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Company Profile

Shinesolar Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (SES) is closely held private limited company
incorporated under the Company Act. 1956 with a vision to play an active role in the power
sector needs of our nation.
The company has its Regd. Office at Ludhiana and this company has been promoted
by Mahesh Kumar (B.E. Aero. Engg.) And Anil Sood (Learned Chartered Accountant). SES has
been setup with the aim to provide the services in the aim to provide the services in the field of
Solar Power Generation on turnkey basis.
Ludhiana is the industrial hub of the Punjab region and we have started to provide
the services in and around Ludhiana. Encouraged by the NRSE Policy-2012 of the Punjab Govt.,
MNRE Policies of Central Govt. and growth prospects of Renewable Energy Sector, SES now
extends wings to expand its business all over India.
To execute this plan, SES has in its team highly qualified technical persons including
Engineers and Experienced Financial & Management Consultant, who has experience in their
respective field to execute these types of projects in government and private sector.
Capacity & Equipment Structure: SES Management & Organization is completely
capable to handle all the projects ranging from 1 kWh to 1 MW and higher capacity utilization
projects. SES is in association with prominent Solar Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier in India,
US and Europe.SES is in collaboration with Solarworld,a German-US Prominent Manufacturers
of Solar Panels,Thermax India-A renowned MNC dealing in boiler manufacturing & Induatrial
Heating & Cooling Solutions,Waaree Energies Ltd.,a well established solar industry
SES helps the client to select the suitable panels, battery backup system, required
structure, accessories & also liaison with various Government & Department to get required
approvals/subsidizes incentives. SES also assure the after Sales services for the projects.

Solar Power Generation Process

Solar Power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity, either directly using
photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP). Concentrated solar power
systems use lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small
beam. Photovoltaics convert light into electric current using the photoelectric effect.The electricity
generated from the Solar Panels is DC Voltage & this is converted into AC by the means of
Inverters.The AC Voltage further upgraded by the means of transformers and then utilized as per
the requirement.
The Solar Panels for solar PV plant could be installed on the roof-top area or on
the open land.The area required for installation is approx.100Sq.Ft. per kWh or 100000Sq.Ft.
per MW(German Technology).The life of the project is 25Yrs. & 1MW capacity plant generates
about 15,00000 units of electricity per Yr.

Applications :
Industrial Purpose
Solar power solutions in industries serve as an alternate source of power. We provide grid
connected solar power system so that industries can have 24 hour power supply at very
economical rates. We also provide solar thermal system for hot water supply for the industries.
Government had declared various incentives schemes for the industries to offset initial cost.
Government is providing 30 % subsidy to power load from 1 KW to 100 KW. And above 100
KW incentives are given in the shape of REC (Renewable Energy Certificates).
Residential & Commercial Purpose
Shinesolar Energy Sol. Pvt. Ltd. Is committed to provide solar power solutions in house
hold area by transferring household load to solar power. We provide solar power loads starting
from 1kWh to 1MW and more capacity utilization. These are subsidized & government incentive
based products having 30 percent subsidy up to 1kWh for residential & up to 100kWh for
Industrial applications, with or without battery backup. Apart from power loads we provide
luminous solar inverters, solar lanterns and solar Home light systems. Solar geysers etc.

Agriculture Purpose
Solar power solutions for farmers enhance their productivity. Here we provide with
solar pumps with D.C. motor (German made) of any load to irrigate fields. So that hefty diesel
costs can be wiped off. Solar pumps supplies daily requirement of water in the fields and had
negligible maintenance. We also provide solar lightning solutions in the fields or godown to cut
their dependency on diesel generators which is very costly or grid power which had very limited

Scope of Work
SES Management & Organization is completely capable to handle all the projects ranging
from 1kWh to 1MW and higher capacity utilization projects. SES is in association with prominent
solar equipment manufacturers & suppliers in India, US & Europe.
SES helps the clients to select the suitable panels, battery backup systems, required
mounting structures, accessories & also liaison with various Government & Departments to get
required approvals/subsidizes incentives. SES also assures the after sales service for the projects.
Some of the Major Extension Services provided by the company are given below :
1) Technical Consultancy
2) Modernization / Up gradation Technology
3) After sale Operational Management of Solar Power Plants.
The company also organizes advisory services for Corporate Finance, Soft-Loans, for businesses
based on their projects, Capital Equipment Finance, loans for NRIs against their properties at
home land, loans for clients against Bankable Assets, Joint Venture Finance.

Scope of Work for Solar Power Generation Plant : For PPA Projects & REC
Selection of Site
To provide both government /private land options to meet the Solar Project
Developer(SPD)/Client needs for setting up a solar project keeping in mind the technical
requirement for solar projects, connectivity, terrain and the type of soil.
To do complete radiation and generation analysis of the site based on the available
solar radiation and the solar technology used.
Power Evacuation (PE) System Planning

PE system planning to include identification of a nearest existing power evacuation

(PE) option (interconnection point) with the State Transmission Utility (STU) at the voltage level of
33/66/132 kV or a higher voltage and which is not a distribution sub-station. Preparation of a
PE scheme: Schematic diagram along with technical specification from Solar PV Project pooling
station to receiving Grid Sub-station.
Preparation of Feasibility cum Detailed Project Report

1. Solar radiation Resource Assessment uses sophisticated industry standard software,

satellite data, and interpolation using Numerical Method techniques with the Site Data.
2. Analysis and calculation of probable Energy Output along with the basis and theory of
3. Suggestion, Description and recommendation of possible vendors of different components
both from India and Abroad.
4. Current description of Indian and World Energy Scenario, the RPO implications, need for
the project, social benefits and the positive impact on the Environment.
5. System Design of all components to maximize system efficiencies and output rating using
Series Parallel combination Technique.
6. Detailing of Operation & Maintenance guidelines, scope and implementation procedures.
7. Detailed financial analysis with projection of twenty five year cash flows along with
sensitivity analysis. This will form the basis for project appraisal during debt financing.

