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COLORADO SPRINGS- December 8, 2014- The National Wheelchair Basketball

Association (NWBA) announced a partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District
(LAUSD) today to provide a local wheelchair basketball program to youth with physical
disabilities in Los Angeles.
The LAUSD is the second largest public school system in the US with 80% of its population
being of Hispanic descent. The LAUSD serves over 83,000 students with disabilities. This
is the first-time the NWBA will work with a school district to provide assistance to students
who are disabled. The NWBA plans to use this program as a model for other school
districts to implement long-term programs across the country that focus on sports activities
for students with physical disabilities. As part of the Junior Division of the NWBA, these
programs will be available for student athletes ages 6-18.
"The NWBA is both proud and excited to enter into a partnership with the Los Angeles
Unified School District, said Randy Schubert, Executive Director, National Wheelchair
Basketball Association. We look forward to developing a district wide program in the
coming years that will give all students with physical disabilities the opportunity to
experience the fun, excitement and benefit of playing wheelchair basketball. We also see
this as a pilot program that will begin to be replicated in other school districts around the
Across LAUSD, there are over 2,000 students with orthopedic impairments.
This partnership will not only help the LAUSD meet the Department of Educations
mandate for equal access for these opportunities, but also will help meet the NWBAs
Youth League goals of sustainability of existing Youth Programs.
The Los Angeles Unified School District is very excited to add Wheelchair Basketball to
our family of sports opportunities we currently offer to our students with special needs. By
teaming with the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, we can offer sports

competition specifically geared toward our students with physical disabilities. Sharyn
Howell, Executive Director of the Division of Special Education.
The implementation of the school-based model will evolve over a five-year period. Initially,
the NWBA will provide 10 wheelchairs for two schools, which will allow children to have the
opportunity to begin to learn the sport. In year two, the NWBA and the LAUSD will provide
20 additional wheelchairs to allow leagues to be formed. In order to further develop the
program, fundraising will continue in order to rollout the program to more schools by
purchasing additional chairs, offering training for staff, coaches and officials. By year five,
the goal will be a total of 60+ chairs available, which will allow for three leagues to be
formed, culminating in a city championship among the schools
Through the partnership with the LAUSD, local volunteers will be able to make a positive
impression in the lives students with physical disabilities. Within the last two years, the
NWBA also created two new Youth Programs for young athletes. Additionally, the quality of
these Youth Programs has been enhanced significantly from improvements in coaching
education and certification. This project will give these students the opportunity to transform
their lives through the power of adaptive sports.

Founded in 1948 by American WWII veterans, the National Wheelchair Basketball
Association is recognized by the USOC as the official governing body for wheelchair
basketball in the United States. The NWBA provides qualified individuals with physical
disabilities the opportunity to play, learn and compete in the sport of wheelchair basketball.
It is the oldest and largest DSO (Disabled Sports Organization) and is the only paralympic
sport organization that is able to offer college scholarships for its athletes. The NWBA is
comprised of over 2700 members that make up the mens, womens, intercollegiate and
youth teams which span across twenty-two conferences and seven divisions. The NWBA is
a nonprofit (501c), charitable organization recognized by US Congress and the American
member of the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF).
Madden Leen
Michelle Alban

Photo courtesy LAUSD

The 2014-2015 Chatsworth Charter High School, Chatsworth, CA wheelchair basketball