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Amory Orchard

The Infinite Museum

Promotions Committee
20 November 2014
Possible Museum Publications
The following is a list of possible museum publications the promotions committee is considering
contacting about our web application, The Infinite Museum. Some of the organizations we could
contact are scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. However, there are other options that include
submitting a conference paper and simply sharing our news with the larger museum community.
1. Museum and Curatorial Review
The Museum and Curatorial Studies Review is a peer-reviewed journal published by the
Museum and Curatorial Studies Multi-Institutional Research Cluster, a network of artists,
museum professionals, and scholars.
The editorial board is currently accepting propels for articles (6,000-9,000 words), interviews
(2,000-6,000 words), open letters (2,000-6,000 words), conversational pieces (2,000-6,000
words), exhibition reviews (1,000-2,500 words), and book reviews (1,000-1,500 words).
Submitting to this publication could be beneficial if we are looking for a scholarly audience to
read about our application.
2. Museum and Society
Museum and Society is an interdisciplinary e-journal which is devoted to the study of museums.
It caters for museum professionals and for the growing number of non-museum people whose
professional work leads them to engage with the subject of the museum (from the Editorial
This e-publication specializes in topics concerning the museums social and cultural contexts and
explores the ever-changing role of the museum in todays society. The journal is catered to an
audience of practitioners, researchers, academic specialists, and other interested parties with an
interest in museum topics. Any professionals who falls under any of these categories are qualify
to submit their work. Their overall goal is to report new directions in museum practice.
Because our app encourages a social museum experience and is so unique, this may worth
looking into. The journal is from the United Kingdom. However, nothing on the website

specifies whether or not they only accept British contributors. Articles must be 5,000-8,000
3. The Inclusive Museum
This knowledge community is brought together by common concern for the future role of the
museum and in particular how it can become more inclusive. The community interacts through
an innovative, annual face-to-face conference, as well as year-round virtual relationships in a
weblog, peer reviewed journal and book series exploring the affordances of the new digital
media. Members of this knowledge community include academics, curators, museum and public
administrators, cultural policy makers and research students (from About the Community
Their peer-reviewed, academic journal accepts submissions about the changing role of the
museum, and those that ask the question, How can the institution of the museum become more
inclusive? Article submissions must be 2,000-5,000 words, and authors do not need to be
members of the Inclusive Museum Knowledge Community.
4. Global Museum
The Global Museum is an online community and resource or those in the museum profession
and others who have a passion for museums. The website has a newsletter, and there is a
contact page for those who have news to share. Anyone has the ability to email them their news
information about their projects.
Our class should definitely consider contacting The Global Museum because it is not a platform
just for museum studies students and museum professionals, but anyone who is interested in
museums as cultural hubs.