8. Comprehensive Comparison of all technologies available in the market, their potential,

achievements, merits, De-merits along with justification for selected technology.
9. Detailed Engineering drawing, system layout, power evacuation detailing and
10. Detailed specifications of all components, as per relevant Indian and International
standard codes, their expected costing.
11. Effects of using tracking systems (both manual and automatic) on the performance of the
overall system. Cost-benefit analysis using different combinations and the final selection
cum justification of the best suited technology.
Engineering and Design

1. Preparation of layout, single line diagrams, CADs and basic engineering drawing
2. Preparation of erection key diagrams, electrical and physical clearance diagrams, design
calculations for Earth- mat, Bus Bar & Spacers, indoor and outdoor lighting/illumination
a. Detailed engineering of all components, protection system, switchyard, switchgear,
cabling system, LV & DC system.
Preparation of all Site Execution Drawings/Documents related to Electrical, Mechanical
& Civil installation.
Procurement assistance and inspection of all materials

3. Preparation of technical specifications of all components, materials and parts to be used

for solar power plant installation.
a. Getting and negotiating quotes/prices with vendors for different materials to get
the best possible pricing.
b. Supervising Procurement of components and ensuring certification of all as per
relevant International standards.
c. Our Engineers serve on the site to ensure quality and timely procurement of all
materials as per specifications in the original contract

Engineering and Construction supervision

1. Planning, basic and detailed engineering of the entire system.

2. Preparation of the drawings and documents for the execution of the project,
proof checking vendor drawings and incorporating them in the system for
optimal yield.
3. Approval of all interconnection systems
4. Scheduling and ensuring the timely completion of the project, including
detailed engineering, procurement, erection activities at site precommissioning and commissioning activities.
5. Review, supervision and responsibility of work at site during the course of
project execution
6. Supervising the construction and installation of the procured material.
7. Supervising and ensuring the electrical and civil installations as per the
approved drawings.
8. Submitting progress reports for the work under process at the site including
procurement and construction activities.
The following scope of installation and commissioning shall also be covered by us
and certified for validation:
Financial Closure

1. Technical documentation required for the Project Finance.

2. Preparation of a Bankable project report as per the finalized EPC.
3. Necessary presentation and documentation to banks for technology selection,
reference projects, showing bankability and sustainability.
Accreditation, Registration and Trading of Carbon credits

1. State level accreditation, registration with the centre for availing Carbon
Credits for all the renewable energy fed into the grid.
2. Registration and accreditation of the project with UNFCC to avail carbon
credits for the project and subsequent trading of these RECs to generate
additional revenue for the client.

Operation & Maintenance of the Plant

1. Solar PV Modules maintenance water cleaning

2. Electrical maintenance of the Inverters/SCADA system.
3. Monitoring and logging of the data.

Services, Operation & Risk Management

The services for the development of Solar Power Project are :
Production of a detailed site plan.
Calculation of solar resource and environmental characteristics.
Assessment of shading (horizon and nearby buildings and objects).
Outline layout of areas suitable for PV development.
Assessment of technology options providing cost benefit for the project location:
Module type.
Mounting system.
Outline system design.
Application for outline planning permission.
Grid connection more detailed assessment of likelihood, cost and timing.
Predicted energy yields.
Financial modeling.
Preparation and submission of the permit applications for the proposed solar PV project.
Preparation and submission of a grid connection application.
Revision of the design and planning permissions.
Decision on contracting strategy (turnkey EPC contract or multi- contract).
Decision on the financing approach.
Preparation of solar PV module tender documentation.
Supplier selection and ranking.
Preparation of construction tender documentation.
Contractor selection and ranking.
Contract negotiations.
Completion of a bankable energy yield.
Preparation of a financial model covering the full life cycle of the plant.
Completion of a project risk analysis.
Environmental impact assessment.
Production of a detailed project report.
Securing financing for the project.

Operation & Management Includes

Scheduled or preventative maintenance planned in advance and aimed to
prevent faults from occurring, as well as to keep the plant operating at its optimum level.
Unscheduled maintenance carried out in response to failures.
Scheduled maintenance typically includes:
Module cleaning.
Checking module connection integrity.
Checking junction / string combiner boxes.
Thermographic detection of faults.
Inverter servicing.
Inspecting mechanical integrity of mounting structures.
Vegetation control.
Routine balance of plant servicing / inspection.
Common unscheduled maintenance requirements include:
Tightening cable connections that have loosened.
Replacing blown fuses.
Repairing lightning damage.
Repairing equipment damaged by intruders or during module cleaning.
Rectifying supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) faults.

Risk Management

Following risks are to be managed :

Cost overrun: escalations v/s fixed project cost.
Suppliers: integration hurdles.
Construction: resource mobilization, sub-contractor experience, productivity.
Project management: detailed planning to tertiary levels, leading to unforeseen risks.
Quality: poor site fabrication, selection of low cost yet inexperienced vendors.
Procurement management: the risk of one time buy v/s experienced buying of equipment.
Engineering: risks of re-work, miss-outs, and inadequate man-hours.
Scheduling: tracking the project at sub levels, monitoring vendors.
Performance: overall plant output v/s individual equipment performance, emissions,
reliability, plant availability.

Quality Policy
SES strongly believes that our clients are our Business Family Members, and, as
such, extends our whole hearted support to them for the whole project life in whatever
form that support may be. All levels of SES Organization are dedicated to the
meeting the needs of our clients.