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George easily grasps new ideas presented in class.

He listens attentively and participates actively

during discussions. He also appears to be inquisitive- often asking questions about things that
interest him.
Shiela works on assigned tasks with minimal promptings. Her patience when working with table
assignments indicates a sense of maturity for her age. She is encouraged to display the same
demeanor when playing and conversing with peers.
JonJon is seen to be more confident to express his thoughts in school. He is now observed to
initiate and sustain conversations with a few of his classmates and is starting to build
relationships with them. He has also become quite participative in class as he readily answers
simple questions.
Janey is starting to be more lax and comfortable in class. She now seeks other children during
playtime activities and seems to enjoy mingling with them. Her growing confidence is also
manifested in her willingness to participate in classroom discussions.
Marge enjoys being given duties and responsibilities. She often volunteers to do particular tasks
but sometimes, gets upset if other children are called. She is, however, learning to be more
Trish is gradually becoming independent- she now works on tasks by herself even with her
caregiver around. She is encouraged to be on time when she comes to school so she can be fully
adjusted to the classroom setting.
Rose is gradually building a good number of vocabulary presented in class. She can name
familiar pictures and can associate them to their functions. She is, however, still urged to be
more participative in many classroom tasks.
While this student has shown improvement in their attitude towards school assignments, he or
she is not showing constant changes. He or she will need to obtain guidance throughout the
remainder of the school year from both home and school.
_____'s grades are a direct reflection on their attitude towards school and schoolwork. There is
room for improvement with their overall attitude and dedication to school.
When _____ applies him/herself to their schoolwork, their overall work is improved. However
he/she needs to focus more on getting work done in the time allotted.
Even though there have been decent improvements within his or her attitude, _____ needs to be
reminded of their attitude, and is frequently asked to be more respectful.
You child is showing great improvements in group activities, and he or she is eager to learn.
. ____'s attitude is improving and he or she is always happy to participate in class discussions.

While _____ attitude is acceptable, he or she needs to put more effort into their daily
This grade is a direct reflection of _____'s work ethic. He or she does not complete in-class
assignments, and could do much better in class if he or she further applied themselves to their
_____ has a great attitude towards school and schoolwork, and is always helpful to other
Your child is the classroom leader, and is always willing to help out other classmates when
_____ has been having difficulty listening during class, and he or she is often distracted when
working on class assignments.
_____ is extremely enthusiastic when it comes to participating in class, and it is always a
pleasure to have him or her take part in discussions.
_____ responds well to direction, and quickly applies this correction to their work and social
_____ has a good attitude towards work, and always hands in assignments on time. However,
this student is shy when it comes to classroom discussions.
This student has plenty of personality, and it always first to raise their hands to answer a
_____ is respectful to the other students, and takes turn talking.
_____ has a sense of humor that is quite enjoyable in the classroom.
_____ is often tired at school and is caught taking naps during quiet times of the day.
Your child is extremely pleasant to have around and very friendly to everyone in the class.
_____ is a thoughtful student, and respects the opinions of others.
_____ has a good work ethic, however, he or she has a problem talking during inappropriate
Your child is very confident in their school abilities and also exemplifies excellent manners.
This student's disposition is very pleasant, and all of the other students enjoy spending time with
him or her.

