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Personal Profile

I am feeling extremely honored to introduce myself to you.

I am Tahir Ibrahim a student of BBA (Hons). My education carrier here in NTU is average that
is (2.97) CGPA.

Personality Strengths:
I am a dedicated and challenging person and ready to fit according to the situation. I
utilize all my interpersonal skills and strengths to get up to the mark and accomplish my duties.

If I am given a chance to work for the society as the General secretary, I would utilize my
interpersonal and communication skills for the growth of our society.

For further details check my achievement certificates.

Society work

I have been rendering my services to the society with Great Spirit. I have been a part of society
at certain different designations.

Executive society:

Junior coordinator
General Secretary
General Secretary CBS (character building society).

Other work:

Delegate in INVENT.
Organizer in INVENT
Organizer in Covitex.
President City School.
Current vice President (Ex .Citizen society).

Future Plans for my Society:

Vision: I will ensure that my fellow students are well equipped with the skills and abilities in a
right manner. A strong cohesive and synergized task force of our faculty and executive society
will be quite helpful

Events: (BAP) Business Acceleration program. An extensive platform for practicing the
knowledge we have gained at our mother institute. We could also invite other institute to learn
some lessons for DMS National Textile University

Cultural up gradation: I feel uncomfortable to be a part of such a culture, we are in a dire need
of cultural up gradation for our DMS NTU. We have faculty with diversified knowledge of
world and cultures that of business schools let not feel shy to change our self for the betterment.

Job fairs: Another important task I would love to take up personally regardless of my authorities
(JOB FAIR) we do have talent, bright students but no rational for graduating students. Let not
put our students in a state where they get unnoticed by BIG companies in Pakistan

Student counselling: I see a Gap between teachers and Students for an appropriate gesture of a
business school. People have money, power, in fact everything but sometime its just moral
support one may need to excel. It is my humble request to my Faculty of DMS Please step ahead
and talk lets FIX our Business school.

LINK UP: I have come across an analysis that there are many graduates of DMS NTU who are
doing quite good with their career in different market places like COCA COLA TELENOR
SAPPHIRE and the list goes on lets put such Positive energies to develop a link in between
NTU and our graduated students. This will help our current students to feel special being at NTU
and a part of DMS, More over motivation and an inspiration is added benefit

Hierarchy for Society

Final year
1) President
2) Events Organizer (03)
2.1) Students counselor (01)

3Rd Year 3) Business Schools Insights and Expert (04)

2nd year 4) Ex Seniors (On JOB only) correspondence. (05)
1st Year 5) Reporting and Analysis (Memos invitations and etc.) (06)
Total Society members (20)
1) President: The leader for the team.
2) Students counselor: A formal empowered student of final year to delegate students problem
to management and take follow ups.
3) Event organizer: Responsible for managing all task related to Events and accompanied by
two 3rd year students to work effectively.
4) Business Schools Insights and Expert: A student responsible for looking what going on in
different schools of Business and booking some tours to different events for classes either with
university permission or with their own efforts
5) Ex seniors correspondence: A student in touch with his or Her elder ones who had their
studies from NTU and who have a soft corner for NTU students to lend them their hands.
6) Reporting and Analysis: students in first year can do some reporting task like invitations
memos and covering an events documentations.