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French 101, Spring 2013

MF 8:00-8:50, TR 8:00-9:15 (Buck 2)
Jim Matthews
Phone: 556-3571

Office: 207 Buck

Hours: T 1-3, W 1-4

Required materials:
Vis--vis, 6th edition, McGraw-Hill (Amon, Muyskens, Omaggio Hadley): available for
purchase at IWU Bookstore
Online learning center ( available free online
Course Objectives
In this class you will learn the sound system of French and both recognize and reproduce the
sounds of spoken French. You will develop basic competency of French linguistic structures in
order to be able to carry on simple conversations, respond to and follow directions, speak on
assigned topics and write complete sentences clearly. You will also become familiar with the
cultural characteristics and issues of French-speaking peoples and the French-speaking world.
Course Work
Daily class preparation is essential for you to do well in this course. This includes not only
completing activities assigned from the text and online sources, but also paying close attention to
the books grammar presentation, readings, and vocabulary lists. The grammar explanations in the
text are clear and concise (and in English), so little class time will be given to repeating material
that you have prepared ahead of time. Class time is instead devoted to placing the student in
situations where s/he will use authentic French. By reading the text carefully before coming to
class and preparing the appropriate exercises, you will find class time interesting and fun. Note:
All classes are conducted in French, with no English permitted except at the discretion of the
Written exams typically cover one chapter of the textbook. They focus on grammar, spelling, and
stress original sentences that you create. They may contain exercises in listening comprehension.
Items to pay attention to are verbs, gender agreements, and vocabulary. Oral exams focus on
pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Quizzes are often unannounced and will often focus on a
particular grammar point. Quizzes are administered at the discretion of the instructor.
Connect is a series of exercises created by your instructor that is hosted by the publisher of your
textbook. You will need to register for our course with the publisher which involves a fee. You will
have until Sept. 2 to register. Connect gives you access to an electronic version of the textbook, as
well as serving as our workbook and homework center. The instructor will provide instructions on
how to register for Connect.
French tutor
The MCLL Department provides a French tutor free of charge to help students. You will be
required to practice with the tutors at least once per week. You may schedule appointments
with tutors through the Language Resource Center web page ( Tutors
hours and location will be posted on the web page, and in the Center.
Classroom participation by all students is essential to foreign language learning. Both thorough
preparation and active participation are necessary to successful completion of the course. Each

student should prepare for class with a partner. You will want to practice certain questions and
conversation subjects that correspond to each lesson.
You will be given a participation grade for each class meeting. These participation grades will
range from 0-10. If you decide not to attend class, then it is impossible for you to participate and
therefore you will receive a grade of 0. If you come to class but say nothing, you will receive the
lowest grade possible. Grades from 2-5 will be determined based on the quality, quantity, and
enthusiasm of your participation. For instance, quality will be preferred over quantity (whereas
oui and non answers are sometimes unavoidable, complete sentences are required in any other
cases). This grading policy is designed to foster lively class discussions and give you chances to
actively practice what you are learning. Part of your class preparation should include seeking to
speak original sentences in class.
I do note attendance every class, even if I dont read the class roster after the first week. I consider
you adults, and will treat you as such. The first three times you miss class, I will take note but the
only consequence is your participation grade for the day. After three absences, we will need to talk
and you may be required to visit the Dean of Students Office. Any absence from an announced
test must be documented. Make-up exams will be given at the discretion of the instructor. DO
Should you miss class, please call or email one of your classmates in order to know what was
covered that day and what the specific requirements are for the following day. It would be a good
idea to take the email and phone numbers of several classmates at the beginning of the semester
for this purpose.
Grade distribution
Final grades will be determined in the following manner:
3 Oral exams:
7 Written exams
Context, Quizzes
Class Participation
Final Written exam
Grading scale:
below 60


And Last, but not least

Do not hesitate to come see me if at any time you have any questions or problems concerning the class. I
am available during my office hours and by appointment.

Emploi du temps (may be modified by the instructor as needed)

lundi 25
mardi 26
jeudi 28
vendredi 29

chapitre 1
chapitre 1
chapitre 1

lundi 1
mardi 2
jeudi 4
Vendredi 5

jour fri
chapitre 1
pp. 20-24
chapitre 1
pp. 25-29, Rvision
Examen Ecrit I (ch. 1)

lundi 8
mardi 9
jeudi 11
vendredi 12

chapitre 2
chapitre 2
chapitre 2
chapitre 2

lundi 15
mardi 16
jeudi 18
vendredi 19

chapitre 2
chapitre 2
Examen Ecrit II (ch. 2)
Examen Oral I (ch. 1 & 2)

lundi 22
mardi 23
jeudi 25
vendredi 26

chapitre 3
chapitre 3
chapitre 3
chapitre 3

lundi 29
mardi 30

chapitre 3
Examen Ecrit III (ch. 3)

pp. 8-11
pp. 12-15
pp. 16-19

jeudi 2
vendredi 3

chapitre 4
chapitre 4

lundi 6
mardi 7
jeudi 9
vendredi 10

chapitre 4
chapitre 4
chapitre 4
chapitre 4

lundi 13
mardi 14
jeudi 16
vendredi 17

Examen Oral II (ch. 3 & 4)

Examen Ecrit IV (ch. 4)
chapitre 5
chapitre 5

lundi 20
mardi 21
jeudi 23
vendredi 24

chapitre 5
chapitre 5
chapitre 5
chapitre 5

lundi 27
mardi 28

chapitre 5
Examen crit V

jeudi 30
vendredi 31

chapitre 6
chapitre 6

lundi 3
mardi 4
jeudi 6
vendredi 7

chapitre 6
chapitre 6
chapitre 6
chapitre 6

lundi 10
mardi 11
jeudi 13
vendredi 14

chapitre 6
Examen Ecrit VI (ch. 6)
chapitre 7
chapitre 7

lundi 17
mardi 18
jeudi 20
vendredi 21

chapitre 7
chapitre 7
chapitre 7
chapitre 7

lundi 24
mardi 25
jeudi 27
vendredi 28

Examen Oral III (ch. 5, 6 & 7)chapitre 7

Examen Ecrit VII (ch. 7)
Fte des Grces
Fte des Grces

lundi 1er
mardi 2
jeudi 4
vendredi 5

chapitre 8
chapitre 8
chapitre 8
chapitre 8 (dernier jour de cours)

lundi 8

Journe de lecture (pas de cours)

mardi 9

Examen final crit 13h15-15h15