____ was shy at first; however, he or she is quickly gaining self-confidence within the
Your child is learning how to be a better listener, and takes direction very well.
_____ consistently occupies his or her time with constructive activities.
_____ was having problems sharing; however, he or she is learning how to share their
belongings as well as listening to others.
Your child is very helpful around the classroom and is also extremely dependable.
This student has made improvements in his or her _____ skills.
_____ is showing consistent improvement with their attitude and effort in the classroom.
Your child is eager to learn, and is quick to improve in areas that are lacking.
In order to help your child with their work ethic, I suggest spending time with them each night
going over their homework.
_____ is very anxious to please his or her teacher and classmates.
Your child makes friends very easily and is getting along with nearly every classmate in his or
her room.
This student works very well in group settings and is always contributing to the group.
_____'s attitude is excellent, and it is a joy to have him or her in the classroom.
Your child is showing a mature vocabulary, and is eager to learn new words.
This student needs a better stand on responsibility in the classroom.
Your child has great organizational skills.
This student takes his or her academic studies very seriously, and is excelling within the class.
If _____ is going to improve their grade, he or she will need to improve their attitude towards
schoolwork and other classmates.
_____ can follow directly extremely well, and is extremely self-sufficient within the classroom.
In the beginning of this reporting period, ____ was far behind the class, however, he or she has
improved their efforts in the classroom and is now performing greatly in all subjects.

_____ works very hard for his or her grades, and is constantly asking questions on how to
improve their work.
Your child is learning how to become a better listener as well as learning how to cooperate with
other student effectively.
_____ has shown great potential with their efforts, however, I would like to see them more
focused on completing their school assignments.
Your child is an extremely motivated student, and is always applying his or her highest effort
into all of their classroom assignments.
_____ has shown improvements with their attitude towards school, however, he or she still
needs to focus more within the classroom.
This student excels in classroom work, but has a problem with excessive talking.
_____ does not follow directions and is frequently disobeying classroom rules.

Although there has been some improvement in _______'s attitude toward his schoolwork,
it is not consistent. He will need continual guidance from home and school throughout
the rest of the year.
This report card is a reflection of ________'s attitude in school. He could improve if he
decided to work harder and cooperate more.
_______'s attitude toward our school rules, the other students, and myself is reflected in
this reporting quarter. She is capable of being a successful student with effort.
As my past reports have indicated, ______ does not do his schoolwork. He can do better
if he makes his mind up to work harder and complete his assignments.
Although there has been some improvement with ______'s attitude toward her
classmates, she frequently needs to be reminded to be respectful.
As we discussed in our last conference, ________'s attitude toward the basic skills is
poor. Please continue to do a nightly review with her, especially focusing on ________.
Thank you for your interest in our class. I am pleased to report that _______ is showing
positive development in regards to his attitude in our classroom.
_______ continues to make nice progress this year concerning her attitude in the
classroom and on the playground.
I will continue to need your help and support if _______ is to overcome her attitude and
social difficulties. She will find school a much more pleasant place if she can make a
positive effort in this area.
_________'s attitude has continued to improve. Thank you for your support and


______ displays an excellent attitude.

______'s attitude toward school is excellent.
______ has a good attitude toward school.
______ assumes responsibility well and has a find attitude.
______ shows initiative and thinks things through for himself.
______ is developing a better attitude toward ___ grade.
______ needs to improve classroom attitude.


______ is a very pleasant student to work with.

______ is a very thoughtful student.
______ has a pleasant disposition.
______ is pleasant and friendly.
______ is cooperative and happy.
______ is cooperative and well mannered.
______ has a pleasant personality.
______ is a pleasure to have around.
______ is friendly and cooperative.
______ is a sweet and cooperative child.
______ is a very happy, well-adjusted child, but _____.
______ is self-confident and has excellent manners.
______ has a sense of humor we all enjoy.
______ has a sense of humor and enjoys the stories we read.
______ gets upset easily.
______ cries easily.
______ often seems tired at school.
Although _____________'s growth in social maturity is continuing, it is not consistent.


______ is enthusiastic about participating.

______ participates well in class.
______ volunteers often.
______ is willing to take part in all classroom activities.
______ is showing interest and enthusiasm for the things we do.
______ makes fine contributions.
______ takes an active part in discussions pertinent to ______.
______ responds well.
______ speaks with confidence to the group.
______ takes turns talking.
______ enjoys participating in conversation and discussion.
______ needs to actively participate in classroom discussion.
______ is eager to help others.
______ enjoys reading.
______ is quick to make new friends.

