep the exchange rate relatively stable. Notwithstanding, the
inflationary trend, in particular food is on the rising horizon due to supply side
In addition to the transmission effect of the epidemic on physical and human
capital, keen attentions are turned to rising prices; and the necessary mechanic
of reversing the upward trend in prices. As the main absorber of liquidity
by economic agents, the looming food and commodity inflation is critical
macroeconomic policy concern, because economic agents are perennially
enduring the pinch to maintain payments of diverse service fees (rent, medical,
transportation, etc). Another heavy burden on the economy is the diminishing
human assets, which were already inadequate to support the countrys big push
development initiatives. At the moment, the real money balances disposable
to households is reducing on the back of inflationary pressure while revenue
targets diverge from projections.
The external sector pressure is also heightening as global commodity
demand weakens. The widening trade deficit exposes our economy to further
macroeconomic risks to contain the exchange rate pressure. In reference to the
recent CBLs bulletin, Liberias exports have dwindled sharply.
Declining exports in the face of high imports and reduced foreign investments
is an indicative of increasing pressure to fund the current account and mitigate
the pressure on the Liberian dollars.
Combination of persistent CBLs intervention and net capital inflow to offset
by public hoarding of foreign currency is likely undermining exchange rate
stability. Interestingly, observed stability of the exchange rate indicates that
the demand for foreign currency (USD) is not as badly out of balance as the
From the fiscal front, the country is risked to another debt trap. Liberia has often
increased the budget without regard to the complication of external budget
support and non-automation of tax system to justify the increase. Dwindling
economic activity emanating from the ebola outbreak has drastically eroded
effort to mobilize projected revenue against increasing expenditure demand.
The countrys fiscal budget for 2013/2014 is risked to ballooning deficit,
with predictable divergence between planned and actual revenues. Fiscal
efforts have shifted from other priority investment projects to combating the
health crisis. Government planned investment spending is almost negligible,
increasing the countrys economic burden. Reduction in government revenue
due to unanticipated constraints evokes pressure for monetizing the fiscal risk.
But domestically financing the fiscal deficits could further hurt the economy
by accelerating inflation and potentially deteriorating the current account
deficits if production do not respond favorably to money growth..
Where is the economy dragging?
Is Liberia likely to drag into recession? Alluding to Minister Konneh, the

economy is expected to overheat in coming years. In 2015 and beyond, the

economy is set to be very tough for sales, profits and jobs, even as country
exhibits commitment to re-embark on its development programs. Economic
agents should anticipate broad base slowdown as focus could likely be shifted
from development initiatives to elections related activities spanning from
2016 up to 2018 before taking off again. The smoothness of the take-off may
however be preconditioned on the future political stability of the country
following the elections.
Many more could go jobless. Downward adjustment of the high rates of
unemployment will not be automatic as the requisite infrastructural to boost
investments is expected to still remain weak in 2015, 2016 and perhaps, 2018.
Thus, the informal sector is anticipated to surge with further high incidence of
vulnerable unemployment as a result of the widening unemployment gap that
may emanate from the formal sector.
With the scarcity of basic necessity, the volume of imports is anticipated to
rapidly increase against potentially gradual rise in exports, reinforcing intense
exchange rate pressure. It is worrisome as to whether the CBLs intervention
would be able to copewith the impending exchange rate overshoot in the
coming years. In short, consumer should anticipate severe price hike of basic
necessities in the immediate post ebola period before it starts to ease. Inflation
is forecast to transition to double digit of 14 percent before the close of the
year (IMF, 2014).
The prospects of narrowing the fiscal and trade deficits in 2015 are possible, but
narrowed. Fiscal pressure could still loom as most of the suspended projects
may be expected to take off simultaneously, amidst inadequate resources
to finance those projects. It therefore means that infrastructural bottlenecks
would continue to impede the production of high quality economic growth, on
the back of weakening institutions, limited support for SMEs and inadequate
pro-poor initiatives such as health, education, gender empowerment and youth
Walking the Economics
Time is scarcefor Liberia to talk and walk the economics.Ellenomics
supported by Amaranomics and Millsnomics needs quick rethinking to
contain the increasing macroeconomic pressure. This rethinking should be
anchored on scenario base approach. To push any meaningful development
agenda in the next three years, the inception of the walk the economics to
boost Ellenomics is to kick out officials of government with strong political
preference for 2018 in order to cut on the imminent losses of implementing
viable development programs..
In the context of addressing diverse macroeconomic imbalances ensuing
from the health crisis, effective monetary and fiscal coordination should be
strengthened to tackle inflation and the deficits. In support of the continual
monetary intervention to contain the inflationary pressure, strict expenditure
control should be accompanied by prudent revenue measures and robust tax
regime to avert unanticipated erosion in tax revenues. Persistent financing of
the deficit through monetary expansion should be minimized as it could risk
fueling undesirable inflation and threaten the monetary authoritys gains of
containing exchange rate pressure.
As exports lessen and reserves decline, the monetary authority should continue
to pursue effort of attracting more program support from the IMF to accelerate
macroeconomic stability. However, the current monetary strategy enables
experts to predict that the exchange rate may not still hover around existing
rate in most parts of 2015, albeit it is extremely unlikely for the rate to hit
the three level digits against the USD in 2015.To ease private sector pressure
and inflation, the monetary authority should endeavor to maintain low interest
rates and strengthen its financial inclusion program in order to capture more
firms that are engaged in domestic production.
Another swift macroeconomic policy response is for monetary authority to
consider discounting debt owe by government, while the latter should also
ensure fiscal adjustment viarationalization of spending (especially recurrent).
The fiscal authority should design a more effective revenue raising measures
away from the traditional mineral enclave sector via economic diversification,
because non-tax income, especially the ones emanating from mineral resources
are non-deterministic in many perspectives (price fluctuation, low demand,
resource depletion, etc), and therefore not a good instrument to consider
for increasing the budget. Stabilization fund should be created so that fixed
proportion from mineral income is saved periodically for intervention as direct
inclusion of all natural resource income into the budget is a high risk to contain
with shocks as it is with the case of Ebola.
Any proposal or plan to raise recurrent budget, especially salary over the next
three to five years should be halted because the economy may not be incapable
to sustain the rise in wages. It means exerting more efforts in exploring
concessional finance to provide low cost energy as well as strengthen the
health, education and agricultural sectors for the production of high quality
The existing situation supports my previous argument that high salary is
only a transitory mechanism which does not guarantee sustained economics
of happiness in the absence of permanent mechanism that is strongly
complemented by effective social services: housings, education, health and
transportation (See Liberias Economic Nationalism, Dukuly, 2011). Lets
understand that realization of middle income cannot thrive on waste of
resources and high consumption economy without sustained emphasis on
quality production of output.
About the authors:
Musa Dukuly lectures economics at the University of Liberia, but currently
on sabbatical. He is Senior Economist of the West African Monetary Agency
(WAMA) based in Sierra Leone. His views do not represent WAMA

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Robert Sirleaf has seriously damaged his chances with those cruel
and dumb comments! Mitt Romney, a former candidate for President
in the last US elections lost because he made a dumb comment that
47 percent of Americans are slackers. When people heard that he
was done! Although Romney's comment was made in a private
meeting but when it came out it devastated his poll numbers and he
lost the election to Obama in a landslide. Mr. Sirleaf's rant will cost
him the election because what he said was quite painful especially
for families of Ebola victims and people are terrified of Ebola.
Using Ebola as a metaphor against his antagonist or protesters is the
dumbest thing he has done in his life. He's obviously is an awkward
politician. His negatives just went up tenfold. His very unpopular
mother, allegations that he is homosexual in an anti-homosexual
society, and overnight accumulation of wealth is a huge political
liability. After a couple of election cycles Liberian voters are not as
easy to fool anymore. Watch out politicians!
HIS very unpopular mother is what's his problem. funny thing is he
is one of the main people that made his mother Unpopular. She can
thank him, aunty jenny and the rest of the crew (kesselly, parker,
weeks, etc) for that.
"I will deal with them in my most final word as the Ebola virus, I
will make them bleed". That is creeping and Rob. Sirleaf said the
the truth and the statement is the life of the family. Their mother the
vampire of Liberia has gotten away with a lot so Rob. can say or
do anything and he will get away free. Where are the polices? That
statement is a threat to the country. Where are the members of the
legislature? All those responsible to call this family to reality are all
sellout. Robert, you are not greater than the power of the people. It
wouldn't be long and you will face justice. We know how you got
rich over night. The fed. is putting your indictment together so the
grand jury will decide. Liberia is not like other countries that send
their criminals to court like your mother so you think you can say
things and go free. Your mother forgot past presidents and think she
will get away ? The hottest place in hell is a waiting her. Have fun


"The Malibu-based playboy son of an African dictator is being
forced to surrender more than $30million worth of his assets after
allegedly stealing money from his own country.
Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the son of the Equatorial Guinea
president, must sell his mansion in California, his Ferrari and most
of his Michael Jackson memorabilia under the settlement.
Despite recent oil and gas wealth in Equatorial Guinea, most of
the 750,000 people in the coastal country live in poverty. Since
the economic boom, U.S. authorities said Mangue and other
officials have amassed a vast amount of wealth through extortion,
embezzlement and other acts of corruption" And his people cannot
eat. This too is Africa. Sound familiar?
That is why I believe power was not made for man but GOD alone;
but man insistence on tasting it had GOD to let us in on it...HE lets
man smelled the fragrance from afar and look what happened to us we go drunk and crazyimagine if HE had let us touch it
The question remains what can the people do short of violence to
work with the Sirleafs of Africa... We have to find ways to help
the majority of the people. I believe that it is unfair for Liberia to
be undeveloped without asking questions or requesting reforms.
Is it too much to ask for water, education, roads, and better health
facilitlies from our leaders...
The African Football Federation has awarded the 2015 games to
Equatorial Guinea in spite of its evil regime of a man who murdered
his uncle to grab power and now runs a kleptomaniac government
that continue to suppress its people in so many ways. Only in


