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December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala

Spiritual Chicken
Ted Ollikkala (Spiritual Chicken)
Align the Mind – Gain without
Quick Facts
We all know the battle of the mind vs. the senses… is the tail
wagging the dog or did we simply forget to hitch the mule to
the cart? In a sense (pardon the pun), it's the popular theme of
mind over matter – a very powerful concept akin to the word
of God (logos) that created the world.
Main Areas: Empowerment, Self-realization
Career Focus: Author, Speaker Now let's say you have any one of a number of nasty habits
or New Years' resolutions (current or past) that you're keen
Ted Ollikkala developed an intense interest in the on disciplining. They could range anywhere from trying to get
process of enlightenment and spirituality in 1981 in a regimented exercise routine, losing weight, stop smoking
when, at the age of 23 he was exposed to the writings or eating meat, sexual abstinence or imbibing drugs/alcohol.
of Alan Watts, Paramahansa Yogananda, Vernon Notice that time management, procrastination, spending
Howard, and Ram Dass, the yoga practices of Richard more time with the kids, etc. are NOT on the list, because
Hittleman, the readings of Edgar Cayce, and Paul these are not bodily functions regulated by the chemistry of
Bragg’s Miracle of Fasting. An avid traveler, interviewer the senses.
and photojournalist, he has documented spiritual
practices in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Bali, and OK, time to get started on this one. The carefully crafted plan
Singapore. is ready for action. The body is present, and the mind is in the
driver's seat. The green flag is waving and all of your friends
He has written feature articles and interviews with Guy are cheering in the grandstand, some of them hoping to make
Finley, Alan Watt's son (Mark Watts), Progressive rock a bit of money off you!
Artist Paul Whitehead, Australian musician Orianthi
Panagaris, Christian mystic Sister Choo Thomas To assist in our handicapping, there is a red hot tip from
(Heaven is So Real), Patricia Bragg, Comedian Tim Mahatma Gandhi that no one who is trying self-discipline
Sample, and others on (70,374 should ever forget. It comes from Gandhi's autobiography,
visitors since 2005). 'The story of my experiments with truth' (Chapter 107) when
he was experimenting with fasting as a means to purify the
Ted is an avid photographer with more than 4,040,434 mind:
all time views on and
contributions to National Wildlife Federation and "A mind consciously unclean cannot be cleansed by fasting.
UNESCO Thailand. A former engineer, early childhood Modifications in diet have no effect on it. The concupiscence
education specialist, nursing assistant, holistic artifacts (strong sexual desire) of the mind cannot be rooted out except
dealer and communication skills lecturer, Ted brings a by intense self-examination, surrender to God and lastly,
wealth of experiences and a unique perspective to his grace. But there is an intimate connection between the mind
writings on spirituality. and the body, and carnal mind always lusts for delicacies and
He currently lives in Singapore and is the owner and
main contributing author of To obviate this tendency dietetic restrictions and fasting would
appear to be necessary. The carnal mind, instead of controlling

December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala
the senses, becomes their slave and therefore the body always 5. People, - you cannot live without SINNING…
needs clean non-stimulating foods and periodical fasting." So stop feeling guilty.
6. GOD acknowledges you
What Gandhi is saying here is thus: Why not acknowledge Him?
The mind, without being aligned with the authorization of 7. YOU can be selfish
the Creator (Gandhi was essential non-religious, believing in If you want to…
spirituality rather than any particular organized religion), the 8. Not all PSYCHIC ENERGY is benevolent
mind is weak and will be overruled and overpowered by the Some spirits are evil.
senses of the body every time.
9. You don't HAVE TO maintain your body
Changing habits without proper 'mind alignment' is akin to But why suffer needlessly?
torture and nearly certainly doomed to failure. It takes a 10. You can BLAME…
tremendous amount of self-generated energy (we foolishly call But ultimately you're always at fault.
this 'will power') and anal retentiveness to carry out such a
program over the body.

How much easier all of this would be if only we have the

Creator's energy doing the work for us! The same message
comes across in Christianity from the bible (Matt 11:28-30;
NIV) when Jesus says 'For my yoke is easy and my burden
is light' because you can 'cast all your care upon him; for he
careth for you.' (1 Peter 5:7)

Effortless change of habits, successful self-restraint, and

practical physical and mental discipline are truly possible for
those spiritually aligned with the energy of the cosmos. If this
sounds too good to be true, we need only think how difficult it
is for a fish to swim upstream. To 'go with the flow' (if you can
identify and connect with that flow) is the 'only way to go'.

To sum things up: Life lived in the spirit is indeed a breeze.

Ten Spiritual Truths You Didn't

Unchallenged assumptions in a rational, take it for granted
world are extremely dangerous. Yet many of us carry on day
by day as if we know-it-all, and like a speed bump in the road
(what's that in the road, a head?), sooner or later evasive action
must be taken to avoid calamity. So watch where you're going,
be prepared, and read the scout's code book. Don't leave home
without it.

