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PASK Productions Guide to


-Go to South Beach before noon and

get there via the Venetian Causeway
(there will be traffic, but probably not as
bad as MacArthur Causeway).
-Avoid driving during these rush hours:
I-95 South between 7-9AM and I-95
North between 3-7:30PM
-Use the Metromover if you are making
your way through Downtown or
checking out the new Perez Art
-Rent a scooter, bike, or travel by Uber/
Cab to avoid parking issues altogether!
-Consider dining in places away from
the main Art Basel events like Coral
Gables, Coconut Grove, Biscayne
Boulevard north of 36th Street, and Bal
Harbour there will be shorter waits and
better service!
Check out these great Basel guides:

Off the Beaten Path - Unique Basel Events to Check Out

What began
as a popular
picnic and
gained fame
as it spread
across the
US, is now
making its
way to Miami. Dner en Blanc is a picnic
attended by tens of thousands of white-clad
diners who bring their own food, drinks, tables,
chairs and dcor to an undisclosed (until two
hours before dinner) location for some wining,
dining and dancing. Guests are required to
bring fine china, silverware and white
tablecloths and dress in elegant, white attire
from head to toe. Check out their website to
see if you can get lucky and reserve a spot.

Parking and Getting Around


Andr 3000's 47 unique

jumpsuits worn during Outkast's
summer revival tour will be on
display as part of the mixedmedia exhibit "i feel ya: SCAD +
Andre 3000 Benjamin" coming
to Mana Wynwood from
December 3rd through
December 14th. Each jumpsuit
contains a cryptic message on it
that he wrote in response to
each day's super-saturated,
Internet-driven media cycle, in
which he hopes to spark
conversation about culture,
media, and humans place within
it all.

PASK Productions will help manage all production

elements for the Artisan Series Finale on December 4th
at Soho Beach House. Celebrating the 5th anniversary
of Russell and Danny Simmons Artisan Series the
night will feature 12 original works of art from emerging
artists. The finalists will be honored and a winner will
be crowned, topped off with a special performance by
Miguel and imaginative Bombay Sapphire cocktails.

PASK Productions will help coordinate

activation for Surface Magazines Design
Dialogues featuring Ian Schrager at the
new Miami Edition. A special digital art
exhibition in partnership with PRATT
will be
showcased prior
to the talk and
guests will
digital art and
have the
opportunity to
meet the curator,
Peter Patchen.
The exhibition will
be open to the public from December
3-5th in addition to a daily cocktail
reception featuring Corzo signature

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