The comments expressed here are those of our online readers and
bloggers and do no represent the views of FrontPageAfrica

The Reader's Page

Send your letters and comments to:

Open Letter to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Head of State and CIC
Republic of Liberia
Monrovia, Liberia
Dear Madam President:

good leader is someone whose decisions are not based

on favoritism, discrimination, and prejudice, rather on an
impartial and independent conviction. A patriotic public
servant does not pick and choose. You were actually
acting in line with our laws when you gave a clear mandate ordering
all presidential appointees and civil servants participating in the
upcoming special senatorial election to resign and immediately
turnover all public belongings.
This public pronouncement was welcoming in several quarters, but
some of us knew very well that Robert Sirleaf would have been an
exception. As government officials aspiring to contest tendered in
their resignation letters, your son who I personally consider a defacto
Prime Minister of Liberia is busy using public resources to run
campaign across Montserrado County.
What is even more disappointing is that Robert Sirleaf who is a
senatorial candidate in Montserrado continues to grossly violate our
organic statutes by using public buildings, state security, government
vehicles, and other facilities for campaign purposes. Madam President,
did you really mean what you said or your statement was only meant
to satisfy your own political agenda? You know and we know Madam
President that your son and his supporters are exploiting massive
public resources especially during this time of campaigning.
The endless exploitation of public resources by aspirant Rob Sirleaf
is not a strange story or phenomenon under your leadership, but an
unarguable reality that is already tearing your infamous legacy into
pieces. Liberians did not elect you to mortgage their interest and build
an elite empire. Until you can understand that Liberia is not a family
plantation, your government will continue experience incessant
Robert Sirleaf during one of his usual political campaign speeches in
the Red Hills Community violated chapter 10 section 10.5(a) of our
electoral law when he threatened to clampdown on citizens like ebola
virus. How can any good leader make such a statement? Even though,
the use of state resources for campaigning is a violation of the elections
law, but Rob careless to observe these basic legal instruments which
are meant to safeguard our emerging democracy. I know Cllr. Jerome
Kokoya who heads the NEC is ignoring these visible violations. As a
result of fear to lose his job, he cannot raise alarm against your super
wealthy and all-powerful son. This unfair system and way of life
got to stop if Liberia must make genuine progress.
In September 2012 when Director General Mary Broh took over
the GSA, a stern warning was given to public officials not to abuse
government properties in their possessions? We are watching to
see whether Madam Broh who is widely seen as a no nonsense
administrator will call Robert Sirleaf to a check and prevent him from
misusing public facilities to run campaign. However, it will not a
surprise if she does not take such stance because we know her true
identity. In addition, no ellenist or sirleafcrat dares to question Rob.
The law must take its course regardless of who it affects. Is Rob
greater than our laws? Of course, no! Madam President, we are
aware about your plan to ensure Rob succeeds you in order to prevent
you from answering questions after your reign of massive failure.
Liberians have had enough and will not bow down to such sinister

agenda this time around. We are not cowards, but patriots who are set
to resist any semblance of oligarchy and autocracy. What you did not
achieve in almost 12 years, Rob cannot in 9 years. In fact, his poor
performance as Board Chairman of NOCAL and Senior Advisor to
you speaks volume about his inherent identity of leadership failure.
Madam Sirleaf, we know Rob has all the cash to buy voters, especially
when there is an ongoing bidding process of the last 4 out of 17 oil
blocks in London. We are aware about the current looting and raping
of our resources by you and Rob. You have auctioned almost all of
our mountains except Wologosi to foreign companies. However, I can
assure you that Liberians are ready protest against you and Rob with
their ballots.
Former Superintendent Milton Teajay and all other public trustees
contesting this forthcoming election have obeyed our laws by turning
over public properties. The simple question I need answer to right
now is why not Robert too?
Respectfully yours,
Martin K. N. Kollie
Youth Activist
cc: Director Mary Broh, GSA
Cllr. Jerome Kokoya, NEC
Cllr. James Verdier, LACC
US Embassy in Liberia
The Carter Center
Country Representative, ECOWAS
The Press Union of Liberia


The Editor,

oth men, House Speaker Alex Tyler and President Pro

Temp of the Senate Gbezhonga Findley, get over US $1.7
million for office/staff salaries, or about $800, 000.00
each and they hardly pay their staff. Now you see why the
Legislature is known as the "you-eat, I-eat" lawmakers? That is why
the Senate races are crowded for next month's election.
As for the poor, let them keep wishing upon the stars for their next
meal. Ellen and cronies are milking the country and they cringe
when you talk regime change through nonviolent sustained street
protests. Ellenites and Ellennazis equate peaceful protest to violence
when it is this criminal regime that has always used deadly force
against unarmed peaceful protesters as was done to CDC members
in November 2011, and last August against our people in West Point.
How many Liberians know what Ellen gets in salary and office
entitlements each year? She gets more than $5 million each year.
Check the budget for last year. $3 million for presidential overseas
travels, $2 million for presidential office use, and $72, 000.00 annual
salary. And then her Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs got
$325, 000.00 in August this year from the $5 million Ebola money.
But you some these blind worshipers of Ellenism that see Ellen as
a Messiah with her hands deeply soaked with the blood of 250, 000
Liberians but was rewarded with the presidency. You question the
mentality of these Ellenites and Ellennazis who cling to this failed
doctrine and philosophy of Ellenism and its corresponding failed
Ellenomics or voodoo economic policies. Yes, we will stay long
Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Journalist and Political Commentator
Washington, DC, USA


Rodney D. Sieh, Managing Editor, 0886-738-666;

Wade C. L. Williams, News Desk Chief, wade.; 0880664793
Sports Editor, Danesius Marteh, danesius.marteh@, 0886236528
Henry Karmo, henry.karmo@frontpageafricaonline.
Al-varney Rogers
com, 0886-304498
Sports Reporter, A. Macaulay Sombai,macaulay., 077217428


Grand Bassa, Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, 0777432042
selma.lomax@, 0886-484666
Sinoe County, Leroy N.S Kanmoh, leroy.kanmoh@
Kadi Coleman Porte, 0886-304-178/ 0777832753, advertise@

Tuesday, November 25, 2014




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The Dutch government wants to fight Ebola and feels that we should isolate the disease and not the countries.
So we are strong advocates of open communication, open transport, open travel of the people of the countries
affected by Ebola. Ambassador Hans Docter, Dutch Ambassador to Liberia based in Accra, Ghana


Dutch Navy vessel,

the Karel Doorman,
supplies to the three
countries worst hit by Ebola
in West Africa Liberia, Sierra
Leone and Guinea has docked
at the Freeport of Monrovia.
The vessel docked into the
Freeport of Monrovia on
Monday November 24, 2014.
Ambassador Hans Docter of
the Kingdom of Netherlands
accredited to Liberia but based
in Accra said that the vessels is
making the first of two visits to
be completed in December this
year and is part of the EU and
Dutch government help to the
Ebola response.
His Majestys Karel Doorman,
which is the Dutch navys
largest and newest vessel;
which is bringing supplies for
the fight against Ebola, he
said. It has already delivered
supplies in the port of Freetown
and Conakry and the supplies
are not just provided by the
Dutch government, but by the
European Union and eight other
member states of the European
Ambassador Docter, said the
Dutch Government believes in
fighting Ebola and not isolating
countries saddled by the
The Dutch government wants
to fight Ebola and feels that we
should isolate the disease and
not the countries, he said. So
we are strong advocates of open
communication, open transport,
open travel of the people of the
countries affected by Ebola.
He said the EU is greatly
encouraged by the progress that
Liberia has made in the fight
against the deadly Ebola virus,
noting that it has been a global
effort where the Government
of Liberia with assistance
from partners have managed
to almost crush the disease. He
said the world must do more
to eradicate Ebola from West
We are greatly encouraged by
the progress made in Liberia,
but we can only rest assured
once the disease is eradicated
in all three countries, he said.
Notwithstanding the progress
weve made in Liberia, the
disease is still growing in
Sierra Leone and still not under
control in Guinea or in Mali. So
the risk of reinfection remains
Ambassador Docter said the
vessel would return before
Christmas with an additional
consignment of relief supplies
Government and people of
Liberia to support the fight.
We will be with you even after
Ebola helping to rebuild the

Wade C. L. Williams,

economy and helping it grow,

he promised.
As soon as Ebola is under
control, we will be back with
a delegation of investors and
a trade delegation to work out
cooperation in the fields of
agriculture, water and sanitation
and energy.
Helping Liberia
At the forefront of efforts to get
the Dutch government help to
Liberia is former Public Works
Minister Samuel Kofi Woods.
Recently I was in The