Here are ten golden spiritual truths that are hard to argue
against, but easy enough to experience for yourself. All it takes
is a little observation. Be brave. Experiment a little with life
in small ways that don't rock the boat. You will emerge all the
wiser and may be able to give someone a 'leg up' someday.
Staying Spiritually Straight –
1. Women, - of course you're a GODDESS…
Do you really need to pay someone to tell you that?
Correct Use of Tools
Many people these days have are proud to acknowledge that
2. Of course, - ANGELS are talking to you...
they have 'hit the spiritual trail', they've taken up one or
You just don't know yet how to listen!
more of the various aspects of modern spirituality which are
3. People, - we're all created from the SAME ENERGY. popularly available.
Were you not aware?
4. People, - the body is powered by THE BREATH. In these days of open acceptance and general tolerance of
Therefore, breathe deeply! alternate spirituality practices, there are any number of people

December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala
who, at any given time – are switching paths, or adding on new getting to the ultimate level, full enlightenment and union with
ones in their quest for comfort and closure . the creator?

• Comfort: from personal problems; including career, It seems to me that as many times as the great yogis and other
health, and relationships. enlightened beings have warned about not being distracted
• Closure: due to the inability to answer Ramana by miracles, powers, and spiritual gifts that manifest as
Maharshi's favourite (supreme) question 'Who am I?', one purifies their consciousness through various techniques
and the Christian failure to account for reincarnation, (meditation, prayer, fasting, devotion, etc.) this is the general
which results in the uncomfortable theology of eternal atmosphere that pervades (and perverts) the true essence of
damnation in hell. spirituality in the new millennium.

And there are many experts in spiritual fields who are more
than willing to bring the seeker down their particular branch.
Usually, it seems - they charge 'by the footstep' (or by the
phone call, private consultation, or speaking engagement). To
mention a few examples, there is the tarot, astrology, auras,
channeling, psychiv readings, and various self-empowerment
techniques (hypnosis, ESP, creating abundance, manifesting
dreams, etc.)

All of these fields are quite valid indeed, and dedicated

practitioners are able to tap into the ethereal energy and
achieve more or less the desired results. Past lives can be
known, as can certain future events, ancestors contacted and
communicated with, etc. They deserve the fees they charge,
as the initiate is not likely to accomplish any of these goals
without expert advice.

I will call these skills 'spiritual tools'. They are tools that
anyone (with a mind) would seemingly have the potential to
learn to use, given proper technique, diligence, and skill.

However, certain persons are born with these innate abilities,

such as the psychic abilities (for example, clairvoyance,
channeling, prophecy, etc.) or discover them and develop
them to a fuller level of expression at some point in their
present incarnation. Naturally, these people would seek to
share their ability to use these tools, and generally to make a
living at the same time.

Some spiritually gifted people sought out fortune and fame on

this earth, others were uncomfortable with their gifts but were
forewarned that to use them for profit or personal gratification
would be illicit.
It's time to set ourselves straight and align once again
Examples of extraordinary people possessing spiritual gifts to the original purpose of the one guiding light, put our
include saints of the Catholic Church (St. Teresa of Avila), material desires for extraordinary comfort, excessive wealth,
Indian yogis (Paramahansa Yogananda), 'ordinary psychics and control over others aside – and reach out for direct
and healers' such as Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky, Alice A. communion and a personal relationship with our creator.
Bailey, and best selling authors such as Sylvia Browne and Zak
Martin who have been commercially successful. These spiritual distractions, nuisances and petty trivialities
belong in the lower worlds, the temporary material world of
There are a widespread number of people today who claim maya and the lower astral planes from whence various astral
and demonstrate various psychic and spiritual gifts, tools, or embodiments often seek to dispel their mischief upon mortals.
abilities that were previously unknown, uncommon, or quite
rare. They are only too happy to take on clients and readers Make proper use of your spiritual gifts to harmonize with the
of their books, tapes, etc. whose purpose is to increase wealth, life force and seek the straight and narrow. Seek ye always to
develop psychic ability, control relationships, and so on. aspire for the highest of the high, the mightiest of the mighty,
the eternal and immortal power of love and creation.
But now let us ask the million dollar question. What place do
these 'spiritual tools' have in the sincere seekers' strategy for
December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala

Spiritual Maturity – Growing Unity of purpose and commitment to the path are better than
Up, Wise! axle grease and ball bearings on the road to enlightenment.
Spiritually mature individuals have a real head start in that
Not for the Feint of Heart they are able to distinguish and be recognized by genuine
cosmic guides whose purpose is to assist the hungry souls who
Seekers of enlightenment fall into several categories, all of are moribund with the illusions of maya.
which, to the chagrin of those starting out on the path, are
nearly mutually exclusive! As a person goes through life, their
appetite for self-realization usually increases as they begin
meeting influential personalities outside of their familiar
(family) circle of close relatives and proximal neighbors.

