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DECEMBER 2, 2014

Our country and our people are under attack. A war has been waged against
ALL Kenyans by an enemy hiding behind religion, and much innocent blood has
been shed. Kenya has been subjected to a long history of murder and violence
at the hand of bandits, terrorists and extremists.

For over two decades now, Kenya has endured immense vulnerability owing to
the collapse of the Somalia Government in 1991. This led to civil war in that
country, and provided space for bandits to roam the entire region at will.

This space became ideal for terrorists to train and plan far-reaching attacks in
the region, continent and even abroad. From Somalia, they inflicted murder and
mayhem with impunity everywhere they went. Kenya has, by far, borne the
brunt of these terrorist attacks.

In August 1998, 200 Kenyans were murdered by terrorists when they detonated
a bomb at the US Embassy in Nairobi. In November, 2002, terrorists struck in
Kikambala, Kilifi county, claiming over a dozen lives.

Since then, a spate of attacks and abductions threatened our people and the
economy, violated our territorial integrity and insulted our sovereignty. More
recently, there has been a series of terror attacks, culminating in the violence
and murder at the Westgate Mall in September last year, and the murders early
this morning in Mandera. These terrorist attacks have claimed the lives of
more than 500 civilians and 300 security officers.

After decades of horror, fear, outrage and frustration, we resolved as a nation

to protect our sovereignty by pursuing our enemies beyond our borders into
Somalia. By mid-2011, it had become abundantly clear that our long border
with an ungoverned territory teeming with violent criminals was a threat to our
national stability. Joining military efforts to bring peace to Somalia was the
inevitable answer to our terror and security threats. In October, 2011, the
Government authorized the KDF to pursue the Al Shabaab militia into Somalia.
This decision was right then, and remains so today.

Following requests by regional, continental and global actors, KDF joined

AMISOM in February 2012. We remain part of the African Union mission to

The incursion in Somalia has been largely successful. Al-Shabaab is depleted

and on the retreat. However, even in its diminished state, it remains a threat
to our nation. In desperation, it formally affiliated itself in 2012 to Al Qaeda,
the international terrorist group.

This way, they secured resources and ability to infiltrate civilian populations
and recruit, then radicalize Kenyan youths to execute attacks within our

This is why we have witnessed intensified extremist rhetoric against the KDF
campaign in Somalia as well as support for murder and impunity. This
reprehensible rhetoric has embraced Al Qaedas extremist ideas of setting up
an Islamic Caliphate in East Africa.

Places of worship have become fertile places for recruitment and several
Mosques have been taken over by radicalized terrorist sympathizers and

Dear Kenyans,
All recent attacks bear the terrorists signature. Last weeks bus attack was
accompanied by typical terrorist rhetoric. Last night, a terrorist attack that
would have wrought unspeakable devastation was successfully repulsed in
Wajir. Todays attack in Mandera targeted a soft area, leaving 36 Kenyans dead.

These attacks follow a pattern identical to the attacks on Christians in Lamu,

the sporadic attacks in Mombasa, Kwale, Garissa and Tana River. The obvious
intent is to create hostility and suspicion across ethnic and religious lines and
to drive non-Muslims from certain parts of this country. The ultimate aim of
this atrocious campaign is to establish an extremist caliphate in our region.

Dear Kenyans,
A time has come for each and everyone of us to decide and choose. Are you

on the side of an open, free, democratic Kenya which respects the rule of law,
sanctity of life and freedom of worship, or do you stand with repressive,
intolerant and murderous extremists?

Dear Kenyans,
Terrorism and violent crime are grave threats to our nation. We are in a war
against terrorists in and outside our country.

With the aid of sympathizers, supporters and collaborators among our

communities, terrorists have retaliated viciously to deter us from our
determined, effective and successful effort to rid the Horn of Africa of terrorism
and violent extremism. We will not flinch or relent in the war against terrorism
in our country and our region. We shall continue to inflict painful casualties on
these terrorists until we secure our country and region. Our stability and
prosperity depends on a secure neighbourhood. This is our commitment.

We ask every Kenyan to take a principled stand against the evil of terror, and to
support this war. We are in this together, all the way.

Innocent Kenyan lives have been lost, in a most harrowing manner, to these
Too many lives, too painfully snuffed out.
Again, I extend
condolences to the families of all Kenyans who lost their lives in the hands of
terrorists. My Government continues to extend support to you, and we pray
that God gives you His divine solace, and comforts each of you in this painful

In our shock, bitterness and outrage, many Kenyans, leaders included, have
lost sight of the context of this situation, and the scale of the war on terror.
Kenya is at war. Our enemy thrives on sowing panic and despondency in our
hearts. We aid this enemy when we succumb to suspicion, fear, finger-pointing
and blame-games.