Netherlands, I had meetings

with Save the Children, the
Dutch Parliament and various
political and other organizations
and today I am happy that the
request that we submitted in
terms of Ambulances and help
for Liberia has finally arrived,
said Atty. Woods who was also
educated by the Dutch.
I appreciate the European
Union, I appreciate the Dutch
government and the government
of Liberia and everyone ho has
worked to make this possible.
The former Public works
minister canvassed for Liberia

as a private citizen and he said

he was elated that he is able
to do that to contribute to his
country in such a troubled time.
What we have demonstrated
here is that as private citizens,
even outside of government, we
can use our minimum resources,
but also utilize our contacts
abroad; our vast international
network abroad to be able to
bring support to Liberia, he
Atty. Woods said Liberians
must continue to observe the
safety measures put in place
by the government and not be

complacent because of the drop

in the number of Ebola cases.
A thankful people
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
described the docking of the
vessel as timely and a boost to
Liberias Ebola fight.
This is something extraordinary
because it goes beyond; theyve
put this ship; and they have
been to the other two affected
countries, she said. And we
would like to applaud that also
because as you know, We are
never totally free from Ebola
until all of the affected; our
neighboring countries Guinea
and Sierra Leone are also free
from Ebola.
Recalling the challenges faced
by Liberia in the turbulence of
the epidemic, President Sirleaf
praised the efforts of partners
like the EU who continue to
play a pivotal role in helping
Liberia fight the deadly Ebola
We owe it to the determination
of the Liberian people who in
the midst of all the difficulties
did not give up. In the midst of
all the criticisms, we remained
focused. In the midst of all the
attention we got in a negative
way, we remained determined
to fight this enemy, she said.
Speaking at the Freeport of
Monrovia Monday, during the
handing over of supplies by
the Dutch authorities and other
countries of the European Union
including Belgium, Denmark,
France, Germany, Hungary,

Romania, and the United
Kingdom to the government
of Liberia, President Sirleaf
praised the role of partners in
the fight.
We want to say a big thank
you, President Sirleaf said
especially to the Government
and people of the Netherlands
and all the members of the
European Union who heard
the countrys appeal and have
supported Liberia in the fight
against Ebola. The donation put
at 3.6 million Euros, include
23 containers of assorted
medical supplies and drugs, 21
ambulances and other vehicles,
one self-contained mobile
laboratory. President Sirleaf
said she is still optimistic that
Liberia can beat the Disease by
Christmas, though recognizing
that it may be difficult.
We can make it if try. When
we set a target it means that we
remain focused on that goal and
then you redouble your efforts.
As you get closer to the finish
line, you pick up the speed, she
She said Liberia seize the
opportunity of international
goodwill that is pouring into
Liberia due to Ebola to begin to
rebuild its health infrastructure.
Thats the final part of our
process. We first treat the sick,
improve our health care and
begin our economic recovery
that will create the jobs because
with that, people will improve
their lives, she said.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Kinkayah Chiefdom, Nyorwein

Rivercess Countyeplorable roads, lack
of food and adequate
massive challenges
affecting efforts to contain the
deadly Ebola virus that has
killed more than 13 persons in
Kinkayah Chiefdom, Nyorwein
Rivercess County.
Residents in the area where
authorities of the county have
quarantined since the virus
surfaced killing 13 people
told FrontPage Africa they
desperately need food in other
to have the quarantine remain
in force and at the same time
support efforts to contain the
virus in the area.
Since the outbreak on October
21, the people abandon their
farms and the whole chiefdom
is being quarantine and theres
no food for them, Augustus T.
Yarpah, Speaker of the County
Traditional council told FPA.
He said MSF is doing well for
the quarantine communities by
giving treatment to people who
are sick but one of the problems
is the lack of food for people in
the whole of Kinkayah (Kayah
for short) chiefdom especially in
Gozohn Town.
Gozohn is the town heavily
hit by the virus after one of its
villages lost over 10 persons
which sparked fear and panic.
Something, he said has affected
farming and local markets in the
area. Gozohn and niegnboring
towns remain cut off from
other towns including nearby
towns across the Timbo River
in Grand Bassa County. Canoes
that usually cross marketers have
been banned and people have
been stopped from travelling in
the area.
Residents of the towns are
complaining about the lack of
other basic commodities because
of the closure of markets in the
area since the quarantine was put
in place.
The situation have made us
to starve because theres no
food and no way to sell our
farm products or take it to the
market, one resident said.
Goods that are sold here are
now very expensive, he added.
Many of the residents say their
major needs now are food and
improvement in the awareness



against the virus.

Nobody leaving from one
town to the other but to keep
the people under quarantine you
need food, so we are appealing
to WFP and FAO to help us
with food and other materials,
the traditional council speaker
said. He said most people in the
area are afraid and have stopped
farming activities.
With the quarantine now in
force, the impact of the Ebola
outbreak on the locals that are
also struggling to cope with life
in a very remote area where roads
remain abandon and deplorable
and basic health services
unavailable, lack of food could
even worsen the situation.
Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF)
arrived in the area on November
19 and are still carrying on
assessment for now but the
International NGO also agreed
that bad road condition and the
lack of food for the locals are
two challenges.
MSF team leader in the area,
Estifanos Debasu told FPA
that food is scarce on the local
markets in the chiefdom and
that it is very important for the
situation to be address.
Roads are in bad condition,
bridges are old so they need to
be repair. Most of the gravel
roads are destroyed and are not
being maintain, Debasu noted
as he pleaded with companies
operating in the county that
have yellow machine to help
recondition the road. He said
it takes eight to nine hours to
transfer a patient from the area
to a nearest ETU which is in
US Army Troops in Buchanan,
Grand Bassa County recently

promised to complete a 100 bed

ETU but no news of a completed
work has been revealed to the
Meanwhile, MSF said it is now
monitoring a family of three
persons out of which one person
was tested positive and the two
being monitor.
When we arrived the family
head (Man) was quite in a weak
condition but we immediately
started caring for him until we
finalized our center and started
to give them supportive care and
they are getting better.When we
transfer them to the transit center,
they walked all by themselves,
Debasu said.
He said along with the Center
for Disease Control (CDC) and
other partners, they are working
on community mobilization and
contact tracing and just in case
an ETU is set up in the county it
will accelerate the effort to curb
the virus.
If some other partners build this
ETU here (Rivercess County),
then the transportation time
and the patients staying in the
Transits center will really reduce
and that will help greatly, the
MSF team leader observed.
MSF said it cannot give detail
on any forecast of a possible
surge of the virus outbreak in
the chiefdom because they are
still working on getting all the
contacts but the team leader
appeared confident that the virus
can be contain in the area.
He said observation will be done
for the next couple of days while
praising the community for their

collaboration despite fears that

denial and misconception are

posing constraints to contact
It was more than my expectation;
they were very welcoming and
very collaborative and very
happy to see us, he said.


But the RiverCess County

Traditional Ebola Task force
leader, who is also the speaker
of the countys traditional
council, told FPA that denial
and misconception still remain a
major problem.
The reason why people are still
denying is because the lies spread
before the truth, Mr.Augustus T.
Yarpah claimed.
misconceived that wells are
poisoned while others claimed
those who died were given a
certain kind of tablet to cause
their death and at the same time
others are still not believing that
the virus exists.
This, he said is making the
work of the contact tracers very
tedious because some people are
spreading lies about the ETU or
the treatment at the transit center.
Residents of Gozohn told FPA
that in a village nearby more than
10 persons died. They said the
place is now a complete ghost
town. Villagers told FPA even if
the town is disinfected, nobody
will want to live there again.
A farmer, Moses Henry who
lost ten of his relatives to the
Virus, explained that hes very
afraid and needs psychosocial
counselling and other assistance.
Hes now volunteering with the
MSF to build the transit center in
Gozohn Town.
I can say that we are only four
persons that are left in our family
now, I need help; clothes and
money to help myself, Moses
said in tears.
Kinkayah Chiefdom lacks an
effective clinic thereby posing
serious problems to locals and
with the Ebola Virus disease
ravaging the area, other diseases
are still posing problems.
Delivery complications, malaria
and other diseases are still
problems for the community,
the MSF team leader in the area
MSF say they are now helping to
reactivate the only clinic in the
area.The clinic has lack support
from government in a long time,
according to the locals.

Experts say new surge of Ebola in Sierra
Leone follows a devastating one in
Monrovia two months ago. Such a furious
spread is something years since the virus
was first identified.

snapshot of the Ebola epidemic raging across West
Africa shows a wildfire of infections only slightly
While cases have been on the decline in Liberia, the
outbreak is worsening in neighboring countries, where basic
Ebola-fighting tools are impractical.
Identifying the infected and those they've touched, and
isolating them to break the transmission chain are all but
impossible in Sierra Leone's capital of Freetown as well as
the jungles of Guinea, says Jordan Tappero, the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention's second-in-command for the
regional response.
The new surge of Ebola in Sierra Leone follows a devastating
one in Monrovia two months ago. Such a furious spread is
something disease trackers say they've never seen in the 38
years since the virus was first identified.
"This is kind of unprecedented or uncharted territory for
(fighting) Ebola," Tappero says, particularly in the congested
streets of Freetown. "When you get these large urban outbreaks,
there's just too many people. Contact tracing teams can't track
Here in Liberia, new cases continue to pop up, though on a
smaller scale, and there are adequate treatment facilities
virtually the only goods news right now in the Ebola war. But
as infection clusters still emerge in rural areas of the country,
CDC teams rush in like firefighters to assess and assist and are
increasingly exhausted, says team leader Kevin DeCock.
"People are stretched. They're running 18 hours a day. It's
difficult. And everyone is doing that," DeCock says.
All it took to trigger the current outbreak in Mali was an ailing
70-year-old grand imam from Guinea, who crossed into the
country last month and checked into a clinic where he died
within two days of Ebola, according to the World Health
Organization. Five died and more than 400 required isolation
as a result.
"I don't think we can say it's under control" in Mali, Tappero
Sierra Leone, where there is a shortage of treatment facilities,
is the leading edge of the epidemic right now. In 17 days
through Nov. 21, infections increased by 30% to more than
6,000 cases and more than 1,200 deaths, WHO reported. In the
same time frame, infections jumped 18% in Guinea and 8.5%
in Liberia. Overall, more than 5,400 have died from the virus
across West Africa.
In Sierra Leone, the best responders can do is ensure bodies are
quickly retrieved and burials carried out safely because of the
inability to trace those who have come into contact with Ebola
patients, Tappero says.
In neighboring Guinea, key problems are simply reaching
infected areas in far-flung villages and overcoming local
superstitions that blame Ebola deaths on treatment efforts.
"There is still a great deal of fear in some remote areas that
ETUs (Ebola treatment centers) are killing patients," according
to a CDC assessment. "We are working out ways to investigate
that further and develop counter-messages ... working with
a local imam in (the capital) Conakry to push out religiousthemed messages which seem to resonate."