At some point, parental influence is no longer as dominant

as in the formative years, and a tripping point in beliefs is
reached as the young seeker expands their field of vision
beyond mere ego gratification (peer assistance) and business
contacts (co-workers) defined by a particular social, industrial
and/or religious structuring.

The family religion may be a help or a hindrance to those

seeking the ultimate aim of life, which they may at first
perceive as self-realization, then enlightenment, then spiritual
guidance. If and when particular charismatic rituals and
Purify and Rinse
sanctified customs cease to appease the young soul, the
seeker becomes vulnerable to the influence of charlatans,
Expect hard change and loss of self-esteem that was placed too
fakirs and wannabees who try to dazzle a new devotee with
high on the scale during periods of pre-gestated vulnerability.
overwhelming waves of mystic sensation.
Be willing to lose all that you had gained on the social,
industrial, and religious scales of contrived artificiality. Be
Induced Escapism
open to intense cleansing and absolute blind trust. Know that
your path has been forged ahead and the way is clear, that
The initiate may find themselves in all sorts of opulent, non-
there is a guide with experience to help open your heart and
spiritual circumstances, including chemical (drugs), music
astral senses.
(counter-culture) in a naïve attempt at material escapism.
Although theoretically grounded, they are literally 'beside
The spiritually mature is not certain to recognize their
the wayside' and these activities mask themselves as cleverly
embryonic self of eons ago, indeed they are no longer the same
disguised substitutes for authenticity.
person. One ego has been shed and its thin shell lies cast
aside for the hungry vultures of the devil to devour. He can
Upon further maturation, mostly derived from causal
walk freely among formerly polarized points of distraction and
experience (trial and error) – the seeker will turn to time-
attraction with a clear focus and open concentration.
honored, trusted sources of historical inspiration in various
fields, such as mind development, philosophical thinking,
The foot will not deviate into obstruction nearly as often, nor
reasoning, artistic expression, poetry, etc. In these avenues
will adversaries attack a strengthened mind nor continue to
one will meet a bewildering assortment of more sincere, yet
fool a foolish heart. The mind is water-tight and iron clad with
equally as discouraged as not fellow seekers who might seem
right purpose, the heart driven by an irresistible, otherworldly
to possess a common heritage.
passion – and the foibles of man cease to intrigue.
Brotherhood of Unity
The Worthy Opponent – Your Self
What started as a personal quest for self-realization now
The one whom you thought was is in your way is gone. The
becomes tinged with the possibility of cooperation and vested
expansion of interconnected circles has brought you to a
partnership of a much wider, spiritual community (of which
crossroads of selfish sorts. You emerge spiritually wiser and
there are many). Such a novice may at last be recognized as
lighter with one less karmic influence to hold you back. Like a
latent with potential, although still considered to be a spiritual
hot knife through butter your soul reeks of desire to join with
your creator, and your creator has sent hand picked experts to
challenge and nurture you. This should sound like a paradox
Although the possibility of becoming pigeon-holed by dogma
because it is.
and intricate specialization is a definite reality at this stage and
as much a trap as the previously mentioned forms of 'sincere
No one said that enlightenment was easy. But now that you're
escapism', it is a mark of religious piousness that can be ill
here, would you go back?
afforded in a sectarian world.

