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Contra Moving Capital City

1. Intoduction
Repairing Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is the big homework for the government. Does
the problem solve if the capital city move? Does the flood stop? Does the traffic jam collapse?
Do the citizen want to move? They have been comfortable to live there for example have got a
good job. The only must repair it and not move it. For example:
a. Flood: make a way for flood, so it can flow to the sea. Relocation the citizen that live in the
edge of the river, planting a lot of tree, and the most important is awareness to throw the
trashes in their place, dont throw them in everywhere.
b.Traffic jam: restrict the number and the limit times of vehicles and make more the public
2. Fact:
Some countries that have moved their capital city have serious problem. For example:
a. Brasil: In 1960, President Juscelino Kubitschek, move the country's capital from Rio de
Janeiro to Brasilia. the goal of developing rural areas, encourage agricultural development,
and population distribution. But when even 50 years had a new capital, although many
buildings UNESCO acclaimed spectacular - is the city of Brasilia without a soul. Even,
after 20 years later, the government must provide incentives in order to move to new
capital city.
b. South Korea: In the middle of 2010, South Korea occurred a politics conflict, because the
government has a plant to move their capital city from Seoul to Sejong. Its caused by
traffic jam like Indonesia.
c. Japan is advanced country, but it failed to move from Tokyo, because it spent a lot of
money. And finally Japan decided to focus how to solve the earthquake problem and
doesnt move their capital city. The other country that failed is Malaysia and Argentina.
Comment: According to the fact, its not easy to move the capital city and it does not solve
our country problem.
3. Need a lot of money
a. Moving capital city not only build some building but also concern a lot of things. A new
capital must have tread to be able to carry some burdens as a capital city, not only for
government but also for economic, social, and culture
b. Indonesia is not a rich country. It has a lot of debt in abroad. According to website of Bank
Indonesia, The Indonesians debt is Rp 1.492,61 quintillion or USD 123,255 billion in
November 2013. And the other country that has moved their capital city such as Brazil
spent USD 150-350 billion.
c. Therere a lot of corruption problem. For example in Hambalang, the government just built
in a little scale but it have not finished until now.

4. Opinion:
a. Jusuf Kalla: dismissed the idea as too costly saying it is not as simple as moving not only
the government office but also hundreds of thousands of civil servants. dismissed the idea
as too costly saying it is not as simple as moving not only the government office but also
hundreds of thousands of civil servants.
b. Joko Widodo: the government should first work to mitigate the capital`s flooding issues.
the government should first focus on constructing a spillway linking the Ciliwung River
and the East Flood Canal, moving the residents of river-side slums and building an
underground drainage tunnel.
Comments: to move the capital city to the other city is not easy like u upset your hand and
need long time . There is a lot of problem. Jakarta problems can be corrected with a smaller
cost rather than move the capital costs if the aim is to raise a national government function
5. Indonesia can look the Netherland. They have a capital state in Amsterdam and capital
administrative in Den Haag. Jakarta still can be a capital but capital economic, and the capital
for administrative can move to the other city. If the capital city move, we just make a new
Jakarta. Flood and Traffic jump will be occoured there.