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yarnee District, across the
Cestos River, Rivercess County The rivers and creeks
serve as a major challenge
to the clinic setting,
because you have some
women in labor, who give birth
in the villages because there is
no means getting across. These
are constants which government
do not want any woman to give
birth at home, but due to the
rivers and creeks, many of the
women will give birth at home,
Says Diana Barney, Registered
As Liberia still fight against
Ebola that has over take all other
illnesses and has plunge the
already broken health system
into decades of gathering its
broken pieces, the countrys
maternal motility system is still
According to survey, maternal
mortality rate in Liberia remains
at 770 deaths/100,000 live
births (2010). But the Ebola
is changing the figures rapidly
as many women died in labor
since the outbreak in March of
this year. More ever, expected
mothers die, due to the neglect
of health workers not wanting to
touch expected mothers, of fear
of contracting the Ebola virus.
Additionally, in July 2013 Ms.
Yah M. Zolia,
the Deputy
Minister for Planning and
Research, at Ministry of Health
and Social Welfare, said one
of several challenges that the
Ministry is facing now is the
high rate of maternal mortality in
the country. And although there's
a slight decrease in the rate of
maternal deaths, the number is




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In Rivercess, Maternal Challenge amidst the Ebola Crisis
Mae Azango,

still high.
"What this means is that out
of every 100,000 women who
go to give birth, 770 die. This
report is slightly reduced from
994 in the past, but the figure is
still considered to be too high
because the standard set by
the Millennium Development
Goal-5 required that the risk of
maternal mortality be reduced to
440 out of every 100,000 women
who go to give birth," she said

Mrs. Diana Barney, who is a

Registered Midwife at the Po
river clinic, in Yarnee District,
across the Cestos River, in
Rivercess County, recently
outlined the challenges expected
mothers face in her district, in
getting to the nearest health
facilities that leave them no
option but to do unsafe delivery
at home.
There are lots of complications
that the traditional birth


attendants or untrained midwives

wont be able to handle, but
within the clinic setting, if
there is a complication, you can
handle it as a trained midwife,
and if you cannot handle it,
you can refer that person to the
referrer hospital. Some women
suffer obstructed labor, meaning
that a lady will be in pain and
all of a certain, she will stop
having contraction. Perhaps,
the child is dead so she may


not have contraction, but in the

hospital setting, you will be
able to monitor the woman and
the baby, Said the registered
Further narrating the danger in
giving birth at home by untrained
birth attendants, Nurse Diana
added that if a trained Midwife
monitor that a fetus heart is no
longer beating, she will know
that there is a problem or maybe
that fetus has expired and would

have to do referrer for the lady to

have a C- session.
bleeding after delivery, that in
the clinic setting you have drugs
to stop the bleeding and you will
be able to see what is costing the
bleeding, but with the traditional
birth attendant, they believe
that delivery and bleeding are
the same, so the lady bleeds for
the longest, believing that the
bleeding will stop by itself, but
it is not true, because if there is
a bleeding, you should be able to
stop it, or the lady may die,
Pointing out an instance, Nurse
Diana said she had a case of a
lady who gave birth at home and
had a complication of a retained
She gave birth around 11p.m
that night but she was brought to
the clinic at 3p.m. the next day,
and the placenta was within the
uterus, so we referred her to be
operated on, because we could
not manage at the clinic, She

Diana, who has been working
since 2010, worked in Cape
Mount and Rivercess at the
government clinic for many
years. And at the government
clinic in upper Yarni that is about
7-8 hours long, Concluded that
the people appreciate the Po
river clinic run by two American
Missionaries Jenifer and Steven



Monrovia he Project Team of

of Health Community
in Montserrado County, has
reported that the outbreak
of Ebola in the Popo Beach
Community in District 16, New
Kru Town has been quelled.
According to the Team, there are
currently no new cases in Popo
Beach for the last two weeks,
attributing this success to the
intensive work of coordination
between the Active Case Finders

and the Contact Tracers.

Project Coordinator, Dr. Mosoka
Fallah said that a team on a
monitoring mission, met with the
Local Chairman of Active Case
Finders and also visited some of
the contacts to assess the current
situation, which proved that its
Meanwhile, the CBI Team has
averted another outbreak, also in
District 16, New Kru Town but
this time, at a local Church in the
According to the report, the
Spiritual head of the Church

was diagnosed positive of the

disease. She died about two
weeks ago after contracting the
disease from one of the members
she had offered prayers for. The
woman also died earlier.
Active Case Finders in the area,
working with contact tracers
and Action Contre la Faim have
been able to identify a number
of suspected Ebola contacts and
are currently conducting 24 hour
surveillance. Already, three of
the suspected contacts showing
signs of the disease have been
referred to the Island Clinic

Based on the Ebola alert
communicated by the CBI, a
full response team from ACF,
the CDC and WHO has been
deployed to work with Active
Case Finders and Contact
A comprehensive listing of
contacts has been finalized
and the Incident Management
System (IMS) is working to get
food to the contacts in order to
enforce quarantine.
UNDP has re-programmed
its resources in Liberia to
meet a range of Ebola-related
challenges. So far, UNDPs
support has helped strengthen
coordination of assistance at the
country level, promoted social
The Montserrado Community
Based Initiative (CBI) supported
by UNDP through the Ministry
of Health, is a strategic
community based project which
seeks to help identify, track
and document Ebola related
contacts, reduce denial, search
for the sick, uncover hidden
bodies, and increase awareness
in Montserrado County


Monrovia Dutch
Vessel carrying a
and ambulances will arrive
at the Freeport of Monrovia
on Monday, November 24,
2014. The vessel is bringing

the consignment as part

of contribution of eight
European Countries including
,Germany, Sweden, Hungary,
Netherlands and Spain to
Liberias fight against Ebola.
A ceremony to mark the official
turnover of the items will take

place at the Freeport at 10am on

Monday, and will be witnessed
by Foreign Minister Augustine
Kpehe Ngafuan and other high
profiled government officials
and personalities, including
and other representatives of

European and International

According to a Foreign Ministry
release, the value of the donation
that will also include several
land cruiser jeeps, medical beds
and assorted drugs is put at 3.6
million Euros.



Monrovia -

NDP /Ministry of Health Community Based

Initiative in the West Point Community district 4, has
organized a meeting with the elder Council, the new
Commissioner and the youth of West Point.
The meeting was part of efforts by Active Case Finders and
Contact Tracers of West Point to facilitate the establishment of
an Ebola Task Force to help mitigate the resurging denial of the
Ebola Virus, stigma, and hiding of the sick.
An earlier meeting held with the elder council indicated that
the people of West Point were hiding their sick because it was
popularly believed that those who went to the ETUs never came
back to their families.
As a way of dispelling this belief, Active Case Finders providing
services in the Community, identified 12 survivors from the West
Point Community and presented them to the elder council.
During the program, one of the survivors shared his experience
in the Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU). This survivor along with his
Father, are the only members of a family of seven alive today after
being infected with the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).
After seeing and hearing from the survivor during the meeting,
Elders of West Point pledged their commitment to support the
work of Active Case Finders in the Community.
At the end of discussions, each member of the Elder Council was
asked to serve as advisor to the Active Case finders from each of
the seven zones in District 4, West Point Community.
It was also agreed that the Task Force would meet every Tuesday
to review Ebola response in West Point and for Active Case
Finders to provide feedback.

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Salala District, Bong County ess than six weeks

before the holding of
the senatorial elections
in Liberia, it is crystal
clear that Bong County is locked
in a five-horse race between
senatorial candidates, namely:
Ranney Banama Jackson of the
Unity Party (UP), incumbent
senator Jewel Howard-Taylor
of the former ruling National
Patriotic Party (NPP), former
Bong County senator Franklin
Siakor of Liberty Party (LP),
Augustus Jonathan Flomo of the
Congress for Democratic Change
(CDC) and Dr. Martor Kbangbai,
candidate of the Movement for
Progressive Change (MPC).
Of course, many residents in
Bong County acknowledge the
campaign efforts of Cuttington
Henrique Tokpa (Independent).
In the process, he has become
even more popular but that is as
far as his chances could go as few
consider him a real contender.
At best, he is considered a
spoiler, who is
aiming to
share in the votes that could
have gone either to UP or NPP,
seeing that he has concentrated
his campaigns only in rustic
Stomach infrastructure
Going by public perception, an
imposing factor that continues
to shape the December 16
senatorial election is stomach
infrastructure, and this is
expected to rub off on the
senatorial election in the county.
Many commentators see this as
a new sociological factor that
should be accommodated by
political governance and others
say it is a stigma on people of
the county. While proponents of
the two sides rage on, one thing
remains incontestable: that the
term stomach infrastructure
was coined by the Bong County
people and for the kpelleh
Only time will tell how this

Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Selma Lomax,

religion and some educations

policies to win voters hearts in
Bong County but the attempt has
been less successful. Jackson
has two key strengths. He is
perceived largely as a promise
keeper and this means he does
whatever he promises.
Secondly, Jackson is reputed to
have recorded many first of its
kind in the history of the county
when he served as superintendent
of the county and this has won
him the hearts of many residents
of Bong County, especially.
Eye on 2017

will be interpreted in a county

like Bong County that produces
surprises every election year and
how the kpelleh people would be