December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala
Author's Bio So it seems to be the same from the Zen point of view about
reaching enlightenment. In fact, the phrase "pulling yourself Expert Author, Ted Ollikkala developed
up by your own bootstraps" (a favorite of Alan Watts) is simply
an intense interest in the process of enlightenment and
another means of proclaiming the impossibility of the task.
spirituality in 1981 when, at the age of 23 he was exposed
to the writings of Alan Watts, Paramahansa Yogananda, I would like to provide several analogies that convey similar
Vernon Howard, and Ram Dass, the yoga practices of meaning, just to get the point across.
Richard Hittleman, the readings of Edgar Cayce, and Paul Sinking in Quicksand
Bragg’s Miracle of Fasting. An avid traveler, interviewer and
photojournalist, he has documented spiritual practices in If you saw some hapless soul slowly sinking in a pit of
Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Bali, and Singapore. quicksand, would you
A former engineer, early childhood education specialist, 1. Tell them to struggle harder?
nursing assistant, holistic artifacts dealer and communication
skills lecturer, Ted brings a wealth of experiences and a unique 2. Tell them to move slowly and wait for external assistance?
perspective to his writings on spirituality. He currently lives in
Singapore and is the owner and main contributing author of Of course, we all know the answer (2). Right? That's because
struggling only serves to hasten the sinking.
How about if you were scuba-diving a saw a shark? How about
if you were hiking and came across a venomous rattlesnake
or cobra? The same theory (walk slowly and carry a big stick)
would apply...
You are not a Perpetual Motion Machine
Do you remember the 'drinking bird' toy from the 1970s that
at first glance seemed to be a perpetual motion machine?
The bird pivoted at the center and rocked up and down as if
drinking water from a cup. Actually, the cycle would continue
as long as there is enough water in the glass to keep the head
wet, or as long as a temperature differential is maintained
between the bird's head and body.
Or consider this - you set out on a long drive across the
country in your automobile. At some point however, you
will have to stop to tank up your fuel. Assuming that you
have adequate cash and that the gas station has sufficient
quantities, you're likely to reach your destination. Notice
that this type of journey requires some sort of exchange of
Halfway to Enlightenment - commodities, barter, or currency in order to work (you could
resort to siphoning gas in the middle of the night, but that's
Just One Step More not ethical).
October 19th, 2009
Spiritual Currency
Several Zen-like 'anti-gurus' such as Alan Watts and U.G.
A spiritual journey requires spiritual currency or bartering.
Krishnamurti have argued about the futileness of actively
Actually it seems to work like this: the ever-forgiving Being
seeking enlightenment through strenuous effort, asceticism,
of Creation requires only a small payment in the form of
or other various disciplines as a waste of energy that could best
love, devotion, and respect in order to grant you grace and
be put to more practical use. Let me explain further. Perhaps
favoritism in answering your prayers of request.
you have heard of the proven mathematical impossibility of
never reaching your destination. But now back to the original conundrum; the whole mistaken
idea of being able to gain enlightenment through self-effort
Let me explain further. Perhaps you have heard of the
of expending sufficient (and exorbitant amounts of) energy
proven mathematical impossibility of never reaching your
in the quest of it. To the anti-guru U.G. Krishnamurti this
was sublime folly. He constantly admonished those seeking
Here's how it works. You stand facing a wall. Your chosen spiritual advice to simply stop trying - there was nothing to
objective is to reach the wall by taking steps towards it. But the gain by this method. In fact, the method (of expending energy)
rules of this game state that every step you take will bring you actually takes you further out to sea and away from your goal.
halfway to the wall. Sounds pretty good so far! So you take the
To take it one confounding step further - he also advised
first step (you're halfway to the wall already). Now for the next
against having such a goal. To function in the 'natural state',
step... halfway again! But after a few more steps you realize
one needed to clear the mind (thought energy) even of goals.
that you're never going to make it!
Any goal.

December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala
Putting Your Energy to Good Use And at the mind level, the familiar words, phrases, and idioms
must be used, analysis must occur in the same manner and
So how can our thought energy be put to best use? By not
judgments must be made with the same ethics as has been
worrying about the goal of enlightenment and using the mind
characterized by the personality, or particular 'mask' that the
for the purpose it was intended - to obtain the basic necessities
ego has been wearing for most of its existence.
of life. Anything else is simply diversion.
Do we mean to say "You look sad" or "Your body looks sad"?
Alan Watts used to talk about (in his audio lectures) those
Think carefully about this distinction.
who knew they were living in an illusion (Maya) and those
who didn't. He actually took pity on those who had 'awakened'
and were firmly committed to the struggle of trying to free
themselves from illusion (sound familiar...? Quicksand!).
On the other hand, those who went about their everyday life
completely rooted in ignorance of Maya, buying into the entire
game 'hook, line, and sinker' were actually to be admired,
for although they lived in ignorance, they also lived in bliss
(ignorance is bliss). They played the game with full intensity,
completely absorbed in emotions.
How to Unlearn
Perhaps it would be wise to consider 'unlearning' some of this
devious desire to reach the wall using half steps. Let's go on
living our lives with integrity, love, compassion and full-on
emotion rather than wasting it on selfish mind-tripping and
chasing your own tail. A receptive mind is a terrible thing to

Ego vs. Personality

Acting Out Your Life For although the ego can act in any manner it chooses, this is
October 14th, 2009
not to the ego's advantage! For an ego to maintain credibility in
There is a human body. And inside of this fantastic human the world of social interactions, it must display a more or less
body, connected to all of the motor muscles, nerves and pain consistent and predictable personality. People will not trust
sensors, is a mind. This mind has tremendous recall power. an unpredictable, hence unstable person displaying multiple
It learns as it experiences the world through the senses of the personas. They will shun, ostracize, or lock such a him or her
body that it is connected to, and through various interactions away.
initiated from without and from within. The only people who seem to be able to get away with putting
The Self as Performed Identity on different personas (personalities) are Hollywood actors
and actresses, but even many of them don't have a very wide
Most of us are familiar with Freud's notion of the ego, and the
repertoire and wind up becoming typecast. Other people have
metaphysical concept that the ego is an illusion. Let's look into
a 'public' and a 'private' persona (repertoire of two). Now back
a new meme.
to the story at hand.
Let us propose that 'We have a self'. This self goes with us
Body and Self as Narrative Constructions
wherever we go and experiences whatever it can hold onto, and
stores away these experiential imprints as a series of memory A narrative is the telling of a story. Each human being's
patterns. story (or self) is reconstructed daily from laid-down memory
patterns stored in the human mind, and performed in the
Another way of putting this is to say 'We perform our very
material and social physical world.
selves in the world as activities'. In order to maintain
its identity, the self must perform, or recreate a series of Furthermore, not only must a mind/body entity (we're
previously learnt performances each and every day in a getting more abstract here, so watch out) perform its story
consistent, coherent and logical manner in line with the in the world, it must also respond properly to external
current social circumstances, etiquette and cultural nuances stimulus. The entity's learned or conditioned response
of its environment. patterns (behaviorism) are deeply ingrained (burned) in the
mind. They operate out of the conscious realm, on autopilot
The Body Exemplifies the Mind
(the subconscious).
In a typical 'performance of the self', on any given day or time
Grounding Your Stand
- there must be an integrated display of consistency on at
least two levels; at the level of the body, where a sad-moving An entity's mind must be in reasonable working order to
body exemplifies a sad mind, a happily-moving body implies function properly in society. A malfunctioning mind will not
a happy mind, and so on. properly animate its body, and again the human entity will be
dismissed, not for unstableness of persona, but for plain old

