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Innocent Blood

Deuteronomy 19:10 and innocent blood is not shed in the midst of thy land which Yeho Vah thy God is giving to thee -- an inheritance, and there hath been upon thee blood.
No matter what the circumstances, Yahuah condemns the shedding of innocent blood. Those who knowingly and willfully murder the innocent are damned. And while it is true that under certain circumstances shedding innocent blood happens unintentionally, it has become the standard operating procedure in too many places on this planet. It matters not whether there is peace or war, innocent blood flows freely in todays world. Psalms 106:38 And they shed innocent blood -- Blood of their sons and of their daughters, Whom they have sacrificed to idols of Canaan, And the land is profaned with blood. It was for this reason that Yahuah ordered the children of Israel to exterminate the Canaanites. When they failed to do so, they became trapped in the same snare and alienated Yahuah by sacrificing their own infants to Baal. This led directly to the first Diaspora. The Carthaginians and Druids were to suffer at the hand of the Romans for similar acts. Our Elohim always finds a way to avenge the murder of innocents. Today is no different. Besides sacrifices to Baal, Satan, the daemons of Santeria, and others (yes, human sacrifices really do occur in the modern world - even in the USA!), children are murdered on the altar of womens rights. When the choice is between the childs life and the

mothers life, then much prayer and asking for guidance is in order. But to kill a child because it is inconvenient to have one at that time is nothing less than cold blooded murder. If you doubt that a human fetus is anything less than a child, go to this web address: No, it is not an anti-abortion website. It is a report by a real scientist summarizing real science. It is fairly old and doesnt include the latest discoveries about the abilities and development of the human fetus - but it should be enough to make this writers point. If not, do a bit of research on the latest studies in human embryology and put all of the pieces together - a human fetus is undoubtedly a sentient human child. Satan, working through the feminists, has convinced Western Civilization to shed innocent blood in abundance. Besides abortion, he has again introduced women into warfare. The cultural division of labor denying women combat status made it easier to differentiate combatants from noncombatants. Male warriors serving beside female warriors become used to seeing women injured and killed. They also readily assume that all women are potential threats and cannot differentiate between those who have been raised and trained only to have and nurture children from their female comrades in arms. This and the introduction of high explosives and video games have made avoiding shedding innocent blood difficult indeed. High explosives are an equal opportunity killer. Unlike a spear, sword, arrow, or even bullet, it is impossible to avoid killing innocents if they happen to be within the high explosives kill zone. Whether they are delivered by artillery shell, bomb, missile, suicide bomber, or any other means, high explosives kill indiscriminately. This has led to the concept of collateral damage. Originally, collateral damage meant the accidental, regrettable, and unavoidable death of innocents during a military operation. An artillery barrage against an enemy fortress that resulted in the deaths of some civilians who happened to be within that fortress is an excellent example. Indeed, until the advent of total war, non-combatants often felt safe enough to view the battle from advantageous locations nearby (the First Battle of Bull Run is but one of many examples). The families of innocent victims were due compensation. Today, however, a new attitude toward collateral damage has emerged. Kill them all and let God sort them out! Yahuah doesnt appreciate the extra work. While the excuse that the enemy uses civilians as human shields may be true if they actually force civilians to live on their military bases while under attack, it lacks any and all validity when funerals and weddings are targeted for indiscriminate bombing because a few combatants may (or may not) be present. Cowardness comes in many forms. One is to kill many innocents hoping that an enemy is among them rather than risking soldiers to hunt the enemy down and kill him face to face. It is so much easier (and safer) to send a missile laden drone (or a suicide bomber) to destroy a building, funeral procession, market place, or wedding party, than to have to actually find and face your foe. The only real regret that many modern commanders have about collateral damage is the waste of material. Video games have made the killing of innocents so much easier. The high tech targeting systems now used in aircraft, drones, missiles, ships, and tanks, mimics the video games and separates the warrior from the battlefield. Soldiers can now slaughter thousands of innocents without ever seeing or smelling the carnage. For soldiers of the developed countries it is no

different than playing their video games. Subconsciously they are thinking, Those arent people Im killing, theyre just avatars! Reality doesnt set in until they have to go through the village they just razed to the ground. Then they get sick. Is there any wonder at the incredibly high suicide rates among our soldiers? Unfortunately, our modern warriors rarely get to see in person the work of their hands. I say unfortunately, because Yahuah always avenges the spilling of innocent blood no matter who does it! In modern warfare, the big question is, Who is innocent? It is easier to ask, Who is not? Soldiers/Warriors, their vehicles, and military installations armed and ready for combat are, of course, proper targets. Facilities used in the manufacture of their arms and munitions are proper targets. Enemy politicians, government officials, and government employees at all levels are proper targets. Irregular forces (only identifiable by their use of weapons against you!) are proper targets. But the wives and families of your enemy are not proper targets - even if they spit on you and swear at you. Even if the wives and families of your enemy aid, comfort, feed, and hide their brethren, they are not proper targets! Would your family not do the same for you? Satan loves those who spill innocent blood. Those who do so separate themselves from God. By default, they become creatures of Satan. Indeed, that is why Satan gives those who perform human sacrifices the illusion of great power. When he falls he wants to take as many people with him as possible - misery loves company! How does our Elohim avenge the spilling of innocent blood? He has so many ways. Kill the wives or children of your enemy and you may lose your own - to accident, disease, rebellion, or perhaps violence. Or perhaps He may drive you insane. Beware the fate of nations who spill innocent blood - they shall lose the war or they shall lose the peace. Peace and prosperity shall flee such nations. It may not happen tomorrow - but it shall happen the day after! Sadly, even those wars with the best justification see the killing of innocents on all sides. Too often the childish excuse But theyre doing it! rings loud and clear. Noble causes are dragged to the pit of Hell by such excuses. If you are truly a warrior, be proud to fight for your cause and kill your enemy. But be careful not to shed innocent blood - it will destroy all of the rewards that you have earned from Elohim. At the Nuremburg War Trials, the excuse I was only following orders. was not accepted. God will not accept that excuse either. If you have shed innocent blood, make atonement and repent. Do your best to avoid killing innocents again. If you fail to do so, God shall call you a liar and damn you! In the end it is a matter of right and wrong. For those of us who know the difference, it is an easy choice. For those of us confused by secular hype or whose conscience has been seared by experience, it may not be so obvious. Yahuah gave us all free will - the path we choose is our own. But in the end we shall all suffer the consequences of our actions. Blessed be He.

Hallelu Yahu'ah Sabaoth! Hallelu Yah Shua HaMashiach! Hallelu Ruach HaKodesh! Hallelu Yah!