The NPP has latched onto this as

its main campaign thrust in the
county but there is no weighty
evidence to show that majority
of people of the county have
bought into the mantra. A petrol
station attendant, Jenkins George
whom this reporter spoke to this
morning, said, Senator Taylor
has tried, and one good turn
deserves another. I will vote
Senator Taylor.
This attitude may be because one
of the incumbent leaderships

policy thrust is to banish

hunger, which has seen a huge
dose of focus on improving the
lot of artisans and traders.
Bong County is different,
many people who I spoke to
say. However, this perception
has not deterred senatorial
candidates from engaging in
some form of incentivizing
politics as prospective voters
are being wooed by both parties
with customized packaged rice,
money etc.
Son of the soil
Ask any indigene of Bong County
who he/she is voting for, and you
trigger for the Son of the soil
sing-song. It is the turn of the
county, they say. However, the
same does not apply in Sanoyea
district, the home town of the
incumbent senator as the son-ofthe-soil factor is relatively weak

Although, voters in Sanoyea

appear to be predominantly
many of them say they are voting
for her, largely because of her
performance and less because
he is one of them. In an interview
with a chief in the area who
spoke on condition of abnormity,
he kept stressing the incumbents
performance over his nativity.
among Bong indigenes faces
stern threat from the Bong
County axis though, and also
from many residents/settlers
of Gbarnga. This threat has
placed Senator Taylor, who
faces charges from residents of
hailing from Lofa County, on red
alert because it implies that the
former first lady may not reap a
preponderant percentage of votes
from Gbarnga, which she would
need direly to stand a chance of
being re-elected.
On another hand though, it is

widely believed that the expected

support of Liberias Ambassador
Jeremiah Suluntehs for Unity
Partys Ranney Jackson a big
plus for the former Bong County
For and against
Outside of Gbarnga, supporters
of Jackson, Siakor, Flomo and
Kbangbai complain that money
in the race does not trickle
down to the lowest part of the
economic chain and they believe
the their candidates are well
poised to solve this problem.
Apart from the son-of-thesoil and economic sustenance
factors, change is another
thing going well for Flomo,
Siakor and Jackson. Many of
their supporters say they do not
believe in Second Term, which
they claim is usually despotic in
Tokpa has tried to latch onto

It is difficult to separate the

spending 2014 senatorial election
from the 2017 presidential
election. Many suspect this is
why Senator Taylors candidacy

and campaign has received a
large dose of support from the
Central Bank Governor Mills
Jones, a potential presidential
A reflection of this is seen in
the fact that Senator Taylor
supporters love the candidate
more than the party, while an
average Bong County supporter
seemingly love the party more
than the candidate.
The senatorial poll in Bong
County, is seemingly more
than that of the citizens, is
metamorphosing more into
one of the battles of 2014, with
the formation of the Peoples
Unification Party (PUP) by some
political elites of the county.
For those who are in the
know, Senator Henry Yallahs
ascendency as one of the heads
of the PUP clearly shows where
the county would be heading
in 2017 who has been having
a running political battle with
Benoni Urey, over his nativity
claim as a Bong a citizen.

-Accuses Sirleaf of Buying Voters cards
Henry Karmo (0886522495)

opposition Congress
Change has threatened
not to accept any election result
that will deviate from what
they call the actual result of the
process that could derive from
election fraud.
According to CDC Vice
President for Operations and
Mobilization, Mulbah Morlu a

survey conducted by the party

indicates that president Ellen
Johnson and her son, senatorial
candidate Robert Sirleaf are on
a campaign of buying voters
registration cards for seventy
five united states dollars from
poor Liberians who have being
made to taste suffering under the
current regime.
Morlu said: The CDC and its
allies will remain peaceful as it
has always been but we will not

tolerate any electoral fraud that

deny our partisans the right to an
election result that is intended to
change Liberia and bring about
credible Democratic standards.
The CDC vice President for
Operations also alleged that
President Sirleaf and her son
Robert Sirleaf have brought into
the country individuals whom
he claimed are professionals in
vote rigging and robbery and are
being hosted at a specific hotel

in Monrovia which he failed to

He said after two systematic
defeats of the CDC as a result
of vote rigging, the party has put
in place mechanisms that will
detect a fraud in the process.
Morlu also warned the National
Elections Commission against
malpractices in the election and
warned that should malpractices
be observed the CDC will not
allow President Sirleaf to preside

over the country by peacefully

gathering to ensure that what
transpired in other countries
consistent with democratic
practices occur in Liberia.
In a statement the CDC VP for
Operations claimed that his
candidate George Weah cannot
be defeated in Montserrado
County because opinion polls
showed that he
(Weah) is undefeated.
He said Weah is a candidate
that cannot be defeated in
Montserrado County if elections
are conducted freely and fairly.
If this regime attempt to thwart
the will of the people we will also
be required under democratic
responsibilities to ensure that a
rouge regime will not be allowed
to perpetrate itself into power
beyond 20th December 20014.
We will
use the democratic,
means to ensure a change in
leadership, he warned.
Morlu further said If there is
any evidence of vote rigging
the CDC will not go to the table
we will go to the streets and
president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
will be made to leave power like
Blas Comparie without any
rethink. We will lead them to a
regime change.

Your Vote is your Voice Vote your Nation & Vote Right

Recently 14 lawmakers from

different political backgrounds
endorsed the candidacy of
Ambassador George Weah.
Although the decision by the
lawmakers has been greeted with
mix views, some believe they
acted out of order why others see
their decision as the right move.
Days after the lawmakers
decision the ruling Unity party
(UP) promised punitive action
against members of their caucus
for their unilateral decision to
support Weah.
According to the Party Secretary
General Wilmot Paye the Party
has not decided which candidate
to endorse in Montserrado
County after their candidate
Mr. Ali Sylla withdrew at the
eleventh hours and pledged
support to Candidate Robert
Sirleaf, son of President Sirleaf a
decision the party also described
as devilish.
The CDC protested the election
results of 2005 crying vote
rigging and again did the same
in November 2011 where protest
led to fracas between state
security forces and protestors,
resulting into deaths.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Page 9

Liberty Party Sanvee tells electorates in Paynesville

for the senatorial
midterm election
heats up, Liberty
Party Montserrado County
senatorial candidate Benjamin
Sanvee climaxed his daylong
visit to several towns and
villages in Todee, in rural
Montserrado County with a
stop at the open air football
pitch in the Police Academy
community in Paynesville
where several residents had
gathered to welcome him.
youngest candidate in the
Montserrado County race
chose to buy youth solidarity
by virtue of his age by telling
residents of that area to
consider him as the right choice
because he is young, energetic
and is fully aware of the issues
affecting young people in
Montserrado County and the
Nation at large as he promised
that if elected to the senate he
would work to seek the interest
of young people in the country.
Sanvee said: I know you are
angry and dont want to vote
but what I can say to you today
is dont be angry go out and
vote and sent out a message to
them and let them know that
you will not accept the same
old thing. If you elect me as
senator I will be a fighter for
soccer legend George Weah
and Mr. Robert Sirleaf, son of
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
is not the crowd pulling type of
candidate but he believes that
he can win as the county next
senator and provide a better
representation for the county at
the level of the senate.
Cognizant of his slender
popularity comparatively to
Weah and Sirleaf he has taken
an early lead in the process of
campaigning evidenced by the
visibility of his fliers in every
and he is seen
in every part of the County in
search of support from eligible
The Liberty party candidate
in his campaign speech also
promised electorates of the
community of his plan to offer
a new beginning and a new
start to the political sector of
Liberia where he promised to
go back to the people who gave

Henry Karmo (0886522495)

him the power rather than the

people coming to him as it is
being done by people who have
being given power.
They told us they never
had money to buy Personal
protective equipment for our
health workers but now they
have all the money to campaign
but what I can say to you is that
your eat their money and dont
vote for them, Sanvee added.
Senator Jewel Howard of
Bong County who is also faced
with a challenge of getting reelected in a race that is highly
contested by several individuals
appears not to be overwhelmed
by her challengers. She joined

the gathering at the Police

academy open air football pitch
to caution electorates to make a
better choice in Montserrado
County by electing Benjamin
Sanvee as their next senator.
Senator Taylor said Election
has consequences my people
if you make the wrong choices
your entire future could be put
aside. I left Bong County early
this morning to be here. The
young man who is contesting
for this seat is someone I
believe in. He is someone
who has the heart to make a
difference in the lives of the
young people.
The National Patriotic Party

(NPP) Bong County candidate

who has served her first term
in office after her election by
the people of Bong County
based on what many believe
as sympathy for her Husband
former President Charles
Taylor a convict of crimes
strong hold was Bong County,
cautioned electorates against
voting for the lesser of the two
She said Liberia is a country
that has 62% of its population
youth but have always made
wrong choices by voting for
lesser of the two evils and
cautioned hem to rather elect

a young man who according

to her can bring a fresh start to
their future.
Today I come to add my voice
to this campaign by endorsing
Ben Sanvee as senator for
Montserrado County. People
may wonder why but this is not
about political party we dont
have a candidate in the race
in Montserrado County so we
will give our fullest support to
Sanvee, Jewel said.
Though the Bong County
senator is contesting reelection after serving 9 year
tenure but said she supports
calls for a change in the old
ways of doing business and the

Your Vote is your Voice Vote your Nation & Vote Right

old rhetoric.
It is believed that Senator
Taylor has agreed to support
Sanvee in Montserrado County
against the son of President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is
believed to be her political
allay by virtue of gender and
coordination for two reason
which include; her motherly
Tie to Sanvee and because all
efforts by her to ensure that the
Unity Party does not put up a
candidate against her in her
county as was done in Grand
Bassa, Maryland, and Grand
Gedeh did not materialize.