December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala
unresponsiveness indicating lack of concern, lack of caring, or friendships - but he wouldn't have considered those people as
inability to cope. having as friends to begin with, so it never bothered him.
Therefore, to hold your ground and meet the status quo in The Enlightenment of UG Krishnamurti
society you must: UG Krishnamurti (everyone called him simply U.G.) achieved
worldwide cult status and a strange 'non-following' for the last
1. have a well-established (and unique) persona forty years of his life up until his death at the age of eighty-
nine in 2007 (read his obituary*).
2. animate your body properly
UG never stopped proclaiming that all of religion, including
Now, we have seen that both of these factors are regenerated the greatest enlightened beings of all time, Jesus, Siddhartha
(or booted up, as it were - for you computer geeks out there) Gautama, J.Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi - and all aspects
daily. The only long-term variable appearing in the temporal of the 'guru-business' including the Vedic literature - was a
mind-body equation is the soul. Funny, we haven't mentioned false and deceiving facade that did more harm than good.
Him yet!
So, to put it all together what do we have? We've got body -
mind - ego - personality, and soul. Out of these five, which one
would appear to be the most permanent?
The Camel's Back
Are you ready for the jaw buster, the straw that's gonna
break the camel's back? Here it comes... What keeps the heart
beating and the breath oscillating when the ego and persona
shut down at night? The body is on 'standby' mode, the mind
is on autopilot (again), yet there is still much regulation going
on in there! Furthermore I ask you, "What 'grows' the body as
it develops from an embryo into a fully formed adult human?".
It wasn't your mind because in the womb you didn't have one
(due to insufficient mass of brain cells).
Suffice to say that by process of elimination there must be
something (or someone) providing instruction and energy
from within (there is no external nourishment going on in
these circumstances). We can call it the soul, and take it from
there. You'd better take care of your soul, because it's the origin
of everything that you 'think' you are. (I think, therefore I am -
bah!). If you are unable to contact your soul then I suggest you
learn how ASAP. Send a request to God, the person in charge
of all the souls on earth (and then some).

Life is a Joy - Avoiding the UG

Krishnamurti Syndrome
October 3rd, 2009

UG Krishnamurti in a nutshell

Anyone who comes into contact with the ultra fascinating

life-story and circumstances of UG Krishnamurti (not to be
UG was adamant that buying in to any of the innumerable
confused with J (Jedda) Krishnamurti) is in for a ride straight
spiritual disciplines and/or methods actually took a body
to the gates of whatever you define as your hell. In fact, it's like
further away from what he insists is the natural state. UG
being alone in a car in the back seat, blindfolded!
himself lived in that natural state, the state without awareness
There is no bigger shock in life than to discover that what of self, ever since his 'Calamity' transformation in 1967. This is
you have been fruitlessly searching for all of your life, your the highly sought-after state of enlightenment called moksha.
'Restaurant at the End of the Universe' - simply doesn't exist!
Make no mistake about it, UG himself, once proclaimed in
This is putting it 'nicely'. The way it comes out of UG's
his own portfolio (scrapbook) as "One of the most brilliant
mouth has caused in people prolonged depression and suicidal
speakers that India has ever produced" was one of the
actions: "There is no power outside of man. Man has created
most highly qualified candidates on the planet during his
God out of fear."
lifetime for induction into the spiritual hall of fame. He had a
Many simply can't take it. UG spoke with authority and extraordinary passion for seeking the truth and exposing what
conviction. He loved to be blunt, and it cost him many

