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Ama Mo, Ama Ko

A Film Analysis by Norie Estorninos Sabayan
1. Present the psychological profile of the father played by Eddie Rodriguez
in the movie. Expound your analysis on his conflicts.

Jaimes Psychological Profile

Jaime Solis has both good and bad side. Like anyone of us. What is unique to him probably
is his swing modes. Depending on the situation he is in, he can, like a pendulum, swing
from one side to the other.
When things are pretty well with him he is industrious to the point of being workaholic,
bringing work at home. He is a responsible father who is sensitive to the financial and
material needs of his two families. When informed about Juns trouble, he did not react
emotionally but talked to the latter calmly.
Mahilig siya sa prutas. But the sweetness of his fruits did not last forever. One day he
was surprised that his fruits have rot and blamed God for his decay:
Bakit kaya ginawa ng Diyos na ang tao ay nangangailangan. Di nya ba alam na mas
liligaya tayo pag wala tayong kailangan. Sana walang masyadong problema ang
mundo. Tulad ng nangyayari sa akin ngayon.
He was looking against the stars and forgot to realize that it is he who has created his mud.
He was banking on his irrational emotions:
Ako kailangan ng mommy mo para lumigaya. Ako kailangan ko rin... Magulo ano,
pero, mahal ko silang dalawa. Sira ulo ko siguro pero mahal ko silang dalawa.
Kailangan ko sila para magkaroon ng lakas na mabuhay
He would equate happiness with the satisfaction of his be-longing-ness needs. Need is a
lack, an emptiness that an ego wishes to be fulfilled. Worse, this lack was not satisfied by
an independent woman (Mameng) and went on the other fence (bakod) to seek
satisfaction on a Kirida (Mercedez).
2. Explain the Sociological implications of his suicide.

Ginawa ko na ang lahat pero bakit nalulugi pa

An emotionally driven relationship without reason becomes morally blind. Pagmamahal
ceases to be love when one fails to honor his sworn relations. Instead of collecting the
pieces of his broken self he went on to dose his self-in-conflict with a hug and kiss of
another woman. His wounded and unenlightened self accidentally lead him to kill the

woman he just used to stabilize his gloomy situation. Or perhaps, he was just using the
women in his life for his psychological needs. Using people that lead them to suffer or die is
I think not different from murdering people.
May langit bang naghihintay sa tulad kong ligaya ang hanap sa buhay? (Final song in
the movie)
For Jaime Solis Sr., I believe there is no heaven that awaits him. He has to pay his karma in
his next life. To guide him in his second chance, what he uttered should be his guiding
may pag-asa paang lahat ay may pag-asa
3. Should he seek for counseling from you, upon knowing that his real
first family has learned the truth of his infidelity,
a. What counseling approach/es you will use to manage his case?
b. Describe the psychotherapeutic process, content and relationship
that you will employ.

I would use eclectic. A mixture of Gestalt Therapy, Person Centered Counselling

and Psychoanalytic Counselling. First I would let him feel trust (Person-Centered)
and be aware of his brokenness (Gestalt). I would use Psychoanalysis to bring him to
his past and see if his wounded past is haunting him in the present. All along, the
process should lead him to re-establish his shattered self (Gestalt).
c. Should the first son seek for counseling, upon knowing the truth of
his fathers infidelity.

As shown in the progress of the movies, Jun was able to control his emotional
reaction and adapt unlike his father who went into childish resolution of conflict. So
I believe, he does NOT need a counseling.
d. What counseling approach/es you will use?

If he would come to me for counseling, I would just use person-centered counseling.

He just need someone to listen to him and facilitate his reasons for a guided choice.
e. Describe the psychotherapeutic process, content and relationship
that you will employ.

The process will start with winning his trust so he can open-up. Then lead him to
vent up his emotions. When reason has surfaced, I would facilitate him to choose
better options in life.
4. Why the title GABUN?

Gabun is a story that depicts some social reality in the Philippine society. Our society is
evolving. Before we used to have close family and submissive to the church doctrine on
marriage. It portrays how Filipino men are womanizers (babaero) and women are either
independent and strong or dependent and weak. It also illustrate how societal reaction
demonizes betrayal.

Jaime father (Eddie Rodriguez)

The way to mans heart is his stomach
Mother (Charito Solis)
Liza Lorena
Amy Austria
Winnie Santos
Michael Sandico
Lloyd Samartino (Adrian)
Jackie girlfriend ni adrian
Adrian is open to her mother
Double standard sabi ng nanay. Sabi ni Adrian di pedeng tumingin sa iba si Jackie, mga lalaki
Scene 1
Christening: Importance of being a disciple of Jesus
Scene 2
Napatrouble si Adrian dahil nangagaw ng kasayaw.
Scene 3
Jaime portrayed as a busy businessman
Napansin amoy alak ng asawa
Kasam ang inom. Kelangan mag-entertain ng cliente
Tatawagan si mrs. Conception. May napansin na object.
Scene 4

Scene 6
Tita nena
Mercedez: Dapat na bang sabihin ang secret kay Adrian