Terrorists efforts bear fruit a hundredfold when we see things their way: with
countenances of fear, anger and despair. We become their unwitting
accomplices when we doubt, and we come to their aid when we shout at each

This is a war against Kenya, and Kenyans. It is not a war against the Jubilee
Government or its leaders. It is a war that every one of us must fight. Our
bickering only emboldens the enemy.

Our national conversation, whatever its temper, is facilitated by our media.

The media must step back from being an inert funnel of sentiments, opinions
and messages, and become a true mediator and an honest broker of the
national discourse. The media must not allow intemperate, intolerant, divisive,
alarmist and stigmatizing views.

Ideas that profile and victimize communities and individuals serve the precise
aims of our enemies. Media serving as a platform for destructive and toxic
interaction is dangerous for our nationhood. I urge the media to help Kenya
develop a sober, bipartisan consensus on matters of national importance,
where we may confer as a national family without sacrificing our democracy,
freedom of opinion or robust debate.

Fellow Kenyans,
I must address myself at this point to our Muslim community. Muslims are a
hardworking, and peaceful community. Their contribution to nation building is
indispensable. We ask you to continue standing with your country and
compatriots as always, and not to give in to the desires of terrorists who may
use your religion to manipulate or coerce you. All Kenyans understand Islam to
be a religion of peace, because Allah is All- Gracious and merciful.


a doubt, terrorists who claim to kill in the name of Allah are neither
nor Godly people, but deranged animals who have lost their souls and
Stay true to your religious tradition of tolerance and respect for all
We depend on your support in our war against violent extremism and

I also want to reach out, in a special way, to county governments, and

especially those whose counties border Somalia. Let us never forget that as
leaders, we are all sworn to protect the sovereignty of this nation.

I remind you of your responsibility to work with the national Government in

keeping our country and people safe. Your interactions with the grassroots
place you in a vantage for purposes of preventing attacks and peace-building

within and among our communities. As always, we will keep a listening ear at
all times to take your input on board.

Let us all pull together as one nation: to comfort the afflicted and bereaved, to
confront the terrorists and to build a stronger, more tranquil and happier

Fellow Kenyans,
As President and the Commander-in-Chief of our Defence Forces, I hurt with
you, and grieve with you very deeply. I continuously consult and review
concrete strategies to make every part of this country safe for every Kenyan. I
remain confident that our short, medium and long-term plans are feasible and
appropriate, and that in due course, our security situation will turn around.

My Government has invested heavily in terms of increasing the recruitment of

security personnel and improving their welfare, providing vehicles for our
security services, equipping them with the hardware and technology needed to
keep Kenya safe. We will continue to increase investment in this sector until
our country and citizens are secure.

Despite this progress, we acknowledge some weaknesses in our security


In light of this, last week, I directed my Governments security actors to engage

with the members of the relevant committees of the legislature, with a view to
rectify administrative and legal hurdles that limit our ability to deal with the
very real and existential threat that we face.

On Thursday this week, I expect a final report of their deliberations and

recommendations for my consideration and further action. To this end, I have
written to the National Assembly to ask them to extend their sitting until this
process is concluded.

Recognizing that the war on terrorism requires all of us, I also call upon other
arms of Government, particularly the Judiciary and the office of the Director of
Public Prosecutions to work with us and seal all gaps that hinder the effective
operations to secure the country.

Dear Kenyans,
As we intensify the war on terrorism, I acknowledge the thousands of our men
and women in uniform. They continue to serve this nation diligently in difficult
and trying circumstances.

We have lost hundreds of them as they work to defend us. For this reason, I
urge all Kenyans to support and pray for our security forces at all times.

Earlier today, I held a meeting with the Inspector General of Police, Mr David
Kimaiyo, a man who has served this nation with dedication and commitment.

Mr David Kimaiyo offered to retire and I have accepted the retirement request. I
therefore take this opportunity to thank Mr David Kimaiyo for his many years of
service to our nation.

Further to this, I have nominated Hon. Major General (rtd) Joseph Nkaissery as
the new Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National
Government. I hope the National Assembly will expedite the process of his
vetting and approval.

Fellow Kenyans,
I know we are all under a lot of pressure, but I appeal to each one of us: this is
not a time to be cowed by the enemy. I also call on all leaders to stand together
and confront this enemy. This is a war we must win.

We must win it together. In times like this, Kenyans must unite and stand for

Thank you and God bless you.