December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala
he considered frauds, in a loving attempt to save people from
He loved to ridicule seekers who came to him by saying such
things like "We are all at 25 Sannidhi Street, and you are
asking me "Where is 25 Sannidhi Street?" when they asked for
enlightenment. The simple act of uttering this question was
to UG the ultimate nonsense ("Who would cross the Bridge
of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other
side he see").
The syndrome that I seek to sooth is the first phase of reaction
to the ideas of UG Krishnamurti. The curious attention seekers
who followed UG to no end and demanded audiences with
him wherever he went kept it up for fifty years. What was
the mystique behind UG's enlightenment (UG himself jokingly
renamed the book written about him as 'The mistake of
The Cure
Exposure to the non-God / power of man / there-is-nothing-
to-attain philosophy is enough to rock the very foundation of
your existence. But it need not be this way. There is a cure.
Let us take a look at the technique UG used to gain attention
and force people to look inward, outward, and start seriously
questioning their own existence.
For conventional guru-ism (or what UG called 'the business
of spirituality') to survive, to be successful - it needs good
marketing. It needs a self-replicating meme that feeds upon
itself to keep bringing the customers back. It doesn't matter,
says UG - that the process doesn't yield results! "You gurus",
he said - "you all sit there meditating and abstaining from
sex. To what end? You're still sitting there and you haven't got
anything. How long will it last?"
A closer look at UG's techniques Taking Revenge on UG
UG himself could have lived a normal life. It was certainly UG would have a ball with this essay if he were to read it. It's
within his means and he never hesitated to do what he the very stuff of what he was made of. So now let's take one
wanted to do. But let's look what he allowed to happen. final aim to gather back the self-esteem of shattered hopes,
Basically, he encouraged - however directly or subtly, a circus and an put an end once and for all to the delusional 'UG
atmosphere which surrounded and constantly descended Krishnamurti Syndrome'.
upon his entourage. We start by looking at the man himself. This self-proclaimed
To be a member of UG's inner circle was a great honor for 'bomb-dropper', who teased people by saying "You don't
these 'non-disciples', who UG refused to teach or enlighten. want enlightenment - it will explode every cell in your
He said that he had no gifts to give. This non-giving (go away, body and cause intense pain. No, you don't want this!" was
I have nothing to give you) is actually a very clever use of actually a very happy and contented person. His charisma was
reverse psychology, of which UG was an absolute master. It extraordinary.
heightened the desires of those who came wanting. Not only was he handsome, intelligent, an expert lecturer,
In essence, what this 'peek-a-boo' (now you see it now you an accomplished practitioner of oriental spiritual disciplines
don't) mentality actually does is allow us to 'glimpse the sugar since an early age - he was also of auspicious birth. Numerous
without actually tasting it' (to paraphrase UG's own smiting experiences confirm psychic pre-awareness and prophecies of
criticism of fellow guru-mate J. Krisnamurti). his ability. I won't go into them here, you can read about them
in his books.
UG was a master of whetting the appetite and then
withdrawing the palette. He made no excuses for it. UG Ingenious Psychology!
destroyed the confidence in people and shattered their beliefs. Don't be fooled, UG had mystic powers, yet he failed to
However, they kept coming back! UG kept telling them to go explain them and/or simply shrugged them off as being
home and don't come back. But they had nowhere else to go. nothing more than 'scientific phenomena'. But one thing UG
They were destitute and had lost their self-esteem. failed to account for was the power of the human mind
not only, in his words "To invent God" (where there was
none)", but to manipulate the energy of creation. To bring into

December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala
being contentment and an end to suffering. To cease desiring self-perceived versions of niceness. Such a person is not being
through the act of being indifferent. authentic with their emotions. They are merely 'saving face'
and attempting to avoid conflict.
Indeed, UG Krishnamurti was a master at these things. He
lived well, with extreme integrity and was not afraid of life or 'Right intention' and proper emotions flow from the spirit,
dying. He inspired and continues to inspire thousands who and are constantly regulated in our own ongoing feedback /
would need orientation in their spiritual disciplines. control mechanism (the brain). These emotions are updated
instant by instant, and must be allowed to flow freely and
The ingeniousness of his marketing method ensures a healthy
find expression. Caged and frozen emotions are roadblocks to
skepticism and will enable seekers to jump-start their journey
with renewed enthusiasm by un-learning the unhealthy
practices that detract from the goal. Make no mistake about To control emotions, one must practice detachment, one
it - life is for the living and the zest for life is one that UG benefit learned through various meditation practices. This
Krishnamurti wholeheartedly embodied. means to step into the 'third person' point of view and observe
yourself having an emotional experience, but not identifying
yourself with it. The experience will move on and so can you
Emotions - How to Stop Them with your life.
From Running My Life?
August 20th, 2009