Page 10 | Frontpage

Monroviaiberia is gradually
making gains in the
fight against Ebola
but the effects of the
outbreak is already having toll
on Liberias marketers, who are
considered the engine of the
local economy.
Normalcy is creeping but
marketers mainly women are
finding it difficult to begin doing
business due to the huge losses
incurred as a consequence of the
The Program Manager of
Sirleaf Market Women Fund
told FrontPageAfrica that the
outbreak has left most market
women with nothing, thus
putting them into huge debts.
Mehdeh said the government
health measures by banning
the eating of bush meat, left
marketers involved in the
profitable bush meat business to
go out of business.
Some market women who have
been selling dry meat throughout
their life went out of business.
Without further notice after
investing all of their money in
bush meat they were put out
of business by the government
restriction on the eating of
bush meat and their goods were
confiscated, some of them who
pre-financed their goods, money
left with the hunters, Mehdeh
Marie Togbah, 35 sold bush meat
prior to the outbreak but is now
sitting home doing nothing due
to the government ban imposed
on bush meat.
I bought my meat [bush meat] to
bring it in town to sell it but while
I was bringing it to Monrovia I
heard that the government says
nobody should sell dry meat, so
all that meat I bought spoiled in
my hand, Togbah said.
She said the goods she bought
worth over 35,000LD adding
that she credited the money used
from her community saving club.
Right now, my brother I do




Right now, my brother I do not know what to do, we are already in December almost every club[yearly saving] will be
sharing their money and the people have already started asking me for their money, Marie Togbah, dealer in bush meat.
Al-Varney Rogers 0886304498

not know what to do, we are

already in December almost
every club[yearly saving] will
be sharing their money and the
people have already started
asking me for their money,
Marie said.
The marketer added that had
the government given them
[bush meat sellers] notice before
banning the sale of popular food
she wouldnt have invested all of
her capital in such business.
furthered that the restriction of
movement seriously affected
market women after they bought
their goods and were caught up
in quarantine areas.
The restriction on movement

is another thing, some of them

bought goods and got caught-up
in the quarantine center, West
Point, Bomi, Rivercess, LAC
in Bassa and Dolos Town,
Mehdeh added.
Mehdeh further said The state of
emergency and health regulation
impeded marketers, it led to
pressure, mistrust in leadership.
Marketers are confused and
dont know how to start.
Esther Sayou, 27 a Fufu seller
said the goods she bought got
rotten due to the government
restriction on movement.
You know the goods Im selling
is fufu [local dish] so if you do
not bring it in town to sell on
time it will get rotten in your

hand and this is what happened

to me, Esther said.
She recalled that on her way to
Monrovia from Rivercess she
and other market women were
not allowed to come to Monrovia
adding that they spent days at the
check point.
The marketer said, her capital
was not realized adding that she
is now out of business adding
that the government should see
the need to come to their aid.
Sayou called on the government
and international organizations
to aid in resuming normal
marketing activities.
We need money to go back in
the market; we are not asking
them to give it to us free, Sayou




Stephen D. Kollie, 0776329124


current state of the
nations economy
the Deputy Bank
Governor for Economic Policy
at the Central Bank of Liberia
has revealed that the Ebola
outbreak has given a different
face to Liberias categorization
as an economy thus, Liberia

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

is now been seen as a high

risk economy, indicating that
vessels coming to Liberia
on insurance and freight, the
associated cost has more than
three-foe increased.
Importation of goods is now
experiencing high cost. And
that means the importer has
to past down the fees to the
consumers but governments

intervention has to some

extent said lets see what this
difference is in the contest of
insurance and freight and how
then can we work together to
mitigate that the incident of a
price increase associated with
importation of goods does
not hurt the consumer public
that is already some form of
difficulty Mr. Boima Kamara

Commenting further on loan
payment, the Deputy CBL
Governor stressed that as a
result of the deadly Ebola
outbreak many businesses in
Liberia are beginning to default
in paying loans they received
from commercial banks prior to
the outbreak.
Speaking in Monrovia at

explains that most market
women who did not have a huge
capital usually take goods from
Lebanese merchants to later pay
back adding that this could not
happened due to the outbreak.
Mehdeh further said: Most of
them [Market women] dont
have huge capital to buy goods,
they take the goods from
Lebanese merchants to sell
and pay back later, most of the
merchants went out of business
and some traveled due to the fear
of Ebola.
Mehdeh said most market women
usually take money from banks
or micro-finance institutions
adding that the outbreak which
slowed or stopped their business
created debt burden.
The sharp scale down in the
workforce by Ebola outbreak,
affected every sector of the
economy, it has led them to
be indebted with the bank and
micro-finance institutions, their
goods confiscated, and they
cant go and sell in quarantined
areas. Cross border women also
got trapped due to this Ebola,
Mehdeh said.
The Program Manager of the
Sirleaf Market Women Fund
said, a lot of market women lost
their lives in the midst of the
outbreak adding that they died
due to lack of information and
the caregiver role they played at

They died of Ebola because

of their care giving role and the
lack of knowledge. The death of
the market women has an effect
not just on the market but the
community. They contacted the
virus unknowingly and died,
our statistic shows that most of
the women who died came from
Margibi, Mehdeh said.
She stressed that less attention
has been given market women
in addressing challenges they are
facing during the epidemic.
Mehdeh added, Less attention
is given to market women, not
much is being done to address
challenges they are faced with.
Mehdeh added that there are lots
of things that need to be done by
the government in order to get
the market running effectively.
She named, capital investment,
sanitation and giving the market
facelift as issues that they should
consider priority for running an
effective market post-Ebola.
The government has to provide
huge capital investment, the issue
of hygiene is another critical
issue, cleaning the market and
giving it facelift and making it
environmental friendly, some
people cannot go to the market
because of poor sanitation ,
Mehdeh said.
Mehdeh noted Those things are
good signs and it will increase
the income, if the market is
affected it means the economy is
also affected.

a workshop for bankers,

organized by IBEX Liberia, Mr.
Kamara said non-performance
loan at the beginning of
2014 was averaging around
14 percent but in September
the average increased to 16
percent, indicating that more
businesses were not paying
back their loans.
I received some complaints of
around twenty SMEs that some
of the banks were insisting
that facilities that they were
not paying on they will run the
interest, they will charge them
penalties, the Deputy CBL
Governor said.
However, Mr. Kamara noted
that as a way forward to
addressing the banking side
relating to default of loans and
the non-performing loan ratio,
the Central Bank of Liberia
is now working on a package
which will allow the CBL to
engage the commercial banks
to find a better way forward
especially for clients who have

been performing
prior to the
Ebola outbreak.
Said Mr. Kamara: So if that
is seen as result of the Ebola
outbreak a business or a client
now begins to default, there
is a legitimate reason why a
person is defaulting. So on a
case by case basis the Central
Bank and partners will work
with the commercial banks

and we begin to look into who

gets some level of waiver,
how then do we even engage
the commercial bank as a way
of relaxing some provision
regulation that will at least give
you some breathing space as
we together find a way forward
to make sure that the pressure
is not sent down to the business
community that is already been
Kamra said some of the
Liberian enterprises especially
the service sectors are being
hard-hit by the Ebola crisis and
that more stimulus support is
required to keep them on track.
Restaurant, hotel owners are
hard-hit, he said.
Meanwhile, IBEX Deputy
Chief of Party Augustus Flomo
maintained that his organization
will continue to work in the
business development sector of
Liberia to ensure that Liberia
has a flourishing economy.
We thought it was necessary
and reasonable enough to bring
together those who participate
in the business sector so that
we are all able to understand
and discuss the issues rising as
a result of the health situation
that we all have encountered.
The training today is intended
to be more or like a discussion
and participation from all of
you who have come, Mr.
Flomo said.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014






Kennedy L. Yangian 077296781

Monroviatudents studying engineering and geology

at the state run University of Liberia
will now have the opportunity upon the
resumption of school to practice in a
modern earth laboratory setup at the UL Fendell
Campus by Putu Iron ore Mining Company.
The setting up of the earth laboratory cost US$
50,000 according to the Companys Chief Executive
Officer (CEO) Christian Masurenkco. CEO
Masurenkco said the laboratory is in fulfillment of
the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed
between the company and the University in 2013
when the company committed to support mining
engineering and geology studies at the UL.
He stated that the setting up of the lab is intended
to train young mining engineers, preparing them
for the future, noting that there are possibilities for
people who are trained in the lab to join any mining
company to work.
I am doing this here because I have done this in
many other countries and it was very successful
said CEO Masurenko.
According to the CEO, Putu Iron Ore Mining has
consistently demonstrated commitment to honoring
its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and all
other obligations under the Mineral Development
Agreement (MDA) and disclosed that in September
2014 PIOMs annual social contribution in the
amount of US$3m was paid to government coffers
through the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA).
He said these funds are intended to implement
social programs in the south eastern counties of
Grand Gedeh, Sinoe and River Gee in 2015,
At the presentation of the lab to UL President
Dr. Emmett Dennis, Masurenko stated that PIOM
had dedicated 200,000 to a General Education
Fund as provided for in the Mineral Development