______ works hard.

______ is always ready to share.
______ is anxious to please authority figures.
______ has a good attitude.
______ is well mannered.
______ has a lot of potential.
______ enjoys volunteering in class.

1. Your child is working well with others and is also excelling in all study areas.
2. _____ is a dedicated worker, and is eager to learn new skills and techniques.
3. This student was struggling in _____ at the beginning of the reporting period, but has
improved their overall performance in this subject area.
4. ____ always uses his or her spare time to complete past assignments.
5. Your child is learning to become a great listener, and takes directions well.
6. _____ has a great personality and is a true asset to this classroom.
7. This student has worked very hard for their high marks on this report card, and is showing
constant improvement.
8. While _____ was having a hard time earlier in this reporting period, he or she has been
working very hard to improve their overall grade level.
9. Your child is gaining self-confidence in the areas of study where they had a difficult time in at
the beginning of this reporting period.
10. _____ is constantly increasing their skills in every subject.
11. Although _____ is having trouble in several subjects, he or she is trying their hardest to
12. _____ has a great attitude towards learning, and is willing to take direction and construction
when needed.
13. _____ is a great asset to this classroom and actively volunteers to help around the room.
14. Your child seems excited every morning and is willing to try their hardest to overcome
problems and issues.
15. _____ is a joy to have in the class, he or she has a great sense of humor and is constantly
filling their spare time reading stories.

16. _____ is a very pleasant student, and is working well with others.
17. Your child understands the importance of sharing and works well when in a group setting.
18. _____ has above-grade-level achievements and has consistently shown improvement
throughout the reporting period.
19. This student is able to respond well with direction and takes constructive criticism very well.
20. Your child is making great strides in their academic standings, and has consistently shown
improvement in weak subject areas.
21. If needed, your child accepts responsibilities and is willing to accept the consequences to
their actions.
22. _____ needs to learn how to listen better, and is often a distraction to fellow students. I
suggest clarifying the importance of concentration and respecting others with your child.
23. _____ has been working very hard in this reporting period, and has shown outstanding
progress in the following subject areas:
24. While _____ is excited to learn about all subject areas, he or she is exceptionally enthusiastic
to work on his or her _______
25. Due to your child's exceptional quality of work, he or she may exceed this grade's
expectations in the following subjects:
26. _____ does well in class; however, he or she needs to learn how to work well with others. He
or she is able to perform well alone, however, in group settings _____ does not perform as well.
27. Your child is exceptionally mature when compared to the rest of his or her classmates.
28. _____ is excited to learn new ideas and can grasp this new information quickly.
29. _____ does not seem to enjoy class, and is frequently disrupting students around them. I
would like to meet with you to discuss ways to eliminate this issue.
30. Your child can organize his or her thoughts in a well-laid-out manner.
31. _____ is one of the most creative students in my class, and they are more than willing to try
out new ideas and concepts.
32. _____ needs to improve their overall work habits and concentration skills. I feel that he or
she would excel once they gain a better understanding of concentration.
33. Your child's handwriting needs to be improved to meet standard grade-level.

34. _____ loves learning his or her alphabet and is readily grasping new ideas.
35. _____ is sensitive and cries easily during stressful situations within the classroom.
36. Your child is able to make friends quickly and easily and is often found in the center of most
classroom discussions.
37. _____ needs to apply themselves more to all areas of study in order to meet the minimum
standard requirements for this grade level.
38. _____ needs to increase his or her ability to listen and follow directions carefully. While this
student has been performing well overall, they need to follow directions more carefully.
39. Your child enjoys learning about new things and reading stories.
40. _____ is very respectful of other students in the classroom and waits till it is his or her turn to
41. ______ has the ability to put together large sentences and is also a creative thinker. He or she
is one of the most creative thinkers in the class.
42. ______ is able to point out and discuss various shapes and is currently progressing ahead of
the rest of the class.
43. Your child is a great helper within the classroom, and is more than willing to help out any
44. This student is extremely creative, and has created many interesting forms of artwork.
45. Because _____ is unable to complete an entire task on his or her own, I suggest encouraging
your child to complete homework assignments on his or her own with minimal supervision.
46. While _____ has shown mass improvement within their subject skills, I suggest having your
child continue studying the following subjects in order for him or her to retain what they have
47. As the year progresses, _____ is showing great improvements.
48. ______ is capable of producing better work; all he or she must do is concentrate harder on
their work.
49. I have enjoyed having _____ in my class.
50. _____ is a real asset to my classroom.