Emotions run in the basement of the brain. To rise above these

primitive and petty masks that overshadow your being, you
need to operate from a different center. If the basement is
flooded, seek shelter on a higher floor. The water may rise, but
so can you!
We can never escape emotions altogether, and shouldn't
expect to as they serve as self-correcting blinders in the
navigation of unknown circumstances. Life without emotions
(both positive and negative ones) is meaningless.
Classification of Emotions
The dualistic nature of the mind gives rise to differentiation,
most commonly embraced as the classic struggle between
good (the positive, the desirable, life enhancing, pleasure
seeking) and evil (the negative, the undesirable, life
destructing, pain seeking).
Any emotion, both positive or negative, can be abused by the
'emotee', or conversely over-saturate its victim with paralyzing
Cutting Through Crap -
effects. Spiritual Whack-A-Mole
August 20th, 2009
Negative Emotions
Material psychologists and self-help authors have long
Fear, lust, greed, hate, depression, sadness, prospered in their profession by embedding their clients into
disappointment.... the old game of 'Whack-A-Mole' whereby once one (costly)
Positive Emotions problem has been addressed and cured, another pops up (from
the same mind).
Love, happiness, compassion, empathy, contentment....
There is a better way. Rather than using a 'niche approach' to
Neutrality and Abuse correct faulty thinking problems, why not cut straight to the
Negative emotions are meant to protect us from our root? Think of the life force that flows through a tree. Although
environment (including other 'emotees'). In and of receiving energy from both ends; water and nutrients from the
themselves, negative emotions (in the right proportions) can roots, and chemical energy from sunlight (photosynthesis) at
indeed be helpful (and life saving). the tips of the branches - ask yourself in which direction does
a tree grow? Seed growth begins from the bottom and pushes
People get carried away with the chemically self-induced upwards towards the light.
effects (drug use, jogging) of certain positive emotions like
euphoria and love. They become addicted to these emotions Now think about the human brain. Its basic behavioral
and not only crave them but seek fulfillment at the expense of patterns are laid down in childhood. Successive layers
the emotions of others. of experiential conditioning further enhance or complicate
optimal functioning. At some point, when behavior
Cultivation and regulation modification becomes necessary (due to inappropriate ability
No one likes a 'goody two shoes', the well intentioned person to handle circumstances, both internal and external) where
who puts on their false face and traipses around spreading should the problem be addressed?
December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala
Sigmund Freud advocated regression techniques back to And another thing, there were definitely subjects not offered
the moment of birth, while Carl Jung took it one step at the time that would have made you a very different
further (or backwards) to the ocean of disembodied Collective person than the one you are today. Mind training, creativity,
Unconsciousness that we're all supposedly tapped into. analytical thinking, yoga and meditation. For elementary
school aged students? That's right. How about conflict
Modern Self-Help Techniques
resolution, entrepreneurship, and accounting?
Many of the so-called self improvement techniques and books
There are people in this world who received the right type of
available on the market these days unfortunately still advocate
education at an early age. They come from the two extremes of
a niche approach. Let's face it, professionals enjoy showing off
life - the very rich and the very poor. Rich people have private
their talent by being specialists / experts in their field. This is
tutors, like-minded associates, and non-traditional private
quite easy to do when the field is small and limited.
Such pigeonholed specialists actually end up providing a
People in poverty, while likely receiving no formal education
disservice to their clients and readers. This is because of the
- got what they needed as they went along in the school
endless chain of cause and effect that permeates the human
of life, the living breathing classroom of community, family
thinking process. Band-Aid therapy for hemorrhage results in
and culture. Not necessarily television, either, which is an
lots of leaks. Best to get a fresh flow of energy and flush out
unregulated educational distraction.
the system.
The Spiritual Psychologist
Enter the cosmic psychologist; the One who made the brain
and sustains it with life force. If a home appliance is sputtering
and sparking, there may be a poor connection. We'll replace
the entire frayed electrical cord with a fresh conduit and
connect it straight to the source. What am I saying here?
Simply to bypass the mending and splicing of the branches
(throw out the self-help books) and look to the root for power.
When a person's body and mind have been purified and
strengthened, then he/she will be ready to handle the
increased amounts of life force that will wipe clean the
irrational associations formulated in the brain and provide
spiritual guidance. Do not put your faith in man, he is only
mortal. Trust the infinite power of the timeless creator to set
your thinking straight.

My Missed Learning For the Rest of Us

Opportunities - Can I Go Back? The answer for the average person on the planet is really quite
August 20th, 2009 simply. Part-time or full-time home-schooling. For yourself!
It's inexpensive and practical, and a win-win situation for all
The Problem with Education parties concerned.
Think about your early, mostly ignorant education. The one If you decide to teach your own children (or even someone
that was cooperatively forced upon most of us at an age when else's), you would be able to introduce proper subject matter
we were wholly and unreservedly impressionable. It was done to those in whom you have a vested lifelong interest.
'for our own good', even if we didn't know why.
Simply being a teacher is one of the most powerful means
Expected to endure endless hours of externally imposed of learning what you need to know. In this manner, you
discipline and bombarded by well-intentioned teachers, we can absolutely revisit your own education with a much more
somehow struggled through those formative years, emerging developed sense of integrity and passion for learning, a sure
almost none the wiser. recipe for success (and fun).
What If For those of us without children, yet who have a strong desire
Now here's the good news. What if, you ask yourself - what if to learn, consider this: create your own 'home university'.
you could take what you know now and go back and get 're- Set up a customized curriculum, select the subject matter,
taught' only those areas of subject matter that you yourself and dedicate a fixed schedule of study. Create a system by
deem valuable (and invaluable). which to monitor your progress (you need not give yourself
assessments if you don't want to) but definitely try to test out
That's right - not everything you learned in K-8 was valuable.
practical applications (this is the most exciting test of new
Some of it was pure abstraction with no practical use in your
world. Now it's 20 or 30 years down the road, it still hasn't
been used, and is never likely to. Life is about improvement, so what are you waiting for?

