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Raja Yoga Meditation: Course Benefits

The topics covered in this course lead to a deeper understanding of
yourself, your intrinsic positive qualities and your innate value. In
time, this understanding becomes a natural part of your day to day
awareness, constructively influencing how you see yourself and how
you relate to your world.
In the process of exploring these universal concepts in the privacy of
your own inner world through meditation, you will come to a first hand
awareness of the interconnectedness of the human family and the
rights, roles and responsibilities of individuals. This is very important
in your spiritual development and will give you a fresh perspective on
values such as justice, freedom, respect and love.
The concepts presented in this course are simple yet profound and
are accessible to individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs. Simple
and honest effort is the only prerequisites for success in meditation.
As in any field of endeavor, the rewards of meditation and spiritual
study are in proportion to the time and effort you invest.
In the practice of meditation, there is a need to know and
understand who and what is meditating. Who and what lost the inner
balance. Therefore, who is the one who experiences unhappiness,
depression or hopelessness?
Explore the common knowledge about Mind and Body as two
different kinds of energy. Today, we are uncertain of the difference
and tend to mix the two. Instead of seeing the body as the package,
and the mind as the contents, we see ourselves mainly as the body.
1. Let us state the most obvious difference between body and mind:BODY
Tangible (evident)
Visible (perceptible by eyes) ----Invisible

2. Now, experience the difference : Close your eyes and be

aware of your true Self. You are able to be aware of the different parts
of Your body (legs, arms, feet, etc.). Do Your legs, Your stomach,
etc. have self -awareness? The body is the human (container) where
the Being resides. The Being, which is YOU, situated just above and
behind the eyes (center of the forehead) within the brain. This is
Your driver's seat where You do your thinking, analyzing, and
directing every movement of - the vehicle - Your body (made up of the
five elements), through the 5 physical sense organs. You are not
Your body.
3. After the short exercise, understand the difference between the
Point of Consciousness, and the mind. This is where You are
seated, conscious of your-Self and the world. In fact YOU are Pure
consciousness itself, and Your mind is your conscious ability to think.
The Mind is not separate from you, but an integral part of You the
is called by many names: Soul, Spirit, Atma, Living-Being, InnerSelf, Life-Energy, Pure-Consciousness, Essence... etc.
( For our study and purpose, we will refer to SOUL.).
Remember, You are not Your body.
4. What are the CHARACTERISTICS of I the SOUL:* Form - Conscious point of Spiritual (metaphysical) Light Energy,
and cannot be seen by the physical eyes.
* Position - Center of the forehead, just above and behind the eyes,
inside the brain, but separate from the brain. The brain is the
computer, and You, the Soul, are the programmer.
* Task / Role - Animates and directs the body. It is the soul (the
actor), that brings the body (the costume) to life. Without the body
the Soul cannot express itself.
* Life span - Eternal, imperishable, immortal: The Soul cannot be
created nor destroyed. There is no such thing as death of the
imperishable Soul, only the death of the perishable body; at which

point, the Soul (the actor) leaves the body (costume) and takes
rebirth (takes a new body, to play a new role).
* Purpose - Self-expression in relationship with others (without the
body one could not express and relate to others).
* Original qualities - Purity, Peace, Love. Joy, Truth, Humility.
The aim of meditation is to experience each of these original (innate)
qualities, which are responsible for our pure feelings, emotions,
* Faculties - Three subtle sense organs:
Effects of Over Identifying Ourselves with the physical form the body :

Experiences of the senses - we think that the 5 senses are our only
sources of experiences, and we begin to depend on external things
for our Happiness and Peace. In the physical world everything
changes and comes to an end. When those physical pleasures
(experience through the sense organs) end, we become unhappy and
peaceless. We desire more, and become more and more dependent
on external stimulus. Our moods go up and down, conditioned by
how satisfied our physical senses are.
Anger results when we do not get what we want Greed increases
when we get what we want, and we want more Ego develops when
we show off what we have. Feeling OK one minute and not OK the
next makes us feel powerless and unhappy. Meditation can help recharge our inner strength and re-discover our original power of inner
peace and freedom, in a life full of ups and downs.
Traps of Limited Identities -

First effect is, when we think we are the body, we give it labels. Each
label is a different identity - nationality, family, religion, profession,
race, gender, etc. Each identity brings with it certain values, which
determine certain ways of thinking and acting.
Second side effect is to put labels on others. We put them in boxes
and that also ends in conflict. Christian against Muslim, black against
white, labor against management, and so on. Once again the result
is anger, jealousy, conflict. contrary to our true nature and our

desire for peace. However, there is no need to reject your body.

When you know the right relationship between you the Soul and your
body, you can control and take care of it in the right way, because
then it will not govern or take care of You!
My True Identity as SOUL - is the key to experiencing my true, original

nature of peace and happiness. The key to understanding myself,

and key to harmonizing with others. Meditation is the method to
experience naturally, and cultivate that "I am a Soul" or Soulconsciousness.
Method of Meditation:

In meditation, you experience yourself as a

Soul. Sit in a comfortable position, let go of all different limited bodily
identities, try to let go of all sounds and sights around you and turn
inward toward yourself. Focus your attention up to that point in the
forehead where you the soul is seated. If your mind seems to be
running with many thoughts or memories, just observe them and
watch them come and go. Gently keep bringing your attention back to
your-Self here-and-now, sitting on your seat of consciousness.
Gradually your mind becomes more peaceful and your thoughts slow
down. Create the thought of peace, concentrate your attention on
that thought and gradually it becomes your experience. Try this with
total concentration once or twice a day to start with, in a quiet place at
home or at work. These are the first steps to learn how to meditate
and regain control of your thoughts, feelings and your life experience.
If you find it a little difficult, be patient. Don't give yourself a hard
time. Regular practice will make you perfect.
OM SHANTI - a greeting of peace = I am a peaceful soul.
Reminding each other of our originality / personality.
{ OM means - I am, a soul; and
SHANTI means - peaceful. }