Elementary General Report Card Comments

Subject Specific Comments..

1. _________ has been very disruptive during class. I have moved him/her several times, but will
have to escalate this with a formal warning if this behavior continues.
2. She/he is always willing to help his/her fellow classmates. You should be proud of him/her.
3. We have had multiple conversations regarding following the rules, yet, he/she is still
struggling with these basic behavior standards.
4. Throughout this quarter, he/she has often used very poor judgment, which resulted in him/her
being sent to the office. I would love for this behavior to improve.
1. Your child is excellent in math. He/she can multiply and divide numbers very quickly. I
believe that he/she is ready to be further challenged.
2. _________ is showing tremendous effort and progress in math, especially in learning
multiplication facts.
3. I would really like for __________ to practice his/her fractions more at home. He/she seems to
be struggling, and that is reflected in this grade. I believe that with more practice, he/she will
learn to master this important math concept.
4. He/she has a very negative attitude towards math. A great way to encourage him/her to
embrace math is to show examples of math in your child's daily life. You may want to have
him/her calculate how much "half off" is when out at the store, for instance. Your support and
encouragement could change his/her attitude for the better.
Language Arts:
1. He/she has not been turning his/her reading log in on a regular basis. It is important that your
child read every night for at least 15 minutes.
2. ____________ has been writing very creative and descriptive stories using the objects from
the Word Prompt Box. I will be submitting one for our district writing contest!
3. He/she has not returned ANY spelling assignments this entire quarter. I have tried to call and
have sent notes to you on several occasions. That is why he/she has received a failing grade.
Going forward, I would like to propose that you utilize the online school reporting system so that
you can stay abreast with his/her progress and assignments.

4. I am very disappointed that he/she is not studying his/her vocabulary words. These words will
help him/her with the district's standardize test. Please work with ___________ to put forth more
effort in the next quarter or else he/she could risk failing Language Arts.
Social Studies:
1. All of the take home history projects that he/she completed were wonderful! Keep up the good
2. History is his/her forte! I have been very impressed throughout this quarter with his/her ability
to recognize so many historical events. It's been great!
3. ___________ does not have a positive attitude regarding his/her place or position in the
community. This came through when we were discussing communities in social studies. I
believe that he/she has a lot of potential and that he/she can be successful. I encourage you to
reassure him/her that despite what he/she sees in his/her own neighborhood, he can succeed. We
will do our best to help him during our time with him.
4. Unfortunately, he/she failed to turn in one of the most important Social Studies assignments
for this quarter. As such, his/her grade dropped almost 2 letter grades. This grade is not really
indicative of his/her ability. Please encourage him/her to complete and turn in all assignments on
time to avoid this happening again.
1. He/she has been very disruptive in science. I understand that he/she gets really excited about
going to the science lab, but that is not an excuse to be disrespectful or to call out during class
2. ____________ really pulled this science grade up. I am very proud of the effort that he/she put
forth and I know that he/she will do even better the next time.
3. The Science Standards Test was very hard for him/her because he/she does not pay attention
in class as he/she should. He/she has little interest in science despite our efforts to make it fun
and hands-on. If his/her scores and participation don't improve, I am concerned that he/she may
end up having to take science in summer school.
4. He/she is an excellent science laboratory helper. He/she always makes sure to follow all of the
safety procedures and takes pride in helping his/her classmates.