December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala

21 Spiritual Sticky Notes to

Improve Your Life
August 20th, 2009

Here is a set of Spiritual 'Sticky Notes' that can be used to

empower your thinking and encourage 'right action'. These
twenty one inspirational quotes can have a profound effect on
your life. Think of them as a spiritual 'kick in the pants'!
Peace is not simply the absence of violence. It is also the
elimination of any intention to harm living things or cause
undue suffering.
A person at peace brings those around him or her closer to
The key to really getting started in life is going beyond the
'I want I want' stage and downgrading those perceived needs
into preferences.
Not only do preferences provide more options, they reduce
dependency on desire. Try it.
Low self-esteem, sense of isolation, and lack of confidence.
Sound familiar? All of the ingredients for a bungling existence.
Insecure people need a spiritual guide to help them find the
path. Without a path it is dark and dangerous.
I always believed that those who never expected much were
somehow less disappointed.
Avoidance of disappointment, however, does not contribute
to the satisfaction quotient - they are different ball games Practice destruction wisely; it has a core purpose. Out with the
entirely. bad (air) in with the good... Don't destroy what you still need,
but do clear out room for enhanced efficiency.
Remember also that 'less is more', and simplicity rules. This
Social conformity does not necessarily constitute spiritual
implies that downsizing is a good thing. To downsize you have
maturity. In fact, the more spiritually advanced you are, the
to thoughtfully destroy.
more childlike you become.
And a controlled childhood is so much better than a reckless
one prone to fatal mishaps. High amounts of indulgence in rational thinking can take the
fun out of life, and at times substitute non-activity when there
should be action.
Ask not, want not. Be content in your being. Through silence
Be mindful (!) of how much time you spend thinking ~ and of
you can hear the inner voice, and not until.
course which things you think about.
Thought cessation as well as vocal inactivity constitutes true
Fixed, rigid beliefs and closed minds have gotten more people
killed than all of the world wars combined.
It also makes for unpleasant living with your neighbors.
When experiencing unsuppressed sexual desires for a body, do
remember that its material existence is temporal.
That body is a 'snapshot' of flesh in the aging process between
birth & death.

December 17th, 2009 Published by: Ted Ollikkala
There is nothing that isn't sacred. Period.
Treat everything you encounter with awe & wonderment (I
know you'll want to argue about this one!).
Inner beauty or outer? Are you biased by gender (male or
Don't try to own or claim beauty (look but don't touch) - just
appreciate it.
Try to create beauty wherever you go.
Learn to act on your hunches and flashes of inspiration.
The path to enlightenment depends very much on developing
this skill so that you are directly in tune with the guiding voices
of wisdom.
One can not expect to be completely rational all the time.
Sometimes it takes a warped mind to ease in the data of new
The simplest way to go crazy is to be stubbornly sane.
We all want to 'belong', seeking the approval of others to do so.
Actually, the underlying foundation is that we all want to be
loved, whether we admit it or not.
Acceptance is a reciprocal process. Once accepted, one must
return the favor by accepting others.
They exist but are rarely seen by mortles. A mortle is like a Find me an honest man! In ancient Greece, Diogenes Spent
chuckle, someone who is not serious about the meaning of life. His Days Walking the streets Of Athens with a lighted lantern
TIME - looking for an honest man. That was BC, c412-323! He still
hasn't found one.
How to explain again that it's not linear and cannot be held?
Most of the 'time' we project out of it. We're thinking in the What is YOUR personal criteria for finding honest people?
past (self-correction) or in the future (goal setting). AUTHENTICITY
Very rarely does the average person make full use of the A genuine person, although exhibiting the taste and flavor of
moment, at which point time simply ceases to exist. Ask any a personality, must be ego-less - tuned in to the energy of the
artist or musician - who are quite intimate with it. One who made the world and orchestrates its movements.
MONEY Each of these bits of 'Sticky Wisdom' (in the form of yellow
Who needs it when you have a roof over your head and food post-it notes) can be easily shared with friends on all of the
in your belly? popular social networking sites.
People are so gullible it's not funny. We've lost the capacity to
think things through and make rational, logical decisions.
In this hodgepodge world we have outsourced our brains to
All content, including photo collages copyright 2009 Ted
the mass media and put our faith in military style operations.
Ollikkala, Singapore.