Agreement (MDA) signed between the company

and Government of Liberia.
According to him the education fund will be used
to provide scholarships and vocational training to
students from the south eastern counties of Grand
Gedeh and Sinoe in order to equip them with
marketable skills in building and construction and
to prepare them for careers in mining engineering
and geology.
The PIOM CEO continued that there are lots of
economic and logistical constraints facing the
company since the Ebola outbreak in the country
and said despite the drawdown of its staff, the
company is still committed adding that though it is
affected but the company is still looking at 2015 to
overcome those problems.
Putu Iron Ore Mining according to CEO Masurenko
is still committed to carrying out the mining project
in the country but has however been experiencing
difficulties since its obtained the mining license
from government in July 2014.
He further said that as the company was about to
begin its construction phase of the project it was
confronted with the prevailing health situation in
Liberia and assured that despite the situation it
will remain in solidarity with the government and
people in combating the epidemic.
Responding, University of Liberia President Dr.
Emmett Dennis lauded Putu Iron Ore for the lab
project and intimated that the companys social
corporate responsibility has been manifested
through the setting up of the earth lab at the UL
Fendell Campus.
He called on students from the south east and other
beneficiaries to take advantage of the opportunity
foster their careers adding you dont have to
run to anybodys office as a scholar to get on the

Page 11

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Page 12 | Frontpage

The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) was established by an Act of Legislature
in September 2013 for the purposes of assessing and collecting national revenues
as specified in the Revenue Code of Liberia and other related laws; administering,
accounting, auditing, enforcing revenue collection laws and regulations; and
educating taxpayers to facilitate tax and customs compliance.
The Liberia Revenue Authority now seeks to recruit competent, hardworking, and
committed Liberians with integrity for the below positions:
Assistant Commissioner -Customs Business Office
Assistant Commissioner for Policy, Research & Strategic Planning
Assistant Commissioner, Design and Quality Assurance
Assistant Commissioner, Professional Ethics and Investigation
Assistant Commissioner, Real Estate Tax Division
Assistant Commissioner, Sector Ministry Division
Assistant Commissioner of Customs for Compliance and Enforcement
Assistant Commissioner of Customs for Technical Operations
Assistant Commissioner, Large Tax Division
Assistant Commissioner/CIO-MIS Division
Manager/Anti-Smuggling and Intelligence Section
Manager, Statistics, Analysis & Forecast, PRSPD
Manager MIT Business Operations
Manager MIS Infrastructure Support
Manager, Policy, Research & Strategic Planning, PRSPD
Executive Secretary (3 positions)
Technical Focal Point(3 positions)
Supervisor, ASYCUDA Business System /Functional
Senior Network Administrator
Supervisor, SIGTAS Business System/Functional
Facilities Supervisor/ Logistics Management Section
Transport Supervisor / Logistics Management Section
Stores/Warehouse Supervisor
Office Assistant(2 positions)
Data Entry Clerk
Applicants will be selected through a highly competitive evaluation process.
Detail of the requirements can be obtained at:

Liberia Revenue Authority Social Media Pages( Facebook ,Twitter and
LinkedIn )

The Assistant Commissioner
Human Resource Division
Liberia Revenue Authority
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Building, First Floor, Room # 016
Applicants are required to electronically submit their applications to hrjobs@ with copies of all credentials appertaining to their qualification for the
position applied for. Absolutely, no hardcopies will be accepted.
Kindly attention your application to:
The Assistant Commissioner of Human Resources Division
Department of Administrative Affairs
Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA)
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Building
3rd Floor
Broad and Mechlin Streets, Monrovia
The deadline for application is on or before Monday, November 24, 2014 at 5 pm.
The LRA strongly encourages qualified females to apply.
A.Trokon Tarr
Communications Consultant/LRA

Tuesday, November 25, 2014




Page 13

Judges Office Burglarized; Litigants Pay Stolen
Commission on Higher Education Director General long Corruption

Monrovia -

nknown criminals
on Sunday night
Magisterial Court at the Temple

County Sunday,
2014) As decentralization
gradually takes hold across
the country, President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf has called on
authorities in the newly created
local administrative district to
take charge of the process of
serving their people.
The Liberian President said
for too long power has been
concentrated in Monrovia, the
seat of government; and now
was the time to give power
to the people, but cautioned
that this power must be
received with a high degree of
According to an Executive
Mansion release, the Liberian
leader made the remarks
in Zordee Town at the
presentation ceremony of the
Act creating the Tehr Statutory
District in Bomi County.
the people of the newly
created district to seize the
opportunity to get involved
in the governance process as
only with responsibility will
the development of the new
district become a reality.
She informed the inhabitants
that modalities are now being
worked out for the construction
of the first high school and
clinic in the district through
budgetary appropriation. The
government will do its part in
the development of this district
like others; but unless you
the citizen can get physically
involved, we will not achieve
these developmental goals,
the president told the people
of Tehr District, amidst huge

of Justice and walked away

with valuable items including
over US$3,000 and LD$ 9,400
intended for the payment of
party litigants in the court.
Despite the presence of huge

security headed by Ex-NPFL

General Paul Trazama the
criminals entered the City
Court from the right wind
window of Judge Kennedy
Peabody's office to gain access


to the courtroom.
The unknown criminals broke
the drawer of the Court Sheriff
Captain Julius Swen and took
away several valuable items
including the payment of party

Tuazama declined comment on
the burglary pointed accusing
fingers at City Court officers
especially Captain Julius
Swen for stage-managing the

"Investigation from the crime

scene shows that burglary took
place. I cannot comment. You
people will be briefed today
because I have to submit my
report to Chief Justice Francis
S. Korkpor. I cannot say more
on this matter until the Chief
Justice is informed" Tuazama
pointed out.
Swen when contacted Monday,
distanced himself from the
"My hands are clean as result
to this matter. The Director
of Security Paul Trazama
assertion is far from truth. I'm
not a criminal. To indict us
without a proper investigation
has created more speculations.
Why blame us? I think this
matter need to be investigated
by an independent body in
order to unearth the truth
because this is not the first time
burglary has taking place in the
presence of security here", he

The Circuit Courts including
the Monrovia City Magisterial
Court have been burglarized
several times despite the
presence of heavy security




The President wants the people

of the newly created district
to serve as examples for other
localities seeking legislation
to follow as anything contrary
would be termed as a waste of
time, energy, and resources in
getting it where it is today.
Creating a new district,
according to President Sirleaf,
entailed lots of consultations,
energy and money and
wants to the people of Tehr
Statutory District to utilize the
She used the occasion to thank
the people of Bomi County for
keeping up the Ebola fight and
further appealed to them not to
get complacent as any renewed
outbreak would seriously
hamper the progress made in

the fight against Ebola in the

county, yea the country.

need to sign the Act creating

Tehr Statutory District and
promised the Liberian leader

Speaker Tyler also cautioned

his people to put behind
all the differences to make

Speaker, Alex Tyler, who

hails from the area, thanked
President Sirleaf for seeing the

on behalf of the people to

utilize the opportunity given to

that unity is the only key to

upholding their commitment

to collectively play their role
in the development of the new
The ceremony to turn over the
Act creating Tehr Statutory
District was attended by
Samuel Brown, and the Bomi
County legislative caucus,
among others.
The Tehr Statutory District was
created from Clay District and
was called Tehr Clan before its

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Chuck Hagel is
from President Barack Obama's
Cabinet, senior administration
officials said Monday, following
a rocky tenure in which he has
struggled to break through the
White House's insular foreign
policy team.
Hagel is the first senior
Obama adviser to leave the
administration following the
sweeping losses for Obama's
party in the midterm elections.
It also comes as the president's
national security team has been
battered by multiple foreign
policy crises, including the rise
of the Islamic State militants in
Iraq and Syria.



NAIROBI (Reuters) enyan

forces have pursued
and killed more
than 100 militants
and destroyed their camp in
Somalia after the ambush of a
Nairobi-bound bus that killed
28 people, Deputy President
William Ruto said on Sunday.
Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab
responsibility for the attack
on Saturday, when gunmen
ordered passengers on the bus
to recite Koran verses and shot
dead non-Muslims - 19 men and
nine women - who could not.

his year, Namibia
hilltop statue of
independence leader
Sam Nujoma holding aloft a
copy of the African country's

amended to let him to serve
three terms as president until
2005. With the ruling party he
led poised for another election
win this week, analysts say
a tougher test of Namibian
democracy will come when an
opposition party wins.
It is a model that holds true
in other parts of Africa where
liberation movements that
fought colonialism and white
minority rule morphed into
dominant political parties
for decades. While some
brought stability and more
rights, their lengthy control of
state resources and patronage
networks fueled increasing
resentment among opposition


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TABIT, Sudan (Reuters) aught in a forgotten

war between rebels
and government forces
and beset by bandits
who roam the lawless roads,
villagers in Darfur say their
lives can scarcely get any worse
if Sudan insists on international
peacekeepers leaving their region.
UNAMID, the joint United
Nations-African Union Mission
in Darfur, was deployed seven
years ago to stem violence against
civilians during a civil war in
which the Sudanese government
was accused of war crimes,
crimes against humanity and
With fighting still dragging on,
UNAMID's shortcomings have

drawn criticism from the very

people it was deployed to protect
and Sudan has told it to devise an
exit strategy.
opposition in northern Darfur,
where much of the violence now
"We won't be affected if
UNAMID leaves because it
doesn't play a significant role
in protecting civilians," said
Mohamed Abdullah, a local
civilian. "We only hear about
UNAMID submitting reports. We
don't know what they do for us."
A rare visit by journalists to the
remote northern Darfur village of
Tabit -- site of recent allegations
of mass rape -- showed how,

despite the presence of one of

the world's largest peacekeeping
missions, violence still blights
people's lives.
"Our lives are very difficult since
the war began. We cannot grow
crops except in a very small
area because rebels and gangs
come and loot our fields," said
Mohamed Ismail, a resident.
Pointing to nearby mountains,
Ismail added: "Just six kilometers
from here, rebels and bandits
dominate the region."
The Darfur conflict, which
erupted in 2003 when mainly
African tribes took up arms
against the Arab-led government
in Khartoum, has killed hundreds
of thousands of people and
displaced over two million,

according to the United Nations.

