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Design Project

ME 4150/6150 Mechanical Design II

Fall 2014
Due in PILOT Dropbox by 5:00 PM on Friday, December 6
A dairy farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio needs a small winch-hoist to use for the lifting of hay
bales into the barn loft. A preliminary design concept is shown in figure. An electric motor is
coupled to a gear box containing a compound gear train to reduce its speed. The gearbox output
shaft is coupled to the winch-drum shaft and both turn in bearings. The drum serves as a capstan
around which is wound a rope that has a forged hook at its end. The entire winch assembly will
ultimately be suspended from the rafters in the hayloft above a central floor hatch. Hay bales will
be manually attached below and manually removed above.


75:1 speed
gear box

Assume that the hay bales weight varies depending on its moisture content but can be assumed
to average above 60 lb. The hay truck holds 100 bales and the farmer would like to unload it in
30 min. The lift height is 24 ft. Use nylon rope of in dia with break strength of about 8000 lb
and a spring constant of about 50,000 lb/in per ft of length in axial tension. For an assumed
winch-drum radius of 10 inch, design a set of spur gears for a 75:1 speed reduction. Also, design
the shaft and the bearings.
Note that at steady state, the load on the rope will simply be bales and the dead-load of rope, and
hook. However at startup, the load can be significantly higher due to the need to accelerate the
load to its steady state velocity, and due to the fact that there are both spring and mass in the
Design the gears, bearings, and the shafts

Grading: The project grade is based on the submission of a final report, which is worth 10% of
the final course grade. The exact same grade will be recorded for each team member unless the
team member has not participated in the project.
Report Format: The report should be prepared using standard word processing software and
must contain the following sections:

Title (10 pts): Include a descriptive title at the top of the first page, with name and date
below. Do not include a separate title page.
Abstract (20 pts): Single-paragraph summary of your entire project, but no more than 250
words. Your abstract should summarize each of the subsequent sections in one or two
Problem Description (10 pts): Fully describe the project specifications and design
requirements, assuming the reader has no prior knowledge of the project assignment or
your chosen application.
Analysis and Results (50 pts): Detailed description of analysis procedures and resulting
design configurations. Include relevant equations and figures within the body of the
report, and number them in the order in which they appear. Reference the Appendix for
further details and hand calculations.
Conclusions (10 pts): Brief summary of what was done, the conclusions drawn from the
analysis, as well as final recommendations.
Appendix: Include all relevant hand-written calculations and/or appropriate computer