Tabit was under rebel control
for eight years of the war, with
the government reasserting its
authority in 2010.
But much of that authority is
nominal, with gunmen stalking
dirt roads to attack military and
civilian vehicles alike, preventing
villagers from traveling even for
Tabit's clinic, which catered to
22 villages, was destroyed in the
"There are no vaccines ... here,"
said Maha Adam, 26, cradling a
baby. "We cannot move outside
the village perimeter to collect
firewood and we wait for hours
every day to buy water at the only
well ... We live in fear."



VIENNA (Reuters) ran and six powers failed

for a second time this year
on Monday to resolve
their 12-year dispute over
Tehran's nuclear ambitions
and gave themselves seven
more months to overcome the
deadlock that has prevented
them from clinching an historic
Western officials said they were
aiming to secure an agreement
on the substance of a final
accord by March but that more
time would be needed to reach
a consensus on the all-important
technical details.
"We have had to conclude it
is not possible to get to an
agreement by the deadline that
was set for today and therefore
we will extend the JPOA to
June 30, 2015," British Foreign
Secretary Philip Hammond told
reporters at the end of the talks.
He was referring to the so-called
Joint Plan of Action, an interim
deal agreed between the six and
Iran a year ago in Geneva, under
which Tehran halted higher
level uranium enrichment in
exchange for a limited easing
of sanctions, including access
to some frozen oil revenues

Hammond said the expectation
was that Iran would continue
to refrain from sensitive atomic
He added that Iran and the
powers "made some significant
progress" in the latest round
of talks, which began last
Tuesday in the Austrian capital.
Hammond said that there was a
clear target to reach a "headline
agreement" of substance within

the next three months and talks

would resume next month.
It is unclear where next month's
talks will take place, he said,
noting that during the extension
period, Tehran will be able to
continue to access around $700
million per month in sanctions
relief. A source close to the
talks said Vienna and Oman
were possible venues for next
month's discussions.
An Iranian official confirmed

the extension, as did Russian

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov,
comments about "substantial
A report by the International
the U.N. nuclear watchdog,
showed that Iran had reduced
its stockpile of low-enriched
uranium gas and taken other
action to comply with last year's
interim agreement with world

With officials standing by during
the government-organized press
trip, it was difficult to speak freely
about the alleged rape of 200
women and girls by Khartoum's
forces in Tabit, highlighting
the hurdles faced by UNAMID
Australia's U.N. envoy said on
Nov. 10 Sudan's heavy military
presence during UNAMID's
interviews of the alleged rape
victims had raised serious
UNAMID's conclusion that there
was "no evidence" of the rapes
triggered an outcry from rights
activists. Khartoum had delayed
UNAMID's first visit to the area
in early November and denied it
permission to visit a second time.
"All indicators confirm that
the mass rape occurred in the
Tabit area. We and human rights
organizations have irrefutable
evidence and testimony to prove
the crime by government forces,"
said Jibril Bilal of the Justice and
Equality Movement, one of the
main Darfur rebel groups.
Sudan denies its forces were
involved in any such incident.
Last month, an internal U.N.
review said UNAMID had failed
to provide U.N. headquarters with
full reports on attacks against
civilians and peacekeepers.
The review was ordered after
media reports alleged that
UNAMID had covered up
details of deadly attacks to avoid
provoking the government.
"UNAMID is something of a lost
cause," said a Sudan analyst with a
conflict-monitoring organization,
asking not to be named.
shortcomings, however, some
observers say a neutral force that
offers some oversight is better
than nothing.
"Even now, in the presence of
UNAMID, we are scared... So
how will it be if UNAMID leaves
Darfur completely?" a displaced
Darfuri said. "UNAMID leaving
would mean that the world has
abandoned the people of Darfur
and left them to die."

Rouhani was due to address
the Iranian people on television
on Monday evening. U.S.
Secretary of State John Kerry
was planning to speak to the
press in Vienna before returning
to the United States.
No details about the "substantial
progress" were immediately
available. One senior Western
diplomat expressed pessimism
about the prospects for an
agreement in seven months
"It's been 10 years that proposals
and ideas have been put
forward," he said on condition
of anonymity. "There's nothing
left. It's essentially a side issue
now. The Iranians are not
moving. It is a political choice."
"I am skeptical that even if we
did extend we will be able to
reach a deal," he said shortly
before the extension was
The deadline for a deal, agreed
in July when the two sides
missed an earlier target date,
was Monday.
The Vienna talks have aimed for
a deal that could transform the
Middle East, open the door to
ending economic sanctions on
Iran and start to bring a nation
of 76 million people in from the
cold after decades of hostility
with the West.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014




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Thibaut Courtois,
Gianluigi Buffon
and Claudio Bravo have made
the five-man shortlist for the Fifa
FIFPro World XI 2014.
The Bayern Munich man won the
Bundesliga title and DFB Pokal
with the Bavarians before he was
crowned world champion with
Germany during the summer.
Casillas, meanwhile, was second
choice in La Liga last term,
but was Madrid's No.1 in the
Champions League and Copa del
Rey, with the Santiago Bernabeu
side winning both competitions.
Courtois played a key role in
Atletico's La Liga title, while
Buffon was Juventus' man
between the sticks as they secured
yet another Serie A title.



arlo Ancelotti has

revealed talks over a
new contract at Real
Madrid are under

James 'Salinsa'
Debbah says he
wants the Lone Star squad
to change their attitude and
approach under his guidance.
The former international, who
signed a three-year contract
on Friday, has promised a nononsense approach.
"We intend to use a more
professional approach to
instil discipline in the team
and everybody will have to
follow my instructions," he
told BBC Sport.
"In other words, it's going to
be my way or no way at all."
Liberia's all-time leading
goalscorer replaces caretaker
coach Thomas Kojo, who was
unable to lead Lone Star past
the preliminary roundsof the
2015 Africa Cup of Nations
"There will be no free meals
under my watch, so every
player has got to earn their
red, white and blue shirt,"
Debbah added.
"My main goal is to recruit
and develop local talents
from the annual county sports
meetings and the domestic
"But as you know we can
only do that when the country
has been declared Ebola free.
"In the interim, we will be put

The Italian coach replaced Jose
Mourinho in the Bernabeu hotseat in the summer of 2013 and
guided them to an elusive 10th
European Cup, beating city
rivals Atletico after extra time
in the final.
Ancelotti, though, says he
wants to play a bigger part in los
Blancos' history and remain for
a long time.
I hope to be in the history of
Madrid not only for la Decima,"
he told La Repubblica. "I have
a contract until 2016 and we are
talking about my renewal."
"Real is very well structured.
The members elect the president
every four years, and he becomes
a tool of control. Here, there
is no tycoon, but a formidable
management team. Real want
the best and, consequently, the
game gets better.



together strategies and action

plans for how we intend
to go about this national
assignment when the 'green
light' has been given by
health authorities and the FA
for us to start work."
Liberia suspended all football
activities in August in order
to help prevent the potential

spread of Ebola through

bodily contact on the pitch
and the gathering of large
crowds at football matches.
Debbah has a wealth of
playing experience having
spent time in France for
Monaco, Lyon, Nice and PSG
as well as in Belgium with
Anderlecht before retiring in

2004 with Al-Jazira in Abu

However, his only coaching
role so far is with his Liberian
club Mighty Barrolle.
Meanwhile, his former teammate Christopher Wreh,
who played for English club
Arsenal, has been appointed
to take charge of the Under-20

Wreh hopes to raise the
profile of Liberian football by
producing quality players to
feature for the national side.
Liberia have never reached
the World Cup finals and only
ever been to two Nations
Cup tournaments in 1996 and

secondbiggest shareholder
Alisher Usmanov
Wenger is finding it difficult
to accept his mistakes and
insists the team needs to be
strengthened in every position.
Wenger has faced criticism over
the clubs transfer policy and the
inability to bolster his defensive
options, although the 65-yearold has already admitted he will
seek cover during the January
But Usmanov claims Arsenal
still require several signings in
order to compete with Europes
elite, despite the club spending
over 95 million in the summer


VOL 8 NO.727




Chelsea, Atletico Looking to Advance


eal Madrid, Borussia Dortmund,

Bayern Munich, Paris SaintGermain, Barcelona and Porto
have already sealed their places
in the Champions League knockout round,
with a cluster of teams in with a chance of
joining them this week.
Last seasons runners-up Atletico Madrid
are in a good position to do just that. Victory
over Olympiakos would guarantee their
progress, while a draw would also be enough
if Juventus were to lose against Malmo in
Group As other game.
In Group B, Basel could progress if they
record an unlikely victory over Real Madrid
and there is not a winner in the match between
Ludogorets and Liverpool.
Only a point is needed for Bayer Leverkusen
against Monaco, while a victory would
guarantee the Bundesliga clubs qualification
as Group C winners. A defeat could still see
them progress if Zenit were to draw with
Arsenal also just require a draw in their match
against Borussia Dortmund to seal a place in
the last 16 from Group D. The Gunners could
also go through with a loss if Anderlecht and
Galatasaray were to draw in Belgium.
In Group E, Roma will go through if they
defeat CSKA Moscow and Manchester City
fail to win against Bayern Munich in the
other game.
Chelsea travel to Schalke knowing that a
win will see them through to the knockout
rounds. A draw would also be enough for
Jose Mourinhos men if third-place Sporting
fail to defeat Maribor.
Shakhtar Donetsk can move through to the
last 16 if they pick up a draw against Athletic.
Even a defeat is likely to see them through,
with BATE beating Porto in the other game the
only result that could stop them progressing
in that



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